Sweetie - Carroll, OH (10/17/19 still avail)

This happy girl is Sweetie!  She is a female spayed Lab/Pointer mix who is 8 yrs old and weighs 50 lbs.

From her rescue:  Senior dogs are simply the best - they are housebroken, they don’t eat through the drywall or tear up the carpet, they enjoy just hanging out after a long day of work and their tails seem to be always wagging as they know their “golden years” would not be as comfortable or enjoyable without you. While they may be a little slower to rise from their beds or a little less hurried on their walks, they have learned over the years that “hurry up and wait” is not how it should be.


Sweetie came to us after months of being on her own. It appears she was dumped at the end of a very rural road in Hocking County where only a single home exists on hundreds of acres.


She took up shelter in a barn and when the property owner discovered her, she started leaving food out, made her a heavily bedded straw with heat lamps and earned her trust in the months to come. Eventually, the property owner won over this forgotten soul but her own pets would not allow a strange dog in the house and so the barn was all that they could offer ... that is until she came in for a check up and the vet fell for this sweet girl and pledged to help her.


While we will never know all that has happened to her, it is obvious that Sweetie has received some sort of trauma to the left side of her head leaving her blind and hard of hearing on the left side. She most definitely raised several litters of pups leaving her mammary chain full of lumps and her uterus full of cysts but thankfully after a full one sided mastectomy and ovariohysterectomy with biopsy, all was found to be benign.


She has been tested for heartworm and is negative and has been treated for hookworms. While initially hesitant about the “indoor life,” she now believes in nothing but the comforts of home and is absolutely terrified of thunder storms and gun shots. She is crate trained and housebroken and definitely settles in to routine best when crates initially to learn the routine and then given freedom. She does well with other dogs and has even learned to share the dog bed with others. 

If you would like more information about this lovely girl, please email: adoptionscc@yahoo.com.  Sweetie can be adopted within 200 miles of her rescue.

Jett - Cincinatti, OH (10/17/19 still avail) 

Meet Jett!  He is a 10 yr old, 32 lb neutered male Cocker Spaniel.

Jett is a 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel. He is housebroken and will let you know when he wants to go out. He also walks well on a leash. He is crate trained but does not need a crate.


Jett is good with other dogs his size and smaller but is content to be the only dog in the home. Jett is good with cats. He LOVES to play with balls and soft stuffed animals. Due to his age and gentle nature, we recommend children be at least 12 years old.


Car rides make Jett nervous, but he's learning that the end of the car ride means fun things -- like meeting new people -- one of his favorite things to do. Jett will need to have regular grooming visits to keep him looking handsome. He has arthritis in his hips and back, so he would do best in a home with few steps. But his age and his arthritis don't hold him back, Jett is a happy, even-tempered, sweet-natured boy. 

For more information, please email: Lori Wilson loriwilson2229@gmail.com or call 513.685.2229

Tamana - Cleveland, OH (10/17/19 still avail)

Meet Tamana!  She is approximately 6 yrs old and 20 lbs and is a female spayed Spitz mix. 

Tamana was originally found abandoned in Iran - yes, Iran! - with a broken back and bullet in her abdomen in the Fall of 2015. She was taken in by the good folks at MRT rescue in Tehran. We learned about Tamana in January 2016 and knew we had to help her. Animals in general have a difficult time being adopted in Iran, especially special needs animals like Tamana. Through much coordination, we were able to bring her to Cleveland in March 2016 & on the road to a better life. 


Estimated to be around 6 years old, Tamana has seen the specialists at Ohio State University and has undergone many tests and evaluations. They have determined that her paralysis is permanent and that she is suitable for a cart. Tamana (aka Tam) walks with the assistance of a cart when outside for longer distances and periods of time. She typically goes for longer walks several times per week and spends plenty of time in the fenced yard without the cart - as she can move around without it. She does great with car rides & loves being outdoors. Weighing around 20 lbs, Tam is easy to transport. 


In addition to her consults at Ohio State, Tam also had a dental cleaning and surgery to remove some benign mammary lumps. Her overall blood work is excellent. On Nov 9, 2018, Tamana had below the knee amputations on both hind legs. They were losing circulation due to her paralysis and were essentially dying. 


Tamana is very curious and has gained confidence over the last few years with every new person and activity. She is generally welcoming to other people and dogs, but sometimes she gets nervous, so we’ve learned that slow introductions are best until she is acclimated. There are 3 cats in her foster home. Tam does well with one of them and isn't fond of the other two. Ideally, her adopter is someone who is retired or works from home and enjoys activity. 


Like most dogs with paralysis, Tam is prone to UTIs and needs her bladder expressed about 3 times per day. Her adopter should plan on having urine tests done every few months to ensure there is no infection. These tests are essential for her well-being - along with treatment of any infection. She does not have any issues with her bowels emptying - though she cannot voluntarily control them. Tam will also benefit from her new home continuing to work on flexibility & stretching with daily 5-10 minute exercises. Recently, Tam took a basic obedience course and learned several commands - and enjoyed it very much!


We are looking to ideally place Tamana with a family in the Northeast Ohio region so that they can visit multiple times & ease the transition period. Her braces, cart & harness will all go with her to her new home. We are hopeful someone will fall for Tamana as much as we have. Also, Tamana was a finalist in Petcurean's "Uplift the Underdog" contest and as such, her adoption fee is sponsored if she is adopted in 2019, and she also received 1 year's worth of high-quality food! 


Her Petfinder link (which includes video): https://www.petfinder.com/dog/tamana-paralyzed-36028583/oh/cleveland-heights/mid-ohio-animal-welfare-league-oh518/.  Email inquiries can be sent to: midohioawl@yahoo.com .

Promise - Cincinnati, OH

Meet Promise.  She is a 3 yr old, 55 lb, female spayed Pittie mix.

Promise had a rough start to life.  She was found abandoned in a home filled with evidence of dog fighting. Our sweet Promise survived being bred several times and endured injuries and suffering we cannot even imagine. She was found in terrible shape - emaciated, with puncture wounds, a semi-healed leg fracture, and infection throughout her body.


It was then that we made a promise to her of a better life, with no more suffering. Promise is back to a healthy, happy dog, and is so excited to begin her "happily ever after." Promise is so, so smart! She knows many basic commands and learns super fast. She would benefit from some mental stimulation in the form of enrichment toys and continued training.


Promise has a permanent bend in her front leg, from the untreated leg fracture. But don't worry...it doesn't slow her down at all! Sweet P loves her people, but is a little skittish around loud noises or quick movements. For this reason, she needs to go to a home with no young children (ages 12+ okay). Promise will also need to be an only pet (no dogs or cats). She is such a special girl and deserves to be treated like the queen she is.

To learn more about Promise, you may email: mandy.f@rescuedandready.org

Radar - Cincinnati, OH (11/3/19 still avail) 

Meet adorable Radar!  He's a 12 yr old, 6 lb, neutered male MaltiPoo.

Radar is just the cutest little tiny bug!  He loves his humans and would enjoy being carried around all day or wheeled around in a stroller.  He sleeps a lot and likes to sleep in your bed but you have to be careful that he doesn't fall off!!  He's just a tiny little dude! 


Radar has Glaucoma and is blind. He uses drops 2x a day to prevent him from losing his eyes completely. His face needs to be wiped from tears and drops. You must have an established vet as a reference to apply to adopt Radar and we would like him to stay within 2 hours of his rescue and even better if he could remain with his current vet! This is not a dealbreaker however.


For more information, please contact us via email at cincyfelines@outlook.com

Susie - Galloway, OH

Meet Susie!  She is a 14 yr old, 30 lb, female spayed Border Collie type.

Susie, who is practically perfect in every way, was taken from a home in which there was evidence of neglect and allegations of physical abuse. Susie is in the beginning stages of heart failure and has been prescribed Lasix twice a day to help reduce the resultant fluid buildup.


Despite her age and health issues, she's still pretty spry - she loves going for walks and then lazing around the house. She also enjoys being groomed and sneaking bites of food from under the kitchen table! She's housebroken and will be so easy to add to a family!

Susie has tested negative for heartworm and is up-to-date on her vaccinations. She does well with cats and some dogs, and also gets along well with kids. If you would like more information about Susie, please email Dani at daninc83@yahoo.com.  We would like Susie to be adopted within a reasonable distance of our location.

Bruno - Galloway, OH

Meet Bruno!  He is an 8 yr old, 94 lb, male castrated Lab mix.

He's a 94 lb neutered Lab mix, who believes he's still small enough to fit in your lap!  Bruno was taken from a home in which there was evidence of neglect and allegations of physical abuse. In spite of this, Bruno loves being groomed, playing with his toys, and cuddling. He is housebroken and definitely lets you know when he needs to go out!


He has issues with his back legs and is due to be put on a joint supplement. Because of this he understandably has some mobility issues, so a home without (or with few) stairs may be best. Though he's somewhat limited, he still loves to go for short walks and enjoys sitting outside with his human pack members on nice days, taking in the weather. Bruno has tested negative for heartworm and is up-to-date on his vaccinations.  He does not do well with other animals, so he would do best in a home where he is the only fur baby. If you would like more information about Bruno, please email Dani at daninc83@yahoo.com.  We would like Bruno to be adopted within a reasonable distance of our location. 

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