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Hospice vs Fospice

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Hospice involves an animal who is elderly and/or has terminal health issues. They may have months or years left depending on the individual. 


Some are simply aged and not suffering from illness.  


Though it sounds sad, hospice adoption brings joy into your home!  Many people become repeat hospice providers because of the profound rewards.  Animals are astonishingly resilient and though their time with you may be limited, to them it is a lifetime of love. Knowing this eases the pain of loss. This is the gift of the hospice animal.  

Generally the shelter placing the animal for adoption/foster will have done veterinary work to diagnose the animal's physical issues.  When you agree to provide hospice care, you do not have to pay for veterinary heroics to prolong a limited lifespan.  All of your energy goes into providing a warm, safe, and loving home to give that animal the best quality of life possible.

Hospice animals need is to be kept safe, be loved, and kept as comfortable as possible. All efforts go into providing love and palliative care which focuses on reducing the physical pain and mental/emotional stress of your pet.

Hospice Adoption

Fospice Care

Fospice is when you provide loving hospice care to a foster animal. Every shelter or rescue that offers this option provides different benefits. They will sometimes cover some part of the veterinary costs incurred by the animal.  It is expected that you will be the last stop for this pet as if you had adopted it but you remain a foster home and frequently some costs are reimbursed.  Importantly, as long as the shelter meets specific charitable qualifications, some costs are tax deductible! Speak to your partnering shelter about those benefits. ❤❤❤

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