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Sweetpea - Ocala, FL  ADOPTED!

Meet Sweetpea!  She is an ~10 yr old female spayed, 7 lb cat.

Sweetpea is a cute little lady!  She was dumped at a kill shelter, where because of her age and somewhat unkempt apparence she was no doubt destined to spend her last days in a cage awaiting certain death.


We got her out of danger but now she desperately needs someone to love. She is a sweet cat who appreciates company and would most likely make a very good companion to someone. We imagine she was a great friend to someone in the past or they wouldn't have named her Sweetpea.


We think that she may have some sensitivity to being pet in certain areas also her back right paw is somewhat deformed looking and appears to have possibly been broken in the past and healed wrong. She doesn't walk normally but gets around just fine.


Her white fur is no longer very white and she is sure to be left behind by a typical person looking for a shiny new pet. This precious girl needs someone who will allow her to spend her golden years in peace with some affection and tenderness. Sweetpea doesn't seem to like cats. Does not seem aggressive towards small dogs but has not been in direct contact with them. Because of her somewhat fragile physical state, we would prefer her to be in a nice quiet home with no aggressive children. 

For more information, please call: 352 817 9745 or email: Happytailsadoptions@hotmail.com.

Romeo - Centralia, IL ADOPTED!!

This absolutely gorgeous Siamese is Romeo!  He is a 6 yr old neutered male 10 lb cat.

Romeo is such a sweet guy and so beautiful!  He is missing one eye and is blind in the other.  The remaining eye might need to come out at some point but right now he is just fine and, as you can see from the photos, it doesn't hinder him!!  He climbs up cat towers, and loves to lay in your lap, he's such a good egg!


Romeo is FIV positive. Most cats with FIV don't experience any significant FIV-health-related issues once they are fixed and living inside. The virus can affect their immune systems and make them more susceptible to kitty colds, and they are also prone to having dental issues, but most live long, relatively healthy lives.


They don't need any special care or medication, just an indoor lifestyle and regular check-ups with a veterinarian. The thinking has also changed on how easily the virus can be transmitted to other cats -- it's primarily transmitted by deep bite wounds, so it's now believed that non-aggressive FIV+ cats can safely live with non-FIV cats. (Regular indoor-kitty wrestling and rough-housing that doesn't result in bites that break the skin will not transmit the virus.)  Romeo does not have FeLV which is more easily spread between cats.

He is able to be adopted to any state as long as his adopter comes to meet and get him.  For more information, please email hannagarrison10@gmail.com.

Wolfie - Dallas, TX ADOPTED!!

Meet Wolfie.  He is a 15 yr old, 7 lb, neutered male cat.

Wolfie became homeless when his owner had to leave her home to enter an assisted living facility - he was 1 of 11 unfixed cats that she had.  The rescue knew that he would be euthanized if taken to the local kill shelter so took all of them in.

Wolfie is a sweet senior kitty! He loves everyone and everything. He headboops all the kitties in the foster room.

Initially when new cats come into the foster room, Wolfie does the cat version of "Git off mah lawn" - he is not a bully cat but he hisses at them for a few days and then he loves on them once he has accepted that they are staying.


Wolfie is super chill and easy going. He loves to groom himself and likes to be brushed. He does not like his face fussed with, but otherwise likes to be petted. He licks my ankle in the morning while preparing his breakfast.


He is an old guy that walks like he's been on a horse for two days. He has no significant medical issues, is fully vetted, tested and chipped. He just needs his forever family. He has a sister named Wihlemina but they do not need to be placed together unless someone is looking for a pair.

Wolfie is available for adoption within an approximately ~200 mile radius of his rescue.   For all information, please email: 

catmatchers@yahoo.com Reference number: RS-WC2-19 Wolfie

Roo - Omaha, NE ADOPTED!!

Meet tiny baby Roo!! Roo is a neutered male kitten.

Roo thinks he is exactly like all other kittens! He runs, wrestles, and chases toys like the best of them! However, his front limbs have a congential malformation called Radial Hypoplasia/aplasia. This particular deformity is caused by the long bones in his front legs simply not developing as they should have - they are very short. Roo actually has a mild version and uses the few inches he has to help him get around. He may need extra padding when jumping off furniture but otherwise he can live a normal, healthy and long life!


There is no need for surgery correction of this condition.He is learning how to carefully navigate the house as a kitten so care will need to be taken so that he is set up for success. Eventually he will learn how to get around the house. He has always been cared for and very loved, and now he needs a forever home. He is very loving and gives great hugs. In his ideal home, Roo would be the only pet simply because his condition makes him vulnerable as he can't get out of the way quickly and cannot defend himself.


A very cat-friendly small dog may be okay, but not one that would get too rough or chase him. Other cats had previously bullied him so he is typically fearful and does not enjoy the company of other cats. We ask that he be with children over 12 as he likes to get underfoot and has a hard time getting out of the way fast. Roo would love to be the center of your attention and will keep you laughing for hours! Although a great wrestler, he is a professional when it comes to snuggle time. If you're looking for a kitten that will keep you smiling and make everyday better, this is your dude! 

Please contact Muddy Paws Second Chance Rescue for adoption application:  https://www.facebook.com/muddypawssecondchancerescue/

For adorable videos click here:  https://awo.petstablished.com/pets/public/448027?awo=Muddy+Paws+Second+Chance+Rescue&widget=true

Boss - Lincoln, NE ADOPTED!!

Meet Boss!! He is an 8 yr old, 100 lb, neutered male Yellow Lab!

This is a handsome & sweet boy who simply wants to love and to be loved. He currently lives a quiet life with his foster mom and 3 cats with everyone getting along splendidly. Boss is housetrained (has not had one accident); knows how to sit; takes treats with a very gentle mouth; loves to sleep in; minds his manners (does not get on the furniture); and loves to go on car rides especially when they include a trip through the Dairy Queen drive through!


He mainly just wants to be “next to his person” and get a belly rub and/or a back scratch. Boss also happens to be totally blind due to PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), though his blindness does not slow him down much. His current foster mom guides him up/down the steps in the home (bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and he sleeps upstairs at night). He does well with the steps, just need to encourage him to go slow on the trip down. His foster Mom’s home does not have a lot of clutter and he navigates through the house well. He remembers the placement of chairs and remembers where most corners/walls are.


Boss takes a long mile walk each day and has good leash manners. On walks he needs some guidance to ensure that he doesn’t run into curbs, trees, poles, etc. Honestly though – he is a great walking pal and so enjoys being outside and investigating “pee mail” Boss is lovable boy, who gets along well with kids (though he has not been around small children). He is a solid 100 lbs and his tail gets to going when he is happy.


Boss has a thyroid issue (low thyroid production) and will need to continue to take one small pill a day. He will do best in a quiet home without a lot of clutter or toys he can trip over. If you are looking for a new partner for new adventures, traveling, reading quietly on the weekends, or just being a good attentive friend – he is the “good boy” for you. Boss is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, given flea/tick preventative, dewormed, tested negative for heartworm disease & started on preventative. Adoption fee is $350 to help offset the many expenses we have for vetting costs. We rely strictly on adoption fees and donations to continue to save the lives of orphaned & abandoned pets; 100% goes towards their care.


For adoption guidelines and to submit an application, please go to this link: http://dollyslegacyanimalrescue.org/adopt/ You will receive a reply from DollysLegacyAdoptions@gmail.com within a few days of application submission, please make sure to check your spam folder if you do not see a reply within a week. 

Sissy and Johnny - Bowling Green, KY ADOPTED!

These beauties are Sissy and Johnny. They are 13 yrs old and ~11 lbs and are neutered/spayed.

One of the hardest things for us to do is to welcome back two of our animals who were adopted 13 years ago. Sadly, their beloved owner passed away and they are with us again.


As you know, a bonded pair of seniors is never easy to adopt out but they are the ones most grateful for the new homes they find. While Sissy is still a bit shy, you can see that Johnny is starting to come out of his shell. It is very obvious he was well loved and misses that love.


Seniors have a difficult time trying to adjust to shelter life and the longer they stay, the more difficult it becomes for them. We hope that someone out there is looking for a calm, loving, devoted duo to complete their family. Sissy and Johnny are beautiful cats and simply want a loving home to spend their golden years. Link to video: https://www.facebook.com/bgwchs/videos/626779111158419/.    For more information please call Bowling Green Warren County Adoption Center: 270-783-9404.

Tucker - Lafayette, NJ ADOPTED!

Meet Tucker!  He is a 5 yr old, 7 lb, neutered male cat.

Tucker is a wonderful and super affectionate cat! He is looking for someone who can be very understanding of his needs, and will not be scared off by his scary sounding diagnosis. Tucker is FIV+ and in diabetic remission. He does not need medications or additional care at this time. Just like with any pet, if you notice he has any concerning symptoms you would take him to the vet, but as long as he stays on his favorite food and he stays indoor-only there is no reason why he can't live like a totally normal cat.


He likes Fancy Feast Classic Pate, and as long as he stays on it consistently he should stay in diabetic remission. FIV sounds scary, but it really isn't - read more about it at https://www.hospicepet.com/fiv-and-felv. If you would like to know more about it please contact us and we will explain exactly why you shouldn't be concerned at all.


Tucker wants to be an only-cat, he isn't a fan of other feline friends. He is loving and affectionate and has lived with kids previously, and would love to have little buddies to cuddle with again, although he would be happy to snuggle with anyone. He is so sweet and affectionate, would you consider taking in this wonderful special needs kitty?

For all information, you may visit: Fatherjohns.org/adopt , or email: info@fatherjohns.org or call: (973)300-5909

Callie - Thurmont, MD  ADOPTED!

This beautiful and loving senior kitty is Callie.  She is approximately 11 yrs old or older, weighs 8 lbs, is spayed, and good with her litterbox.

From her rescue:  We don't know much about Callie's past other than that she seems to be dumped on a property with a can of cat food. Fortunately she was dumped at the right persons home who knew she needed help and brought her to us.

A quiet home would be best for this endearing lady. She really is a sweetheart and loves to be with you and get head scratches.  She gives a pretty good head boop!   She doesn't love being picked up but she is otherwise in great shape and such a sweet girl.  We also have learned that she has cataracts. She doesn't have the best sight or hearing, but she is a lover and really craves and enjoys attention!  She has some arthritis in her hip. She would do best in a home with no other pets. 

Callie recently had blood work done for a teeth cleaning and she is doing great for her age. Unfortunately, Callie has been with her rescue for 15 months and due to her aggression with other cats, she is out of her cage overnight but can't be out when the majority of the volunteers are there during the day.  They do their best to give her individual attention but she deserves a wonderful home of her own!  


Surely there is a quiet home out there who is looking to add a loving companion?  For more information, you can contact Cuddles Cat Rescue through email at info@cuddlescatrescue.com or through Facebook at www.facebook.com/Cuddlescatrescuethurmont. You can also download an application by visiting their website at www.cuddlescatrescue.com 

Liam - Brookfield, CT ADOPTED!!!(11/24/19)

Meet Liam! He is a 2 yr old, 70 lb, gorgeous neutered male German Shepherd dog.

Liam's story with us began when he was rescued from a high kill shelter in Texas and taken to vet's office to stay for a while while all of his problems were assessed and addressed. He had a prolapsed penis, sever ear infection, possible fractured pelvis, skin infection, high white blood cell count, his body score was a 2 and he was having trouble walking.


Fast forward to today - we believe that Liam is ready to find his forever family. He has been through a lot with 5 surgeries and so we are hoping that we can find a patient, understanding and loving family. Liam does have an altered gait - he had zero leg muscles when we rescued him but as he gets out for exercise his gait improves. He has abilities that normal dog has he is constantly improving.  When he first comes out for some exercise, he appears to walk on tip toes but this improves as he moves around.

He is not a very active dog,  he is is a boy that is desperate for love and attention and is trying to learn how a dog is supposed to act when someone shows him love. He would be great with someone who wants to turn a caterpillar into a butterfly.   He likes to snuggle up on soft things, he favorite spot is a bolster bed. He has not realized what a toy is yet, but we are trying.  He is a dog that an older couple would love and appreciate to take out on slow strolls.  He loves to be praised and talked to. 

We would like to see him be an only dog because we suspect in his former life he has been denied the love he so deserves and we don't want him to have to share right now.  He is housebroken. 

For all information, please email: barbara@ark-charities.org or call:  Tina 203-830-9774

Scooter - Montgomery County, PA ADOPTED!!

This ball of love is Scooter!  Scooter is a 1.5 yr old neutered male Pittie who is ready to steal your heart!  Scooter loves humans of ALL ages, is great with dogs, is housebroken and crate trained!!  Scooter hasn't met a cat yet so we don't know how he is with them. 

Scooter was recently diagnosed with Megaesophagus, a condition where his esophagus doesn’t have muscle tone to move food down to his stomach. During testing, the veterinarian found that some food does move on his own so he does have some muscle control but not all. To help with this condition, Scooter needs to be fed in an upright position in something called a “Bailey Chair” which positions him correctly for gravity to move the food to his stomach. It's not a big deal, it just takes a little longer for him to eat.

Scooter is described as amazing by everyone who has met him including his veterinarian! He is such a deserving guy and would love a home where someone can devote a few extra minutes at mealtime! Please visit www.Homeatlastdogrescue.org to complete an application or email rotnlab@verizon.net for more information!

Duchess - Cheverly, MD ADOPTED!!

This sweetheart is Duchess.  She is a 10 yr old, 20 lb, spayed female Schnauzer.

Duchess has had a rough couple months. Her beloved owner passed away and the family of the deceased who swore to take care of her dog passed Duchess around because nobody wanted to take care of her.  That is so confusing to any animal, let alone a sweet senior!


Once it became obvious that she has some medical issues that require medical attention, she got promptly dumped in kill shelter. Duchess arrived to us with giant fatty cell growth the size of baseball (not cancerous!!), that was causing her lots of pain. She was scared and confused and not trusting anyone. We had the tumor removed and got her the medical attention that she needs.


She is now post surgical recovery and ready to find a special home. Her whole world has been turned upside down after years of security and love, so she is weary and needs an understanding human who gives her time to warm up. She is in loving foster home with other dogs and gets along with almost all the doggies there, but would be perfectly fine being your one and only.


She hates being crated, and is looking for a home who wants a companion who follows you around the house and wants to be in your presence. She will get grumpy about being picked up and prefers to be your snuggle buddy and lounge partner (most likely cause she has just gone through so many medical procedures).. Duchess would do amazing as a companion for an older person who is looking for a dog who will make you her whole world. She is confused right now, but with love and stability, she will blossom again and hopes to find a special human who will allow her to gracefully live out her old years in peace surrounded with love. Please open your home to a wonderful senior.  For more information please email: Dena at denae@k-9lifesavers.org .

Paisley - Ortonville, MI ADOPTED!!

Meet Paisley!  She is a 3 yr old, 50 lb, female spayed Pittie mix.

Precious Paisley has a special story. She is a survivor. She was rescued in July from a suspected dog fighting operation. It was then found out that she has mast cell tumors. She is living a comfortable life with management of her diagnosis as it cannot be curable.


She is learning that this world can be a wonderful place. She has met a cat and a few dogs and has been playful with both but is still very unsure about them. There is a potential she could live with cat(s) and a low energy dog. She is typically low in energy but does have some spunk in her.


She loves to explore outside and enjoys snuggling up in her dog bed inside. She LOVES Kong’s and peanut butter stuffed bones. She enjoys ground beef mixed with her kibble and deserves to live out whatever time she may have being spoiled. She is quiet in her crate and loves treats.


She is a sweet girl that would love a quiet and patient forever home. She needs a home that understand that she takes a while to warm up. She needs her forever family to be patient with her as she explores and learns. Once she is comfortable with you she will follow you around and ask for pets. She loves to be loved on. Whoever is amazing enough to welcome Paisley in their home is going to be soooo lucky to look at her beautiful eyes every day. Paisley is looking for her forever home or a long term foster to spoil her and give her so much love.

Paisley's rescue would like her to stay relatively local to Michigan.  For more information, please email: ccrcdogs@ccrcdogs.com.

Pookie - Detroit, MI  ADOPTED!!

Meet Pookie, an 11 yr old, 19 lb neutered male Pekingese!

Don't you dare call Pookie cute!! (even though he's adorable!)  Pookie is a grouchy curmudgeon and don't you forget it!   Here are the facts: Pookie is not a charmer. He is self-important, and will love you, once he knows you. Pookie has outlived a past owner, is now 11, and ready for a spoiled retirement.


Please know the breed or read up before inquiring - he is a grumpy dude! Pookie can live with children who respects his boundaries, other small to medium dogs who lay off, and he is good with cats. Pookie loves walks and car rides, and is a great guard dog. He is easy to groom once you have gained his trust. Pookie likes to sit on the lap, being carried or lifted. He has perfect health, other than a minor case of cherry eyes (vet said to leave it as it was).


Pookie is available to be adopted within ~100 miles of his rescue. Inquire to meet this grumpy-pants today- he is perfect! For more information please email: info@rebeldogsdetroit.com.

Koko - Detroit, MI ADOPTED!!

Meet Koko!  What a face!  Koko is a 14 yr old, 11 lb, female spayed Shih Tzu.

Have you ever seen such a beautiful lady? Nope, not at 14 you haven't! She is 14 years old and still acts like a puppy. Koko can run, she can snuggle - she can't hear - but she can hide. In the trash if you're not careful!  She loves all other animals and kids! 

Koko was going to be euthanized by the family when her owner died. We got her as a surrender. She just got spayed and had a mammary mass removed - the vast majority of mammary tumors in unspayed dogs are cancereous and will spread, so that is probably on the horizon. Koko also appears to be fully deaf. She pees half a tablespoon, 10 times a day, we are addressing it medically. But she might just have this issue the rest of her life. Stools are solid and she goes outside!

Koko is so much fun, but realistically doesn't have a ton of time left. Fostering is always free! Click on:  rebeldogsdetroit.com/applytoadopt or call 313-338-4398

Holly - Detroit, MI  ADOPTED!!

This adorable sweetie pie  is Holly!  She is a young female spayed Pittie.


Holly was found on the highway, after being hit by a car. She has had a lengthy recovery, but an inoperable dislocated vertebrae makes it impossible for her to walk again.  Holly does not let her special needs get her down!! She is grateful to have been saved and is looking for her forever home in which she can thrive!!

Holly knows how to do a lot of things! She can hump around like a seal, stare into your eyes, use her wheelchair. She is very dog, cat, kid - everything friendly! But needs to be allowed to be a bit of a boss. Holly would love a single story home, with not to many steps out to the  backyard. The great big news about her is that she is now able to hold her urine more and more! At 30 pounds, caring for Holly is not strenuous work. She is very sweet about diaper changes and physical therapy exercises. Holly has a big, sweet personality. She is very content. 

For more information please visit: rebeldogsdetroit.com/applytoadopt . Questions can also be answered by text or call: 313-338-4398.  Holly is available within 100 miles of Detroit.   

Sal - Solon, OH ADOPTED!!

Meet Sal!  He is an 11 lb, 15 lb, neutered male Jack Russel Terrier mix.

Sal is a very kind old man and completely adorable! He was found living in a rabbit cage outside with several other dogs. The dogs were thankfully rescued and went to different rescue organizations. 


We found that Sal has a grade 6/6 heart murmur. His heart is enlarged radiographically, but was not in failure at the time of X-ray. He has been having seizures, which his foster hasn't seen and they may or may not be syncopal episodes (related to his heart) or they may be true seizures. He has a very large lipoma on his side, which is not operable due to his other issues. He’s on phenobarbital, at last check he was in the therapeutic range and on vetmedin for his heart.


He just got a full dental work up and is looking might snazzy these days. Sal enjoys being outside, probably because that’s where he is has been living. He loves a nice dog bed to cuddle up in. He is a gentle soul and just needs someone to love on him. Sal is neutered and current with vaccinations. He is crate trained, and we are working on potty training. He does potty outside, but he will not always wait if he has to go. But we are working on it! If interested in Sal, please complete an adoption application found at www.pawsohio.org

Miss Little Lou - Cortez, CO ADOPTED!!

Meet Lou!  She is an approximately 9 month old, 40 lb, female spayed Australian Shepherd mix.

Miss Little Lou has the eyes of an old soul and has endured much in her short life, but is so sweet, friendly, and loving no one would guess what she has been through. She was found on a Native American reservation with a damaged hind leg (possibly hit by a truck).


The first repair involved inserting a long metal rod into her leg, which didn’t work. It caused damage and was infected, so the leg was eventually amputated. She is such a trooper enduring the surgeries and aftercare with a plea in her eye and a wag of her tail.


She is now looking for that special forever home. Lou is approx. a 9 months old Australian shepherd mix with cute spotted front paws and a long swishy tail. She weighs about 40 lbs, shouldn’t get much larger, is spayed, and is UTD on vaccinations.


She is house trained, sort-of leash trained, affectionate, playful, great with other dogs big and small, great with children, but is too much for cats.


She can manage the shallow porch steps, but hasn’t been up/down regular stairs, and cant jump into a car though she rides fine once in. Subsequent x-rays indicated that her pelvis may have also been fractured, so her mobility is probably as good as it will get. Lou has free run of several acres with other dogs to play with, but she does tire running and will sit down to rest. She does have a “rear support cart/wheel chair” and can go a mile or so with this. When inside, she “scoots” a lot, may partially be due to slippery floors?


She likes to play with toys, chew on bones, wrestle with her doggy house mates, and cuddle with her person. She’s not the dog for you if you are looking for a running/ biking/ hiking partner, but if you are looking for a sweet, gentle, friendly dog who just wants to be loved, Lou may be your match. Lou’s adoption fee is $95.00 and she is being fostered in Cortez, CO.

For all information, please email either Maggie :  mgruschow@gmail.com or email to : blackhathumane@gmail.com.  We would love for Lou to stay relative local but are open to adopting her into the perfect home anywhere!

Jaguar - Colleyville, TX ADOPTED!!!

Meet Jaguar!  RAWR!  He is a male mixed breed puppy who was born on 5/19/19.

Adorable Jaguar is a hilarious, typical little pup who loves everybody and anything and only wants to play.


Sadly, Jaguar was born with a heart defect. We had him evaluated at Texas A&M. The right side of his heart has extra muscular tissue that impacts circulation. The left side of his heart is a little smaller than it should be. The cardiac team at A&M described Jaguar’s condition as very rare and surgery has never been done to correct this on a dog as small as Jaguar. He can live a relatively normal life and at some point he could start showing signs of heart failure and medication may help. We just don’t know because it’s so rare.


He is a happy and sweet boy who loves everybody. We just want him to find a home where he has a playmate and can just be a puppy. He is puppy pad trained and will be neutered once he’s a little bigger. He is available through tzuzoorescue.com.

Jaguar - Colleyville, TX ADOPTED!!!

Meet Jaguar!  RAWR!  He is a male mixed breed puppy who was born on 5/19/19.

Adorable Jaguar is a hilarious, typical little pup who loves everybody and anything and only wants to play.


Sadly, Jaguar was born with a heart defect. We had him evaluated at Texas A&M. The right side of his heart has extra muscular tissue that impacts circulation. The left side of his heart is a little smaller than it should be. The cardiac team at A&M described Jaguar’s condition as very rare and surgery has never been done to correct this on a dog as small as Jaguar. He can live a relatively normal life and at some point he could start showing signs of heart failure and medication may help. We just don’t know because it’s so rare.


He is a happy and sweet boy who loves everybody. We just want him to find a home where he has a playmate and can just be a puppy. He is puppy pad trained and will be neutered once he’s a little bigger. He is available through tzuzoorescue.com.

Austin - Reed City, MI ADOPTED!!!

This handsome and earnest fellow is Austin.  He is a maybe ~7 yr old, 40 lb, neutered male Lab mix.  Perfect Austin is housebroken, great with other animals, and wonderful with kids!!

Austin is really hopeful that he will find a loving new home! Found as a stray south of Reed City, this handsome neutered male lab mix is quite the sweetheart here and has TONS of unconditional love to offer his new humans! Austin has stolen our hearts! Super sweet, House-trained and well mannered too.


Austin is Deaf and will require a home with a secure area for him so he won't wander into the roadway and not hear an oncoming car. Heis a mature dog and we estimate his age at around 7ish. Would be a welcome addition to your loving home and we think he's a most deserving furfriend :) Adoption cost is only $35.00 and we think he's worth it!  

Austin is available to any location but no transport is available.  For more information, please call the shelter at 231-832-5790 - Ask for the Director Michelle Kuz.



Mike - Brick, NJ ADOPTED!! (11/24/19)

Meet Mike!  He is an 8 yr old, 17 lb, neutered male Chihuahua/JRT mix.

Meet our special needs boy Mike!  This sweet boy has a bilateral heart murmur (grade 4/5 out of 6) due to a leaky valve. We took him to a cardiologist for an echocardiogram and he is now on Vetmedin (2mg twice a day) which he will need to be on for the rest of his life to delay the onset of congestive heart failure . He is such a great dog who loves people and other dogs....we are hoping there is a kind soul out there who will consider adopting him. Mike has been a perfect resident and he loves to spend time and go for walks with our staff and volunteers. He will need follow up appointments with a vet who specializes in cardiology. With heart disease its hard to know how long a dog will have but we want Mike to know the comforts of a real home and family rather than spend his days and nights in a shelter. www.jerseyshoreanimalcenter.org .  You may email: info@jerseyshoreanimalcenter.org or call 732-920-1600.  He is available for adoption within a few hour drive of his rescue.