Albert - Coatesville, PA (updated 1/25/20)

This ball of adorableness is Albert!!  Albert is a 1 yr old, 35 lb neutered male mixed breed.  He has never met a human or animal he didn't love!  The top row of photos are when he was younger and the second row is a recent photo of him!

From his rescue:  In December a scared little brown dog was found on the doorstep of a veterinarian's office. No note and no backstory. At that time he was estimated to be about 2 months old. At first glance he looked like he was just sitting there but upon a closer look it was discovered that this little dog's hind legs were paralyzed. The was no way of knowing why he was paralyzed. Was it from birth? Was it from trauma?


A shelter in Georgia took the puppy in and started his work-up. He was evaluated by a vet and a neurologist but answers were still elusive. The shelter reached out for help from rescue. They loved him but knew he needed rescue to give him the best shot at a decent life. Lucky Dawg heard about this puppy called Albert and couldn't say no! 

The look in his eyes in his pictures was all puppy fun! So transportation was arranged and Albert headed north to Pennsylvania!


Since arriving Albert has been examined by our rescue vet and by a neurologist at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates. Through diagnostic tests they were able to determine that Albert suffered at least one lumbar spinal fracture, most likely from trauma. This has caused paralysis from mid-back down. Unfortunately as this is not a recent fracture surgical intervention is not an option. All doctors reassured us that they don't feel Albert is experiencing pain. They loved him from the minute they met him and say with his wheels and his drag bag, in a great family, Albert will grow and flourish as much as any dog! He may not ever have full control over his bladder and bowels but does seem to try to potty outside. And nothing that a belly band and paying attention to his body language can't handle.


We are sure at LDAR that Albert's perfect family is out there. Someone with the interest in helping out a guy with special needs. Anyone with a wheelie dog will tell you they are still dogs. Goofy and playful and funny and just... dogs! Albert is about 5 months old now and 35lbs. He is playful, dog friendly, kid friendly and is learning some commands. He is a typical puppy with lots of energy and loves to play. If you feel drawn to meet and possibly adopt Albert please email or fill out an application at  We generally adopt within a 2 hr driving distance but special considerations will be given to the perfect home for Albert!!

Beatrice - Reading, PA

Meet Beatrice! She is a 9 yr old, 80 lb, spayed female American Bulldog.

Are you looking for a huge, slobbery, stubborn but low-key addition to your family or know anyone who is? Well look no further because Beatrice is your girl.


Her life is NOW way better than her facial expressions would lead you to believe!  You see Beatrice is recovering from some awful neglect. She was crated for 23 hours a day and then her “owner” abandoned her. Unquestionably despicable! But not anymore! Her fosters are making sure she’s living her best life until she finds her furever family. She’s doin’ all of it: walks, hikes, play dates, dog beach, barbecues, hood-rat stuff at the gym, you name it. Even after all that daily activity she just wants to be loved. She is a huge fan of snuggles, belly rubs, and sitting outside on the swing. We’ll never understand how anyone could abandon this perfect gem.

Beatrice has typical large older dog arthritis and is currently living on Gabapentin and Rimadyl to help her out.


She is  good with older kids (over 12), but NO small kids, dogs, cats or other animals. She’s up to date on her vaccinations, spayed, and crate trained.


Submit our adoption application to be considered for Beatrice. Application:

Bertha - Coatesville, PA  (2/2/20)

Meet Bertha!  She is a 1 yr old, 45 lb, female spayed Pittie.

Look at that face! Sweet Bertha is deaf but we know she will make the perfect addition to the right family willing to take the extra steps to keep her safe!  She is housebroken!  Bertha would love to have a confident sibling to help her figure things out, she does great with dogs.  She has never been tested with cats.   She would do best with older children.

Bertha LOVES to play and go on car rides!  She would be a great candidate to learn hand signals.

For all information, please email:

Jojo - Blue Bell (near Philadelphia), PA ADOPTED!

Meet Jojo!!  He is an adorable male Chihuahua puppy!  

Some people may feel sorry for me or believe that I should have been euthanized because I was born with such a severe handicap. Luckily, my rescue knew that with a little TLC, I could live a wonderful life! The technical diagnosis for my condition is “bilateral congenital elbow luxation”.  I couldn't even walk, I had to crawl. 


My prayers were answered when my breeder contacted Home At Last Dog Rescue to see if they would be willing to get me the medical attention I needed. Of course Home At Last agreed and immediately had me examined by an Orthopedic Specialist at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates. Fast forward I have recovered from several surgeries and am able to stand up on my front legs. While I will need more practice using these repaired limbs, I no longer crawl to get where I am going. I think it is probably easier to follow my progress by looking at the pictures! If you are not looking for the “perfect” dog, please consider giving me a forever home because my rescue knows that I am perfect in every way that matters. Even after going through so much I am a happy, loving little boy!!

For all information please email: Lynne @

Hope - Quakertown, PA ADOPTED!! (7/19/20)

Meet Hope!  She is an approximately 6 yr old, 83 lb, female Rhodesian Ridgeback.  After being used in a puppy mill, Hope was discarded like trash before being surrendered to the Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue, Inc.


This sweet girl has been through heartworm treatment and is now clear. Hope has some arthritis in her left stifle, early cataracts, and suffers some separation anxiety. She came into rescue at 100+ pounds, now down to 83.  She is estimated to be 6 or 7 years old.  Her vet recommended that she be spayed 6 months after her heartworm treatment was completed which would put it over the winter. 


Hope is shy, but very sweet, and follows her current foster mom everywhere. Hope will do best in a home where someone is around most of the time, either 1 very laid back dog or no dogs, and no very young children.  


We know that Hope is looking for a very special angel but we are sure that person is out there. If you can open your heart and home to foster Hope, or know of anyone who might be able to foster this sweet girl, please let us know. She is also now available for adoption. If interested in adopting, please submit an application at

Interested parties may also reach out to: Bonnie Louden,  (p) 410.799.1273 or JoAnne Nightingale, (p) 610.486.0153.

Bear - North Wales, PA ADOPTED!! 

Meat Bear Bear!  He is a 9 week old, 10 lb, male German Shepherd puppy.

Bear Bear is a happy, playful, beautiful puppy who is facing a shortened lifespan because of a congenital heart condition. Bear doesn’t know that, though! He just knows he wants to snuggle with his people, play with toys and other dogs, and live the life every puppy dreams of. He’s a bright little boy, and his foster family is already teaching him to sit for treats. Otherwise he is just a typical puppy who needs positive training and consistency.


Bear began his life at a puppy mill. When an exam revealed an abnormal heart, the puppy mill operator turned him over to our rescue. We immediately took him to a veterinary cardiologist, who did an extensive exam and diagnosed severe subaortic stenosis, a congenital malformation of the aortic valve that generally leads to congestive heart failure.


Bear is starting on beta blockers (Atenolol) to reduce the oxygen demand on his heart, but surgical treatments are not recommended. We don’t know how long Bear will be with his family – we hope his heart has years of life in it. We do know he will soak up all the love you have to give, and give you all his love and fun in return. We will only adopt him to a family committed to taking him to regular cardiologist checkups as recommended every several months, and following the cardiologist’s recommendations for medications, exercise and care.


Because his condition is likely to reduce his energy level as he gets older, we would not recommend a family with another young dog who would want an active playmate.


From the cardiologist: Dogs with severe SAS are at risk for fatal abnormal heart rhythms leading to sudden death, which typically occurs in the first two years of life. All dogs with SAS are at higher risk for accumulating bacteria on the aortic valve, a condition called endocarditis. Because of this increased risk, we recommend they receive prophylactic antibiotics prior to, during, and sometimes after any dental or surgical procedure in the future. Dogs with moderate to severe SAS might receive medications to help keep the heart rate relatively slow and undergo periodic echocardiographic or ECG exams. Serial echocardiography will be required to monitor Bear's progression and determine if he might benefit from additional medical therapy in the future. Dogs with SAS should be monitored for intolerance to activity, fainting, or respiratory distress. Since Bear's left atrial chamber size is normal, his immediate risk for developing left-sided congestive heart failure does not appear to be high. Although, depending on his clinical progression, he might be at risk for developing CHF in the future. Chronic oral beta blocker therapy is recommended to try to decrease the oxygen demand of the heart. The beta blocker medication might have additional beneficial effects. Depending on Bear's progression, additional medications might be recommended in the future.

We believe that in spite of Bear's prognosis, he DESERVES to live his best life with a family who will love him to bits and give him the care he needs!  All questions may be directed to

Randall - Amber, PA  (9/13/20)

Meet Randall!  He is an approximately 5 yr old, 8.4 lb, neutered male Chihuahua.

Here's Randall's story in his own words: Hi!  I'm Randall!  I came from a house with 13 dogs. My owner died, so we all had to look for new homes! I came up North to Home at Last and went to the vet to get some rotten teeth pulled. But it turns out, my jaw has been broken for quite some time, so he wasn’t able to remove all of my rotten teeth. Maybe I could get my jaw removed, but I don’t like that option, so I’m planning to just try to live my best life as long as I can without major surgery!


I also have very little hair on my back, so my foster mom is giving me a special weekly bath and hoping that will help. I will probably need routine vet appointments while all of my issues are sorted, just to make sure I am as comfortable as possible.


I am a pretty low-key dog. I like to jump into the nearest human lap and fall asleep. I’m good in my crate, I’m house-trained on a schedule (your job to monitor the schedule, not mine), and I walk well on a leash. I pretty much ignore the dogs that I meet on my walks, and the foster dog I lived with for a week! So I would probably be fine either as an only dog, or as an additional one. I haven’t met any cats, and I’m probably too small and fragile to be around kids under 12. I am currently on post-surgery pain medications (gabapentin, rimadyl, tramadol) and I get a weekly bath with Malaseb. I just finished with 10 days of eye drops (Neopoly Dex Opthalmic Suspension)--I'm not sure if I'll need to use those again some time but it's not that bad.

Randall is available to be adopted anywhere as long as the adopter comes to meet him and pick him up. For all further info, please email:

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