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Duke - Horseheads, NY ADOPTED!!
Duke 1.jpg
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This gorgeous hound is Duke.  Duke is a 7 yr old neutered male hound dog who weighs 60 lbs.  

Duke is a wonderful senior dog who has a zest for walking and riding in the car. He is sweet and gentle with people but he does not care for other dogs. He is very easy to have around other dogs out in public or at the vets. So long as they ignore him, he will cause no problems. He needs someone who is home or who can work with him on his mild separation anxiety. He is great around cats and kids. He is cautious about floors and appears to have a slight fear of falling, the vet thought perhaps he was becoming a bit far sighted. He is a very sweet and easygoing dog, not destructive at all but accidents happen when he is crated or left behind indoors. His owner went to the hospital and was unable to return and as a result Duke spent a lot of time alone in the empty house until he came to us. We love this dog and cant wait for you to love him too!

Poor Duke lost his owner and deserves to find his final home.  For more information please contact the Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue Inc. 607-562-8085.

Savannah - New York City, NY
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Meet adorable Savannah!  Savannah is a female spayed 1 yr old Lab/Border Collie mix who weighs 40 lbs.

From her rescue:  Are you looking for a sweet as pie, super smart, shy and loving girl? Then our sunshine Savanna is your girl!!


Herd sheep? Rustle cattle? Retrieve? Not this girl! She is a 40lb, 1 year old lap dog!


Savanna may have started her life abandoned with her litter mates in a box by a boarded up, small town grocery store but she is living THE LIFE with her foster family on the bustling Upper West Side of the glorious Big Apple! She is crate trained, house trained, does well on a leash and is always up for a yummy treat.


She LOVES her furry foster brother and adores her foster pops! She takes a while to warm up and can be reserved until she is ready so an adopter with the patience and wisdom to know that true love is earned would be the best fit! She may only have half a right ear (we don’t know either!) but we think she is just cute as a button! We even think she may rustle a sheep when she’s ready!


Savanna is also a hemophiliac. “WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!”, you shout. Nothing, really. No meds, no drama- just a consideration if she ever needs surgery or gets severely injured. So, the only shouting necessary is a shout of JOY! that you have found your FURever girl in Savanna! Don’t be shy- ask about this love bug today!

For more information about Savannah or what hemophilia means for her, please email: or visit .  Savannah is available for adoption on the east coast.

Pippi - Queens, NY ADOPTED!!
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This beautiful girl is Pippi!  She's an 8 yr old, 16 lb, female spayed Jack Russel Terrier mix.

Pippi is a loving, charasmatic, energetic Rat Terrier/Jack Russell mix. She is housebroken and great with kids - she's a perfect NYC dog (and even doesn’t mind riding the subway). Give yourself some time and you will fall in love with Pippi as many have.


Maybe its her smile, her personality, her energy for life. Either way Pippi is a dog that has enriched all who she has met. Ever have food on your face? No worries, Pippi will make sure to lick it off for you. So you may ask why hasn’t Pippi been adopted yet?!?! Well she is special needs. She has mild epilepsy, and is not on medication.  In general, epilepsy is VERY easily controlled with inexpensive medications so don't let that deter you from meeting Pippi!! Pippi does need to be the only dog in the house.  

For more information please email:  Pippi is available within driving distance of her rescue.  

Tiska - Gardena, CA ADOPTED!!
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Tiska 2.jpg

This gorgeous boy is Tiska!  He is a 9 yr old neutered male Pug who weighs 21 lbs. He is great with gentle children and other animals!

From his rescue: Tiska was relinquished to us by his former family, as he was kept in the backyard and no longer wanted. After some TLC, he is now flaunting a totally new attitude!


When he first arrived, it was obvious that he had not been shown love in a long time, if ever, and his behavior definitely reflected it. Although from the very beginning Tiska has been nothing but a sweet and gentle teddy bear, he is now up and about looking for hugs and cuddles all of the time!


If (or should we say when) he gets a home, his personality will surely continue to shine brighter with each day. Tiska is deaf and partially blind, but still enjoys taking a slow-paced walk in the sun, with a smile. When comfortable, he rolls over to be held like a lil' baby or accept belly rubs.  


This old guy is a big, squishy baby with a very soft tummy and a new lease on life to share with you and yours! Tiska is also in the early stages of kidney disease but a special diet is very easy.  

For more information .

Mochi and Spikers - Gardena, CA ADOPTED!!
Mochi 1.jpg
Mochi and Spikers.jpg

Look at this adorable old married couple!  Meet Mochi and Spikers.  Mochi is a female spayed Pug mix who is 15 yrs old and weighs 15 lbs.  Spikers is a neutered male Chihuahua who is 15 yrs old and weighs 12 lbs.  They are both great with gentle children and other animals!

Spikers and Mochi were relinquished to the Carson Shelter because they are "too old". The pair are definitely very bonded, and because of this, will need to find a home together.


Spikers is vision impaired but he is a very friendly boy who loves to go for walks and gets along exceptionally on a leash despite his limited vision. He is also an intelligent chap, and was able to acclimate to his new surroundings quickly using his remaining senses. He has great energy for his tender age, and stunning, unique looks that add to his sweet personality. This old, arctic fox still has a lot of life left in him! He seems more comfortable here everyday and is a bright spirit that will surely bring lots of love to any home willing to take in these two gentle seniors.


As an individual, Mochi has a calming demeanor. She is friendly, so very kind and has an air of ease about her. Although she is certainly a laid back gal, she loves to go on walks with Spikers. Together, they take the town, often walking side by side and stopping for each other when that special flower or bush calls out. "Momo" also flaunts an adorable set of ears - one sticking up much more than the other - and absolutely loves to cuddle. These darlings would bring much love to any home that seeks a couple of older, fluffy friends. 

This beautiful bonded pair will be adopted together.  For more information, please email:

Mali - Highland Village, TX ADOPTED!!
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Mali 2.jpg

Mali may not be a classic beauty but her beauty shines from within.  Poor Mali was used as a bait dog but she survived and now she deserves her forever home.  She is a ~5 yr old, 50 lb, female spayed American Staffordshire Terrier who, in spite of how humans have let her down, has nothing but love to give.

From Mali's mouth: Hi!!  Everyone tells me I'm the sweetest girl on the planet!  Whenever I get out of my kennel at the shelter, I just want to give everyone kisses and my tail almost flies off because I'm wagging it so much!! I probably would do better in a home without other dogs. Because of my past, I tend to get aggressive whenever food is present and I wouldn't want to accidentally hurt someone because I'm so fearful about not getting enough food for myself. (I haven't shown any of this behavior while I've been in the shelter).


I'm housebroken and I adore kids!!  I do like to bite the vacuum cleaner (who wouldn't right?!) or the lawnmower. I love hanging out inside just getting love or outside chasing around my chew toys.


Medically, I do have some issues because of my previous injuries.  I'm blind in my right eye.  When I get excited, I sneeze which sometimes leads to bleeding from my right nostril.  I've seen the vet a few times and even had my first dental and xrays but they don't think that the nosebleed is from teeth.  I may have a mass or a fungal infection or even a foreign body....I'd need more of a workup to know for sure.  

My shelter is awesome and they want to help me but I would just be happy to have a real home again! I was rescued from an animal shelter when I was still young and I'm SO sad that I'm stuck in a shelter again. Please look past my awful past and my scars and open your heart and your home to a lovely and sweet girl just looking for her new home!!  For more information, please email

Pier - Boerne, TX ADOPTED!!
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This adorable little nugget is Pier!  He is a 10 yr old, 8 lb, neutered male mini Poodle.

Hi my name is Pier! I am a super sweet tiny little poodle! My hobbies include, snuggling with you and sleeping while you hold me and relaxing in your arms and keeping you company! So, as you can see I have a wide variety on my “things to do” list.


I was pulled from Animal Care Services in San Antonio and was sooooo matted that my rescuer had to shave me completely. It was so embarrassing..... everyone saw me NAKED! I now am sporting my full flufferball coat and wear it proudly! I like kids, cats and dogs of all sizes but I’m not playful, I'm snuggleful. I was previously adopted but the lady became ill and couldn’t keep me, so I’m back here at the rescue. If you need a little, 8 pounds of love in your life, PICK ME! Oh..... and I just had a dental so I give fresh kisses!

For more information you can text only to 210-843-8326 or email:

Buttercup - Columbia, TN ADOPTED!!
Buttercup 1.jpg

This adorable little noodle is Buttercup!!  She is a 1 yr old, 10 lb, female spayed chihuahua/terrier.

Buttercup is a very cute and playful little girl!  She loves other small dogs and is fine with older/respectful children.  Buttercup is special needs due to having a seizure disorder.  She takes medications every 12 hours. Her seizures have lessened in intensity and frequency and has about one seizure monthly for the last several months. Even one missed dose of medication can trigger a seizure.

The best environment for Buttercup would be a home with another or other small dog siblings as she loves to play with dogs she is used to, a fenced yard, and an owner who can be at home a lot, maybe works from home or retired for example. A dog park with different dogs each day would not be recommended and might be too stimulating for Buttercup. She gets very stressed on car rides. She is pee pad trained, but not housetrained. She is a very special girl and her foster mom would be happy to talk further with you if you are interested!!  Buttercup would be a wonderful addition to any family.  For more information please submit an application at:

Baby Girl - Oklahoma City, OK ADOPTED!!
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This beautiful, deserving dog is Baby Girl.  She is estimated to be 8-10 yrs old and is a Standard Poodle who weighs 36 lbs. This wonderful dog is friendly with all animals, kids, and is housebroken!!  In spite of her rough life, she is very kind and loving and doesn't hold anything against anybody!

Baby girl  was surrendered to a shelter covered in urine burns, fleas and nails that were so long she couldn't walk. Not to mention she is blind and had infected ears which made it hard for her to hear. 


We stepped in to rescue this sweet girl and she is amazingly resilient!! She is house and crate trained as long as you let her out when she barks. She loves to wander around the yard and get fresh air (she was probably kept caged most of her adult life sadly) so we would prefer that she doesn't have to live in a crate. Puppy pens work much better for her.


We are looking for a very low key home with not a lot of activity. Someone who is home most of the time that can help her in and out to go potty (she walks just fine) and a home with no steps as she finds those a bit difficult to navigate due to her vision loss. She is such a sweet girl and we are hopeful we can find a foster or adopter who will love her for the rest of her life, she really deserves it!!  

For more information please email: or call 405-697-1224.

Chico - Los Angeles, CA ADOPTED!!
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Chico 1.jpg
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Chico 3.jpg

Be still my beating heart!  This handsome gent is Chico, a 15 yr old, 12 lb male Jack Russel Terrier.

Chico loves to go for walks, gets along with other small dogs and is completely house trained!  This little guy is blind in one eye and has shadow vision in the other and has hearing deficits.


He has Addison's Disease that is totally controlled with 1 pill a day and 1 injection a month. He also has well controlled Inflammatory Bowel Disease and just lives on a moderately a high protein and high fiber diet.


Hey, you don't get to be 15 and not have a few issues!  The best home for Chico would probably be a retired person/persons, and he loves to hang out with other dogs his size.  For more information about Chico, please contact Lynn Bonham -

Shilo - San Diego, CA ADOPTED!
Shilo 1.jpg
Shilo 3.jpg
Shilo 2.jpg

This little fashionista is Shiloh!  She is a 9 yr old, 6 lb, female spayed Chihuahua.

Shiloh is a happy little girl who starts off a little shy but quickly warms up!  She gets along with dogs her size and cats as well!  She is not a fan of kids so shouldn't live with them.  Shiloh loves her treats so it's easy to win your way to her heart.  She will do her happy dance for you if you have a yummy snack!

Shiloh is adoptable within San Diego County.  For more information, please email or visit

Bailey - San Diego, CA ADOPTED!
Bailey II 1.jpg
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Bailey II 3.jpg

This adorable beetle is Bailey.  She is a 12 yr old, 12 lb, female spayed Terrier.

Bailey, estimated to have been born in December of 2006, is a 12lb Yorkie/Chihuahua blend who is looking for her forever home.  This girl loves her walks around the neighborhood. She knows her sit and stay commands and does well with the other dogs in her foster home.


Bailey is a sweet girl who likes her walks but loves to sleep! She will do well on her own or with other dogs that have a similar calm temperament. She's just looking for a loving lap to nap on and a person she can love to be with.  She isn't too fond of cats so would probably not do well in a home with felines. She does get excited about larger dogs when she sees them walking, but in a park setting does very well. 

Bailey is adoptable within San Diego County.  For more information, please email or visit

Joey - San Diego, CA ADOPTED!
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Joey 3.jpg

Meet Joey! He is a 13 yr old, 10 lb, neutered male Poodle. 

From Joey:  I’m sweet, calm, gentle, quiet and content. Nothing would make me happier than to find a family to devote myself to! You won’t find a more dedicated, loving companion!

I’m very unique because with only one eye, I am almost blind but I don’t let that stop me! My nose does the work for my eyes and I am able to follow you wherever you go. Once I know the layout of my environment, I’m pretty confident to get around on my own but when I need you, I’m not afraid to let you know I need some help.

Some of my favorite things are to hear my name and to be talked to, I love napping a lot of the day away but I also love to get my squeaky balls out of the toy box and play. Balls are my favorite toy! And, believe it or not, I love to go on walks too!

For the most part I get along with everyone. Because of my vision issues I am considered ‘Special Needs’ and will require regular vet visits. I can be an only dog or live with another small dog who is respectful of my needs. I would do well in a home with older, respectful children.

I can’t think of anything better than getting love and attention from my family! Affection is my middle name! I am looking for a family who will be patient as I get to know them, their home and the routine. If you think we may be a good match, or you would like to get to know me better, please fill out an application. 


Joey is adoptable within San Diego County.  For more information, please email or visit

Burt - Springville, CA ADOPTED!
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Burt 1.jpg
Burt 4.jpg

This sweet faced boy is Burt.  Burt is an 8 yr old neutered male Min Pin who weighs 14 lbs. 

Burt is one of 8 Min Pins that IMPS took in from a horrendous hoarding situation. While in the care of the hoarder, it was reported that the dogs lived in airline crates in sheds, mostly in the dark.  Most of the dogs, including Burt, had lived in these conditions for a number of years.


When Burt arrived at his foster home, he was very thin with dull, coarse hair. His mouth was a stinky mess that required dental attention. Burt was not socialized and he did not know how to appropriately interact with other animals and humans. He has lost both muscle mass and mobility from being confined in a small space for so long. It is just heartbreaking to think about how this poor boy has lived his life, and all of the things he has missed. He hasn't known freedom, love, compassion, security, interaction with people and other critters, and if how skinny and hungry he was is an indication, even basic, healthy food in a quantity to sustain him.


Burt does have some issues, but nothing that a firm but loving correction, and a warm compassionate heart can't help him overcome. When I get frustrated with him, I stop and ask myself, how would I be responding right now to this situation if I had been caged up in the dark for years on end in isolation? I'm not nearly as forgiving or as willing to learn what is expected of me as Burt is. After being removed from this horrible situation, Burt has made steady progress toward becoming a normal, happy boy. He has regained some of his mobility, I am hopeful that he will regain all of it.


He is learning how to interact with his doggie siblings and he's loving that interaction. Burt is learning what it is to run through grass and feel the sun warming him and he is adjusting to life in the light. He's even learned what rain is and what it is like to play in it. Burt is also learning what it is to be held by a human and have his back and tummy scratched next to eating, that is his favorite pastime. He's learning what it is to sleep in a bed and what it is to cuddle with his foster brothers and sisters and his human. Burt is now constantly at my side. He has been starved for affection and companionship and he wants this from a human.


He is such a sweet, loving guy who wants to please. These are all wonderful experiences for Burt, but what he's needing now is his forever home and his forever human. He needs someone to bond and feel secure with and to be loved and respected. Someone that he can depend on to have boundaries, but to love him and provide for his needs. Burt deserved much better than the life he's had so far, but none of the past can be changed. Now that he is out of that disgustingly harmful situation, Burt needs someone to give him all the things he deserved but never got, and to give these to him for however long he has left. He needs someone to help him heal from the pain and loneliness of his past. Can you be that someone?

4/22/19 update from his foster:  Burt has changed so much since coming to his foster home in November, 2018. He has been through so much. We will likely never know for sure exactly what horrible treatment he’s received, but if you look closely at his photo’s you can see that his skull isn’t quite right, (fractured at some point maybe?) and Burk is a slow thinker. I have had to learn to give him just a couple of seconds longer than normal to respond. I’ve also learned that when I want to pet him, to allow him a few seconds to process that it is pet he’s going to get not a hit. When he first arrived, I could not touch him with a broom, shovel, or rake or other object in my hands. He’d freak out and go into a defensive snapping mode. As long as he has time to process things, I can now pet him with the broom, shovel, and other objects in hand and he’s fine. He will even allow me to pet him while he eats. It seems that all he needed was a little time to build trust again in his human and to be treated with a little respect and kindness.

NOTE: Burt is located in Springville, CA We will only fly this boy in-cabin with the Adopter.Burt is up to date on vaccines and he is microchipped.  For more information please contact Adrian at or visit

Mele Hawaii - Pittsburg, CA ADOPTED!
Mele Hawaii 1.jpg
Mele Hawaii 2.jpg

This adorable button is Mele Hawaii!  She is a 9 yr old, 12 lb, female spayed Chihuahua mix.

She is housebroken, crate trained (though she prefers not to be in a crate), spayed, microchipped & vaccinated She loves to ride in cars!  This wonderful girl gets along with dogs, dog savvy kids and we think, cats.


Unfortunately, Mele has a serious heart problem that is being worked up. She may have a tumor, pulmonary hypertension or Congestive Heart Failure. Her condition is severely life limiting. She may only have six months to a year to live. Maybe more or maybe less.  Please let's get Mele into a hospice home.

Mele is in CA but can be adopted be a flexible adopter who is willing to travel to a major airport to pick her up. She will be flown standby accompanied be a Delta employee volunteer. Thanks to our friends at Delta.

For more information, please email:

Pirate and Georgia - Olivehurst, CA ADOPTED!!
Pirate and Georgia 1.jpg
Pirate and Georgia 2.jpg
Pirate and Georgia 3.jpg

Who wants to adopt the cutest ready-made family out there?  Meet Pirate and Georgia!

Pirate and Georgia are a bonded pair. Georgia is a 4 year old Chihuahua and Pirate is a 14 year old Jack Russell. Their human mother passed away from cancer a while back and we took them in to try and find them a home together. They are good with all other animals and they are housebroken!


Georgia and Pirate are friendly, out going and love to cuddle. They have been with us for a couple years now and would really love a home of their own together. Pirate and Georgia would love a new mommy or daddy to cuddle with. They are both altered, vaccinated, microchipped, on flea preventative and heartworm preventative. A home check is required. Yolo County or Yuba County adopters preferred, but will consider other locations. If you are more than 100 miles away from Yolo/Yuba County please be aware that there may be a small additional expense associated with travel cost. If you are interested in this pair, email us and we will send you an adoption application. (Please include your location in the email):

Sydney - Somerset, CA
Sydney 1.jpg
Sydney 4.jpg
Sydney 2.jpg
Sydney 3.jpg

This stunner is Sydney - look at her eyes, she is beautiful!!  Sydney is a 7 yr old, 28 lb, spayed female Australian Cattle Dog.

Sydney is a sweet girl who was brought to her rescue when she was about 6-7 months old after surgery to repair a fractured leg . According to the shelter director, her former owner kicked her so hard as a puppy that they cracked her femur head.


The University of California at Davis Veterinary School did surgery on her right rear leg to create a femur head that would heal. Syd was with us during recuperation from her surgery and physical therapy. Her leg has healed and she runs like the wind, loves to play and you'd never know she was injured.


When she was about 1.5-2 years old, we placed Syd in a great home where she lived for a long time. However, her owner took a job with Cal Fire that required constant travel (hot shot crew member). Sydney was very unhappy being left behind for weeks or months at a time. Her owner felt Syd needed more attention and structure in her life than she could give her and elected to return her to rescue.

Syd has TERRIFIC skills! She's reliable off lead once she bonds to you, comes immediately when called, sits on command, crates and loves to go for rides or hikes in the foothills. She goes to the office with her foster mom and is quiet and respectful when in public. Syd needs a home that will give her structure, exercise and love. She's happy all day outside in the yard or with you at work. She's flexible. Because of her early experience with an abusive owner (who was a tall guy) she's tentative around tall men until she gets to know them. She'll bark at strangers but is happy to accept cookies once they sit down and wait for her to approach. She warms up quickly. You just need to understand that Syd will always be uneasy when she meets new people. We've given her skills to cope, but the wariness probably won't go away. For this reason, we feel she'd be best in a home without kids. She's good with other dogs and loves to play and has lived with a cat.


Syd is on a joint a supplement called Cetyl M to help keep the fluids around her femur head thick so they cushion her joints. It's available from Amazon. She should be on this for the rest of her life. Sydney needs an active home and is ready to go now. She's fostered in Somerset.  For more information please email: or call: 530.409.9800.

Sadie - Placerville, CA
Sadie II 2.jpg
Sadie II 1.jpg
Sadie II 3.jpg

Meet Sadie!  Sadie is a 6 yr old, 30 lb, female spayed Australian Cattle Dog. 

Sadie came to us from her owner who was moving to Fargo, North Dakota. Sadie is an absolute love!  She gets along well with our other big dogs and our small ones. She's reliable in the house alone, loves to go for walks and play outside. Most of all she just wants to be near her human. She craves connection and loves to play with her "hamburger" toy, chase balls or just hang while you watch TV.  Sadie is truly one of the sweetest and most loving dogs you will meet!!

When Sadie arrived to rescue, her former owners told us that she was “impossible” to house train…their words, not ours. They didn't want to her to live outside in -16 degree weather and elected to bring her to rescue. Sadie arrived at Rescue with one of the worst cases of urinary tract infections we’ve ever seen. She literally was peeing fresh blood. Her bladder walls were so raw from the infection. She’d had that infection for at least a year if not more. She had to be so miserable. We put her on antibiotics, cranberry extract and corn silk.


The infection is gone and has not returned. She is no longer on any meds or supplements for infection. However, she is permanently incontinent. She is on medication for that and it is mostly controlled. But, if she's has played hard, hikes several miles, run, etc. during the day and is especially tired she'll leak when she's asleep. Not a lot but some. Otherwise she's great. Goes outside to do her business and is SO eager to please. The incontinence is not unusual in a spayed bitch and is controlled by Proin which she takes twice a day. That is a chewable hormone replacement treatment for urinary incontinency. It runs about $45/month for her meds. She will be on that medication for the rest of her life. Could some of the incontinency be caused by the long term infection?…maybe. No one knows. However, she’s a happy and dry camper during the day as long as she’s on her Proin and gets an opportunity to go outside a couple of times. She just has occasional problems overnight.


The other issue we discovered once we got the incontinence under control is not fixable. Sadie also has fecal incontinence. She appears to have no feeling in the last 6”-12” of her bowel. This could be due to an injury or ??? There’s no way to tell but tests make us think it might be due to an old injury. The issue with her not feeling the pressure in her bowel means she can’t sense that she needs to poop. If you take her out regularly or she’s outside playing, she’ll poop like a regular dog, but if she’s crated too long or left in the house too long, she can have a small accident and you get a bit of fecal matter. It’s not a poop like a regular dog would do…just one inch pieces that appear. We’re very structured here at rescue. She gets out to exercise and sleeps in her crate at night. As long as she has the opportunity to go out and do her business, there’s no issue but her new owner will need to know that the issue exists and accidents can occur.


So that’s Sadie’s saga. She’s one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever had in rescue. She adores people and just wants to be with you. She loves to go to work with us and just hang in the office. She does't have accidents there because we don’t put her in a position where she’ll have to hold it over 8 hours. You just have to plan a bit but in exchange you get so much love. She’s a cuddler and is looking for someone who will love her and manage her health issues.  For more information you can email: or call:  530.409.9800.

Scooter - Kellogg, ID ADOPTED!!
Scooter II 1.jpg
Scooter II 3.jpg
Scooter II 2.jpg
Scooter II 4.jpg

This adorable silver fox is Scooter!  He is an 8 yr old, 10 lb neutered male Pomeranian.


Aside from being just plain adorable, Scooter is a super friendly little guy!! He has lots of spunk. He gets along with dogs, cats, and kids!! He has been in a home with birds and rabbits also. He loves to go on walks and loves being with his person. What more could anybody ask for?


Scooter was just diagnosed with diabetes. He will need insulin shots 2 times a day and will need a scheduled food regimen also - none of this is hard and he is so worth it!!

Scooter is available to be adopted anywhere as long as you can come and meet and get him.  If you're looking to add the cutest little perfect man to your family, please  email:, visit the website: or call: phone 208-512-3401.

Bishop - Chapel Hill, NC ADOPTED!!
Bishop 1.jpg
Bishop 3.jpg
Bishop 4.jpg
Bishop 2.jpg

This adorable guy is Bishop!  He is a 10 month old, 76 lb, neutered male Shepherd/Husky mix.

Status:  July 2018, neutered, vaccinated, takes heartworm prevention


Personality: friendly, follower, not independent, playful, loving, moderate energy, not hyper, willing to learn, not a barker, potential to train as a therapy or emotional support dog, puppy-like play.


Appearance: Stunning luscious white fur which sheds in spring, gorgeous blue eyes, large frame, vet exam was within normal limits other than hearing and leg formation.


Training: crate trained, leash trained, sit command, comes when shown leash, no food or object aggression, good with dogs, cats, horses, all people, responds to visual hand signals.


Medical problems: partial hearing loss for low pitched sounds, seems to hear higher pitched sounds appropriately, radius bones on front legs stopped growing prematurely while ulna bones in front legs continued to grow. Legs are now bowed out causing Bishop to walk on the outside of his front paws, possible mild hip dysplasia, takes daily glucosamine/chondroitin tablets which keep him happy. Leg problem could be managed by medication or surgery. Surgical procedure for front legs would cut both the radius and ulna bones, angle them to straighten them, and reconnect the bones with metal plates. Hips may not require any medical intervention as it may be an effect of the front leg problem.


Current physical ability: Runs, walks, and plays alone or with other dogs even though legs are crooked.


Happy Bishop does not appear to be in pain when given joint supplement. His legs look crooked. This rescue group does not have the financial ability to pay for Bishop's surgery. Adoption fee is waived for an approved adopter who will agree to continue medication as needed or pursue surgery to correct the malformed legs. Adopter should request application for adoption by emailing: References are required. Bishop has an outstanding temperament as a family pet. He has the predictable, gentle, nonreactive traits needed for a therapy dog. Bishop deserves the love and care of a committed human. He offers you the gift of companionship and will spend his life pleasing you.  Please inquire about him!

Bishop - Chapel Hill, NC ADOPTED!!
Bishop 1.jpg
Bishop 3.jpg
Bishop 4.jpg
Bishop 2.jpg

This adorable guy is Bishop!  He is a 10 month old, 76 lb, neutered male Shepherd/Husky mix.

Status:  July 2018, neutered, vaccinated, takes heartworm prevention


Personality: friendly, follower, not independent, playful, loving, moderate energy, not hyper, willing to learn, not a barker, potential to train as a therapy or emotional support dog, puppy-like play.


Appearance: Stunning luscious white fur which sheds in spring, gorgeous blue eyes, large frame, vet exam was within normal limits other than hearing and leg formation.


Training: crate trained, leash trained, sit command, comes when shown leash, no food or object aggression, good with dogs, cats, horses, all people, responds to visual hand signals.


Medical problems: partial hearing loss for low pitched sounds, seems to hear higher pitched sounds appropriately, radius bones on front legs stopped growing prematurely while ulna bones in front legs continued to grow. Legs are now bowed out causing Bishop to walk on the outside of his front paws, possible mild hip dysplasia, takes daily glucosamine/chondroitin tablets which keep him happy. Leg problem could be managed by medication or surgery. Surgical procedure for front legs would cut both the radius and ulna bones, angle them to straighten them, and reconnect the bones with metal plates. Hips may not require any medical intervention as it may be an effect of the front leg problem.


Current physical ability: Runs, walks, and plays alone or with other dogs even though legs are crooked.


Happy Bishop does not appear to be in pain when given joint supplement. His legs look crooked. This rescue group does not have the financial ability to pay for Bishop's surgery. Adoption fee is waived for an approved adopter who will agree to continue medication as needed or pursue surgery to correct the malformed legs. Adopter should request application for adoption by emailing: References are required. Bishop has an outstanding temperament as a family pet. He has the predictable, gentle, nonreactive traits needed for a therapy dog. Bishop deserves the love and care of a committed human. He offers you the gift of companionship and will spend his life pleasing you.  Please inquire about him!

Echo - Clinton, OH ADOPTED!!
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Echo 2.jpg

Gorgeous senior Echo has a sad story.  Lets give him a happy ending! Echo is an 11 yr old male Husky who weighs in at 72 lbs.  He is good with all animals and housebroken.

From his rescue: Sweet, senior Echo came to us the day before temperatures dropped to 30 below zero. We received a call that the poor boy was outside on a 3 foot chain tethered to a fence with no shelter, food or water. We brought him in to our shelter and were able to convince the owner that surrendering him to us was in his best interest.


Now we want to see this gentle soul be part of a family for his remaining time. He is quite healthy for an 11 year old Husky. Walks great on a leash and seems to enjoy all animals he encounters.

Please call The Humane Society of Ottawa County (419)734-5191 or email us @

Gordon - Lakeland, FL ADOPTED!!
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Gordon 3.jpg

This handsome gentleman is Gordon.  He is a 9 yr old, 95 lb, neutered male Chocolate Labrador.

Gordon is an absolute love! He loves the water, enjoys going for car rides and walks. Gordon is very smart, fast learner. Gordon walks very nicely on leash. This sweet soul would make a great addition to your family! Gordon is approximately 9 years old, neutered, up to date on his shots and microchipped.

Gordon is available for adoption within Florida or Georgia. For more information please call: Cheryl Morris 863-272-4666 or you can email us at

Gordon - Lakeland, FL ADOPTED!!
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Gordon 3.jpg

This handsome gentleman is Gordon.  He is a 9 yr old, 95 lb, neutered male Chocolate Labrador.

Gordon is an absolute love! He loves the water, enjoys going for car rides and walks. Gordon is very smart, fast learner. Gordon walks very nicely on leash. This sweet soul would make a great addition to your family! Gordon is approximately 9 years old, neutered, up to date on his shots and microchipped.

Gordon is available for adoption within Florida or Georgia. For more information please call: Cheryl Morris 863-272-4666 or you can email us at

Carmella and Arlene - Minneola, FL ADOPTED!
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Arlene 1.jpg

Meet Carmella and Arlene!  Arlene is a 7 year old Yellow Lab and Carmella is a 9 yr old Chocolate Lab. 

These two sweethearts are very bonded and cannot be adopted separately. Carmella has a couple of issues that makes her special needs. First, she has laryngeal paralysis which is a disorder where the airway near her voice box is partially paralyzed. This does not affect her other than she cannot tolerate heat although it can be degenerative. We walk the girls together and they do fine, but then we bring them back into the air conditioning.


Second, Carmella has megaesophagus which means that the tube that runs from her mouth to her stomach doesn't work normally to move the food.  This means that she needs to eat with her feet up on a counter, table or similar so that gravity helps the food get down into her tummy. She is a pro at this so feeding time is easy. Three times a day we make meatballs out of her canned food and she eats one meatball at a time with her feet elevated. Easy peasy and we will tell you everything you need to know about megaesophagus.


Apart from that, they are typical happy, friendly, loving labs who are super easy. All they want is a soft place to lay, some toys to play with, good food and a little exercise. All of our volunteers adore these girls and would take them home if they could. Whoever gets this pair is going to be super happy!!!

This rescue only adopts within the state of Florida.  For information please email:  or visit 

Grizzly - Minneola, FL ADOPTED!!
Grizzly 1.jpg

Meet Grizzly!  He is a 14 yr old, 72 lb, neutered male Chocolate Lab.

Grizzly's owners died and the family members didn't want him so they took him to our vet to be euthanized. After examining him she felt that he was a healthy dog, and she didn't want to put him to sleep. The vet contacted us, and he is now a Houndhaven doggie!


Griz doesn't look or act like he is 14, so we question whether the family had the right information. He likes to walk and go out in the play yard with the other dogs. He has no trouble getting up or down, and his tail wags constantly.  He loves all other animals and kids!


Our little Grizzly Bear loves attention and has happily let us do our best to torture him with ear cleaning, vaccines, etc. He is now up to date on everything and ready for a new home. Is it yours? If so, contact us today at or via email: .

Ava - Pelzer, SC ADOPTED!!
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This is Ava!  She is a 5-7 yr old, 13 lb, spayed female Min Pin.

Ava is a darling creature with a generous personality.  She has never met a stranger and is so very loving!! She wants nothing more than to cuddle with her special person. She is housebroken, fine with older/respectful kids, and small dogs.  While she gets along well in her foster home with the other min pins she would dearly love to have her own home for the rest of her life however long that may be. She has so much love to give to that special someone who will love her back!

She is up to date on vaccinations and microchipped. She has been going through heartworm treatment and only has a week to go, but unfortunately last week she was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. As far as we know this is NOT due to the heartworms. Her heart sounds good with strong regular beats and no indication of a murmur. Her lungs however are damaged with lots of scar tissue and sound like bubble wrap with the stethoscope when she breathes. She has a cough and is on Lasix and prednisone. She will very likely need to be on medication for the rest of her life. Sadly there is no cure for Pulmonary Fibrosis, treatment consists of making her comfortable. The average life expectancy is 12 to 18 months from the time of diagnosis which makes her a true hospice case.

Can you help Ava have the best rest of her life that a dog can have?  Her rescue would like her to stay within about 200 miles of them.  For more information, please email:

June Bug - Suffolk, VA ADOPTED!
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June Bug 4.jpg

Meet June Bug!  She is a 10-12 month old, 27 lb, female spayed mixed breed pup!

If you've ever heard the saying, "Cute as a bug's ear", well this is the living epitome!  June Bug is an adorable unknown mix of a pup with all the wonderful traits a dog should have. She loves everyone she meets and she will cuddle with anyone who will let her, her favorite thing is to snuggle in tight and fall asleep.


June Bug sustained some serious injuries before she came to our group and has multiple old fractures in 3 of her legs, 3 ribs and her skull. These injuries were too old by the time we rescued her for any surgery to repair them. However, do not think for a second June is going to let these injuries get her down! The vets are amazed at how she has healed and adapted her body to still get around and not be in non-stop pain. 

June will have some limitations; she cannot participate in high energy or high-impact activities, she should not be allowed to go up or down more than a few stairs, she should not be allowed to play to rough with people or other dogs, and she may have some arthritis when she gets older that will require some pain management. Additionally, since June Bug will be limited on how much physical activity she can have, she will need a home that is diligent on keeping her weight low, as this will play a huge part in how much pain she will be in as she ages.


June Bug is looking for a family who can provide her mental and emotions exercise to help use some of her puppy energy. Below are June Bug's highlights and fun facts! 

June Bug's Highlights: -Great with other dogs and interested in but friendly with cats (of course with proper introductions).

House trained.

Very playful loving personality but not too high energy.

Not food aggressive

Loves to snuggle on the bed or couch with you but needs assistance to get up onto and off of furniture

Is spayed up to date with vaccines, microchipped, heartworm negative and on prevention.

Things to know about June Bug -Loves to chew, as long as plenty of dogs toys and nylabones are around, she will pick these over inappropriate things but will need continued direction as she does not like to share treasured toys with other dogs

Is learning to be ok in the crate but only for very short times. This will improve with time as long as her new home is diligent in doing the proper training.

Due to her limitations, we recommend a house with kids over 10. The adoption fee for June Bug is $250 If you think June Bug may be a good fit for your family, please visit our website and find out more about our application process:

Levi - Temple, TX FOSTER FAIL!
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Levi 1.3.jpg

Meet Levi!  He is an 11 yr old, 11 lb neutered male Shih Tzu.

Levi is the most amazing little fellow. He is a mature gentleman but he still has so much love to give and life left to live. Levi has lost one eye and is mostly blind in the other. I believe he can see light as he prefers to be in rooms with the lights on or laying outside when the weather is nice. He does have dry eyes, and requires daily drops to keep his eye moist. He is like a little roomba vacuum cleaner mapping his way around new places.


He would thrive in a home that gives him plenty of snuggle lap time and a few minutes to enjoy the sun. He doesn't mind being around calm dogs and enjoys a doggie pal snuggle. He can learn the routine of his home and goes right to his eating spot when he knows it is dinner time. He enjoys going on walks and trusts his person to keep him from harm. He is very confident and will walk right off the curb if you are not watching him.


He has nice manners at the groomers and he is so deserving of a loving safe home. When someone is available to take him out regularly, he does not have accidents in the home. He has learned his way to the back door in his foster home and can go out, walk around the yard and find his way back in all by himself. If you think you might like to give Levi a wonderful home and make him a part of your family, please send your application to Applications are found under the How to adopt menu on our website at

Suki - San Diego, CA ADOPTED!
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Suki 2.jpg

This is Suki.  She is a 7 yr old, 6 lb, female spayed Chihuahua.

Suki is a special needs pup. She has experienced an injury to her jaw that we suspect has caused her PTSD symptoms. She can be a little reactive it caught off guard but is otherwise lovable once she trusts you, which she does warm up quickly. Her foster mom is moving out of state and will take her with if necessary but she doesn't want to because she will be driving with several other dogs to Kentucky.


From sweet Suki: some people say I look like a little fox because of my beautiful, soft red fur! My previous owner was forced to give me up because health issues prevented her from being able to care for me.

I am a sweet and lovable gal but I am often very timid when I first meet people. I love to be hugged and cuddled, relax with my favorite humans and take leisurely walks. 

Although I am a happy, friendly lovable dog most of the time, there are times when I become fearful of some of the sights, sounds and places around me. Common things, such as shadows and sounds from a printer working, frighten me. Because of this, I need a home with a family who is sensitive to my needs, who is patient and loving and who can help me to learn that things are okay. I will need a home where everyone will be patient enough to give me time to adjust to my new situation, without pressuring me. 

I will do best in a home where the noise level is low and I am the only dog, but a cat or two would be fine. Due to my needs, I am not suited for a home with children. If you have stairs, I hope it is okay if you carry me going down, I’m not a fan of doing that on my own.

I am crate trained for when I need to be alone for a bit or when we go places in the car. My crate makes me feel secure and is a place I like to go when I need to spend time by myself. I am potty trained and am good at walking on a leash. 


Suki is adoptable within San Diego County.  For more information, please email or visit

Dali - Los Angeles, CA ADOPTED!
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Meet Dali!  Dali is a 6 yr old, 40 lb, spayed female Pittie. 

In Dec. 2016, Dali was flown from Mexico to CA after being hit by a car and being left paralyzed. Dali loves people and is SUPER friendly. She is good with other dogs, cats, pigs, and horses (and currently lives with all of the above)! She would also be fine in a home with kids who treat her nicely and respect her.


Despite her disability, she gets around great and loves to explore and play! She is a very affectionate dog and has a silly personality. Her favorite toys are Benebones and antlers, as well as tennis balls! Her energy level is low-medium, and she can go on up to 30 minute walks in her cart. Dali is looking for a forever-foster or adopter who can accommodate her special needs.


Dali is paralyzed in her hind end, so she pulls herself around in a drag-bag (special bag designed to protect her from scrapes and rug burn) and uses her cart when outside to get around. She is also incontinent, meaning that she does not have control of her pee and poop, so she needs manually expressed - this is NOT hard or gross and we will train you on how to do it!


Dali is looking for a forever-foster or adopter who is available throughout the day to express her every few hours, to help prevent her from developing urinary tract infections and other urinary issues. She can wear diapers when out and about, playing and relaxing, to avoid accidents.


What is the difference between a forever-foster and an adopter? A forever-foster is a life-long foster home, who takes care of her daily needs and provides her a safe, loving home for the rest of her life, but our rescue will remain financially responsibility for her urinary/special needs medical needs and will remain her legal owner. An adopter, on the other hand, would become her legal owner and would be 100% financially responsible for her. Dali will come with her cart, drag bags, rubber paw booties, and washable pee pee pads. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about Dali and seeing if she is a good match for your family!

For more information about Dali, please email:

Bobbo - Newcomb, NM ADOPTED!
Bobbo 1.jpg
Bobbo 2.jpg

Meet Bobbo!  He is a 7 yr old, 60 lb, neutered male German Shepherd/Mastiff type.

Bobbo is big, beautiful guy with a big heart. He is somewhere around age 7, weighs 60 lbs (so not toooo big), and is part Mastiff and German Shepherd (vet's best guess). Bobbo is great with other animals and with kids.


This sweet boy turned up outside teacher housing on the reservation almost a year ago and his foster family took him in! He is very gentle but a little clumsy. He has myclonic movement and seizures as a permanent symptom of having distemper as a pup but gets around just fine and loves walks with his foster siblings.  


Bobbo is housebroken but seems most comfortable outside, hanging out in his doghouse and playing in the backyard. He is very affectionate. He would love a home on a farm or a home with a large backyard.


Bobbo is vaccinated and neutered and on medication to limit his seizures. Due to his medical needs Blackhat Humane Society is offering a reduced fee to a home who can give him the love and care he deserves. He is located near Newcomb, NM with transport available to surrounding areas.

For more information,contact Troy: 575-201-8251 or email

Girlie - Hopkinton, MA ADOPTED!!
Girlie 1.2.jpg
Girlie 1.1.jpg

Meet Girlie!  She is a 12 yr old, 35 lb, female spayed mix.

Girlie was surrendered to our partner shelter after her people became too ill to care for them anymore.  She was accompanied by her 'husband'  (Hubba) and her two 9 year old children - Minnie and Winkle.


Girlie would certainly enjoy being adopted with Hubba, but it is not required. She is low energy, and loves to sit in someone's lap. She is housebroken! Girlie's ideal adopter is someone looking for a dog to be their companion. She would do fine with other quiet dogs and is likely fine with cats. She needs a house without many stairs.


Girlie is a bit of a sad specimen and could really use some love. She is diabetic and needs two shots a day which is NOT a big deal and she is perfect!  She also had a mammary tumor that was removed.  These are frequently a very aggressive cancer that may recur or spread internally. Her hair loss is temporary as she had fleas but they have been treated and the hair will grow back.


Her foster says, "She is a very calm, very sweet, senior lady looking for a quiet home to retire in. She is timid at first with people she doesn't know, but she warms up quickly. She doesn't get up and down steps very well. I have three steps out my back door to the yard and I made her a little ramp to make it easier. She enjoys naps, being scratched, naps, strolling around the yard, naps, looking out the window, and naps. She needs insulin shots twice a day, but it is very easy and she doesn't even notice the needle. She walks on a leash just fine, rides in the car great, sleeps in a crate, gets along with my dog, and is very quiet.


Miss Girlie has had a bit of a rough life and deserves to experience a loving home. Her adopter would be her hero." She is available to meet by appointment with an approved adopter in Hopkinton, MA on October 8th or after. Please fill out an application at - The entire family must come to an adoption meeting. - More information about our adoption process, application and adoption fees can be found at

Girlie is available within a couple hour drive to her foster but if you are interested, please reach out!  

Wilbur - Placerville, CA ADOPTED!!
Wilbu 1.jpg
Wilbu 2.jpg

Oh my goodness.  Look at this handsome and distinguished gentleman! Wilbur is a 10 yr old neutered male Cocker Spaniel who weighs 25 lbs and looks great in a sweater. 

Wilbur was rescued from a shelter in Sacramento, CA and is in a foster home in Placerville CA. Wilbur is blind and deaf, but is amazing in his ability to manage in his surroundings and gets along without any trouble.


He gets along well with other dogs, but does not like them charging up to him or getting in his face. He is very loving, affectionate and is happiest in your lap. Wilbur needs to be in a home where someone can be home with him the majority of the time and probably shouldn't have young kids.


Wilbur knows how to go in and out a doggy door and is potty trained. He loves car rides and taking easy walks. Due to chronic ear infections and the progression of the cataracts in his eyes, we need a home in the Sacramento, CA area, where we can continue to provide medical care for Wilbur. You only need to provide the love!!

For more information please contact  Janet Lee via email:

Tuxedo Sam Sanrio - Pittsburg, CA ADOPTED!!
Tuxedo Sam 2.jpg
Tuxedo Sam 1.png

Meet Tuxedo Sam Sanrio!!  He is a 10 yr old, 15 lb, neutered male Shih Tzu.

Tuxedo Sam is a lovely and kind little dog who is great with all other animals and gentle children!  He is housebroken and just the most deserving, sweet little dude. Plus, look at that face!

He has been vaccinated, microchipped and has had senior blood work.  His back is weak and he has arthritis. He may need a wheelchair in the future. Umbrella of Hope will provide this if necessary. He needs to be on pain meds the rest of his life and UOH will supply 1year of medication.

Sam can be adopted long distance to adopters that are flexible and willing to pick him up at a major airport. He can be flown standby by a volunteer who is a Delta employee on a flight donated by Delta Airlines.  Thank you Delta!

If you are interested in more information please send a detailed email to:

Queen Bee - Pittsburg, CA
Queen Bee 1.jpg
Queen Bee 2.jpg
Queen Bee 3.jpg

Meet Queen Bee! She is approximately 15 yrs old, weighs 12 lbs, and is a female spayed Shih Tzu mix.

This is a terribly sad situation.  This sweet girl-was surrendered by her owner who has had her since she was a puppy.

Her skin infections, bad teeth and mass on her neck are being treated. She also has dry eyes, thyroid issues & heart disease. She recently developed a seizure disorder now being evaluated. She is a true hospice case and deserves a loving home to comfortably cross the rainbow bridge.  While aggressive veterinary care could potentially help her, she is not expected to live very long.  

For more information please email:

Maya Bee - San Francisco Bay Area, CA ADOPTED!
Maya Bee 2.jpg
Maya Bee.jpg
Maya Bee 3.jpg

Meet Maya Bee! She is a 15 yr old, 10 lb, female spayed Maltese/Yorkie mix.

Maya Bee is a sweet and kind senior girl who just seems to be winding down.  She doesn't have any specific disease processes going on at the moment, she's just a little old grandma dog who is looking for her last home.

She is quiet, sleeps a lot and likes to snuggle with you. She walks on a leash but prefers to be carried or pushed in a stroller. She needs to be taken outside to potty as she doesn’t seem to know to ask.  She is fine with all other animals who will be gentle to her.  

Maya Bee can be transported across the country to any major airport thanks to Delta's rescue transport in-cabin program!  For all information please email

Aunt Granny Fraggle - Pittsburg, CA ADOPTED!!
Aunt Granny 3.png
Aunt Granny 1.png
Aunt Granny 2.png

This adorable senior is Aunt Granny Fraggle!!  Aunt Granny is a 16 yr old, 15lb, spayed female Rat Terrier Mix.


Her personality is very sweet and she is fine with other animals and gentle children. She is a little hard of hearing. Aunt Granny walks slowly on a leash and appears to be housebroken.  This sweet senior will be so easy to add to any family!


She is microchipped, and parasite free. She has had senior blood work, dental cleaning and extractions. She requires senior specific food and medication for arthritis. The medication will cost $50. per year. 

Aunt Granny can be adopted long distance to adopters that are flexible and willing to pick her up at a major airport. She can be flown standby by a volunteer who is a Delta employee on a flight donated by DeltaAirlines.  Thank you Delta!

If you are interested in more information please send an email to:

Jackson - Phoenix, AZ ADOPTED!
Jackson 1.jpg
Jackson 2.jpg

Meet Jackson!  He's approximately 11 yrs old, 35 lbs, neutered male Beagle mix.

Jackson is a very sweet and easy going lovable baby. Jackson gets along with everyone (young, old, even the veterinarian) and he gets along with other dogs (not sure about cats).


He likes to be close to us and follows us from room to room; at night he likes to sleep outside the bedroom door. Every now and then he’ll feel frisky and want to play with his blanket or walk fast circles around the couch. Does he know how to have a good time or what?


He loves to eat (but what dog doesn’t) and he really likes ice cubes in his water bowl. Jackson is house trained and he walks very, very well on the leash. He likes car rides and travels well, but needs help getting in and out of the car.


Jackson has Cushings and is on medication for it (one Mitotane capsule, three times a week) and he exhibits several Cushing symptoms: •increased panting •muscle weakness in his rear legs (slips on tile sometimes when he gets excited) but he still loves to go on short walks outside •increased hunger •increased thirst. A doggie door is really important for him as the increased thirst drives increased water intake. He cannot access our doggie door at night, but he wakes us up to tell us he has to go. We hope someone can find a place for Jackson in their heart and home - he is such a sweet boy.

Jackson's rescue would like him to be adopted within the state of Arizona and if someone is interested in fostering him, staying in the Phoenix area.  If you are outside of the area, please still reach out for a conversation!  If you are interested in him, you may email: OR

Benny - Freehold, NJ ADOPTED!!!!
Benny 1.jpg
Benny 3.jpg
Benny 2.jpg

This sweet senior is Benny!  Benny is an approximately 10 yr old, neutered male Lhasa Apso.  Benny weighs in at 27 lbs and is great with other animals, kids, and he is housebroken!!!  What an easy guy to live with!

Benny was neglected by his previous humans but this trusting guy is willing to give people a second chance! Benny has some trouble seeing as he gets around as his chronic dry eye was not treated properly, but that doesn’t stop him! He’s super sweet and loving. He will need lifetime treatment for his Keratoconjunctivitis (dry eye). Trust us, this is not a big deal at all. We see some geriatric bloodwork and a dental in his near future. If interested in adopting this handsome man please submit an application on our website

Ray - Calhoun, GA ADOPTED!!
ray 4.jpg
ray 3.jpg
ray 2.jpg
ray 1.jpg

Ray looks like he's ordering a beverage in that first photo!  Meet Ray, an 8 yr old, 65 lb male Boxer.

Ray is a very polite, low key, handsome Boxer. He is housebroken, crate trained and walks nicely on a leash. Though his vision is limited, once he gets the layout of his home, he can navigate very well and can go outside in a fenced yard to potty with no problems. Ray gets nervous around other dogs and needs to be in an only dog home. He adores people and will stick close by them. He always wants to give you his paw to show that he loves you! He was in a wonderful foster home, but had to leave due to stress being caused by the other dogs in the home. We have been unable to locate another foster home and as a result Ray in in boarding which is the worst possible place for him. I can only imagine the anxiety he's feeling in a loud environment surrounded by other dogs he can't see. Please let us know if you can help. Ray is really a wonderful dog.

Let's get Ray out of the boarding facility and into the quiet home he deserves!!  Kimberly Murphy is the founder of BarkVille Dog Rescue. She screens all potential fosters/adopters and she knows Ray well. She can be reached via cell at 770-846-8946 or via email at

Tina - Conyers, GA ADOPTED!!
Tina 4.jpg
Tina 3.jpg
Tina 2.jpg
Tina 1.jpg

Meet the adorable TIna!  She is a 9-10 yr old, 7 lb, female spayed Miniature Poodle mix!

Tina is a very special little girl who came to us as a transfer in from another Atlanta-area rescue group. She is about 9-10 y/o, she weighs 7 lbs, and she has all of 2 teeth left. She loves other dogs and is happiest when she has several playmates around, but she is a little diva and has no problem putting the bigger dogs in their place if they get too rough with her!


She eats well (she even scarfs down dry food!) and is (mostly) housetrained. Tina enjoys wandering around our yard, sniffing and exploring and finding dirt to roll in, so we usually keep her coat cut pretty short - she has beautiful poodle curls when it's longer! Unfortunately, Tina comes from a difficult background, and as such, she is very skittish with people. She wants to be in the same room with you, to know that you're there, but Tina is not a lap dog or a snuggle buddy. With a lot of time and patience, she will let you hold her from time to time, but she does not enjoy being petted or cuddled.


Tina is also in the early stages of dementia, which we are treating with hopes of slowing it down. What this means for her day to day life right now is that she likes to pace a particular path around the yard, back into the house, and back around the yard again, a few times over. After she's done her pacing, she will eventually curl up in a bed near you and take a nice long midday snooze, before she's up to walk her path again. Tina has some unique quirks, but she is a sweet, happy, adorable little dog. She will wag her tail at you and follow you gladly from room to room.


She wants to find someone who loves her and accepts her as she is, and we believe that perfect family is out there! Tina needs a fenced yard, so she can safely walk her paths, and she would do best in a home with another dog or two for companionship. We are okay with Tina going to a home with children aged 12 and up, who can respect her and give her her space. She is not destructive and does not have to be crated / confined, as long as she has a buddy around and is not totally alone (which scares her). Will you be Tina's special family?

For more information, please call: 470-333-2185 or email:

Bella - Conyers, GA FOSPICE FOUND!!
Bella 1.jpg
Bella 2.jpg
Bella 3.jpg
Bella 4.jpg

This is Bella.  She is a 16 yr old, 19 lb, female spayed Dachshund mix.

Bella is an incredibly old Dachshund Mix who was found abandoned in a shopping center parking lot, turning round and round, lost and confused. She is believed to be at least 16 years old. She is about 20 lbs, but very underweight.


Bella is a true hospice case - the list of issues she has goes on and on. She is heartworm positive. She has a 6/6 heart murmur. She was full of intestinal parasites. She’s dehydrated. Her spine is fusing with arthritis. Her rib cartilage is mineralizing, and she has odd nodules on her ribs. Her ear flaps are destroyed from fly bites. She’s suffered some sort of head injury, and her pupils are abnormal. She wobbles when she walks. She’s either got early stage dementia, or the aftermath of the head injury. She is a HOT MESS.


But she eats her food and drinks her water happily every day. She wanders all around the big yard and goes on adventures to follow the barn cats. She is vision and hearing impaired. When I walk up to her, she wags and wags and wags her tail. She rests her head on my hand, her bat ears fly back, and she just lays there with me. She is a good girl, and we’re committed to keeping her as comfortable as we can for whatever time she has left. Bella is available for a hospice foster. She would prefer to be an only dog, but she will tolerate other dogs around as long as they leave her alone and stay out of her face.


We are committed to paying for her medical needs for the rest of her life. We are not going to treat her heartworm, as she’s too old and sick at this point to survive the treatment. Pain relief and good food and lots of love are the treatment plan for our special girl.

For more information please email:

Buddy - Atlanta, GA ADOPTED!!
Buddy III 2.jpg
Buddy III 3.jpg
Buddy III 1.jpg

This adorable low rider is Buddy!  He's about 2 yrs old, ~25-30 lbs, and is a neutered male Lab/Basset mix.

Hi, I'm BUDDY!  I was rescued after I was found on the street dragging my back legs. I have a wheelchair but can also walk some on my one back leg. The vet thinks I was born with some sort of spinal issue. One of my legs did not work at all so they removed it. I have gotten stronger on the remaining back leg but it will never be 100%.


I need a home who is understanding of this. I am the SWEETEST guy and I do well with kids and cats and dogs!! I am very loving and affectionate. If you are interested in adopting me, please apply online at $100 of my adoption fee has been sponsored so my adoption fee is $150, which includes my neuter, shots, heartworm testing, and microchipping. I am available for adoption in Georgia only.  For more information:

Cuddles - Lafayette, NJ ADOPTED!!
Cuddles 1.jpg
Cuddles 2.jpg

Meet Cuddles!  She is a 15 yr old female spayed short haired kitty who weighs 11 lbs. She is good with other cats and good with her litterbox.

Cuddles is a sweet senior  kitty who recently lost her home because her owner went to hospice. She just had a dentistry and all of her teeth needed to be removed. The vet also found mammary masses when she had her teeth cleaning.


Because of her age they decided not to put her through any more stress and pain, and to leave her as is. She may not have a lot of time left, but she has tons of love. Cuddles is looking for a Hospice Adopter, who will monitor her and treat her palliatively from here on out. Come down and meet Cuddles and all of her friends today!  She is available for adoption within driving distance of her rescue.

For more information you can email:, call:  (973)-300-5909, or visit:

Clarence - Phoenix, AZ ADOPTED!
Clarence 2.jpg
Clarence 1.jpg
Clarence 4.jpg
Clarence 3.jpg

This wonderful and dignified gentleman is Clarence.  Clarence is a 14 yr old, 15 lb neutered male Bichon Frise. 

Sweet Clarence was rescued from our county shelter--he is an old man, blind and deaf--but don't count him out! He LOVES human attention, and still loves to play with his toys! He gets around quite well, and can often be found snoozing in a dog bed with one of his foster siblings.


Clarence had a full blood panel and has no known other health issues. Clarence is great about going outside to potty, but will have accidents in the house if a human isn't home to let him out. He has the occasional grouchy man syndrome--where he doesn't want dogs disturbing him while he is sleeping or eating and hey, he's entitled at his age! He is SUCH a great boy, lets find Clarence his forever retirement home!!  Clarence's rescue would like him to stay within 400 miles of Phoenix.

For more information you can email: or call: 602 526 9960.

Clyde - Toccoa, GA ADOPTED!!
Clyde 2.jpg
Clyde 1.jpg
Clyde 3.jpg

Clyde needs our help!  Clyde is an 8 yr old, 51 lb male Coonhound.  Clyde came in totally emaciated, on 12/22/2018. He is HW positive. He is goofy and good natured. He is good with other dogs, would be best in a house with older kids, and his housebroken status is unknown.

One look at this guy and you know he needs a break.  Lets get Clyde into a home where he can be spoiled every day! For more information please visit  ,email to: or call 706 282-3275.

Brooklyn - Waterford, VA ADOPTED!!!
Brooklyn 1.png
Brooklyn 2.jpg
Brooklyn 3.jpg

This beauty is Brooklyn!  She is a 10 yr old, 40 lb female spayed Pittie.  

My name is Brooklyn and I am well known around here for full body tail wags, and bringing visitors all my toys!


I have been at the shelter for a while because, even though I am the happiest dog you will ever meet, I do have a liver condition that means I won’t be around forever. But, heck, no one lives forever, so I am just living every day for the cookies and the cuddles. I am housetrained and have perfect house manners, and I might be your best buddy for a few months, or a few years, but I can promise you that I will make you smile every day that we have together. I might not be around for your whole life, but I would sure like it if you were around for mine.


So, if your idea of a bucket list is drive-thrus, playing tug of war, and snuggling on the couch, what are you waiting for? Come meet me and let’s celebrate today together! Brookyln's adoption fee is sponsored and so are the first three months of her meds. Check out her video .  For more information please email: or call 703-777-0406.  There are no limitations on where Brooklyn lives but an in-person meet and greet is required.

Midnight - Meherrin, VA ADOPTED!!
Midnight 4.jpg
Midnight 3.jpg
Midnight 2.jpg

This beautiful girl is 9 yr old Midnight!  She is a female spayed, Rat Terrier mix who weighs 15 lbs.

Sweet Midnight was rescued with a tumor on her side that had burst. It was surgically removed and has healed. Unfortunately it was cancerous and it has metastasized to her lymph nodes.


The vets cannot predict how much more time she has. As of now she is happy, pain-free, and full of life! She has several dog friends at the shelter, and passed the cat test (though she moves in fast to greet and can overwhelm some dogs and cats!). While we can not guarantee that she is housebroken, she does try to wait to go outside and likes to keep her run clean.  Midnight doesn't want to spend the rest of her days in a shelter - lets find her forever home!! For more information please email: Email southsidespcadogs@yahoo or to submit an application visit:

Tippy - Roseland, LA ADOPTED!!
Tippy 1.jpg
Tippy 3.jpg
Tippy 4.jpg
Tippy 2.jpg

Meet Tippy!  He is a 11 yr old, 50 lb, neutered male, maybe Lab mix?  Looks that way! 

Kind-hearted Tippy is a victim of location. He lives in a very rural shelter that gets very little adoption traffic. He is a great dog! His lack of a home is not because there is anything wrong with him. It's because we live in an area where there are too many unwanted and thow away dogs. He has lived in a kennel at Raven Woods since he was a pup. He is not housebroken or trained in any way but that doesn't mean he can't learn!


With lots of praise, some treats, and patience, he is willing to learn anything that will make you happy. He has been cat, child, adult, and dog tested. He did fine with all of them. Due to his shy nature and his lack of interest in children, I suggest he be in an adults only home or at least a home with children over the age of twelve who will respect his personal space. Please, watch his video and see what an angel this sweet boy is. TIPPY!!

He is available for transport within the continental US at the adopter's expense.  For more information please email:

Happy - Roseland, LA ADOPTED!!
Happy 2.1.jpg
Happy 2.4.jpg
Happy 2.3.jpg
Happy 2.2.jpg

Meet Happy!  She is an 11 yr old, 32 lb, female spayed mixed breed dog.

Happy is a sweet, but shy girl who has lived at the shelter since May 2008. She and her littermates were surrendered at the age of eight weeks. Sadly, since the shelter is so painfully rural and the volunteers are few, she has had a lack of advertising.


She's a great girl who seems ok with children, cats, other dogs, and adults once she has a chance to get over her timidness. She was non-aggressive with a dog-savvy cat, but her curiosity may annoy cats less used to dogs. She did ok with dogs one at a time, but doesn't do well with more than one at a time because she feels overwhelmed easily.  She will need a home very used to working with timid dogs and would be a wonderful project for a sympathetic adult who will let her take her time and learn what life away from the shelter is!  Here is her video showing her child, cat, dog, and adult testing: Happy's day out!! 

Dogs can be transported within the continental United States at the expense of the adopter.  For all information, please email:

Caya - Cookeville, TN ADOPTED!!
Caya 1.jpg
Caya 1.3.JPG
Caya 2.jpg
Caya 3.jpg
Caya 1.4.JPG
Caya 1.1.JPG

Meet adorable Caya!  She is a 1 yr old, 25 lb, spayed female Boxer/Boston terrier type mix!

Are you looking to bring a spark of pure JOY into your life? Caya is a ball of happiness wrapped in a soft red and white fur coat. She is constantly smiling and always ready for adventure, interaction, and playtime. She is like a tiny little Boxer, complete with the wiggle-butt attitude and goofy personality.


Caya came to us from a shelter, and we quickly noticed she had a hard time keeping food down. Caya was diagnosed with Megaesophagus, which is when the esophagus, or tube that runs from her mouth to her stomach, doesn't move the food normally into her stomach. This means she needs to be fed in an upright position in her special chair (which will come with her) and has some medications daily.


Caya has no idea that she has this condition, and is just a bouncy, energetic and loving pup. She adores playing with other dogs, likes all people and is smart and friendly to boot. If you are familiar with megaesophagus or willing to learn and want to help a special needs pup, Caya is so hoping to find a forever home! We will teach you all about caring for a megaesophagus dog.  Here is video of this adorable girl!!  

She is also looking for sponsorship while she waits for a family to find her. Donations can be made here:

Interested in adopting? Take the first step and complete an adoption application on our website:

For all information, you can email: or text 9312608018 or apply on website: .

Hoggle Labrynth - SF Bay Area, CA  ADOPTED!!!!
Hoggle 1.1.jpg
Hoggle 1.2.jpg

Meet Hoggle!  Hoggle is a 12 yr old, 7 lb, neutered male Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie).

Oh my goodness, look at this little widget!  Hoggle is a wonderful dude who was sadly neglected but is now in great shape and ready for his forever home.  He is great with other animals, loves kids, and is housebroken!  What could be easier?

When we got him, we had a dental done and most of his teeth were removed - he's glad to be rid of those rotten things! He will need his ears cleaned 1-2x month and require ear drops for the rest of his life but these aren't a big deal.  He also has a heart murmur, grade 3/6 but does not require medication for this at this time.

Hoggle could be transported to the right home!  For all information, please email:

Zoey - Riverside, CA ADOPTED!!
Zoey 2.jpg
Zoey 1.jpg

This sweet face belongs to Zoey!  She's a 9 yr old, 15 lb, female spayed Maltese. 


 My name is Zoey! Unfortunately, my mom had to go into a memory care facility and couldn't take care of me anymore. This nice lady Bonny came and got me and I'm doing really well!

I LOVE to snuggle and go for walks. I am potty trained and I like to be outside with you.  I get scared of men so i would do best in a home with just a mama or a man that is willing to work with me so i can be comfortable. (I think it’s their sunglasses or dark shirts and hats that they wear.) I will alert you by barking to tell you this. I will also bark when you come home because I’m just so excited to see you. Just tell me to stop and I will....usually!


I’m a good sleeper. I do have my own bed but I like to sleep under the bed better!
I do have a medical issue that I take medication for. I have seizures. They are controlled with my phenobarbital that I take 2 times a day 5am and 5p.m.  This is really easy to do for me!

I don’t need to be in a crate when you out for errands, I just sleep on the couch until you get home and I don’t chew things up or get into anything (except the trash sometimes) and I have not gone potty in the house at all. I am such a good girl and will be so easy to add to a family!  I'm fine with other dogs and I've never been seen around cats so we aren't sure how I feel about having a feline friend!

I am spayed,current on my vaccines,micro chipped and dewormed.  Adoption Fee: $100
Zoey is being fostered in Riverside,Ca. For more information please contact Bonny @ 951-830-1831.

Loner - Roseland, LA (11/24/19) ADOPTED!!
Loner 1.1.jpg
Loner 1.3.jpg
Loner 1.0.jpg

Meet Loner!  He is a 15 yr old, 50 lb, neutered male  Walker Hound. 

Loner is such an amazing boy! He was found in the middle of the road in the middle of nowhere in 2007. At the time, it was estimated that he was already about 2 to 3 years old. After attempts were made to find an owner, he became a resident at Raven Woods. Sadly, the shelter is in an even more rural area than the one where he was found. There is little to no adoption traffic at the shelter, and the few volunteers are so exhausted after caring for the daily needs of our dogs, that there just isn't time to really make sure we have an online presence. Loner went out for a day for personality testing and a video. He is the gentlest, sweetest, most beautiful soul! He just wants a warm, soft place to rest his weary old bones. Please watch his video, and don't fight the love that will come over you!

***UPDATE!  Loner had a vet visit, bloodwork, and a bunch of rotten teeth pulled.  In spite of being on heartworm preventative, he came back a low positive so is currently on Doxycycline for that.  Otherwise, he is very very stable and just looking for a place to rest his weary bones. 

For all information, please email:  He can be transported anywhere in the United States if the adopter pays for it. 

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