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Elsa - North Wales, PA (10/28/20)
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Meet Elsa!  She is a 4 month old, 15 lb, female spayed Pittie mix.

This sweet puppy looks like she came right out of the movie Frozen with her snowy white coat and crystal clear eyes! Elsa is a four-month old female pit-mix with special needs, who is looking for a very special family to welcome her into their home.


Elsa arrived in PA recently from the South, where she was surrendered in very sad shape. Home at Last stepped in to rescue this sweet girl and provide her with the best chance of finding a loving forever home. A neurology consult visit was completed for Elsa when she arrived here, where it was determined that she suffers from issues with the back part of her brain known as the vestibular system, which controls balance.


When there is a problem with the vestibular system, you become dizzy. This dizziness can lead to a head tilt, rapid eye movements and walking in circles, all of which are symptoms being exhibited by sweet Elsa. Possible causes include an infection/inflammation resulting from a traumatic brain injury, congenital malformation, degenerative disease and less likely neoplasia (cancer). Elsa has begun a course of treatment with an antibiotic (clindomycin) and steroid (prednisone) to treat a possible infection/inflammation in her brain.


Elsa, aside from the issues described above, has an excellent quality of life. She absolutely adores her foster mom and family, and gets along fantastically with her foster dog siblings, which include small and large breeds. Elsa is so affectionate that she falls asleep as soon as you start petting her in your lap! 


She would do best in a household without long flights of stairs, or one where stair-use can be restricted, as she tends to use her left paw as a “feeler” and sometimes can stumble. Elsa also needs a family who is committed to continuing her housebreaking and puppy training. Elsa will make a wonderful doggy companion and additional member of a family who is willing to see past her physical neurological abnormalities and help her to enjoy her life! While it is uncertain as to whether her neurological issues will affect her lifespan, at this time she is a happy sweet puppy who just wants to be loved. Elsa has been spayed, micro-chipped, and is up-to-date on all of her shots. If this sweet girl sounds like she could be a match for your family, submit an application today at!  Elsa's rescue would like her to stay relatively local to the rescue, please reach out with any inquiries!

Pumpkin Spice - Lansdale, PA (10/28/20)
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Meet Pumpkin Spice!  She is at least 5 years old (though is likely older), 60 lb, female spayed Husky.

What do you think of when you think of pumpkin spice? Something warm and comforting? Well that’s exactly the type of home that is needed for our very special Pumpkin Spice. Pumpkin is a beautiful red coated husky that is a puppy mill survivor and was recently surrendered to Home at Last.


We discovered that Pumpkin is diabetic and is nearly blind and has gone without much needed medical care for a long time. Despite her physical ailments, she is gentle, sweet and loving. We do not deserve how wonderful dogs spite of everything she's been through, she just wants to love!


She takes great comfort in being patted and will often paw at your for more. She also adores the comfort of a soft dog bed. She is able to navigate the house and fenced in back yard with a few bumps but is getting better in her movements every day as she learns the layout of the house. Her medical records say she’s about 60 pounds and five years old but we suspect she’s older. She has a lot of love to give and needs a family that will care for her in her retirement years. Because of her diabetes she will need a special diet and insulin injections daily. She will go to the bathroom when you take her out but won't always remember to ask just yet.  Her rescue would like her to stay within 3-4 hours of her current location. 


Are you the family that will open your heart and your home to her? Reach out for more information or to apply

Little and Lani - North Wales, PA  ADOPTED!!(11/29/20)
LIttle and Lani 1.3.jpg
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Meet Little and Lannie!  Little is 8 and her mom, Lannie, is 10.  They are both about ~42 lbs and are spayed females Collie mixes.


Oh this is just so sad. How big is your heart? Could you be the hero these sweet collie mixes need? Little, the mostly white dog, is deaf and almost entirely blind. She’s 8. Her mama, Lannie, is 10. They came to us after their owner was no longer able to care for them herself. Lannie had such a bad reaction to flea bites that she was covered in scabs and lost much of her fur. These sweet dogs haven't had it easy and they deserve to find their angel. 


Now they are in a foster home, healing and ready to find their forever home. Lannie’s skin is doing much better and her coat is coming back. Little is learning her way around the house and yard. Both enjoy getting a little loving from people, and their favorite activity is napping on soft, comfortable beds and couches, and begging for their favorite treat -- string cheese. They are mostly housebroken and good with cats, dogs and kids. Little is particularly playful and when her mom won't play with her, she's happy to play with her foster sister, a German shepherd. Lannie lets the resident cat nap with her. They are otherwise healthy.  Little just needs a family who will be patient with her while she learns her way around the house. We want them to be adopted together so we will adopt both for the cost of one adoption fee, $350.

Their rescue, Home at Last would like them to stay within 250 miles of the rescue.  For all information, please email:

Bruce - Ambler, PA (near Philadelphia)   (12/14/20)
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Meet Bruce!  He is an ~12 yr old, 15 lb, male Chihuahua mix.

Bruce was found living in an abandoned home in Philadelphia with 2 cats! This poor old guy. He is listed as a chi mix, but he has a very deep bark! He cannot be neutered or get his teeth fixed as his heart isn't in great shape. He has been diagnosed with moderate chronic valve disease and left-sided congestive heart failure. He's currently taking 4 different pills for his ticker: Lasix 12.5 mg, Benazepril 5 mg., Pimobendan 1.25 mg., and Sprironolactone, 25 mg.


He is mostly blind (seems to see light and perhaps large objects), and he doesn't hear very well. He is not house-trained, but he will do his business outside if you are careful to take him out a lot! He sleeps in his crate all night without an accident, and wears a belly band around the house in between trips outside. He is super soft, and doesn’t shed much. He loves to burrow under a blanket or under an arm, and he loves a warm lap! He doesn't hold all of his years of neglect against anyone. Bruce needs a home with older or no children because of his vision problems,he's a fragile little guy, but he seems to love people of all sizes. He barks at other dogs at first, but seems to be fine with them once introduced. Can you give Bruce a home to live out his life with love and comfort?


People must come to Ambler, PA to meet Bruce to adopt and his adoption fee is $350.  For all inquiries, please visit

Hank - Boyertown, PA (12/26/20)
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Meet Hank!  He is a 13 yr old, 66 lb, neutered male Pibble/Lab mix. 

Oh this sweet elder-bull!! If you've never had the love of a senior like Hank, you haven't lived.  Hank lived with a family for most of his life, is housebroken, and is just a sweet, old man who deserves to live out his life warm and loved. 


From Hank: My foster mom calls me Hank the tank because I love all the food she gives me! Especially that lamb and rice ( I’m drooling just thinking about it). Currently I’m HW+ which means I need to take 1 heartworm pill every month on the same day! My lungs aren't normal and I've had a few xrays that show that they are abnormal and have gotten worse.  I am now taking prednisone and doxycycline to help me breathe easier. I enjoy playing with stuffed toys, sitting by a fire, and taking nice walks. He takes his meds just fine and is honestly just grateful to have a quiet and soft place to park his bum. 


I don’t mind other dogs as long as they leave me alone and aren’t jumping in my face. I like kids too but older kids would be preferred because I'm pretty fragile and little kids might not respect that. If you have a quieter home and a comfy spot for me, I would love to spend the rest of my life with you!  

Hank's rescue would like him to stay relatively local to them but if you have fallen in love with him through this listing and are a bit farther,  please still reach out to his foster!  Her email is:

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