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Ziggy - Franklin, WI ADOPTED!
Ziggy 1.jpg
Ziggy 2.jpg
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This beautiful purebred Bengal cat is Ziggy!  She is a 12 yr old, 9 lb, female spayed girl. 

Beautiful Ziggy is an active senior Bengal! She loves to chase a catnip mouse on a shoe string or bat glitter and crinkle balls around. She loves it when her human plays with her. She has no difficulty jumping up onto her cat tree and enjoys hanging out on her wall shelf close to ceiling.


She has perfect litter box manners . She has all her claws and uses a scratching post. She will tolerate having her nails trimmed. Her favorite place to hang out is on the floor heat register and she will run there when ever she hears the furnace turn on.


She also is very talented in slithering under blankets and we need to be careful not to sit on her as it is hard to tell where she is when the bed is wrinkled. She can be vocal when she can not see her human family and just wants to be in the same room with a person. She will start purring if you just look at her.


Ziggy does have very early stage kidney disease and is on special food. She gets powdered medicine twice a day mixed in with wet food . We keep her dry food bowl filled and out all the time. She does not tolerate our resident cat (who is twice her size) and has no hesitation to initiate an attack so she needs to be an only cat.

For more information please email:


Prissy and Alex - Des Moines, IA ADOPTED!!
Prissy and Alex 1.jpg
Prissy and Alex 2.jpg

These cuties are Prissy and Alex!  Prissy is a female spayed 8 yr old, 8 lb little girl.  Alex is a 12 yr old neutered male 15 lb chunk of cuteness.

These guys are not hospice, they are just an older couple looking for a forever home.  They are very sweet and came to their current rescue after a private animal rescue closed. They are front declawed and looking for a retirement home. They are good with other animals, kids, and are good with their litterbox!

Potential adopters will need to apply at to be considered. We do require all current pets to be up to date and fixed.  Out of state adoptions are plausible, adopter must travel to Des Moines metro for pick up.

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