Skimbleshanks - Willow Grove, PA  (10/28/20)

Meet Skimbleshanks!  He is a 10 yr old, >14 lb, neutered male, declawed (he came that way) cat.

This great big gray fella is all personality!  He is very vocal and ready to converse with you! He wants food and attention, and he's going to let you know it. He's very active, gets along with other cats and loves to eat their food.  What else are siblings for?

Skimble came to Forgotten Cats already neutered and declawed and has since been diagnosed as diabetic. He receives insulin 2x and day and is eating special food. He will need to have his blood sugar level checked at times. Skimble has not been around children and dogs.  


If you want to arrange a visit or have questions about Skimble, please email If you are interested in adopting him, please submit an online no-obligation adoption application @

Creme - Philadelphia, PA   (6/20/20)

Meet Creme!  He is a 10 lb, 11 lb, neutered male cat.

Does any kind person have a cat sized space in their house where a super sweet, special-needs, low-key boy can just hang out?


This sweet, mellow cat has had some rough luck in his life. He's been bounced in and out of the shelter several times since 2011 due to no fault of his own. He's a darling boy who has lived with children and just likes to hang out.


He has been diagnosed with diabetes, which in addition to his senior age, makes it a little tricky for him to find the right home. He's on a special glycobalance diet, and gets two insulin injections per day, which he's a champ for! These are not hard! He's looking for a loving home where he can relax and live out his golden years.

For all information, please email:

Nick - Coatesville, PA (6/20/20)

Meet Nick!  He is a 1 yr old, 8 lb neutered male cat. 

Nick has struggled with health problems for his entire life and has grown up in a foster home, but is ready to find a home that is willing to care for him. Nick is over a year old now and loves dogs and gets along with other cats, however recommend him to an only-cat home as we still don't know what's truly causing his illness. Some of Nick's siblings and his mother have passed away due to FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), so we assume this is what Nick has as well. His symptoms appear every once in a while such as watery eyes and weight loss.


When in remission, Nick is a very robust boy and is active and affectionate. Nick sneezes a lot and produces mucus from his nose. He almost always has watery/infected eyes, which lead to upper respiratory infection. He is not fully litter trained and will need to be worked with to re-acclimate to a litter box in his environment. His foster home cannot keep him forever and the cost of his vet care is too much for our small rescue to sustain for much longer. Any adopter interested in Nick must understand he needs extensive vet care. His condition is being managed right now, but he may not live a full life of a healthy cat. He typically visits the vet about once a month/every other month and he has taken a few trips to the emergency vet when his symptoms intensified. We're looking for a forever home for him as long as his "forever" may be. Please consider adopting Nick!

In terms of adoption radius, we would consider upwards of a 5 hour drive if it was the right fit.  For all information please call Treetops Kitty Cafe - Treetops Animal Rescue at (610) 925-2908 or email:

Kit Kat - Pittsburgh, PA  (7/26/20) ADOPTED!!

Meet Kit Kat!  She is a 6 yr old, female spayed, 9 lb calico beauty.

Kit Kat is a beautiful, sweet, playful, and energetic baby girl who needs a foster or forever home without any other pets. She is very affectionate and loves to snuggle with you. She also loves kissing your nose and chasing bugs. She's just adorable!


She is a special needs kitty because she has diabetes. She was going to be euthanized by her previous owners, but the euthanasia was fortunately denied because she just needed some medication and TLC. She is doing so much better now and is currently on 3 units of ProZinc insulin 2x a day. If you could open your home to her please reach out! She is also declawed and may take a few days to warm up to you, but once she does she will be the best companion kitty.

For more information, please call Diabetic Cats in Need: (412) 928-9777.   There are no distance limitations on her adoption.  Her rescue would prefer she only go to a home with older children. 

Mr. Beluga - Philadelphia, PA (8/16/20)

Meet Mr. Beluga!  He is a 12 yr old, 11 lb, neutered male cat. 

Who wouldn't love head bonks from this handsome gent?  Super sweet, loving, and playful are the perfect words to describe Mr. Beluga. This special cat is a senior fellow with a heart of gold who is very affectionate and still has a fair amount of playful energy. He will show you his love with lots of cuddling, purring, head bumps, and "hugs", but also likes to sit by himself--a nice mix of cuddle time and personal space. Mr. Beluga also likes to play and has tons of fun chasing ribbons and playing with spring toys.  We don't know how long Mr. Beluga has left but he deserves to spend out his remaining time with a wonderful family! 


Mr. Beluga has tested positive for FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), which means his immune system is less developed, but doesn't require special treatment or affect his chances to live a full and happy life. Staff will be happy to tell you more about FIV if you have any questions at all, or you can learn more info here!:   It is now widely accepted that FIV(+) cats can safely live with FIV(-) cats as long as they are not aggressive! FIV is not spread through casual contact such as sharing a water dish or a living space.


Additionally, Mr. Beluga could use more dental work - he has a history of very bad dental disease and has several teeth that will probably need to come out. However, he had a bad reaction to the anesthesia during his last dental surgery, so there is additional risk to be considered when planning any future treatment...frequently with complicated special needs animals, you need to weigh the pros and cons of every procedure with your veterinarian.  Due to complications related to his reaction to the anesthesia, he requires prescription food that helps keep his urinary system healthy (this can be purchased from PAWS or most other vets). Mr. Beluga is a very special cat and has been through a lot, but through it all has remained incredibly sweet, kind, and gentle. He would be happy in a relatively calm household with adults or older kids/teens, where he has room to play and windows to sit by (he likes to keep an eye on the birds!).

There are no adoption distance restrictions on Mr. Beluga but you must provide his transport.  Interested people should email his foster mom at to set up a virtual meet and greet! 

**Due to the pandemic, PAWS’ Adoption Centers are closed to browsing until further notice and adoptions are taking place by appointment only through our Grays Ferry location and our foster homes.* Due to an extremely high volume of adoption applications, we are prioritizing applications for specific urgent animals.


If you are interested in adopting, please submit your online application AND email us at with the pet’s name in the subject, letting us know you are ready to move forward with the adoption process. Link to the adoption application: .  His adoption fee is $64.80.

Great Grandma Nikki - Philadelphia, PA    (8/16/20)

Meet Great Grandma Nikki!  She is a 13 yr old, 8 lb, female spayed beauty. 

Great Grandma Nikki is a sweetheart of a senior lady who came to PAWS after her owner passed away. Great Grandma loves to yell for you to hurry up and feed her or pet her but it's the sweetest old lady meow ever and so endearing! She would be a great companion for someone who is looking for a cat who just likes to be lazy and sleep most of the day. She is not a super cuddler but will absolutely come to you for head and chin scratches often!


Grandma is super easy to care for and her only special requirement is a special food to keep her kidneys healthy. Otherwise, she is a perfect angel! Great Grandma Nikki would enjoy a quiet home without small children who might overwhelm her. She is okay with respectful cats who mostly leave her alone and she has not been tested with dogs. Adopt this special girl today! You won't regret it!


Adoption fee: $64.80. ​Great Grandma Nikki is not at the shelter. Please email her foster parent at to learn more about her!  There are no distance restrictions to adoption but you must provide your own transport.  Here is the link to the adoption application: 

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