Cappuccino - Fairfax, VA  (9/27/20)

Meet Cappuccino or Chino as his friends call him!  He is an approximately 10 yr old, 8 lb, neutered male tabby cat.

Cappuccino was abandoned by his family and was being fed by the neighborhood until a kind neighbor decided that he was too friendly to be an outdoor cat. They couldn’t take him in because they had several cats of their own, but would spend time feeding him and cuddling him. That's where Little Buddies Animal Rescue stepped in and took him off the streets and got him vetted!


We found out that he is estimated to be10 years old and has kidney failure, which is common in old cats. The vets were disheartened to see such a sweet cat with a condition like this. They attempted giving him IV fluids and his kidney numbers came back to normal! He will always have renal failure and need to be given fluids under his skin twice a week for the rest of his life, but the vets would not give us an estimate on his life span because they have seen cats live for years this way.


Administering fluids is very easy and takes about 5 minutes twice a week. The vet tech showed us once and we were very easily able to do it at home! Eventually the fluids won't work, but right now they are very promising and allow him to live a good happy life. To prevent further damage of his kidneys, we have him on a specialty food diet. The cost of the foods are similar to normal high quality brands and the IV fluid run about $12 a month.


Chino  is a docile cat who is ready to be cared for and loved on in his forever home. He is FIV and FeLV negative.  He is a beautiful tabby with a unique color pattern that is ready to cuddle up in your lap and receive lots and lots of pets. He was shy at first, but now he comes when you call him and will sit front and center if you let him. He will push his head into your hand and mew for attention. We have no idea how he ever became an outdoor cat!  He has been fine with our other fosters even the ones who hiss at him.  

Chino's rescue would like him to stay within a couple hours of Fairfax, VA.   All interested people can send email to either : or

Taffy - Herndon, VA  (10/1/20)

Meet Taffy!  She is a 12 week old, 3 lb, female orange Tabby.  Not many female orange tabbies out there!

Taffy is an adorable, sweet and relaxed young lady. She has no idea that anything about her isn't perfect!  She likes to lie around on the softest blankets she can find. She is excellent with other cats and she has become buddies with her brother Tucker, and her foster sister and for this reason I think she would do excellent in a home with other cats to play with and spend time grooming and cuddling with. At night she will purr while finding a spot to cozy up next to you on the bed. She is such a  loving girl!


At a recent, routine vet appointment she was noted to have a heart murmur. She was referred to a cardiologist who did a heart study on her where she was found to have a heart valve abnormality. She is currently on daily medication, a beta blocker named Atenolol. If the medication works, she will likely be fine as long as she takes the prescribed medication and have a normal life. If it does not work, and the abnormality is more severe, she may have a shortened life, with a rough estimate of about 7 years. She has just recently been started on the medication and has a follow up appointment in one week, where more information can be obtained pointing to which outcome it could be. Even more certainly that that, in 6 months she will have another imaging study done on her heart to see how the medicine has affected the abnormality, and the cardiologist said they would be more comfortable in giving a better diagnosis as to which category the abnormality falls in, and whether the medication will be curative. The cardiologist also said that because of the way the heart valve looked on imaging it was more likely to be fixed by the medication than the more severe outcome, but the doctor wants to keep an eye on it to be sure.


Either way, Taffy is fine now and deserves a loving home with cat brothers and sisters to call her own. Her best friend/brother Tucker is also available for adoption as of now, and if they could go home together I am sure that she would have an even longer happier life! They were to be adopted together, but since Taffy has this condition we thought that might not be possible. After finding we feel that this may still be an option for the pair! 

Taffy's rescue would love her to stay within a couple hours of Herndon, VA.  For all inquiries, please email:

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