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Tiny - Roseland, LA  ADOPTED!! (11/24/19)
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Meet Tiny! Tiny is an 11 yr old, 69 lb male adorable mutt.  He has webbed feet so there must be a swimming breed in there somewhere!

Tiny was once the runt of the litter. He was a teeny fellow! He isn't any more! He is a big boy, but he needs that big body in order to house his huge loving heart. Sweet, handsome Tiny is the victim of location. RWAS is a VERY rural shelter with little adoption traffic and very few volunteers. Because of this, he has been in the shelter since he was about eight weeks old. He arrived in late May 2008, and has been there ever since. That's 11 years, his entire life, in a kennel in the shelter.  The volunteers there are few but dedicated and they give him as much love as they can but they have many many dogs to care for and Tiny would love a home of his own. 

He is a very sweet dog and did well for his bath. He passed the child and cat tests, but because of his size and how happily excited he got when he saw other dogs, no one was willing to dog test him while we were out.  I once brought him home with me and he was fine with my ancient Chihuahua and miniature Poodle.  I have a suspicion that he is dog friendly, but can't say for sure. He would be very happy as an only dog!  He has lived in a solo kennel for his entire life.  He is not housebroken right now but surely could learn, he's a smart guy who only wants to please. He has spent his entire life in a kennel...let's make his dream of a home come true!  Please, give his video a watch. I'm sure you'll fall in love, too.

For more information, please email:  Transport could be provided for him anywhere in the US if the adopter pays the costs!

Eva - Roseland, LA ADOPTED!! (1/1/20)
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Meet Eva! She is a 9 yr old, 58 lb, female spayed Bloodhound mix.

Eva is a sweet hound who just wants to follow her nose into a loving home. She has been at the shelter since 2012 when she was found roaming the streets emaciated, alone, and high heartworm positive. She was tapped by a car and when people stopped to investigate, they saw what bad shape she was in and brought her to the shelter. She is now well-fed, heartworm negative, and needing a home - she doesn't want to be a lifer in the shelter! 


Eva is a very sweet and mellow girl.  She is great with all humans and other dogs. In the video you can see that she was cat tested and was gently curious but not at all aggressive! She was taken out for a day to get a good video to show what she's like - and she is just wonderful. On her day out, she even got to see Santa. She asked for a home for all of the shelter animals. Please watch and let the love wash over you.

Eva is available to be transported anywhere in the US if her adopter will fund it!  For all information, please email:

Charlie Brown - New Orleans, LA  ADOPTED!!
Charlie Brown 1..jpg

Meet Charlie Brown!  He is a 7 yr old, 69 lb, neutered male Staffie mix.

Charlie Brown is looking for a laid back home and is ready to be your best buddy! . He is a lean, long legged goofy boy that is ready to play if there is a dog willing, but also loves to chill in the house.


He is great on a leash and loves his treats and toys. He loves to cuddle in the bed with his people and is a very loyal baby. He would do best in a home with older children only.


Charlie Brown has seizures and is on medication daily to control them. Kismet Pet Adoptions will cover his medication for the remainder of his life.


His foster mom is moving out of the country so we have to relocate him to another permanent foster home. Animal Restrictions: Loves other dogs but needs to know they are not going to hurt him. Best to be with a non-alpha dog.

Charlie is available for adoption anywhere in the continental US.

Please contact us via e-mail at for more information or use the following link to fill out an application. Use the following link to view videos of Charlie!!!:

Taz - Roseland, LA ADOPTED!!
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Meet Taz!  He is a 9 yr old, 10 lb, neutered male Chihuahua mix.

Raven Woods Animal Sanctuary is a very rural shelter in a poor area where too few people get their pets spayed/neutered. It is so rural that the nearest town is about an 8 mile drive and so small it doesn't even have a stop light.


Taz is a sweet older boy whose owner had to go into a nursing home with Alzheimer's. Due to his owner's condition, he was neglected a bit. He is now doing well enough in foster care, but the Home of Misfit Pets where he is being fostered is still a bit too noisy and crazy for his preferences. There are also cats, and he is very cat noisy. (It's not so much aggression as a compulsion to bark endlessly when seeing a cat.) He is housebroken! Taz really wants to find his next human.


Taz has kidney disease. Right now, all his numbers are improving with a low protein diet, but time will come, probably sooner rather than later, when he needs medicine. Taz is very, very sweet and likes to be next to his person. He is fine with smaller children, but at his age and with his health not being the best, I would prefer that if he live with children, they are older and calmer as he is a bit delicate. He has a video.  Taz can be transported throughout the US with an approved transport at the expense of his adopter. For all inquiries, please email:

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