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All animals should now be submitted through our new website animal submission page!

Scroll down when you click on the page

This page is now inactive

  • There have been some problems submitting animals and we've been working hard to figure it out!  If you are on a desktop, the following browsers are supported:  Google Chrome, Safari for Mac (version 11 and above), and Firefox.  If you are on a mobile, the following browsers are supported: Google Chrome for Android and iPhone, and Safari (iPhone 6 and above).  **11/12/19 - we haven't had any problems in a while!
  • We will not network a special needs animal with an adoption fee of greater than $350.  We would be happy to discuss the rationale behind that decision, please email to discuss.
  • If you post an animal who finds a home or foster, please let us know so we can update the listing!  Our featured spots on Facebook are valuable and we don't want to feature an animal who is unavailable.
  • If you list with us, you are committing to communicating with potential adopters who contact you, within reasonable time expectations.  Nothing is more disheartening to an adopter than to not hear back on an inquiry.  Listers who repeatedly do not respond at all to inquiries will not be welcome to list. 
Animal Submission Form
Upload JPEG photo <15 MB
Upload JPEG photo <15 MB
Upload JPEG photo <15 MB
Upload JPEG photo <15 MB

Thanks for submitting!  Every submission needs to be reviewed prior to posting.

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