Blanche - Cordova, TN (6/28/20)

Meet Blanche!  She is an 8 year old, 19 lb, female spayed pug.

Blanche is an absolute lovebug who loves all other animals and humans of all sizes!!  She has the typical sweet nature of her breed.  Sadly, Blanche has been diagnosed with Pug Myelopathy.  Her disorder is not at all painful to her, she doesn't have any idea she has a problem!  It is a slow degeneration of her spinal cord which can be managed with loving care. In the future, she will possibly start walking funny and then lose her ability to use her hind limbs; she has already lost control of her bladder and bowels. Please note that she still walks fine now, including climbing stairs, and she loves to go for short walks!! Her bladder needs to be expressed periodically throughout the day - we will teach any interested party how to do this, it isn't hard!! She's nice and small which makes it easier.  


She wears a diaper at night, but she has been taking Proin medication and has been sleeping dry through the night. She will eventually need a wheelchair, but that could be years down the road. Blanche is a sweetheart who loves to be with her person at all times. Her adoption fee is $100.  Blanche is available within a reasonable distance to her resuce.

For all further information, please email: info@midsouthpugrescue.org .

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