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Albert - Coatesville, PA

This ball of adorableness is Albert!!  Albert is a ~5 month old, 35 lb neutered male mixed breed.  He has never met a human or animal he didn't love!

From his rescue:  In December a scared little brown dog was found on the doorstep of a veterinarian's office. No note and no backstory. At that time he was estimated to be about 2 months old. At first glance he looked like he was just sitting there but upon a closer look it was discovered that this little dog's hind legs were paralyzed. The was no way of knowing why he was paralyzed. Was it from birth? Was it from trauma?


A shelter in Georgia took the puppy in and started his work-up. He was evaluated by a vet and a neurologist but answers were still elusive. The shelter reached out for help from rescue. They loved him but knew he needed rescue to give him the best shot at a decent life. Lucky Dawg heard about this puppy called Albert and couldn't say no! 

The look in his eyes in his pictures was all puppy fun! So transportation was arranged and Albert headed north to Pennsylvania!


Since arriving Albert has been examined by our rescue vet and by a neurologist at Metropolitan Veterinary Associates. Through diagnostic tests they were able to determine that Albert suffered at least one lumbar spinal fracture, most likely from trauma. This has caused paralysis from mid-back down. Unfortunately as this is not a recent fracture surgical intervention is not an option. All doctors reassured us that they don't feel Albert is experiencing pain. They loved him from the minute they met him and say with his wheels and his drag bag, in a great family, Albert will grow and flourish as much as any dog! He may not ever have full control over his bladder and bowels but does seem to try to potty outside. And nothing that a belly band and paying attention to his body language can't handle.


We are sure at LDAR that Albert's perfect family is out there. Someone with the interest in helping out a guy with special needs. Anyone with a wheelie dog will tell you they are still dogs. Goofy and playful and funny and just... dogs! Albert is about 5 months old now and 35lbs. He is playful, dog friendly, kid friendly and is learning some commands. He is a typical puppy with lots of energy and loves to play. If you feel drawn to meet and possibly adopt Albert please email luckydawgar@gmail.com or fill out an application at www.luckydawganimalrescue.com  We generally adopt within a 2 hr driving distance but special considerations will be given to the perfect home for Albert!!

Scooter - Montgomery County, PA

This ball of love is Scooter!  Scooter is a 1.5 yr old neutered male Pittie who is ready to steal your heart!  Scooter loves humans of ALL ages, is great with dogs, is housebroken and crate trained!!  Scooter hasn't met a cat yet so we don't know how he is with them. 

Scooter was recently diagnosed with Megaesophagus, a condition where his esophagus doesn’t have muscle tone to move food down to his stomach. During testing, the veterinarian found that some food does move on his own so he does have some muscle control but not all. To help with this condition, Scooter needs to be fed in an upright position in something called a “Bailey Chair” which positions him correctly for gravity to move the food to his stomach. It's not a big deal, it just takes a little longer for him to eat.

Scooter is described as amazing by everyone who has met him including his veterinarian! He is such a deserving guy and would love a home where someone can devote a few extra minutes at mealtime! Please visit www.Homeatlastdogrescue.org to complete an application or email rotnlab@verizon.net for more information!

Estrella - Philadelphia, PA

From Estrella's foster: 

She has the sweetest demeanor, and LOVES people. She is blind as a bat, but that doesn't prevent her from being the perfect dog for someone who is willing to accommodate her and her special-needs. She is SUPER loveable and the perfect family dog!

She barks when she needs attention or help, and is walking around enough now that she can manage her way around the house quite well although mobility with her weak hind end still isn't her strongest suit!

She even sniffs around outside a bit more now, and will come to me when I call her :) She wags her tail a lot and seems to be really happy when she is awake. We take her for car rides, & to little league baseball games, and she loves the companionship. She thoroughly enjoys attention, belly rubs, and compliments. We tell her she is a good girl like 1000x a day. haha She will either sleep in her bed on the floor next to mine, or with me :)

She also now eats! She loved the bananas, training treats, and chicken&rice soup we offered, over the canned food & kibble.

For more information please email: mbernstein@pspca.org

Prince - Philadelphia, PA

This handsome silver fox is Prince.  He is a 10 yr old, 66 lb neutered male Pittie.

This boy is the sweetest, best guy in all the land.  This amazingly charming grey muzzled man is just the biggest sweetheart. He originally came to the PSPCA via a Cruelty/Neglect case almost a year ago. He was seized by our Humane Law Enforcement team after he was found living in horribly unsanitary conditions.


Prince was adopted out shortly after his arrival at the shelter, but unfortunately returned as the adoption was not a good fit. He is a pretty low-key guy with some "old-man" issues. He's got painful hips which he's on medication and supplements for, and his vision/hearing is on it's way out. But he doesn't let that get him down! He loves to spend time out in the sunshine with his volunteer pals and does the slowest , most joyful, zoomies you've ever seen!


He has shown us that he loves spending time with like-minded dogs, and probably wouldn't mind hanging out with a cat either. He does have a tendency to guard things that he deems valuable, but will trade these things pretty easily for a high-value treat. He's just looking for a home where he can chillax for the rest of his days, and get the love he so truly deserves.

For more information, please email mbernstein@pspca.org

Arlo - East Greenville, PA

Arlo was born in one of our foster homes on March 15, 2019. His mom is definitely a Chihuahua mix and she is about 18 pounds.  Arlo does look like he does have some Weimaraner or possibly pointer - he currently weighs 20 lbs. We can rule out Pittie, but the older he is getting, the more you can see some sort of hunting dog.


Arlo is a special needs puppy. He has a birth defect which we noticed when he started to walk. He is wobbly in his back end - that is called ataxia and it's a neurological problem. He does also have some trouble holding his urine and does leak sometimes. He does very well with a belly band! He does occasionally have a bowel issue, but not very often.


Despite all of this, Arlo is very sweet and super smart. He loves to swim and his foster mom is doing some swimming therapy for him. He is incredibly friendly and social. He loves kids and other animals!


Arlo is now neutered, up to date with vaccines for his age and microchipped. If you are interested in adopting Arlo please visit our website www.LHARInc.org go to Adopt and complete the dog adoption application.  You can also email: Info@lharinc.org or call:  484-719-7101.

Beatrice - Reading, PA

Meet Beatrice! She is a 9 yr old, 80 lb, spayed female American Bulldog.

Are you looking for a huge, slobbery, stubborn but low-key addition to your family or know anyone who is? Well look no further because Beatrice is your girl.


Her life is NOW way better than her facial expressions would lead you to believe!  You see Beatrice is recovering from some awful neglect. She was crated for 23 hours a day and then her “owner” abandoned her. Unquestionably despicable! But not anymore! Her fosters are making sure she’s living her best life until she finds her furever family. She’s doin’ all of it: walks, hikes, play dates, dog beach, barbecues, hood-rat stuff at the gym, you name it. Even after all that daily activity she just wants to be loved. She is a huge fan of snuggles, belly rubs, and sitting outside on the swing. We’ll never understand how anyone could abandon this perfect gem.

Beatrice has typical large older dog arthritis and is currently living on Gabapentin and Rimadyl to help her out.


She is  good with older kids (over 12), but NO small kids, dogs, cats or other animals. She’s up to date on her vaccinations, spayed, and crate trained.


Submit our adoption application to be considered for Beatrice. Application: https://form.jotform.com/83647485781169

Annie - Glenside, PA

Meet Annie!  She is a 5 yr old, spayed female,  90 lb silver Doberman.

Annie was used as a breeder and then dumped when she was no longer able to produce more puppies. Poor Annie has been through heartworms (now cleared), mammary cancer (which may recur sometime down the road) and needs to be kept on a sensitive stomach diet.


Despite what this beautiful girl has been through she is now thriving, affectionate, playful and thinks shes a lap dog. Annie is considered hospice due to the cancer-but she is a bright, happy girl that more than deserves her happily ever after.

Annie is housebroken, good with all kids, animals, and is a very loving girl!  She is available in states surrounding southeastern PA.  For more information, please email: Almosthomefordogs@yahoo.com.

Dusty - Norristown, PA

Meet Dusty!  He is an 8 month old, 60 lb, neutered male Golden Retriever.

Dusty is a beautiful, adorable, and typical Golden pup!!  He adores all adults, animals, and children he meets...Dusty could probably make friends with a bale of hay if you let him!  He is housebroken and a very sweet guy.

Dusty walks with an abnormal gait in his hind limbs, he sways.  His rescue took him to the vet who took radiographs of his hind-end which were normal.  They followed up with a specialist who found that Dusty had significant pain when his hips were manipulated, the rest of the joints in his hindlegs were normal on palpation.  Dusty may grow out of this condition but there are no guarantees.

Dusty has several options, from conservative management with exercise management/NSAIDS to see how he does to surgery in the future if conservative management fails.  The most important thing is that he find a loving home who will commit to helping him live his best life!! If you are a Golden Retriever fan and have room in your heart for a special needs pup, Dusty is for you!

For more information, please email: Rffchrissie@yahoo.com