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Lizzie and Slinky - Alexandria, VA ADOPTED!!
Lizzie and Slinky 1.jpg
Lizzie and Slinky 2.jpg
Lizzie and Slinky 3.jpg

Meet Lizzie and Slinky!  They are 17 yr old lovely seniors who weigh about 20 lbs.  They're great with all animals and with kids!!

Slinky and Lizzie aren’t just brother and sister – they’re best friends. They celebrate Best Friend Day every day by helping one another stay on their nap schedule and alerting the other when a friendly face with treats is around. When going for walks, they always walk side-by-side because they’re on their journey through life together!


They are relatively healthy seniors who are looking for their forever, loving home. Come by and see this adorable twosome. They’ll inspire you with their friendship! See more photos and learn more about adopting them on their profile here:

For more information, please contact the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria at 703-746-4774, or find more information at

Arlo - East Greenville, PA ADOPTED!!
Arlo 1.jpg

Arlo was born in one of our foster homes on March 15, 2019. His mom is definitely a Chihuahua mix and she is about 18 pounds.  Arlo does look like he does have some Weimaraner or possibly pointer - he currently weighs 20 lbs. We can rule out Pittie, but the older he is getting, the more you can see some sort of hunting dog.


Arlo is a special needs puppy. He has a birth defect which we noticed when he started to walk. He is wobbly in his back end - that is called ataxia and it's a neurological problem. He does also have some trouble holding his urine and does leak sometimes. He does very well with a belly band! He does occasionally have a bowel issue, but not very often.


Despite all of this, Arlo is very sweet and super smart. He loves to swim and his foster mom is doing some swimming therapy for him. He is incredibly friendly and social. He loves kids and other animals!


Arlo is now neutered, up to date with vaccines for his age and microchipped. If you are interested in adopting Arlo please visit our website go to Adopt and complete the dog adoption application.  You can also email: or call:  484-719-7101.

Marsha - Ambler, PA ADOPTED!! (3/27/20)
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Marsha 1.3.jpg

Meet Marsha!  She is a 3 yr old, 45 lb, female spayed black Lab mix.

This precious girl is Marsha. Marsha is shy at first but with time she is super sweet and loving. She is a low energy dog who loves to chill in her dog bed and loves her belly rubs and her crate! Marsha had a rough past and was unfortunately shot at multiple times which initially left her with a crooked tail, an awkward walk and some urinary dribbling when she was laying down/sleeping.  Luckily, she is in no pain any more and takes medication to control her bladder so the urine dribbling is currently resolved! She never falls down when she is moving, she just has a unique walk!  She is currently on Proin for the urine dribbling which is very cheap and Rimadyl as a trial for pain, that will continue to be played with. Marsha loves other dogs, as they give her confidence and would prefer a doggie sibling in her forever home!

For more information on Marsha, please contact:

Scooter - Wyndmoor, PA  ADOPTED!!(4/1/20)
Scooter 3.0.jpg
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Scooter 3.2.jpg
Scooter 3.3.jpg

Meet Scooter!  He is a 5 yr old, 18 lb, neutered male Beagle mix.

Scooter is a true gem!!  One look at that mushy, loving face tells you all you need to know about him.  Scooter loves EVERYONE and gets along great with other dogs and kids! He especially loves to snuggle up in his dog bed, take naps, and play with toys. Scooter has nerve damage to his hind end (possibly disc disease, x-rays showed no fractures).  While Scooter loves other dogs, he shouldn't go to a home with a young or too playful dog as his back should be treated as somewhat fragile.


Scooter is housebroken, has complete control of his bladder and bowel movements.  He can walk although he's a little wobbly and sometimes needs boots to protect his back paws as he can scuff them and injure them. At this time, he cannot do stairs. He needs to be carried up and down. He will need some kind of therapy going forward to continue to improve his function. Scooter is working on learning how to walk on a leash and be in the crate for longer periods of time. 

He is truly a sweetheart and deserves his forever loving home! Scooter's rescue would like him to stay relatively local to his rescue but if you are interested, please reach out! For all further information, please email:

Jaxx - Carlisle, IA ADOPTED!!!
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Meet Jaxx!  He is a 15 yr old, 18 lb neutered male JRT.

Poor Jaxx's owner died and he was surrendered at a open admission shelter. Jaxx is a super sweet old man. He is a slow mover and likes to go on leisurely walks and walks nicely on his leash.  He really enjoys his peanut butter bone in the morning after his play time in the yard.  He has a sensitive stomach and is on gastrointestinal food which he really enjoys.  He just likes to hang out and would enjoy a couch and maybe a window to watch the world go by in comfort.

He had a dental and some extractions done and then they contacted Animal Lifeline because Jaxx is deaf and a couch potato! He is somewhat house trained but does have accidents.  He is looking for a home with no small kids or other animals.

For more information please contact Martha, Executive Director email: or call 515-285-7387.

Zion - Ames, IA ADOPTED!! (12/14/19)
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Zion 1.2.jpg

Meet Zion!  He is a 6 yr old, 80 lb, neutered male Pittie mix.

Zion was handsome before, but you should see him now that his masses were removed!  Poor Zion was brought to us as a stray on October 30th. Upon arrival, staff were horrified to see the large mass on his chest that had clearly been allowed to grow without medical intervention.


We immediately took him to a local, and they referred us to the Blue Pearl Pet Hospital to see a surgeon. Zion had his masses biopsied to determine what sort of cells they're made up of. They determined they were low-grade mass cell tumors. They have a low likelihood of metastasizing to the other organs, but the possibility is there. He may also be prone to new masses popping up and needing to be removed in the future.


Zion loves humans and seems to like dog friends, but due to his size we haven't tested him much. He is getting very anxious here (he's been with us since 10/30/19) and is ready to have a home where he can romp and play. He's very loyal and very sweet, but somewhat undersocialized. He needs to work on his leash manners, although he is VERY potty trained and minds well with a stern voice. We're recommending no children and no kids, and likely no other pets at all in the home. Please note that the photos are from before his surgery. 

Zion is heartworm negative, on flea/tick prevention, vaccinated, and microchipped!  Zion is available for adoption anywhere as long as he can be picked up within a reasonable amount of time.


For more information, please contact the  Ames Animal Shelter: 325 Billy Sunday Road Ames, IA 50010 phone: 515.239.5530 , email:

Camper - Levittown, PA ADOPTED (3/15/20)
Camper 1.0.jpg
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Camper 1.1.jpg

Meet Camper!  He is a 9 yr old, 25 lb, neutered male mix.

Hi, my name is Camper, and I’m a 9 year old little mixed breed (maybe some Basenji?), weighing about 25 pounds. My foster mommy tells me I’m the perfect size, and I promise that, when you meet me, the first thing you will notice is my happy demeanor!


 I am a special needs dog, but I do not let that stop me. I jump around and play with my foster brother doggies all the time. I was found as a stray down south, with an old fractured pelvis that seems to have not been treated, and healed incorrectly. Due to that issue, I just need a home where they will make sure I'm going to the bathroom regularly. As of 3/15/20 I'm off all medication and my foster mom is experimenting with diets to keep me regular!


I am easy going, very quiet, and sweet as can be. I love to cuddle, and I’m always smiling. I would prefer not to live with cats, but I get along great with other dogs and I am housebroken!! If you have a place in your heart for an easy going companion, please don’t wait to meet me. I would love to find my forever home. Apply for me at  You can also email my foster mom at  My rescue would like me to stay relatively local so no long-distance adoptions, please!

Jasmine - Philadelphia, PA ADOPTED!!
Jasmine 1.0.jpeg
Jasmine 1.1.jpeg
Jasmine 1.3.jpeg
Jasmine 1.2.jpeg

Meet Jasmine! She is a 4 yr old, 45 lb, female spayed spaniel mix.

What a gorgeous and kind girl Jasmine is! Jasmine loves humans (including those of the small variety!) and other animals.  AND she is housebroken.  What can be better than that?


Jasmine came to her rescue from down south. Her rescue has gone above and beyond to fix up this poor girl and get her ready for her forever home! She was diagnosed with heartworm disease last spring and had some complications before she received her treatment. Poor baby was coughing up blood and her heart worm treatment was delayed to her coughing. She was treated with anti-fungals, antibiotics and steroids. She was also licking her paws when she arrived and so was put on Zyrtec 10 mg am and pm.


Jasmine was then treated for her HW disease winter of 2019. The good news is she has since tested negative for heartworm disease. Jasmine saw the cardiologist when she arrived up north and her heart looks great. The issue is her lungs, she will still cough at times.  After discussing her coughing with both the rescue vet and cardiologist,  she was put on Theophylline 100 mg twice a day to help her cough less!  None of these are expensive meds and her meds may continue to be adjusted.  She has been on Prednisone since October 2019 which her foster mom is starting to wean her from to see how she does..


Jasmine has remained so cheerful and has no idea that anything is wrong with her. She is happy go lucky, she runs around she plays. She currently does not have any restrictions but she will not be a dog that will be able to run miles and miles. Her foster mom considers her medium energy. She loves to run around and play with tennis balls and chew on bones but at the same time will relax and snuggle.


Current Medications: —Prednisone 10 mg every 3 days —Zyrtec 10 mg twice a day —Theophylline 100 mg twice a day

Jasmine is available to a new home within a reasonable driving distance.  For all inquiries, please email:

Annie - Glenside, PA  ADOPTED!!
Annie 2.1.jpg
annie 1.santa.JPG

Meet Annie!  She is a 5 yr old, spayed female,  90 lb silver Doberman.

Annie was used as a breeder and then dumped when she was no longer able to produce more puppies. Poor Annie has been through heartworms (now cleared), mammary cancer (which may recur sometime down the road) and needs to be kept on a sensitive stomach diet.  Annie recently went to the vet and she is 1 year post surgery and there is still no sign of recurrence of the mammary cancer!!


Despite what this beautiful girl has been through she is now thriving, affectionate, playful and thinks shes a lap dog. Annie is considered hospice due to the cancer-but she is a bright, happy girl that more than deserves her happily ever after.

Annie is housebroken, good with all kids, animals, and is a very loving girl!  She is available in states surrounding southeastern PA.  For more information, please email:

Lebron - Philadelphia, PA  ADOPTED!!  (12/14/19)
Lebron 1.0.jpg
Lebron 1.1.jpg

Meet Lebron!  He is a 10 yr old, 55 lb, neutered male Pittie mix

Though he may not be a professional athlete, he's certainly won our hearts. This sweet, darling senior was originally adopted from us almost 10 years ago as a young puppy. Sadly, he was recently dumped at the local Animal Control in horrible condition, emaciated and with red/itchy/hairless skin.


Our wonderful medical team has nursed him back to health, and he will likely need to be on skin maintenance medication for life, but he's now doing wonderfully. He allows all medical handling, loves spending time with his people, and is just an overall joy to be around. He is housebroken, good with kids, and other animals!!

For more information, please email:

Mikey - Philadelphia, PA ADOPTED!!
Mikey 1.0.jpg
Mikey 1.1.jpg

Meet Mikey! He is a 14 yr old, 50 lb, neutered male Pittie mix.

This sweet angel was rescued by our Humane Law Enforcement team after he was left abandoned when his owner was hospitalized. Despite his sad story, Mikey is a true love-bug. He gets along with absolutely everyone (kids and other animals!) and is just a gem of a dog. He may be as old as the hills, but he's in fairly good shape, and just needs some TLC! He will go to the bathroom when you take him out but may not remember to ask...hey, he's an older guy!  No senior dog should spend their golden years in a shelter, let's find Mikey a home!

For all information, please email

Kaley - Philadelphia, PA  ADOPTED!!
Kaley 1.0.jpg

Meet Kaley!  She is a 12 yr old, 68 lb, spayed female Pittie mix. She is great with other dogs and with kids!

Meet Kaley! This sweetheart (who looks remarkably like an adorable cow) was adopted from the shelter as a young puppy and sadly came back to us in February as a stray. 


We could not get in contact with her family, but she remains the happiest, wiggliest, sweetest lady around. Kaley appears to have a very large abdomen, consistent with symptoms of Cushing's Disease. We are unable to provide the diagnostics or treatment for this condition and are hoping to find her a home ASAP.


Kaley gets along with everyone she meets and is just an absolute darling! She may be a bit rotund, and a bit gray, but her personality is as sparkly as a rainbow! We know she'll make a lucky family incredibly happy as she has so much love to give.  Kaley will go to the bathroom when you take her out but she may forget to ask when it's time.

For all inquiries and more information, please email:

Sebastian - Philadelphia, PA  ADOPTED!!
Sebastian 4.0.jpg
Sebastian 4.2.jpg

Meet Sebastian!  He is a 12 yr old, 11 lb, neutered male cat.

Sebastian is a gentle and affectionate orange tabby who previously shared his home with other cats. In the summer of 2018, when his owner died, he arrived at the shelter, ready for a fresh start.


He LOVES to to be brushed and petted and as a diabetic cat, he accepts his twice daily insulin injections without a second thought! Sebastian has been waiting patiently for his forever family, and is more than ready to give them all his love. Please consider opening your home to this handsome senior boy. He will make a loving addition to any family.

For all inquiries, please email:

Emma - Chester, NJ ADOPTED!!
Emma 2.jpg
Emma 3.jpg
Emma 4.jpg

This adorable creature is Emma!  She is a 2 yr old, 40 lb, female spayed Pit/Cattle Dog (or something like that) mix!

Emma was originally surrendered to the Associated Humane Societies Newark Branch because of landlord issues. She has abnormally large muscles in the front portion of her body which is believed to be either muscular dystrophy or myotonia congenita. There is no cure for either and we have been managing it with medication.


This causes Emma to fall over at times but it doesn’t stop her!  She has no idea that she is special. She is well adjusted and a happy girl who literally smiles all the time. No matter where we go with Emma she is greeting people and making them smile too!


Emma is good with all dogs and although we do not think she would hurt a cat she is overly interested in them , so no cats. Emma will have a shorter life then she should but has several years left. We would love to find her a home where she can happily spend the rest of her days.

For more information please email: or call: 201-891-7652.

Genie - Bayview, NJ  ADOPTED! (2/23/20)
Genie 1.0.jpg
Genie 1.2.jpg
Genie 1.3.jpg
Genie 1.1.jpg

Meet Genie!  She is a 9 yr old, 13 lb, female spayed Chihuahua.

Oh my heart! Her rescue says, "this is a precious, precious, precious girl...and did we say precious?" Sweet Genie is finally ready for her new home. The positives:  Genie is adorable, has an amazing personality, fantastic disposition, and does a happy feet dance when she sees you.  Genie is great with kids, housebroken, and fine with other animals!  In the Chihuahua world, that makes her a true unicorn.


Genie has Cushing's Disease. She will be on lifelong medication (called Vetoryl - about $40 a month at Walmart Pet Rx).  Her adoptive family will have to keep up with her vet care but she is so worth it, we know she will be the perfect addition to any family.


Her adoption fee is $125 and includes health exam with all diagnostic testing already performed (bloodwork, consults, ultrasound), up to date vaccines, microchip, spay, deworming, and 30 days of free pet health insurance. Also she just recently had a dental :). So she has clean teefies! 🦷 Applications can be found on our website! We do require our adopters to come to our foster's home to meet and pick up their pup!

You can visit the website or email for more information:  Genie is adoptable to any state as long as her adopter comes in person to meet her.

Ling Ling - Lafayette, NJ ADOPTED!! (7/26/20)
Ling Ling 1.0.jpg
Ling Ling 1.2.jpg
Ling Ling 1.1.jpg

Meet Ling Ling!  He is a 12 yr old, 46 lb, male Spitz mix (Husky/Chow/Shepherd??)

In June of 2020, two senior dogs were found in deplorable condition weeks after their owner had passed away in his home. This is the only home, and only person they had ever known. This owner also owned these dog's mother. They were born in his home and had only ever known life on his property. When this situation was discovered the senior dogs were terrified of their rescuers and severely malnourished. They were going blind, and their coats were matted and dirty. The dogs were taken to safety and made it into our care.


We assessed them behaviorally and medically. Unfortunately after some time with us Aristotle passed away. He left behind his brother Ling Ling, confused and alone. We believe that there is a final home out there for him that will care for him and show him kindness in the last chapter of his life. Ling Ling is looking for a foster-hospice or Hospice adopter. We do not know how much time he has left with us, but other than having a Lyme infection (likely has had this for a long time) his bloodwork was surprisingly good! 


He is on an NSAID and Gabapentin for arthritis pain. He is on an appetite stimulant because he is a picky eater and the NSAID seemed to have made him more so. We have found that he seems to prefer to eat at night, and he has been eating much better lately. The malnourishment likely is contributing to the appetite loss.


He is in-tact and cryptorchid (both testicles retained). Our vets have decided a neuter for him at this time would be too invasive of a procedure, and recommend against it. He does seem to do okay with some other dogs, but some other dogs stress him out severely. We ideally would like to find someone who is dedicated to hospice care for dogs like him and have a separate room dedicated to being his space. He would be okay in the same home as other dogs as long as they are kept separate. Sometimes he has a hard time on the leash, and panics and tries to pull away. He has never shown any aggression. Most of the time, especially for a leisurely walk, he does fine on leash. He just needs patience. He does have some vision loss and senility, so this type of panic is not unusual. He is partially housebroken and very quiet. He spends most of his time sleeping here. Keeping him clean and happy is easy. For any questions or interest please feel free to contact us anytime!

Because he is so fragile, we recommend a home with no small children.  There are no distance restrictions as long as the adopter is willing to come and meet him/pick him up.  For more information, please email: visit: or call:  (973)300-5909.

Rose - Lafayette, NJ HOSPICE FOUND!!(8/16/20)
Rose 1.2.jpg
Rose 1.0.jpg
Rose 1.1.jpg
Rose 1.3.jpg

Meet Rose!  She is a 12 yr old, 55 lb, female German Shorthaired Pointer.

Rose is a sweet senior looking for a human who has lots of loving to give her. She is great with kids and is housebroken.  She enjoys easy walks and is eager for any treats you might have. Rose is looking for a foster-hospice or hospice adopter because she has inoperable cancer that has spread throughout her body. She would love a warm, caring person to take care of her and give her a soft, warm bed in her final time, however long that may be. She has lots of love and kisses left in her to give you. Please consider giving her a peaceful and kind hospice home.

There are no distance restrictions on adoptions but you are responsible to come and meet to adopt. For more information, you can visit:, or email:, or call: (973)300-5909

Bennington - Riverside, CA ADOPTED!!
Bennington 3.jpg
Bennington 1.jpg
Bennington 2.jpg

I can't deal with how cute this chunk is!  Meet Bennington!  He is an ~5 yrs old, neutered male cat.

Oh loverboy! Bennington is a cuddlebug and Casanova, with a heart-stealing personality. He enjoys going for walks on his leash and head-booping. He likes the company of humans and nice dogs! He has no tail but makes up for it with his huge heart.


Due to a past injury that left him with a broken spine, he does not have 100% control over his bladder and bowels, and leaks a bit. His foster expresses him daily (not hard!), and he would be a good candidate for diapers! He is looking for a VERY SPECIAL family that will see that his life matters!

For more information, please visit:

Leica - San Francisco Bay Area, CA  ADOPTED!!
Leica 1.0.jpg
Leica 1.1.jpg
Leica 1.2.jpg

Meet Leica!  This beautiful girl is a 16 yr old, 21 lb, female spayed Chihuahua mix.

From her foster mom: Leica is a sweet girl that gives kisses freely and likes being close. When she arrived, she explored the house and settled right in.  She gets along with my dog, Rocco, just fine. She is fine with other dogs! Verdict still out on cats as I do not have any but she did not bother the ones at our vet clinic!!


She goes to the door when she needs to go out. She is eating, drinking water and takes her meds like a good girl.

 he is good on a leash, in the car and in the crate. She would likely be fine with gentle children.  She loves to give kisses and be close with her people.

Leica is spayed, microchipped, vaccinated and free of parasites. She has had senior labwork and it looks good -- in fact, her labs make her look half her age! They were pretty much perfect :)  She had to have a dental cleaning with a few extractions and she did have a few mammary tumors (breast tumors) that our vet had to remove.  The biopsy came back as cancerous, but not likely to spread, and that the removal was curative.  So, consider her a cancer survivor!  And her favorite color is pink!


Her chest x-rays did not show any problems with her lungs. Since mammary tumors in dogs often metastasize to the lungs, we always check there first prior to surgery.  Her lungs were clear so it looks like we removed the tumors in time.  How many people can say their dog is a breast cancer survivor?  She is healthy and has the lifespan of any other senior dog her age (16!!!!) -- perhaps a year or two or more!


She needs a home who will love and spoil her no matter if she has months or years left because she is a good dog and deserves to be someone's sweet and cherished princess.


She is fostered in the SF Bay Area of CA and will only be available to people willing to come to us to adopt as the COVID situation has limited our transport options for the near future. Our adoptable hospice dogs do not have an adoption fee (application required and regular adoption criteria apply).  If you are interested in adopting, please send a detailed email to


Bruno - Lake Forest, CA ADOPTED! (7/12/20)
Bruno 2.0.jpg

Meet Bruno! He is an 11 month old, 13 lb, neutered male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix.

Look at this sweet pea!  Bruno is a wonderful youngster - he loves other dogs, he's housebroken, and he loves people!!  Bruno's seizures are currently being controlled with medication.  His rescue is working with a neurologist to come up with his long term plan but Bruno's foster home can no longer keep him due to having to go back to work.

His rescue is seeking a foster home to love and work with Bruno and their vets while he continues to be stabilized.  This is a great opportunity to give back to a wonderful pup and help get him ready to find his forever home!!

For all further information, please contact: Angela Burton at Muttly Crew Inc, 949-212-8378.  Email:  Bruno will need to stay relatively local to his shelter. 

Betty Sue - Fullerton, CA ADOPTED!!
Betty Sue 1.2.jpg
Betty Sue 1.0.jpg
Betty Sue 1.1.jpg

Meet Betty Sue!  She is an approximately 3 yr old, 55 lb, spayed female Pittie.  

Betty Sue is the sweetest pocket pittie!  She is housebroken, crate trained, good with dogs of all sizes, AND good with kids. What more could any family ask for?


Betty Sue was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. She is now on medication to control her seizures and will be on medicine for life. She has had 3 seizures while in our care, but has not had ANY since starting her medicine.  Most dogs with epilepsy are able to be well controlled with medication and live very normal lives!!


She is a mellow dog who would do best in a calm home. She does get little bursts of energy and loves to play with toys! Betty Sue has a high prey drive so we recommend a home without cats.

Betty Sue is available for adoption within Orange County, California.  For all information, please email:

Willy Wonka - San Francisco Bay Area, CA  ADOPTED!
Willy Wonka 1.0.jpg
Willy Wonka 1.1.jpg
Willy Wonka 1.2.jpg

Meet Willy Wonka!  He is a 12 yr old, 11 lb, neutered male Shih Tzu.

That face!! What a cute little man, we feel like he needs a bowtie and a pipe and a tweed cap. This angel is great with all other animals and lives with toddlers, cats, and dogs!

Willy is microchipped, parasite free and has had senior lab work. He will have dental cleaning done. He is one one pill daily for arthritis. Willy Wonka has a significant heart murmur that requires that he take two medications daily. He will come with a three month supply of medication with three refills. After that, is is estimated that his medications will run $35 a month and a vet will have to monitor his heart function.


His foster Mom reports that he is calm and sweet. He loves going out in the yard. He is great with the toddler and other dogs and cats in the home!  He is working on potty training and sometimes has accidents. His foster mom is using a belly band on him with suspenders. It is felt that he will improve when he gets used to his environment. Please consider this adorable boy for adoption. Our vet defines “Adoptable Hospice” as 1-2 years of quality life. This is a guesstimate. Many hospice pets have lived longer with love and a good environment.

If you would like to learn more about Willy Wonka, please send a detailed email to:  Willy can be transported anywhere around the country with a major airport for the right adopters thanks to Delta Airlines DART program. Volunteer employees will transport (in cabin) to major airports.

Jojo - Blue Bell (near Philadelphia), PA ADOPTED!
Jojo PA 1.1.jpg
Jojo PA 1.2.jpg
Jojo PA 1.3.jpg
Jojo PA 1.0.png

Meet Jojo!!  He is an adorable male Chihuahua puppy!  

Some people may feel sorry for me or believe that I should have been euthanized because I was born with such a severe handicap. Luckily, my rescue knew that with a little TLC, I could live a wonderful life! The technical diagnosis for my condition is “bilateral congenital elbow luxation”.  I couldn't even walk, I had to crawl. 


My prayers were answered when my breeder contacted Home At Last Dog Rescue to see if they would be willing to get me the medical attention I needed. Of course Home At Last agreed and immediately had me examined by an Orthopedic Specialist at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates. Fast forward I have recovered from several surgeries and am able to stand up on my front legs. While I will need more practice using these repaired limbs, I no longer crawl to get where I am going. I think it is probably easier to follow my progress by looking at the pictures! If you are not looking for the “perfect” dog, please consider giving me a forever home because my rescue knows that I am perfect in every way that matters. Even after going through so much I am a happy, loving little boy!!

For all information please email: Lynne @

Hope - Quakertown, PA ADOPTED!! (7/19/20)
Hope 4.0.jpg
Hope 4.2.jpg
Hope 4.3.jpg

Meet Hope!  She is an approximately 6 yr old, 83 lb, female Rhodesian Ridgeback.  After being used in a puppy mill, Hope was discarded like trash before being surrendered to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc.


This sweet girl has been through heartworm treatment and is now clear. Hope has some arthritis in her left stifle, early cataracts, and suffers some separation anxiety. She came into rescue at 100+ pounds, now down to 83.  She is estimated to be 6 or 7 years old.  Her vet recommended that she be spayed 6 months after her heartworm treatment was completed which would put it over the winter. 


Hope is shy, but very sweet, and follows her current foster mom everywhere. Hope will do best in a home where someone is around most of the time, either 1 very laid back dog or no dogs, and no very young children.  


We know that Hope is looking for a very special angel but we are sure that person is out there. If you can open your heart and home to foster Hope, or know of anyone who might be able to foster this sweet girl, please let us know. She is also now available for adoption. If interested in adopting, please submit an application at

Interested parties may also reach out to: Bonnie Louden,  (p) 410.799.1273 or JoAnne Nightingale, (p) 610.486.0153.

Bear - North Wales, PA ADOPTED!! 
Bear 1.3.jpg
Bear 1.0.jpg
Bear 1.1.jpg

Meat Bear Bear!  He is a 9 week old, 10 lb, male German Shepherd puppy.

Bear Bear is a happy, playful, beautiful puppy who is facing a shortened lifespan because of a congenital heart condition. Bear doesn’t know that, though! He just knows he wants to snuggle with his people, play with toys and other dogs, and live the life every puppy dreams of. He’s a bright little boy, and his foster family is already teaching him to sit for treats. Otherwise he is just a typical puppy who needs positive training and consistency.


Bear began his life at a puppy mill. When an exam revealed an abnormal heart, the puppy mill operator turned him over to our rescue. We immediately took him to a veterinary cardiologist, who did an extensive exam and diagnosed severe subaortic stenosis, a congenital malformation of the aortic valve that generally leads to congestive heart failure.


Bear is starting on beta blockers (Atenolol) to reduce the oxygen demand on his heart, but surgical treatments are not recommended. We don’t know how long Bear will be with his family – we hope his heart has years of life in it. We do know he will soak up all the love you have to give, and give you all his love and fun in return. We will only adopt him to a family committed to taking him to regular cardiologist checkups as recommended every several months, and following the cardiologist’s recommendations for medications, exercise and care.


Because his condition is likely to reduce his energy level as he gets older, we would not recommend a family with another young dog who would want an active playmate.


From the cardiologist: Dogs with severe SAS are at risk for fatal abnormal heart rhythms leading to sudden death, which typically occurs in the first two years of life. All dogs with SAS are at higher risk for accumulating bacteria on the aortic valve, a condition called endocarditis. Because of this increased risk, we recommend they receive prophylactic antibiotics prior to, during, and sometimes after any dental or surgical procedure in the future. Dogs with moderate to severe SAS might receive medications to help keep the heart rate relatively slow and undergo periodic echocardiographic or ECG exams. Serial echocardiography will be required to monitor Bear's progression and determine if he might benefit from additional medical therapy in the future. Dogs with SAS should be monitored for intolerance to activity, fainting, or respiratory distress. Since Bear's left atrial chamber size is normal, his immediate risk for developing left-sided congestive heart failure does not appear to be high. Although, depending on his clinical progression, he might be at risk for developing CHF in the future. Chronic oral beta blocker therapy is recommended to try to decrease the oxygen demand of the heart. The beta blocker medication might have additional beneficial effects. Depending on Bear's progression, additional medications might be recommended in the future.

We believe that in spite of Bear's prognosis, he DESERVES to live his best life with a family who will love him to bits and give him the care he needs!  All questions may be directed to

Randall - Amber, PA  ADOPTED!
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Randall 1.1.jpg

Meet Randall!  He is an approximately 5 yr old, 8.4 lb, neutered male Chihuahua.

Here's Randall's story in his own words: Hi!  I'm Randall!  I came from a house with 13 dogs. My owner died, so we all had to look for new homes! I came up North to Home at Last and went to the vet to get some rotten teeth pulled. But it turns out, my jaw has been broken for quite some time, so he wasn’t able to remove all of my rotten teeth. Maybe I could get my jaw removed, but I don’t like that option, so I’m planning to just try to live my best life as long as I can without major surgery!


I also have very little hair on my back, so my foster mom is giving me a special weekly bath and hoping that will help. I will probably need routine vet appointments while all of my issues are sorted, just to make sure I am as comfortable as possible.


I am a pretty low-key dog. I like to jump into the nearest human lap and fall asleep. I’m good in my crate, I’m house-trained on a schedule (your job to monitor the schedule, not mine), and I walk well on a leash. I pretty much ignore the dogs that I meet on my walks, and the foster dog I lived with for a week! So I would probably be fine either as an only dog, or as an additional one. I haven’t met any cats, and I’m probably too small and fragile to be around kids under 12. I am currently on post-surgery pain medications (gabapentin, rimadyl, tramadol) and I get a weekly bath with Malaseb. I just finished with 10 days of eye drops (Neopoly Dex Opthalmic Suspension)--I'm not sure if I'll need to use those again some time but it's not that bad.

Randall is available to be adopted anywhere as long as the adopter comes to meet him and pick him up. For all further info, please email:

Ella - Fort Washington, PA ADOPTED!
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Meet Ella!  She is a 5 yr old, 70 lb, female Yellow Labrador Retriever.

Ella is a sweet, kind, typically wonderfully mushy Lab who spent her life being used for breeding at a puppy mill. She doesn't hold it against anyone though and has nothing but love to give!  She was rescued by Home at Last when she could no longer get pregnant.


Unfortunately, after she was rescued, the veterinarian heard a significant heart murmur and her rescue took her to a veterinary cardiologist for an echocardiogram.  Ella was diagnosed with severe tricuspid valve dysplasia - this is a congenital disease (she was born with) where one of her heart valves is misshapen and isn't able to function normally.  She is in high likelihood of going into heart failure but is not currently in failure or on any meds - she is on a heavy diet of LOVE!!  This disorder will likely shorten her lifespan. She will need to be monitored for symptoms of heart failure, but most importantly, she needs a chance to be loved.


Ella is so grateful to be welcomed into her foster home and enjoying the finer things in life for the first time. She happily thumps her tail whenever anybody walks by her or gives her attention. Ella is crate trained, very quickly getting the hang of house training, and walks gently on leash. She greets other dogs politely and loves all humans, children included. Ella is living with two cats in her foster home and is sometimes very curious about them, but is easily redirected and not aggressive towards them. Ella just wants a chance to know love and a forever family. If you have a spot at your feet for sweet Ella to lay and love to give, apply to adopt Ella today at! Ella can be adopted to any location as long as adopters are willing to come meet and pick her up in Fort Washington, PA. Adoption fee $350.

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