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Littlejohn - Franklin, TN

Meet Littlejohn!  He is a 12 yr old neutered male Italian Greyhound mix.  He weighs just 12 lbs.


From his foster: He was found wandering on a golf course in very cold weather. He was underweight and had nasty teeth, but he was neutered. Littlejohn also has advanced cataracts and is mostly blind. I know he can see some, because he can go out one doggie door, around the house, up the stairs, and into anther doggie door, and he figured that out on his own. That's pretty good!!


I keep him in diapers right now because he leaks and is still not housebroken reliably. If you take him out, though, he will go immediately, so if your schedule permits this may not be an issue. Littlejohn had extensive bloodwork, which looked good, including a heartworm test, which he aced - no heartworm! He got a much needed dental and a few skin tags and a fatty tumor removed. He has also put on weight and is looking very good now. Littlejohn gets along great with all the other dogs, loves mealtimes, getting rubbed, being carried around like a baby, and soft beds.

If you would like more information on Littlejohn, please send an email to: Heavencanwaitrescue@q.com