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About Us

Dr. Liz Arbittier (and Byron and Florence)

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Dr. Arbittier is an equine ambulatory veterinarian at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.  She travels from her base at the New Bolton Center Large Animal Hospital in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, to farms in the surrounding area to treat horses and donkeys who need all types of medical attention.  

Her passion for senior dog adoption started many years ago when she adopted an elderly miniature poodle named Andy who had been rescued by the Main Line Animal Rescue from a puppy mill.  Andy had spent his entire life in a wire cage and didn't even know how to walk in a straight line,  His feet were deformed from walking only on wire and he had to learn how to walk in straight lines on firm ground once he was rescued!  Andy was the kindest, sweetest, most loving little dog and what struck Dr. Arbittier was that in spite of the many years of cruelty and neglect, Andy was incredibly quick to put his trials behind him and learn how to trust and love.  Since then, she has worked with many rescues and shelters to adopt many special-needs seniors and continues to be amazed by the resilience of these animals.  Providing hospice care for seniors affected her so profoundly, she wanted to share her efforts with her friends.  Once she started posting photos of her dogs on social media (and many of her clients met her dogs in her truck!), she realized that people were very interested in senior and hospice adoption but had no way to find the animals in need. That was the goal in the creation of this website.  

Andy, the miracle poodle who started it all

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