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Bubba - Roseland, LA

Meet Bubba!  He is a 10 yr old, 50 lb, neutered male good old American mix.  You have got to watch his video!

Bubba is an absolutely wonderful dog who is a victim of location. He lives in a shelter that is so rural, the nearest town doesn't even have a stoplight. The shelter is a no-kill sanctuary for the throwaways of our area, and there are always a lot of those. The few volunteers are so busy caring for the daily needs of the dogs that no one really has the time to get good pictures and post dogs online. Bubba has been at his shelter for 10 years! 

I have been taking a dog out for a day and doing a video of the day. During that day, the dog will be cat, child, and other dog tested. Bubba passed all tests with flying colors! He proved to be great with other dogs,a dog-savvy cat, and kids on his day out.  Watch his video and see what kind of dog he is for yourself. He's wonderful!  Because Bubba has lived his entire life in a rescue, he is not housebroken.  We know that with attentive owners, he can figure this out!  VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq35JhRpjic&t=3s

For more information please email: carrol.seniordogsrock@mail.com.

Boudreaux - Roseland, LA

Meet Boudreaux!  He is a 12 yr old, 50 lb, neutered male Lab (just a guess!) mix.

Boudreaux came to Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary in 2009. We estimate that he was about a year and half old at the time. Unfortunately, he lives at a very rural shelter with little to no adoption traffic in an area where spay and neuter laws and education are severely lacking. Older dogs just can't compete with the puppies always looking for homes.


We do recommend that he be an only pet and that he go to a home with no children under 12 because he has all the energy of a puppy still. He is somewhat lacking in social graces, but he's still a great dog. Here is is video so you can see how adorable and fun this guy is to have around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXkRyT6Gzcs

Miss Piggy - Roseland, LA

Meet Miss Piggy!  She is an 11 yr old, 52 lb, spayed female mix.

Miss Piggy is a shy, but very sweet girl who is waiting for a loving home with a patient person who will help bring her out of her shell. She came to our sanctuary as a baby 11 years ago.  Most of her litter died of distemper, but she and her sister Happy survived. She is a victim of location, living at a very rural shelter with few volunteers in an area where there are no spay/neuter laws. People just don't know the sanctuary is there and these wonderful dogs never get seen. 

She recently got a day out on the town to be cat, child, dog, and adult tested. She was perfect for her bath. She was timid, but thoroughly enjoyed being petted. She ignored the dog-savvy cat and the child and was so happy to enjoy attention from any and all people.  When you watch her video, you will see how wonderful and kind she is with people.  She will make a wonderful dog for someone who wants a companion!!

The difficulty came with other dogs. Any dog who just gave a quick "hi" and moved on, she was fine with. Any dog that got in her face to get a good sniff or that got aggressive first got her aggression up and had her ready to rumble.

Since most dogs will want a long introduction, I feel that she needs to be an only dog. She just needs someone to love her. PLEASE watch her video of her day out and see what kind of dog she is. She has a sweet cuddle bug inside her begging to have a person bring it out of her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg87w91DFHM&t=1s

For all information, please email: carrol.seniordogsrock@mail.com.