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Lily - Middletown, NY

Look at those beautiful eyes.  This is Lily!  Lily is a DSH, female spayed 9 lb cat who is approximately 12 yrs old.  She is litterbox trained.

Lily was adopted from us years ago and was living the good life as an only beloved pet for many years until her world was turned upside down when her daddy passed away. Her daddy's family tried to welcome Lily into their home for over a year but Lily just wouldn't have it. Lily really doesn't like other cats or sharing the attention of her person, so her daddy's family made the hard decision to bring Lily back to Pets Alive where she had been adopted from in hopes that we could find her a new home where she will be the only cat. Lily is an all white beauty who loves Temptation Treats and catnip toys. We believe she can live with small calm dogs as she seems to not mind them.

Don't let her daddy's death mean that Lily has to live out her life without a family!  To learn more about Lily, visit http://petsalive.org/  and contact the rescue with email: adoptions@petsalive.org or 845-386-9738.

Lucas - Huntington Station, NY

This is Lucas!  Lucas is a 13 yr old neutered male short haired cat.

He has a sad story - Lucas is an extremely sweet senior boy who was a victim of a house fire in Nov 2018.  He survived the fire only to be turned into a shelter. Lucas is friendly and easygoing, you'd never know what he's been through!


He has some kidney disease and drinks a lot of water and eats a prescription diet. Because of this he urinates a lot and needs his litter pan changed more than once a day. He may have to be in a confined area, rather than have run of an entire home.  Lucas is fine with other animals in the house.


Maybe someone who understands his medical issues can give him a chance? 

UPDATE:  Lucas was just pulled by the Golden Paws Society Rescue!  Their phone number is: 631-729-1307, website:  http://www.goldenpawsociety.org 

Smokey and BoJangles - Clarence, NY

These two sweethearts are BoJangles and Smokey.  Smokey is the grey/light tortoiseshell, she is a 15 yr old female spayed long haired kitty who weighs 6 lbs.  BoJangles is the orange guy, he is a 15 yrs old neutered male who weighs 10 lbs.  Both are indoor cats, are declawed, and litterbox trained.

These are hero cats!  They warned their owner when their house was on fire and flooding!  The cats originally belonged to one family for five years who then had to move out of the country so they have been with another loving mom the past ten years.  Unfortunately their current mom has some health issues and is moving to Florida to be with family and that family has severe allergies to cats.  The original family lives in California so can't take them back.

Smokey loves to be up high on shelves or doors, but is content just to hang around anywhere. She is gentle and sweet.

BoJangles loves to be close by, but also takes a bit of time to warm up. He is content to be with his sister or just hanging out in a warm spot. He is gentle and cuddles, but takes time to adjust to change.

They need a solution quickly, so if anybody would like more information, please call or text:716-465-9469  or email: openears2u@gmail.com .

Saffron and Taffeta - Long Island, NY

These beauties are Taffeta and Saffron!  They are a bonded mother and daughter pair. Saffron, the short-haired tortoiseshell mom, is about 6 yrs old and her long-haired, fluffy tortoiseshell daughter, Taffeta, is about 3-4 yrs.


Saffron has FIV and her daughter doesn’t, which just goes to prove how FIV positive cats can live long, wonderful lives with other cats without transmitting the disease! It is well accepted that in order to transmit FIV, there would need to be a deep bite involved, it is not transmitted by casual contact!


These two would love a home together, where they can continue to snuggle and groom each other as they do now. Let’s get these girls home! They want a human with a big heart and small cozy part of the couch!  These two are available for adoption within 250 miles of their rescue.

For more information, you can find the Feline Victory Rescue on Facebook and Messenger or email: FelineVictoryRescue@gmail.com

Shadow - Brooklyn, NY

This special senior is Shadow.  She is a 17 yr old, 10 yr old, female spayed cat. 

Shadow came to Good Home at the end of February 2019 as a guardian surrender. Her lifelong human had passed away several years prior, and she fell under the care of family. They struggled between keeping her out of respect for the deceased and not knowing what to do with her. No one in the family really claimed responsibility for her and we suspect she may have been neglected.


As a result of being intact, suffering from painful glaucoma and having lost her human, Shadow tended to be irritable and unsociable. Due to these issues and her age (estimated to be 17), her guardians eventually decided to have her euthanized but they had difficulty finding a veterinarian who would perform the procedure as, aside from a “dark” eye (later diagnosed as glaucoma) she appeared to be otherwise healthy.


One of the vets that Shadow’s guardians visited was Good Home's own family veterinarian who, rather than euthanize her, took her as an owner surrender. From there she came to us, as we find forever homes for lost or abandoned cats in Brooklyn NY. Under the care of Good Home, Shadow’s glaucoma was treated successfully for several months until the medication became ineffective. It was then deemed urgent to remove the diseased eye and also spay her while under anesthesia in order to mitigate some behavioral problems that we felt were being caused by hormonal fluctuations.


Post enucleation, Shadow's eye was biopsied. The results were stage 4 melanoma. Now that Shadow has recovered from the enucleation and spay her behavior is much improved. She can still be feisty on occasion but we feel that has to do with the other animals in the room (she is not a fan).


She does however love visitors and comes out to say hello and receive pats and kisses. Her appetite is good, she eats both wet and dry food, and she purrs up a storm. When she's in the mood she'll come for cuddles and is quite sociable.


Our veterinarian estimated that Shadow has around 18 months to live, given her diagnosis of melanoma. Even though she is okay with us in the Good Home playroom, she doesn't love other animals and we sometimes have kittens that seem to stress her out. We love Shadow and want to see her comfortable, happy and loved during her last leg of life. That is a place where she is an only cat and can give and receive love on her own terms.

Shadow is available for adoption within ~50 miles of her rescue.  For more information please email Bronwen Sommer at:  info@goodhomepetadoptions.org.

Phoenix - Long Island, NY

This is Phoenix.  She is a 14 yr old, 12 lb, female spayed cat.

Phoenix is a sweet, affectionate calico girl who needs a new home. She is tested and vaccinated. She is in good health with her special diet food.  

Phoenix needs to be an only animal in the household but is a healthy senior girl.  For more information, please email: 

Genesis - Syracuse, NY

Meet Genesis!  She is a 4 yr old, 8 lb, female spayed cat.

Genny is the sweetest, most loving cat you'd ever want to meet. Her person loved her, but Genny developed Diabetes when she was only four, and her person was legally blind and unable to give the tiny amounts of insullin she needs to survive. so she lost her home.


Her diabetes is well under control with a tiny bit of insulin twice a day and a somewhat controlled diet. She is a very loving little cat but not so much of a lap cat. She wants to be close to you but not on top of you all of the time!


Her medical needs makes shelter-life hard for her because she has to remain separated from the other cats to keep her from eating their food, and vice-versa. It breaks our hearts to keep her confined. She wants love and attention. She needs somebody to play with her and pet her and brush her. She needs to be part of a family! We, and our volunteers can do all of those things, but only in "sessions." Not as a regular part of her life Genny just needs a place to call home and people to call family. She has too many years of life left to spend in a shelter.

For more information please email: catresq@twcny.rr.com.  

Liam - Queens, NY

Meet Liam!  He is a 5 yr old, 11 lb, neutered male orange tabby cat.

Liam is a handsome fella found in the streets of Queens, NY. Liam is a very sweet and gentle guy. He purrs when you pet him and does not mind being held. He loves to talk and tell you all about his day. He has the funniest meow, it kind of sounds like the cross between a squeaky toy and and old man. He seemed to be very friendly and very adoptable. He was neutered at the vet and received his vaccines. Sadly Liam tested FeLV+.


He is otherwise apparently healthy and can live a good quality life with proper care. He will need to be in a single cat household or live with other FeLV cats. For more information about FeLV, please click here: https://www.hospicepet.com/fiv-and-felv


He is very food motivated so he may be trainable to do tricks. (Right the only trick he know is how to make his food disappear).

Videos: Liam's first night: https://youtu.be/gZLoW8-8tjY

Liam likes to be pet: https://youtu.be/VwlmsgnD1zE

Liam wants more pets: https://youtu.be/2abPzh6ZqHs

For more info, please contact Wendy (wtam22@gmail.com)

Mocha - Queens, NY

Meet Mocha!  She is a 13 yr old, 6 lb, female spayed medium coat cat.

Mocha is the sweetest kitty but must be an only cat. She is being treated for severe GI issues. We have put her on a limited ingredient diet, rabbit, which has greatly helped. She’s on prednisolone and Leukeran. Would love for her to be adopted but would also consider permanent foster.

For all information, please text or call: 917-514-0228.