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Starla - Simi Valley, CA ADOPTED!!!!
Starla 3.jpg
Starla 1.jpg
Starla 2.jpg
Noodle - Davis, CA  ADOPTED!!!
Noodle 1.jpg

This beautiful purebred Havanese girl is Starla.  Starla is 14 yrs old, weighs 15 lbs, is good with small dogs and all kids and is housebroken.

Starla was born April 2005 and is purebred Havanese. She is elderly but she doesn't act or look her age! She gets along with other dogs in the home, is friendly, affectionate, and loves to go on walks. She wants to be with you and next to you. She needs access to outside for her potty needs.

Sadly, Starla was used as a breeder dog and was given up when they needed her no longer. She was adopted then they gave her up for unknown reasons. The 3rd home surrendered her to us as they did not have time for her. As a result of this bouncing around, she has anxiety. Therefore, she needs a stable home environment. Sadly she was adopted from us and her adopter had health issues and could not care for her any longer. So sweet Starla was bounced around yet again. She deserves a furever home where she can live out the rest of her life after having such a tumultous life.  

We only adopt within 40 miles of Simi Valley as part of our process is a homecheck. Please email if interested in learning more about Starla!

Meet Noodle!!  Look at this little guy.  Noodle is a 12 yr old male Dachshund who weighs in at 14 lbs. Noodle is good with other animals, kids, and is housebroken.

Noodle is a sweet, happy, easy-going grandpa who is great with dogs and all people. He was owner surrendered due to owner's deployment over seas. He doesn’t ask for much other than a warm bed and someone to take him on walks / give him attention and love. Good with dogs, cats, kids. Neutered, vaccinated, vetted, microchipped, utd on monthly preventatives.  For more information on Noodle visit .

Yogi - Los Angeles, CA  ADOPTED!! 
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He looks like a stuffed animal!  Meet Yogi!  Yogi is a 14 yr old, 7 lb, male Pomeranian.  He is good with other dogs, kids of all ages, and is housebroken.

This precious little living teddy bear was dumped at the shelter for being old. It still baffles us how people can’t see the amazing gift that senior dogs are and would betray their years of loyalty and love like that. Yogi is as sweet, cuddly and kissy as you would ever dream. He will need a nice calm home with adults or older children. He very much prefers the company of humans and will sometimes bark when left alone. Though that may improve with time he would prefer an adopter that is home a lot or can take him with them when they leave. Yogi loves people and other dogs, he has a great temperament and for that reason would be a fun buddy to go on all your errands with you. He loves car rides and sits patiently in traffic! Yogi is in beginning stage renal failure so he is on special but inexpensive food. We’ve also recently discovered that he has mouth cancer, and at his advanced age the vet recommended not putting him through surgery or additional lifesaving measures that could affect the quality of his time left. He could have 2 months left or a year, we aren’t sure. 

For more information on Yogi you can email and visit

Leo - Sacramento, CA   ADOPTED!!
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Meet Leo!!  Leo is a 15 yr old neutered male Min Pin who weighs in at 12-14 lbs.  Leo is great with small dogs and due to his age should go to a home with kids over 12 years.

Leo was brought into IMPS from a horrible hoarding situation. He was one of 8 dogs that had been living in a dark shed, cramped in a small cage, with little or no human contact. N ow he is free and happy living in his foster home!!


Like lots of Seniors, Leo has lost his hearing. But that does not stop him from being an independent min pin. He loves to take walks and run around the back yard with the rest of his foster friends. Leo is typically good about going outside to potty but does make mistakes sometimes.


He is a very sweet boy with lots of life in him; he's looking for someone to love him in his golden years. Leo is in the Senior Special Program, which means that 50% of his routine medical bills will be paid for the remainder of his life.


From Leo: "My foster mom says age is just a number for me! I LOVE going on walks, and the vet says, I'm in great health, other than a heart murmur that I seem to be handling great with medications. I like playing with toys and I'm so happy to no longer be cooped up in a dark and dirty shed! 


If you feel that you can love our Leo forever, then please contact Tiffany at To see a Video of Leo, please see:


Note: Leo is located in Sacramento, CA, and we will not fly this boy unless he is in cabin with adopter.  Please Contact: Adrian at

Daisy - Fullerton, CA  FOSPICE FOUND
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Daisy II 3.jpg

This beautiful senior is Daisy.  She is a 16 yr old female spayed Chihuahua who weighs 10 lbs.  She is good with other animals, gentle kids and is piddle pad trained!

Daisy came to us from a local shelter. She has severe dental disease and a 5/6 heart murmur. Due to her heart murmur we are unable to completely treat the dental disease but will do our best to clean her teeth enough to make her comfortable.


Due to her teeth, Daisy eats wet food only, and she lets you know when she is hungry! She is a sassy girl who likes to be around people. She does well in the car, and walks pretty good on a leash. She has no obvious joint issues or other age related issues and is pretty spunky for her age.


She is very sweet, but does not like to have her mouth touched, which is understandable given the state of her teeth. She has been fine with kids she has met but kids will need to understand that they shouldn’t not touch her face. Barks of Love will cover Daisy’s medical for life if treated by our vet in Anaheim. We would prefer Daisy to be adopted within Orange County. Please email for more information on this sweet girl!  You can also visit:

Spitfire Airplane - Pittsburg, CA ADOPTED!!
Spitfire Airplane 1.jpg
Spitfire Airplane 3.jpg
Spitfire Airplane 2.jpg

Look at this armful of love!  This is Spitfire Airplane.  She is a 10 yr old, 15 lb, female spayed Rat Terrier mix who is great with kids, other animals, and is housebroken!!!

From her shelter:  Spitfire joins us from San Jose Animal Care Center via San Jose Animal Advocates where she was treated by Tails of a Shelter Vet.


Spitfire was not spayed by her previous owner and due to this developed multiple mammary masses. One of these was cancerous (intraductal carcinoma) and will be life-limiting. Our vet guesstimates that she has about one year left.


She is now spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and has had labwork and a dental cleaning. She is on prednisone daily to slow the cancer and we will provide this for the rest of her life to any adopter. If an adopter is local, we will also provide quarterly chest x-rays at our veterinarian to check for metastasis to her lungs (which is what happens with mammary/breast cancer in dogs).


She is looking for a compassionate adopter who is willing to take on the heartbreak because they know that SHE deserves a forever home and a beautiful sunset. She would love someone who would make and help her complete a bucket list with weekly puppacinos and lots of snacks.


She is a good girl who is leash, house and crate trained and does well with other dogs. We think she is okay with cats (there are some at our vet clinic but none in her foster home) so we can do more testing for a potential adopter if needed. She loves going in the car and loves to snuggle. She loves all people including the teacup variety.

She is adoptable to approved homes ANYWHERE and thanks to our friends at Delta Air Lines and their all-volunteer DART transport team, she can be flown in-cabin to other locations. There is no adoption fee for an approved home.

For more information, please email:

Iris - Los Angeles, California ADOPTED!!!
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Iris 1.jpg
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Iris 4.jpg

This sweet and deserving girl is Iris!  She is an 8 year old, 14 lb female spayed Chihuahua/Terrier mix.  She is housebroken, fine with other animals, and great with kids!  Iris is a calm and outgoing lady who is looking for a very special home.

We pulled her from the shelter where she had been sitting for a month with a huge mass on her liver. It was pushing her internal organs out of place and her abdomen was very distended and uncomfortable. A skilled surgeon removed the mass and she is recovering nicely. She has more energy and is clearly so much more comfortable now.


Unfortunately the biopsy results showed that her mass was a malignant sarcoma that doesn't respond well to chemo, so we are not going to subject her to that treatment. They said that her cancer will likely return and her lifespan will be cut short (maybe a year, but nobody knows for sure).


For now she is happy and ready to give and receive love from a family! She is great with other dogs and tolerant of cats, although she's not fond of them. She is happy to meet and spend time with kids and adults alike. She is housebroken and will use pee pads when her person isn't available to take her outside. She enjoys her walks, enjoys her meals and enjoys getting affection.


She is looking for an adopter (or foster) willing to make whatever time she has left the best it can be by filling it with good food, lots of happy activities and most of all love.  For more information please email: or  Her rescue would like Iris to stay within 50 miles of her rescue but other inquiries are welcome. 

Jazzy - Napa, CA  FOSPICE FOUND!!
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Jazzy 1.jpg
Jazzy 3.jpg

Meet adorable Jazzy!!! She is a 13 yr old, 8 lb, female spayed Shih Tsu!!  This adorable girl is housebroken, good with all animals, and fine with older children who are respectful of her age and medical status!!

From Jazzy:  Hi, my name is Jazzy! I'm a darling little senior girl with soulful brown eyes and a calm temperament. I like to trot around outside, but don't need long walks.


I'm being fostered at night, and get along well with the big dog and cat in the house. I am looking for my happy ending-a loving home and a warm lap to curl up on.


I am on medication for a heart condition, but am good about taking my pills and will reward you with lots of tail wags and snuggles. Come to the shelter and ask to meet me, your new best friend!


Medical: Jazzy has a severe heart murmur.  She was in heart failure when her rescue got her but she is out of failure now though her heart condition still requires that she has to be on 3 medications. Any potential adopter (or foster) would need to be aware that she will need rechecks every 3-6 months to monitor her heart. With good preventative care, our vet said she can still have a good quality of life for another 2 years. She also has a 3/4 dental disease but with the heart condition, it would be risky to put her under sedation. She is currently being fostered at night but then she comes back to the shelter during business hours. We get interest in her but her condition then scares them away so we are hoping for a good fospice home!

If a person is offering fospice, than we prefer the foster be within Napa County jurisdiction. Adopters from outside of Napa are fine.  For more information call: 707-253-6179

Buddha - Summit, NJ  FOSPICE FOUND!!
Buddha 5.jpg
Buddha 2.jpg
Buddha 6.jpg

Look at this distinguished gentleman!  Buddha is an approximately 11 yr old neutered male Chocolate Lab.  He weighs 60 lbs, is great with other animals, kids, and is housebroken.

Buddha was found wandering the streets of College Station, Texas. A kind stranger picked him up and brought him to Aggieland Humane Society in Bryan, Texas and now he's in New Jersey! He is 10-12 years old. Buddha is a quiet and aloof sweetheart. He enjoys being pet, comfy beds and an occasional roll in the grass. Despite his age, he’s quick to learn and does not hesitate to let you know when he wants something. Buddha is fully potty trained and he is not a chewer. He’s gentle with everyone, and he gets along with other dogs. He is also very independent. He’d love a home with no steps and lots of soft places to lay down.


Buddha is a special needs senior. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes and he has to get insulin injections daily and he will need to have his blood sugar tested regularly. Buddha does have his own glucometer so his new owner can test his blood sugar at home. Buddha has some lumps and bumps on him but they are benign lipomas. Buddha may be lumpy on the outside, but he is the biggest softy on the inside. Please consider giving this boy a forever home.

For more information, visit or email

Munchkin - Hopatcong, NJ  ADOPTED!!
munchkin 3.jpg
Munchkin 1.jpg
Munchkin 2.jpg

Well this guy just redefines cute!  Munchkin is an 11 yr old neutered male Chihuahua/Terrier mix who weighs 11 lbs.  

Munchkin was found as a stray & ended up at a shelter in Kentucky, but he's now been rescued by NorthStar and will be headed to NJ to find a forever home. Munchkin is currently being treated for some skin issues & hair loss, but we're sure he will be good as new in a short time. He is a little on the shy side, but he is fine with other dogs. His foster mom in Kentucky tells us that he is absolutely adorable and he is fitting in well with the other dogs in her home. He will go potty when you take him out but may forget to ask. If you've got a lap for Munchkin, please fill out an application & be sure to ask for him by name - MUNCHKIN KY!

You can call 973-658-7601or email

Nonamee - Boonton, NJ HOSPICE FOUND
nonamee 3.jpg
nonamee 1.jpg
nonamee 2.jpg
nonamee 4.jpg

Attention Husky lovers!!  What a face!!  Nonamee is a 6/7 yr old neutered male Husky/Malamute mix who weighs 65 lbs.


Nonamee was surrendered to a local animal shelter when his owner could no longer afford to take care of him. He is a 6-7 year old Husky mix, weighing 65 pounds, with a wonderful temperament. He is gentle, kind, and very friendly. Nonamee has weakness in his hips and back legs. We have been giving him cosequin supplements and he is sleeping on a bed on top of his Kuranda bed. It seems to be helping a bit. He appears to be housebroken & he gets along with other dogs, too. Nonamee is a dog who would just be happy to lay by your side, providing companionship & quiet company. He needs a safe place to go now that he's out of the shelter.

UPDATE:  Sadly, Nonamee was diagnosed with cancer.  Further details are available from his rescue but he is a candidate for fospice care and just needs a happy place to stay comfortable for however long he has left.  


Do you have a loving forever home where Nonamee can spend the rest of his days? If you would like to meet this sweet, gentle boy please fill out an application at and be sure to mention his name!

Makani and Karlee - Bridgewater, NJ    ADOPTED!!!
Makani and Karlee 1.jpg
Makani and Karlee 2.jpg
Makani and Karlee 3.jpg

What a sweet bonded pair!  Meet Makani and Karlee.  This is a sad story that will have a happy ending.

Karlee & Makani were found at their owner's home after the owner had passed away. Karlee is a beautiful 11-year-old Sheltie/Cocker Spaniel mix while Makani is a handsome 8-year-old white German Shepherd. These sweet senior dogs must be adopted together - they have lost their family & their home & we feel that they need each other for comfort.


Karlee & Makani are now in a wonderful foster home. Here's what foster mom has told us about them: "These 2 are ridiculously sweet. They will follow you everywhere - except up or down stairs. They love treats and a soft bed. They had no interest in going in my crates to sleep but they slept through the night on their beds. They are great on a leash but they also like exploring the yard. They are quiet and calm. Karlee follows my husband while Makani follows me. They get along well my dog and cats. When I walked in the door from work they both were so excited, they barked! They are usually so quiet! It was cute! So far so good with these two. Stairs are the only issue! If you would like to give Karlee & Makani a loving retirement home, please complete an application and be sure to ask for them by name - KARLEE & MAKANI!

Coki - Rockaway, NJ   ADOPTED!!
Coki 3.jpg
Coki 2.jpg
Coki 1.jpg

This is Coki!  He is a neutered male chihuahua/spaniel mix who is 11 yrs old and weighs 11 lbs.

Coki is one of 4 small dogs who were surrendered when their 80 year old owner could no longer care for them. They have all been vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Coki and his "siblings", Piri and Fido (a bonded pair available through NorthStar) and Coco, although not living with children, seem to be fine around them. Coki is good with other small dogs. Coki is crate trained, good on leash, and good in the car. He should be easy to fit into any family!!  If you are interested in adopting Coki, please fill out a application to adopt & be sure to mention his name, COKI!

Fido and Piri - Rockaway, NJ ADOPTED!!!
Fido and Piri 1.jpg
Fido and Piri 3.jpg

Introducing Fido and Piri!! These little old men were surrendered (along with Coco and Coki) when their 80 year old owner could no longer care for them. He was in tears and very grateful that a rescue stepped up, as he has had them forever and truly loves them and wants the best for them.

They are bonded and must stay together. Fido and Piri get along fine with all dogs and are okay with kids, too. They are crate trained, housebroken and are good on leash and in the car. Piro and Fido are between 9 and 10 years old. Piri weighs about 13 pounds, Fido about 18. If you are able to offer these senior boys a retirement home, please fill out & application and be sure to ask for them by name.  These boys would also love to find a retirement home of their own. Visit to find the adoption application!

Scotty - Boerne, TX   ADOPTED!!!!!
Scotty 3.jpg
Scotty 1.jpg
Scotty 2.jpg

Meet Scotty!!  Scotty is an 11 yr old Scottish Terrier who weighs in at 15 lbs.  He is housebroken and gets along with EVERYBODY! 

Scotty is soooo stinking CUTE! His parents died and their children were going to euthanize him, so Charming Pet Rescue stepped in. He loves being with people and sleeping in bed with you. He is really quiet but says a lot with his soulful eyes. When he came here he was very confused and lost but is walking with a little more pep in his step lately. He is good with kids, cats and dogs.

For more information please call the Charming Pet Rescue at 210-843-8326  or visit www.Charmingpetrescue.Org

Old Man River - San Antonio, TX  ADOPTED!!!
River 2.jpg
River 1.jpg

This is Old Man River.  He has a really sad story but he is ready for his forever home!  River is an approximately 12 yr old, neutered male Shepherd mix who weighs 55 lbs.  He is good with all animals and kids.  He will go to the bathroom outside when you take him but won't always remember to ask.  


River was found on the Riverwalk in San Antonio by some kind tourists who saw people throwing rocks at him!!  They couldn't resist his sweet face and rescued him from the tormentors and got him to the local pound.  They then reached out to God's Dogs Rescue who got him out of the pound and have had him ever since!


The rescue says about River:  This handsome silver fox is an energetic 55 lb guy, a little underweight. His temperament is on point, stable, friendly, good with other dogs- and pupular among the chicks, and by chicks, I mean lady dogs. He has the personality of a 3 month old pup and would love to become the potato of your couch.

For more information on River, visit or email:

Chato - Houston, TX  ADOPTED!!!
Chato 2.jpg
Chato 1.jpg
Chato 4.jpg
Chato 3.jpg

Meet Chato!!!  He is an 8 yr old, 77 lb, neutered male Boxer mix.  He is great with other dogs, loves kids, and ish housebroken!

From Chato's own mouth:  Hey everybody, I'm Chato! I am a great guy, my foster mama tells me so!!! I am a lover! I love people, I love other dogs, I love kids! Cats?! Hmmm.... I don't know. Foster mama doesn't have any and I can't remember if I love them or not.


Foster mama tells people I'm a Boxer mix so I'm sure she's right. I'm an older gentleman, at about 8 years. But don't let my age fool ya! I've still got a lot of living to do, hopefully with you! My two favorite things in the whole world is living inside with my foster mama and my foster brothers and sisters, I was on my own for a long time. And belly rubs!!! Oh my goodness, they're the best! Oh, oh, I almost forgot!! I love treats!!! Any kind, they're all good!!! Take me home and I promise to be the bestest boy ever!!

For more information on Chato, please email:  This rescue can transport out of state!

Misha - Gretna, FL  ADOPTED!!!
Misha 1.jpg
Misha 2.jpg

Meet wonderful Misha!  Misha is a 16 yr old 6 lb neutered male Dachshund.  He is good with other animals, all kids, and is housebroken. 

Misha is a sweet, little Dachsund who is completely blind, has deformed legs whose jaw was purposefully broken. He interacts well with humans and recognizes their voice. Is able to ambulate independently in a highly controlled stable environment due to his sight problems. Requires a bland diet due to his jaw problems and lack of teeth. He enjoys the company of humans and loves to be rubbed. Is potty trained to "go" in newspapers placed in the same spot all the time.

Misha has lots of love to give and deserves to live out his days surrounded by love!  If you are interested, please visit , email  or call 850.270.8793 OR 850.792.2152

Ravioli - Baltimore, MD  ADOPTED!!
Ravioli 2.jpg
Ravioli 1.jpg
Ravioli 3.jpg
Ravioli 4.jpg

Who doesn't love a Ravioli?? 

Ravioli is a young, neutered male cat who was rescued as a stray in an industrial area of South Baltimore. He had a rough time of it out on the streets, but he's now settling into a foster home and learning how to be a well-loved pet again!


He's a bit on the timid side, but is easily coaxed out for petting and he loves sitting in your lap. He's also VERY playful and loves his toys!


Ravioli tested positive for both feline leukemia (FeLV) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Because of the FeLV, which can be transmitted somewhat easily to other cats, he needs to be the only feline in the home (or to live with other FeLV+ cats). Neither virus can be transmitted to humans or other animals. Ravioli needs no special care or medication, just a dedicated owner who will take great care of him. Some cats with feline leukemia live only a year or two with the virus, but some live five, six years or longer, and Ravioli has lots of love to give!  It is not his fault he is sick and he deserves a wonderful home!!

Ravioli is available for adoption within 200 miles of Baltimore.  For more information please email: .

Ozzie - Wilmington, DE  ADOPTED!!!
Ozzie 1.jpg
Ozzie 2.jpg
Ozzie 3.jpg
Ozzie 4.jpg

This handsome fella is Ozzie!  He is an 8 yr old, 12 lb neutered male cat.  Ozzie needs a foster home ASAP. 

Sweet Ozzie was adopted from Forgotten Cats in 2012. He has spent the last 8 years by Everly’s side. Ozzie had been her loyal companion for the last 8 years but sadly she saw his health and her health deteriorating and knew she couldn’t provide him the kind of care he needed. Everly was faced with a tough decision. Out of her love and what she felt was best for Ozzie, she contacted Forgotten Cats and asked us to take him back, give him the medical care he needed, and place him in a new loving home.


At first, Ozzie was sad and so confused. Where was Everly? But, he is adjusting and we are beginning to see his sweet and quirky personality. Why is he special needs?  Ozzie is diabetic. He needs a foster or adopter who is committed to providing Ozzie with his prescription diet and insulin shots two times per day. Forgotten Cats will provide the foster with the prescription diet and insulin. Who can lend a paw? Ozzie is a sweet boy and he deserves to be in a home where he is loved and cherished. If you can foster Ozzie, please fill out a foster form at Interested in adopting? You can fill out an adoption application at Ozzie needs to stay within a 3 hour drive of his rescue. Thank you so much for your consideration.

Gonzo - San Jose, CA ADOPTED!!
Gonzo 3.jpg
Gonzo 2.jpg
Gonzo 1.jpg

This handsome hunk is Gonzo.  Gonzo is a 12 yr old Maine Coon Mix male cat who weighs a hefty 13 lbs.  He is great with other animals, all kids, and is litterbox trained. 

Gonzo is the good-natured giant you fall in love with immediately. Gonzo wants to be where people are and is genuinely engaged with those who visit him. He will head butt you for endless pets, nuzzle into your neck to sleep and squeeze your finger with his paws in a show of affection. Cuddles in bed and running water are the way to his heart. If you want a big softie to adore and spoon, Gonzo is your guy!

Gonzo was diagnosed with asthma and is currently being treated with predisolone. He also has a heart murmur and a slightly unsteady gait, possibly due to a neurological condition.

Prior to adoption, all cats/kittens are spayed/neutered, tested for FIV/FELV, vaccinated, dewormed, deflead, and microchipped.

Gonzo is at The Dancing Cat, our cat adoption lounge located at 702 E. Julian St. in San Jose, California. Info at and email :

Amy - Laguna Woods, CA ADOPTED!
Amy 1.jpg

This is Amy!  She is a 13 yr old spayed female short haired cat.  She is declawed.

Amy is looking for a VERY special human!  One who understands that trust takes time and is willing to work with her.  She is an extremely shy kitty that needs a very special person with loving patience to help her gain trust. She had been bullied by another cat in her previous home so she should be the only cat.


Her former parent was also hospitalized frequently, which may have resulted in neglect or mistreatment.  It has also recently been discovered that she has a heart murmur, a 2 on a scale of 1-6.  (Hospice Pet editorial note, a 2/6 heart murmur is very mild!!)  


She needs a forever home where she can bond and learn to accept love. This could take up to a one-year commitment.  She will curl up on the end of a bed or back of a sofa. She has the sweetest voice and will vocalize with you, but she is still somewhat unapproachable. If you have a big heart and the patience of Job and are looking to share your home with this very frightened, sensitive, lovely girl, please contact Olivia Pagano at 949-472-4744 or email

Deva and TK - Troy, SC  ADOPTED!!!
TK 2.jpg
TK 1.jpg

This is a really tough situation.  The dog on the left is Deva, she is an 8-10 yr old female Chihuahua and the dog on the right is TK, a 14 yr old neutered male Rat Terrier. 

On April 19, 2019, their owner was killed in a car accident.  A devastated friend of the owner contacted us.  There were also two senior cats who have found homes but these two need an immediate solution.  

Not much is known about these guys but they are believed to be housebroken, good with other animals, and good with people.  We don't know anything about their health status other than TK appears to have a skin issue.  The owner was elderly, in poor health, and on a limited income so may not have been able to pay a veterinarian recently.

The owner's adult children are unable to take TK and Deva due to their own animals and home situation.  Currently the they and the neighbors are visiting the house of the deceased daily to feed the dogs but they are scheduled to be surrendered to a shelter that has already said they will be euthanized due to age.  

If you can help get these two into rescue, foster, or adopted, please call: 864 602 1549 cell or email: .

Roscoe - Detroit, MI    Adopted!!!
Roscoe 1.jpg
Roscoe 2.jpg

Look at this sweetheart!  Roscoe is a Pit/English Bull terrier mix, 10 yr old neutered male who weighs in at 60 lbs.  He is housebroken!

Roscoe was found in a terrible condition on someone's porch. Our rescue took him in and treated him for fleas (he had no fur left on tail and back), got him neutered and had a tooth pulled. He also had a large mass removed, and the biopsy proved it wasn't cancerous. The mass grew back within weeks. He is heartworm positive, but isn't healthy enough to go through treatment, and never will be. He is on a monthly preventative.


His demeanor is very sweet! And age-appropriately stubborn. He came to us with no hearing, but can now hear a little bit. He enjoys his walks, with a wagging tail. He loves car rides and has a good appetite. Roscoe needs tooth care, but is otherwise pretty easy to care for. He does great at the vet. We are hoping for a foster home where he can live out his days. He can be around kids - preferably around 8 or older. He can still go on his hind legs to get attention from time to time. He is a cat -maybe- . The cats needs to be smarter or faster than him. He is not bad with dogs, but gets excited and starts coughing. So he should be separate from other dogs. Feel free to reach out if you want to meet him, or have questions. He is delightful, but your time is running out!

For more information about Roscoe visit or send an email to

Winnie - Grand Blanc, MI ADOPTED!!
Winnie 3.jpg
Winnie 2.jpg
Winnie 1.jpg

This smiling beauty is Winnie!  Winnie is an 11 month old American Bulldog mix, spayed female who weighs 45 lbs.

Winnie is a healthy girl who was born deaf.  In terms of special needs, this is a mild one.  She is a WONDERFUL family dog!  She is great with other dogs and  loves to play! She is playful with cats but can paw them and accidentally hurt them. She is great with kids of all ages and is being fostered in a home with a two year old little girl and twin six year old boys.  She is also housebroken!

Having a deaf dog just means that the dog learns to rely more on hand signals and you have to keep them safe but they live totally normal lives!!

For more information on Winnie you can check out: or email 

Cajun - Monterey, CA ADOPTED!!!
Cajun 1.jpg
Cajun 4.jpg
Cajun 3.jpg
Cajun 2.jpg

This adorable nugget is Cajun!  He is a 10 yr old, 9 lb, neutered male terrier.

Cajun is what you might call a "people dog." Outside? He's comfortable where he is. Walks? He'll pass. Toys? Not interested. But give him the chance to sleep under the covers with you, sit on the couch next to you or just gaze adoringly into your eyes, and he's all about it.


He's a delightful mix of cuddles and sweetness. He ignores cats, does well with other dogs and can assimilate into a pack or relax on his own. He's very responsive to human direction, and surprisingly, treats aren't always required. Cajun is just a calm, mellow dog who always feels at home. Take him for a car ride, and he'll quickly find a comfy spot in the car to curl up and sleep. 


Cajun is deaf and doesn't know any commands, but he speaks the universal language of companionship. And he's waiting for YOU! He came to us from Salinas Animal Services after being found as a stray.  This wonderful senior deserves to find his forever home!!  

For more information, visit: and please fill out an adoption questionnaire to learn more about Cajun and to speak with his foster!!  Cajun is available to go anywhere for adoption but the family must come and meet him in Monterey. 

Sunset - Brooklyn, NY ADOPTED!!!
Sunset 1.jpg
Sunset 2.jpg
Sunset 4.jpg
Sunset 3.jpg

Meet Sunset!  Sunset is a 2-3 yr old, female, 10 lb medium haired cat.

Sunset was found at the end of March 2019 wandering around the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, NY looking for food. Since then she has been at NYC Pet, 218 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215.  Sunset likes people, enjoys her wet food and a nice, gentle head scratch. When she gets into a loving home, she will blossom! She isn't crazy about other cats, but she is becoming more tolerant of them. 


Sunset has restrictive cardiomyopathy (RCM), which means that some portions of her heart muscle are thicker than normal, some are thinner. The thick portions do not relax as well as a normal heart, causing blood to backup within the heart. She also has high blood pressure, for which she is on medication. At this time, the cardiologist says that her disease appears to be mild.  With a good diet and blood pressure meds, her condition has improved tremendously, and we think she will do even better in a home. She has to take pills, but no worries. Just put them in her wet food and she gobbles them up! She needs a quiet, caring #fosterhome or #foreverhome. If you take her home, she will return your love 10x!

You can see a video of her before and after at:

For more information please contact Jean Bubley, Adoption Coordinator, For Animals, Inc. by emailing: or call: 917-856-4534 OR Theresa Samsingh, Founder & Director, For Animals, Inc. email: or call: 917-257-6759.

Yowie - Auburn, AL  ADOPTED!!!
Yowie 3.jpg
Yowie 4.jpg
Yowie 2.jpg

Meet Yowie!  He looks like he should be in the movies with that face!  Yowie is a male terrier mix, 9 yrs old, 40 lbs.  Yowie is housebroken, good with other animals, and can live with kids. 

Yowie has been a "resident" with our shelter for the past year. Thankfully, a foster home has stepped up for him and housed him for almost the entirety of his time with us. He is heartworm positive, but still positively adoptable! Yowie does display symptoms of a vestibular disease (similar to vertigo in humans) that causes him to have a head tilt. This has not hindered his daily life though! It just makes pictures of him even cuter. We would love to see Yowie in a forever home to live out his golden years!  Interested parties may visit our shelter directly at email at, or call us at 334-821-3222.

Milo - Gardena, CA   ADOPTED!!!
Milo 1.jpg

This hunk of love is Milo!  Milo is a 14 yr old neutered male Pug who weighs 17 lbs.

From his rescue:  Milo has the kind of smile that will simply melt your heart. Relinquished to us by his owner because she could no longer care for him, Milo loves human attention and companionship. He is always cheerful and attentive with a happy tail.


Milo was born deaf and, due to age, is partially blind. It's best to approach him slowly so he doesn't get startled; although his sense of smell is so great, he usually already knows you're there! In addition, Milo also has bladder stones. The good news is that it is well managed with just a special diet.  With his age, he isn't reliably housebroken but don't that deter you from meeting him!!


Conditions aside, he is a very special boy. He adores cuddles, baths, brushings and a good back-end scratch - in which case he will happily "tap dance" for you.


Milo would do best in an only dog home. Due to his sight impairment, tiffs tend to break out between him and the others when he bumps into them. Despite his senior age, Milo is still very full of life and energy, with all the love one Pug could give. Always smiling, always cheerful, your most loyal friend is waiting to come home. While he has had some mild issues, Milo's HIPPO (Honorary Pug Parent), mentioned that he did great with her dogs during a sleepover. We have a foster-to-adopt option where you can take Milo home for two weeks and see how he does with other pets before committing to him.

For more information on handsome Milo, please email or call (310)327-7871.  You can also visit

Klondike - Lafayette, NJ  - ADOPTED!!!
Klondike 1.jpg
Klondike 2.jpg

Look at these EARS!!  This adorable guy is Klondike.  He is 15 yrs old and 7 lbs.  

Klondike is an incredibly affectionate and loving senior kitty. He has inflammatory bowel disease and needs to be on a prescription food. He loves to cuddle and walks well on a harness and leash. HOW CUTE!! He loves to explore his world and cuddle on your lap too.


He may be old, but he still purrs like a kitten. He would prefer to be an only cat, or to have his own room in a home away from other pets. He would be perfectly happy to live in your bedroom. If you want more info on his personality or medical needs please call us!

For more information, please call (973)300-5909 or email:  The website is 

Annie - Phillipsburg, NJ ADOPTED!!!
annie 1.jpg
Annie 2.jpg

This pretty girl is Annie!  She is a 9 yr old, 7 lb female tabby cat!

Annie is a very pretty declawed gentle senior girl. She likes to talk to you and be held and petted - she likes attention!! She would do best as an only cat. Her family adopted her as a kitten but are getting divorced so they did not want her anymore. She is up to date with vaccines and wormed and we did extensive blood work, she is healthy and ready to go home. For more information, please email :

Cutie Pie - Lafayette Township, NJ  ADOPTED!!!
Cutie Pie.jpg
Cutie Pie 2.jpg

Who doesn't need some Cutie Pie??  Cutie pie is a female, DSH, 14 yr old, 8 lb tortoiseshell kitty who is litterbox trained.  She is declawed and extremely loving and sweet. 

Cutie Pie is exactly the type of pet we are trying to help. She unfortunately was diagnosed with a mass on her liver and in her mouth. This is most likely cancer, but a biopsy has not been done. She is looking for an adopter accepting of her illness who will give her the best quality of life for whatever time she has left. To meet Cutie Pie you can visit her anytime during our open hours listed on or email

Marilyn - Lafayette, NJ ADOPTED!!!
Marilyn 2.jpg
Marilyn 3.jpg
Marilyn 1.jpg

This beautiful girl is Marilyn!  Marilyn is an 11 yr old, 15 lb, female spayed cat.

Marilyn is an amazing cat! She is so loving and sweet. She loves to be snuggled and carried around. She likes to go for drives and will happily sit in the passenger seat without a carrier, what a ham! She has lived with cats her whole life and has met a few dogs here at the shelter and has done great with them. She enjoys everyone's attention including kids! Marilyn even loves to hang out outside in the nice weather on a leash. 

Marilyn is one of the most unique cats I have ever heard of, let alone met in person. Marilyn's harrowing story starts last fall when she was accidentally poised by rat poison.  She survived the initial poisoning with a dedicated medical team, but was left completely paralyzed for a short time.

Slowly but surely she regained function in most of her body. One of her front legs is still completely paralyzed and one of her rear legs is functioning at about 70%. She can hobble back and forth to her litter box and food. She uses a very shallow pan litter box and is able to make it there most of the time. The more weight she loses the less accidents she will have.

She requires physical therapy that you can do yourself in home, and to monitor her carefully to make sure she is still doing well. She is on a pain medication right now, and it seems to have made her much more comfortable. She is also on a prescription weight loss diet you can get at the veterinarian to try to get a handle on her obesity.

Our veterinarian is recommending that if she can loose significant weight, she should have the paralyzed leg amputated because she can feel it, and it is painful. She loves to hang out with her favorite people, get attention and lovings, and go for "walks" outside in the sun to help lose weight, build strength, and enrich her time.

Marilyn is looking for a pro-active household willing to work with her. She could fit into any home that has the time and resources to take care of her!  For more information you can email: or call (973)-300-5909. 

Rosie - Chester Springs, PA  ADOPTED!!!
Rosie 1.jpg
Rosie 2.jpg

Look at this beautiful girl.  Rosie is a 7 yr old, 55 lb spayed female Rottie/Shepherd mix.  Rosie is not only housebroken, she is great with other dogs, is fine with kids, and is easy to walk!!  Can't get any easier to bring into your family!

Rosie had a hard start to her life. She came from a commercial breeding facility, but wasn't sold because she was a mix (and not a designer one!) She must have been fending for herself a lot of the time eating what she could find. When she came to MLAR, we discovered she had been eating sticks and soil to fill her empty belly. As a result, our Vet team needed to remove the blockage so much roughage caused. They also discovered she has cancer.


In spite of it all, Rosie is super sweet and is happy for any loving attention from the Volunteers. We are looking for an adopter to give her a place to lay her head for whatever time she has left. If you are interested, please fill out an application and come meet her.

For more information, please fill out the adoption application at!!!  Lets get this gentle girl into her forever home!  

Cruiser - Chester Springs, PA  ADOPTED!!
Cruiser 2.jpg
Cruiser 1.jpg

This handsome guy is Cruiser!  Cruiser is a 7 yr old neutered male Pug/Shar Pei mix!  He weighs in at only 15 lbs.  

Don't be fooled by his expression...he looks like he is pondering some deep philosophical questions but he is a total lovebug who will make you smile every day!  Cruiser is housebroken, perfect with other dogs, fine with kids...he is EASY to live with!

Since this photo was taken, Cruiser sadly has lost his RF leg to a mass cell tumor that had spread. He doesn't seem to care about it, he's not embarrassed by only having 3 legs, not worried, not suffering. He just wants to live his life and gets some extra table scraps because you feel bad for him...he'll take those any day of the week!  You won't regret meeting and falling in love with Cruiser,  you will likely forget most days that he has anything wrong with him. He will bring you smiles and joyful days and happiness.

For more information and to schedule a meet and greet with Cruiser, please click on to fill out an adoption application.  He's looking forward to meeting you soon!

Florie - Philadelphia, PA ADOPTED!!!
Florie 1.jpg
Florie 2.jpg
Florie 3.jpg

This beautiful girl is Florie.  Florie is an 8 yr old, 61 lb female spayed Border Collie.

Sweet Florie is the best girl! She is a happy dog who loves to go for walks and snuggle up. She is good with all people and animals and she is housebroken!


Unfortunately, Florie was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Due to the type and location of the tumor, surgery is not an option. Therefore Florie is in need of a special adopter who will give her the best life during her remaining time. For more information on adopting Florie, email:!

Zhanae - Gap, PA  ADOPTED!!
Zhenae 3.jpg
Zhenae 2.jpg
Zhenae 1.jpg

This beautiful girl is Zhanae!

Zhanae is a 4 year old American Bully. She had presented with unilateral paralysis (one hind leg) when she was a week from her due date. A week later she had a c-section and delivered 11 puppies. We had hopes she would gain mobility back. Unfortunately her other leg became paralyzed as well. Sadly, her owners were unable to pay for her care and a paralyzed dog wouldn't do well in their multiple story apartment.


Zhanae is an absolute sweetheart who just wants attention and love! When she sees or hears children she gets very excited and will drag us to go see them and give them kisses. She LOVES kids!!  She wants so bad to run around outside and will even chase a soccer ball when she has hind end assistance.


She still has control over her bowels and will opt to go potty outside if she is taken out. She is very trusting and quite patient as we have been trying to fit her with a cart. She always seems interested in meeting the other dogs in the hospital and we haven't seen any aggressive tendencies. We haven't seen her interact with any cats just yet.

This is just the nicest dog and we would love to see her find a home who can give her the home she deserves!  For more information please email: .  Zhanae is looking for a home within about 50 miles of her rescue.

Weeble - North Wales, PA ADOPTED!!!
Weeble 1.jpg
Weeble 2.jpg

Meet WEEBLE!!  She may wobble but she won't fall down!

Weeble is a 3 month pure bred lab that was rescued from a Lancaster Puppy Mill by Home at Last Dog Rescue. Weeble has seen a neurological specialist and it is suspected that she has a problem in her brain (cerebellar) that causes her brain not to talk perfectly to her legs.  She plays like a normal puppy but is clumsy and her hind legs are just on a slightly different program from her front legs.  The medical word for how she looks is ataxic which just means wobbly.  While she has neurologic deficits, she is a typical happy go lucky Labrador puppy! She has never met a living thing she didn't love, she has all the love in the world to give!  She can also be urinary incontinent at times but it remains to be seen how things will change as she grows up.


Weeble deserves her chance at a wonderful home who will love her with her special needs and give her the chance to thrive! Please submit an application to or email

Chloe - Conyers, GA ADOPTED!!
Chloe 4.jpg
Chloe 1.jpg
Chloe 2.jpg
Chloe 3.jpg

Meet Chloe!  Chloe is about 10 y/o and weighs just a little over 8 lbs.


Chloe was suffering from pyometra when she was spayed at the shelter, which is a uterine infection that can quickly turn life threatening. Spaying your female dogs prevents them from developing this type of infection! For reasons that are still unknown, Chloe was adopted and then began experiencing seizures. The adopter returned her to the shelter, and that's where we entered the story!


She seized the first two days she was with us (early January), but has been seizure free ever since. Woo! She is on a daily dose of phenobarbital - we are still evaluating if she needs to stay on the pheno long term, or if the seizures could have been stress / environment induced.


Otherwise, Chloe is a pretty typical little Chihuahua. She wants to be held, always, and will happily snuggle with anyone who is willing. She is (mostly) housetrained, knows how to use a doggie door, and is dog friendly. Well, to be fair, she's more like dog INDIFFERENT, but she lives with other dogs of all shapes, sizes, genders, and personalities, and she behaves perfectly with everyone.


She is definitely more human focused and would be fine without another dog around as well. She doesn't mind being dressed up or carried around in a sling, and she is very tolerant of kids and strangers. She is a great ambassadog when we go to public events! Chloe has plenty of energy, enjoys walks, and loves to climb pretty much anything she can get her paws on - counters, beware! Chihuahuas can easily live into their late teens or 20s, so at age 10, Chloe has lots of life left in her. Please contact us if you'd like to make this fun, spunky little girl yours!

For more information, please email' or call 470-333-2185.   You can also visit .

Buddy - Buford, GA
Buddy 3.jpg
Buddy 1.jpg
Buddy 2.jpg

This handsome little dude is Buddy.  He is a neutered male Dachshund who is 15 yrs old and weighs 15 lbs.

Buddy is a 15 year old Dachshund who loves to sleep. He’s usually a very happy dog who loves attention and being close to you. Give him a blanket and a spot on the sofa beside you and he will love you forever. He will sometimes get a burst of energy and run around the house but it’s only for a few minutes because it wears him out.


He knows that he is supposed to go outside to do his business but he can’t always hold it anymore. He has very few teeth left but still eats his dry dog food.


I really hate to give him up but I am unable to give him the care and companionship that he deserves. He is such a sweet dog and he loves people. I’m not really sure how he would be with other animals but I did recently rescue a kitten and after a few weeks, he did decide that he likes having her around. And he definitely lets her know when he doesn’t want to be bothered.


I wish that I could keep him but I’ve been laid off from my job and I’m not sure where I will end up. Plus I’m having to travel a lot while searching for a new job and I don’t like boarding him. Please if you have room in your heart and home for my precious Buddy, email Cheryl :  I would prefer if he stayed in the Atlanta, GA area.

Sam - Brevard, NC ADOPTED!!!
Sam 2.jpg
Sam 3.jpg
Sam 4.jpg
Sam 1.jpg

This handsome senior boy is Sam.  He is a 10+ yr old, 45 lb, neutered male Australian Shepherd mix.

Sam is a real sweetheart.  He walks well on a leash and although very shy, has a confident, calm energy when outside. He's an old soul who really relishes in his outdoor time. Sam likes to find a good spot in the grass and rub his sweet face around on the ground! Sam is deaf but he compensates really well. 


Sam was surrendered to us by his new owner as she indicated she was misled when adopting him from another facility. She says he is extremely shy and not crate trained as she expected him to be. Sam is neutered, microchipped and ready to make your family complete!


Please note: Aussie's do not do well in a shelter environment and this boy is no exception. He needs a calm, nurturing environment to live his life out being the best he can be. If you'd like to meet Sam, please plan to do so right away. Sam may be deaf, but he is very good at reading body language and hand signals.

To learn more about Sam, please contact: Joleen Brannigan P: 407-697-6965 Email :

Joe - Brevard, NC - ADOPTED!!!!!
Joe 1.jpg
Joe 3.jpg
Joe 4.jpg
Joe 2.jpg

This stately gentleman is Joe!  He is a 9 yr old, 80 lb neutered male Mastiff mix.  This special boy is housebroken, good with all animals, and great with kids!

If you are looking for a mature, loving, wise companion, I'm your man. I'm about 9 years old, well-loved and cared for, but my owner fell on hard times and contacted the shelter for help. He was heartbroken to have to give me up.


I'm neutered, micro-chipped, calm, friendly and ready to be your best friend. I'm great with other animals, have lived indoors, am house trained and I LOVE TO SNUGGLE. No puppy nipping or training, just pure love and companionship. Please reach out for more information on me right away!  Joe is available to be adopted anywhere as long as his adopter arranges transport.  For more information please call 407-697-6965 or email:

Hope - Cary, NC
Hope 1.jpg
Hope 2.jpg

This sweet little thing is Hope.  She is a 10 yr old, 12 lb female spayed Jack Russel Terrier.

Hope was dumped by her family along with her buddies on the street. Animal Control picked them up as they wandered terrified and now they are at a kill shelter with days left.


Hope is, when you approach her, a bouncy, cheerful girl, but alone in a metal cage she is absolutely terrified. Hope is heartworm positive and also has what look like burn marks on her back. But we will pay for her slow kill treatment and skin medication. A mature calm home where she can be pampered and play would be ideal We will transport and pay all medical bills so that she will have many happy ,safe years ahead of her.  For more information please email:  or visit

Julianne - Hillsborough, NC ADOPTED!!!
Julianne 3.jpg
Julianne 2.jpg
Julianne 1.jpg

This beautiful girl is Julianne.  She is a 12 yr old, 35 lb, female spayed Aussie mix. Julianne deserves better in life than she has received so lets help her find her family! 

Poor Julianne was terribly neglected but she's on the upswing now that she is taking synthyroid medication (for thyroid) and eating well.  She is starting to grow back her fur!  Julianne needs a comfy loving home to live out her days. Julie is fine with other dogs as long as they give her space (no in your face active pups!) but would be happiest as an only dog. A calm mature household would make this gal very happy and help her heal. She is easy going, well mannered, only 35 pounds. See her video: We will transport!! Apply on

Katie - High Point, NC ADOPTED!!!
Katie II 1.jpg

This wonderful girl is Katie.  She is a 10 yr old ~ 100 lb Pittie mix.  She is housebroken and good with other animals.


Katie has a very very sad story.  Katie’s owner died of a stroke and when he was found Katie was laying beside him. She is a sweet older girl, a little chubby, up to date on shots. The lady that found her owner is a waitress from the restaurant that Katie and her owner visited every morning.


She has been feeding her and letting her out. I have a couple of sponsors for Katie. I have been turned down from 1 rescue and am waiting on another. Thank you for your consideration.  For more information, please call 336-906-0400.  

Roxy - Brevard, NC RESCUED!!
Roxy 1.jpg
Roxy 2.jpg
Roxy 3.jpg
Roxy 4.jpg

This gorgeous smiling girl is Roxy!  She is a 12 yr old female Lab mix who weighs 50 lbs.  She is housebroken, great with kids, and fine with other dogs.

Her rescue says:  Roxy is the sweetest dog ever!!   She is also very calm. Roxy is an unconditional love bug. She'll bond with you immediately! Can you be her human in her senior years? You will have no regrets!


Note: Roxy has not yet been cat tested, although we're glad to do so upon request. Our guess is she'll do just fine with felines!  

For more information:  DIRECT: 407-697-6965 SHELTER: 828-883-3713 EMAIL:

Don - Jacksonville, NC ADOPTED!!!
Don 1.jpg
Don 2.jpg
Don 3.jpg
Don 4.jpg

This handsome gent is Don!  Don is a 10 yr old, 8 lb neutered male Chihuahua. He is the best guy and so easy to have around!

Don loves to be with people and be a lap dog. He is in a foster home with dogs, cats, and young kids. He is neutered, up to date on shots, microchipped, and heartworm negative. And he's housebroken! He does have some fatty tumors and skin tags. He loves naps, soft beds, and love.

10 isn't old for a Chihuahua so if you think you have a nice soft bed for Don, please email:  

Rocky - Cedar Mountain, NC ADOPTED!!
Rocky 2.jpg
Rocky 4.jpg
Rocky 1.jpg

This wonderful guy is Rocky.  Rocky is a 12 yr old, 40 lb, neutered male Lab.

ADOPTING A SENIOR DOG IS LIKE FAST FORWARDING TO THE VERY BEST PART... Rocky is a wonderful senior Labrador fellow. Senior means mature, worldly, been there, done that, got the bone. At 12 years old, he still has spring in his step and he’s ready to be your best buddy. He has darling freckled paws.


Rocky is a very sweet boy, and walks well on the leash. He has lived in a home his entire life though, and is very confused and stressed in a shelter environment.  It is just heartbreaking to see such a wonderful senior be so upset. He has 12 years proof he can be very good boy in a home, he just doesn't know how to do it in a shelter. He’s ready to march right into your home and heart. Come meet Rocky, but bring a collar and leash. You surely won't be going home alone. Rocky came with a veritable diary with photos that shows what a loving and wonderful laid back guy he was in his previous home.


STATS: Rocky is only 40 lbs, healthy per his medical records, fully vaccinated and neutered. In his previous home he lived with a female dog and a cat in harmony, but would need a slow introduction due to his nervousness in the shelter environment. Please come meet this boy. He deserves to live the rest of his life adored by a special someone.  Rocky is adoptable anywhere but the adopter has to coordinate transport.  For more information, please call:  407-697-6965.

Emmy Lou - Lafayette, NJ FOSPICE FOUND!
Emmy Lou 1.jpg
Emmy Lou 2.jpg
Emmy Lou 3.jpg

This beautiful and gentle girl is Emmy Lou!  She is a 10 yr old, 70 lb Pittie.  Miss Emmy Lou is wonderful with kids, all animals, and is housebroken!!!

Whoever says that old dogs aren't lively has never met Emmy! Emmy completely proves that old dogs CAN learn new tricks! Sweet and gentle Emmy is an approx. 10 year old Pittie girl who came to us with her brother,Buddy. They both were surrendered to us due to their owner passing,and are ready to make another owner happily ever after!


Emmy has the personality of a young pup,and constantly wants to play with toys! All the joys of a puppy without the mess! Emmy came to us with some lovely old lady lumps,which we have determined are just a part of her now. Some of them are fatty masses called Lipomas, and Some of them are Mast Cell Tumors.


She is looking for a Hospice Adopter who will love her lumps and all. Emmy is kind and warm, and gives you a sense of peace when you interact with her. She is housebroken, an excellent leash walker, doesn't make much noise, and loves humans and dogs alike. A nice, chill home willing to love her as she is would be the best. Come give this girl a peaceful place to call home for the time she has left.

If you are interested in more information on Emmy Lou, you can call 973-300-5909, visit the website at or email  She is available within driving distance of her rescue.

Tobias - East Hanover, NJ ADOPTED!!!
Tobias 1.jpg

This beautiful boy is Tobias.  He is a 12 yr old neutered male orange tabby.

Tobias is a super affectionate, head-butting, purr-machine who also happens to be 12 years old, a front declaw, with a significant heart murmur, and in renal (kidney) failure.


He needs a hospice home where he can spend the remainder of his days, cuddling and being doted upon. This boy has a lot of love and life left in him, despite his age and disease!


He probably has about a year to live, but is not suffering now. When it is his time, we hope to assist him to pass easily and comfortably. He will need a fospice home that is capable of administering meds and subcutaneous fluids (it's easy!), as well as bringing him to doctor appointments in Madison, New Jersey.


Tobias is looking for someone to show him kindness in his final months - let's help him find that person!  He would prefer to be an only animal and is available for adoption in NJ.  For more information, please email: or call: 973.386.0590

Waffles - Lafayette, NJ  Sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge
waffles 1.jpg
waffles 3.jpg

This beautiful girl is Waffles.  Waffles is a special case, she's only 6 yrs old and weighs in at just 6 lbs.  

Waffles needs a very special home. She might only be 6 years old but she has inflammatory bowel disease that has progressed rapidly. She needs someone who understands her special needs and that her medical issues may be expensive and ongoing. \


She often has bad days, or multiple of days, but then will have a good week or more. She gets along fine with the other cats here, but is timid with new people and doesn't like to be picked up because her belly is uncomfortable. It is possible that once she is in a less stressful environment she will get nominally better and more comfortable. If you have questions about her personality or medical needs please call!  It's not Waffles' fault she has these issues and she deserves a wonderful home!  We know you're out there!  For more information, please call (973)300-5909 or email:  The website is

Ava - Fort Kent, ME ADOPTED!!

Ava cat 3.jpg
Ava cat 4.jpg
Ava cat 1.jpg
Ava cat 2.jpg

This pretty girl is Ava!  She is a 9 yr old, 10 lb, female spayed cat. 

 Meet Ava – a beautiful black and white "tuxedo" cat. Ava would love a quiet home with a patient loving human where she could be an "only child." The household and human companion(s) would need to be that of an experienced cat owner, not because she is aggressive, but because she is very timid and will need time and patience to get comfortable.


She has previously lived in a household with a dog and young child, both of which frightened her and left a lasting negative impression. She has been at our shelter for quite some time, and is not making meaningful progress as she is very overwhelmed by shelter life.


This gorgeous girl loves to flip on her back and have you tell her what a good girl she is in a soothing voice. When you do so she will look at you adoringly with her bright yellow-gold eyes. When she feels relaxed and secure, she enjoys "making biscuits" in the air and has the best chirping purr. Are you that special person who could provide Ava with a calm and friendly fur-ever home? She would be so grateful to be given a chance to grow and thrive with a gentle human companion.


Come and meet her and you may find yourself with the best furry friend a person could ask for. Ava's hobbies include: advanced yoga (very dedicated), reading The New Yorker, and listening to old jazz standards.


Note: PAWS strongly discourages the act of declawing cats. However, Ava's front paws (and possibly back as well) were declawed before she came to PAWS Haven. PAWS is a nonprofit organization that rescues abandoned cats in the St. John Valley. Organization members believe most pets can be socialized and prefer not to release them back outdoors, as winters are harsh in Northern Maine. PAWS operates as a no-kill shelter. Their mission is to get owners to spay and/or neuter their animals to help cut down on the population and give all animals a better chance at a quality life. PAWS Animal Welfare, Inc. spays, neuters and vaccinates mature animals before they are placed out for adoption. To find out more about adopting a cat from PAWS or how you can help the "PAWS cause," visit our Facebook page ("PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Inc, Fort Kent"), check out our website:, email us at:, or call 543-7348.  Her rescue would prefer that she be adopted within the New England states.

Kit Kat - Fort Kent, ME ADOPTED!!!

Kit Kat 4.jpg
Kit Kat 2.jpg
Kit Kat 1.jpg
Kit Kat 3.jpg

This handsome fella is Kit Kat!  He is a neutered male 8 yr old, 11 lb, domestic medium haired cat.

Meet the handsome KIT KAT. Kit Kat is an adorable male goofball. He is a handsome black cat (with some delightful tiny white "details") and his medium-length fur is the perfect halfway point between a short and long-haired cat.


Kit Kat loves to play with toys, every type! This 8 year old boy is very clever, often being the first at the shelter to figure out how new toys work, or how to climb the new wall shelves that were installed for the cats to exercise on. He is playful and inquisitive.


Unfortunately, Kit Kat has been at our shelter for a long time, and he can be a bit of a bully. He is a special needs cat in that he doesn’t like his belly touched, or to be picked up, but he does enjoy a gentle head rub. He wants to be the boss and decide which room to be in and when he wants affection or wants to be left alone. The interesting thing is that there have been a few cats that have come thru the shelter that he got along well with, even though he plays rough... but those other cats have long since been adopted.


Kit Kat needs to be in a home without children. We do not know how he would do in a home with a dog, or with another cat (since he is very particular about who he gets along with.) The best match for Kit Kat would likely be one where he could be an "only child," have plenty of sensory stimulation (windows to bird/people watch out of), interactive toys, and a human that would play "fishing pole"-style toys with him at several points throughout the day to help him burn off energy.


Kit Kat has a lot of love to give, he just can't seem to find a home that would be a proper match. His hobbies include: playing Scrabble, reading cookbooks, and practicing his country line-dancing.


PAWS is a nonprofit organization that rescues abandoned cats in the St. John Valley. Organization members believe most pets can be socialized and prefer not to release them back outdoors, as winters are harsh in Northern Maine. PAWS operates as a no-kill shelter. Their mission is to get owners to spay and/or neuter their animals to help cut down on the population and give all animals a better chance at a quality life. PAWS Animal Welfare, Inc. spays, neuters and vaccinates mature animals before they are placed out for adoption. To find out more about adopting a cat from PAWS or how you can help the "PAWS cause," visit our Facebook page ("PAWS Animal Welfare Society, Inc, Fort Kent"), check out our website:, email us at: or call 543-7348.

Sunset - Brooklyn, NY ADOPTED!!!
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Meet Sunset!  Sunset is a 2-3 yr old, female, 10 lb medium haired cat.

Sunset was found at the end of March 2019 wandering around the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, NY looking for food. Since then she has been at NYC Pet, 218 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215.  Sunset likes people, enjoys her wet food and a nice, gentle head scratch. When she gets into a loving home, she will blossom! She isn't crazy about other cats, but she is becoming more tolerant of them. 


Sunset has restrictive cardiomyopathy (RCM), which means that some portions of her heart muscle are thicker than normal, some are thinner. The thick portions do not relax as well as a normal heart, causing blood to backup within the heart. She also has high blood pressure, for which she is on medication. At this time, the cardiologist says that her disease appears to be mild.  With a good diet and blood pressure meds, her condition has improved tremendously, and we think she will do even better in a home. She has to take pills, but no worries. Just put them in her wet food and she gobbles them up! She needs a quiet, caring #fosterhome or #foreverhome. If you take her home, she will return your love 10x!

You can see a video of her before and after at:

For more information please contact Jean Bubley, Adoption Coordinator, For Animals, Inc. by emailing: or call: 917-856-4534 OR Theresa Samsingh, Founder & Director, For Animals, Inc. email: or call: 917-257-6759.

Ruby - Cloverdale, IN  ADOPTED!!!
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This adorable little beetle is Ruby.  Definitely not your typical hospice animal!  Ruby needs a very very special home. 

Ruby is the best little dog you'll ever meet! Ruby was born 10/3/18 and she's never met a stranger, dog or human, and even likes cats! She's been around children and her tail just never stops wagging!


While Ruby has plenty of energy, she loves to snuggle up with her humans and sleep too! She's happiest when someone is paying her attention. She is crate trained but of course, still working on potty training. We are making leaps and bounds on it though!


Ruby is a bit of a special girl. Ruby has a liver shunt that is inoperable. Ruby was born with this defect, but it just makes her even more special. She lives a very normal full life on a prescription diet and a couple medications to help remove toxins from her blood. She will need to wait a little longer for her spay - which is why she needs to be a foster to adopt situation until that is complete (between 8-12 months of age). Her meds and food run around $100 a month right now but that may decrease as we find the right combination.


An adopter would have to be committed to working with a vet for the rest of Ruby's life to ensure she stays healthy. (She should not need more than once yearly visits, but it is important to stay consistent with any vet so they know her history.) Her diet is not SUPER strict, but her main kibble will never change. 4PUP's is committed to helping Ruby for the rest of her life as well, in any way we can. 4PUPs will cover the cost of the spay, and all medication/food while Ruby is a foster. We would just prefer that she find her forever home sooner than later! If you are interested in Ruby you can send an email to to request one. Ruby's adoption fee is $75.


Katie - Liberty, IN ADOPTED!!!
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This beautiful girl is Katie.  She borrowed Craig's hat for this photo!  Katie is a 10 yr old female spayed Beagle who weighs 32 lbs.

From Katie:  I am great with kids, with other animals, and am even housebroken!  The vet says I am a bit too chunky and it's causing my heart to work too hard so they put me on a diet.


I take daily walks to help get my weight down so that I can have surgery on my eye. These crazy cherry eye things bug me and get in the way of seeing stuff. I am working hard to get in prime condition to be adopted. I just know I can do it. I am a girl who loves other dogs, cats and kids. I have some silver on my face but a heart of gold. Go to and put in an application to adopt me.  You can also call or text 765-969-4782.

Jerry Jercino aka JJ - Cloverdale, IN ADOPTED!!
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This handsome mush is JJ!  JJ is a younger dog and weighs about 40 lbs.

JJ looks a little serious in all those pictures but he is definitely quite the goofball! He is EXCEPTIONALLY people friendly, including children and has a LOT of enthusiasm! J loves to walk, hike, bike, rollerblade, and even hikes out with the horses fairly well.


JJ gets on well with dogs of a similar size and does seem to prefer females. He can be somewhat territorial in his home with new dogs especially with young energetic dogs that are bigger than he is. He seems ambivalent about the outside cats, so dog savvy cats should not be a problem. As a herding breed, if it runs, he's going to chase it and probably bark at it to get it to keep running! Jerry is definitely looking for someone who wants to give him a lot of attention, training, fun times, and exercise!


He is a very typical herding breed who can go on and on if you let him. The great thing is that Jerry has an excellent off switch too! Once he's had some good exercise, he's happy to settle down and nap the day away.


He has basic manners, kennels beautifully, and wants very much to please. He has no puppy behaviors left, and won't tear up the garbage or eat your shoes either! He loves to play tug and will fetch softer toys.


Jerry is special needs because he has damaged nerves in his hind end from past abuse and is completely missing his tail. This has caused fecal incontinence. He does wear diapers when needed, but for the most part he does not actually need them because his incontinence is maintained with a raw diet. His new owners will have to be dedicated to only feeding him things his belly can tolerate to ensure that he stays as healthy (and poop free!) as possible. He has learned to wear a muzzle comfortably while he is off leash in large areas to prevent him from eating inappropriate things as well. The rescue group is happy to provide as much support as necessary to ensure success in this area. 

For more information about Hickory, please email: , visit  or call: 317-899-8483

Kricket - Bedford, IN ADOPTED!!
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