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Tamana - Cleveland, OH (9/13/20 still avail)
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Meet Tamana!  She is approximately 6 yrs old and 20 lbs and is a female spayed Spitz mix. 

Tamana was originally found abandoned in Iran - yes, Iran! - with a broken back and bullet in her abdomen in the Fall of 2015. She was taken in by the good folks at MRT rescue in Tehran. We learned about Tamana in January 2016 and knew we had to help her. Animals in general have a difficult time being adopted in Iran, especially special needs animals like Tamana. Through much coordination, we were able to bring her to Cleveland in March 2016 & on the road to a better life. 


Estimated to be around 6 years old, Tamana has seen the specialists at Ohio State University and has undergone many tests and evaluations. They have determined that her paralysis is permanent and that she is suitable for a cart. Tamana (aka Tam) walks with the assistance of a cart when outside for longer distances and periods of time. She typically goes for longer walks several times per week and spends plenty of time in the fenced yard without the cart - as she can move around without it. She does great with car rides & loves being outdoors. Weighing around 20 lbs, Tam is easy to transport. 


In addition to her consults at Ohio State, Tam also had a dental cleaning and surgery to remove some benign mammary lumps. Her overall blood work is excellent. On Nov 9, 2018, Tamana had below the knee amputations on both hind legs. They were losing circulation due to her paralysis and were essentially dying. 


Tamana is very curious and has gained confidence over the last few years with every new person and activity. She is generally welcoming to other people and dogs, but sometimes she gets nervous, so we’ve learned that slow introductions are best until she is acclimated. There are 3 cats in her foster home. Tam does well with one of them and isn't fond of the other two. Ideally, her adopter is someone who is retired or works from home and enjoys activity. 


Like most dogs with paralysis, Tam is prone to UTIs and needs her bladder expressed about 3 times per day. Her adopter should plan on having urine tests done every few months to ensure there is no infection. These tests are essential for her well-being - along with treatment of any infection. She does not have any issues with her bowels emptying - though she cannot voluntarily control them. Tam will also benefit from her new home continuing to work on flexibility & stretching with daily 5-10 minute exercises. Recently, Tam took a basic obedience course and learned several commands - and enjoyed it very much!


We are looking to ideally place Tamana with a family in the Northeast Ohio region so that they can visit multiple times & ease the transition period. Her braces, cart & harness will all go with her to her new home. We are hopeful someone will fall for Tamana as much as we have. Also, Tamana was a finalist in Petcurean's "Uplift the Underdog" contest and as such, her adoption fee is sponsored if she is adopted in 2019, and she also received 1 year's worth of high-quality food! 


Her Petfinder link (which includes video):  Email inquiries can be sent to: .

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