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Shaquille - Philadelphia, PA

This is Shaquille aka Shaq!  He is a 6 yr old neutered male short haired cat who weighs 9 lbs.  

Shaq is a talented man who was found in the parking lot of PAWS' Grays Ferry clinic...right in the heart of the city of Philadelphia.  Just like his namesake, he demonstrated impressive running and dodging skills, before going straight into the net.


Nowadays, he's more of a retired athlete who spends his days lying in the windowsill of his foster home, though he still enjoys the occasional workout with his toys and scratching post. Shaq is a bit of a shy boy who might run away and hide at first, but if you wait for him to come to you (and maybe offer some tuna) he will let you brush him and scratch his head endlessly.


He’s a pretty chill guy who would do best in a calm home with people (and even cats) who will be patient as he adjusts to his new surroundings. He's a sweet and sensitive boy who will keep you entertained with his adorable way of playing and reward you with all the affection!


Shaquille has kidney disease and is considered a hospice case. We would love to find him a forever home that can provide him with the care and comfort he needs in the time he has left.   Shaq has been in the shelter for over a year... he's in foster now but it's time for him to find his forever home!!   We know there's someone out there who will bring him home and let him hang out and enjoy his life.  For more information, please email: lauren@phillypaws.org

Rascal - Philadelphia, PA

This beautiful guy is Rascal.  He is a 2 yr old, 6 lb, neutered male medium haired kitty.

Rascal was found abandoned on the front steps of our shelter just a few weeks ago. At first glance, our staff wasn't quite sure what was going on with him! Rascal's right rear leg is stuck at a 45 degree angle, a deformity that may have occurred from a past un-treated break. In every other way, he's a normal, happy cat, but he will definitely need a home that can accommodate the special needs that accompany his mobility issues.


Our vets have determined that Rascal's leg is probably better off staying right where it is, as he seems to have adjusted pretty well to it (sometimes even using it to balance) and doesn't seem to be in any pain. Lucky for us, he is the absolute sweetest peanut around! He lives for head rubs and is such a social butterfly! He would do wonderfully in a home with people of all ages, and would likely tolerate any animals who will tolerate him. He's an incredibly even-tempered cat and does beautifully for all of his medical handling. Now all he needs is a home!

For more information, please email mbernstein@pspca.org

Ivy - Lansdale, PA

Meet Miss Ivy!  She is a 1 yr old, 8 lb, female spayed cat.

This short haired grey tabby was found dumped in the woods when she was 6 months old. A kind stranger found her and Ivy then became a Tiny Miracle.


Ivy is a playful little gal who is looking to be the apple of your eye as an only cat in the house. Despite being FIV positive, Ivy is healthy, happy and ready to live a totally normal life with you. Many cats are never symptomatic from FIV. Here is a link to more information: https://www.hospicepet.com/fiv-and-felv

While in foster care, she has come so far from her early beginnings. She loves her foster mom and dad but has some trouble with other cats. We believe she had to fight for herself in the woods and sees other animals as a threat. Ivy is young and energetic with her play, the laser pointer being among her favorites, and will then snuggle up next to you on the couch for belly rubs and ear scratches. This super sweet gal is well behaved; litter trained, likes her scratching post. If you are looking for an only cat, this Little Lady is perfect for you. Please visit www.tinymiraclesrescue.org for an application. You can also call Kate (foster mom): 267-446-3343, Tiny Miracles: 215-997-2844 or email: tiny_miracles@msn.com.

Sebastian - Philadelphia, PA

This adorable mini-panther is Sebastian!  He is a 3 yr old, 9 lb, neutered male cat.

Sebastian is a medium to long hair boy with beautiful green eyes. Sebastian is quite the love with a very entertaining personality. He's better than Netflix and Hulu combined! Sebastian loves people and will talk to whomever wants to listen. 


He is FIV + but that won't stop him from living a long, happy life. He is FeLV NEGATIVE, fully vetted, and microchipped. Most cats with FIV don't experience any significant FIV-health-related issues once they are fixed and living inside. The virus can affect their immune systems and make them more susceptible to kitty colds, and they are also prone to having dental issues, but most live long, relatively healthy lives. They don't need any special care or medication, just an indoor lifestyle and regular check-ups with a veterinarian. The thinking has also changed on how easily the virus can be transmitted to other cats -- it's primarily transmitted by deep bite wounds, so it's now believed that non-aggressive FIV+ cats can safely live with non-FIV cats. Regular indoor-kitty wrestling and rough-housing that doesn't result in bites that break the skin will not transmit the virus. Lots of information at: https://www.hospicepet.com/fiv-and-felv


He is a perfect gentleman with other cats and kittens, is not used to dogs but could get used to them under the proper circumstances.  Please contact us if you are interested in giving this gorgeous guy a wonderful home that he deserves.  For information please call: 215-460-5062 or email: hart2heart.philly@gmail.com

Dusty (mama), Flannel (grey kitten), and Cotton (white kitten)  - Coatesville, PA

Meet beautiful Dusty and her kittens, Flannel and Cotton!  Dusty is approximately 1-2 yrs old and her baby boys are about 8 weeks.  **Update - Flannel and Cotton have been adopted but sweet Dusty is still hoping!!  

Oh the cuteness!!! We're not telling this little family that people have been overlooking them because we think they're just perfect!


This is Dusty (Mama), Flannel (gray baby boy) and Cotton (white baby boy). They came to LDAR from a local farm and are looking for homes (or one home!) You'd never know that mama Dusty hasn't been a beloved, indoor kitty, she's lovely!  She is healthy but she did test positive for FIV.


Her babies are about 6-8 weeks old and they also tested positive but those tests may convert to negative once weaned. They will need follow up testing to check their status. We'd love the babies to go home together if that's possible because they just love each other. I could watch them play for hours! Dusty is sweet and friendly she deserves a loving home too.  And the babies are fun, playful, adorable kittens.


Read more about FIV here, it is NOT spread through casual contact so non-aggressive FIV + cats can live with FIV - cats and not spread the disease!   https://www.hospicepet.com/fiv-and-felv .

Contact luckydawgar@gmail.com if you'd like to meet them!

Batman - Malvern, PA

nana nana nana nana BATMAN!!  Meet Batman.  He is a 13 yr old, 9 lb, neutered male cat.

LAP CAT!!! SUPER SENIOR!!! Batman is a handsome ebony 10-year-old senior citizen with a big personality. If you are looking for a cat that likes people, he is the cat for you! Batman is a special cat and has been with his foster parents for over two months. Within 24 hours of his arrival at his foster home, he was sitting on laps, and friendly to anyone who visited. His foster parents nicknamed him ‘Shadow’ because he follows them around the house, and always wants to be with people. They have grown quite fond of him, and he has earned the privilege of roaming the house.


He is very sweet and friendly and is happiest sitting on a lap, purring, and having his head scratched. Batman gets along with most other cats but would do best in a home without dogs. As you have read, Batman sure is a wonderful cat and because of his recent diagnosis, time is of the essence. Batman has early chronic kidney disease which requires a special diet and lots of extra snuggles. Our vets said he still has a few years of unconditional love to give.


Does Batman sound as if if will fit right into your household and lap? Please submit a no-obligation adoption application to meet him: http://www.forgottencats.org/application.php. Thank you! (Foster: Debbie S.). NOTE: Weight is approximate.

Mowgli - Kennett Square, PA

Meet Mowgli!  He is a 10 yr old, 10 lb, neutered male cat.


Here is why YOU should adopt Mowgli. Mowgli aka Moo is beyond sweet!! He snuggles right up on your chest and starts purring the second you walk in the room. Mowgli is an easy cat the spends the day primarily sleeping. He loves to sleep on sandals and sneakers. Living the street cat life, he does love people food. Do not be surprised if he steals your bacon right from your hand! Even at the ripe age of 10 years old, Mowgli loves to play. He lives with quite a few other kitties and he gets along great with everyone.

Mowgli's story is incredibly sad.  He lived outside and went door to door trying to get into people's warm homes.  He was really straggly and pathetic looking and nobody wanted him.  One woman chased him with a broom up a tree every day to get her away from her house - she was proud of this when she told Forgotten Cats!!  

Even the children were taught to throw things at Mowgli if he got close. Mowgli would stay in his tree until he felt it was safe to come down and then he would scavenge for any scraps of food he could find. When our volunteers arrived it took some coaxing to get him down (lots of wet food), but when he walked into the arms of our volunteers, his life changed forever. We wish his story just turned magically happy once he was rescued. But it did not. Mowgli was diagnosed as being in early renal failure. BUT, with a special diet and extra TLC, our vet believes he still has a few good years left to live! 

It breaks our heart to think about the pain and heartbreak this cat has felt. YOU can mend his broken heart by giving him a loving, safe, forever home. Side note: Mowgli no longer needs to wear t-shirts as shown in his photos. He wore them while recovering from skin issues. However, he did not mind the shirts and I’m sure would be happy to hear a superhero shirt again! Mowgli would SO like to know that someone is interested in offering him a home. Please submit a no-obligation adoption application to meet him: http://www.forgottencats.org/application.php. Thank you! (Foster: Olivia W.)