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Tiger - Erwin, TN (6/20/20 still available)
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This handsome elder gent is Tiger.  He is a tabby cat, neutered male, and he is 18 years old!!  He weighs 13 lbs.

Tiger is a cat that has surprised everyone! He is elderly, but keeps up with all the other cats this rescue has. He is the purrrrrfect lap cat, always wants to say hi to everyone, and when it is nap time he loves a good window seat. He is easy going and such a joy to be around! Tiger especially loves meal time, chin scratches, and catnip. Since Tiger doesn’t have ANY teeth, he gives the sweetest nibbles!


This guy has been in foster care for a whole year now! He deserves a “happily ever after”! He gets along with all his fellow cats, but hasn’t been introduced to any dogs. He probably would do O.K. with a calm dog. He enjoys a quiet easy life, so a home without children would be ideal.


Tiger was taken to a shelter in North Carolina, after his person of 17 years had to go into nursing facility.  He was adopted from the North Carolina shelter; unfortunately, that did not work out and then was dumped in East Tennessee. He has IBS which is Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This means he has a hard time keeping his food down and having solid stools. However, he is now on a simple medicine regiment that has helped tremendously! He gets a steroid crushed up in his wet food every day and he gets a B-12 injection once a month. He is on a wet food diet and just like people, if he throws up after eating a certain type of food he may not eat it again for some time. So his food has to be rotated every now and then.


Let’s find this special guy a quiet home and a lap to lay on!

Let's get Tiger into his forever home!  For more information please email: .

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