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Wheaties - Molalla, OR ADOPTED!!
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This stunning guy is Wheaties!   We think he looks like a miniature senior panther.  Wheaties is a 12 yr old, 12 lb neutered male cat.  

Like the breakfast of champions, 12 year old Wheaties is a true classic. You'd never know that this handsome senior kitty has lived a tough outdoor life, one that would have left many cats with a chip on their shoulders and no room in their heart for human companionship.


Since he came to the village, there hasn't been a hand that he doesn't want petting him, a lap he doesn't want to sit on, or a face he doesn't want to enthusiastically bump. No one is a stranger to this one, his love knows no boundaries, he considers everyone a friend and the disposition Wheaties chooses is sweet and gentle.


In fact, the only serious thing about Wheaties is the gratitude he intends to show every human he meets... he's truly an inspiration wrapped in a breath of fresh air. Somewhere along the way, he also developed impeccable house manners and blends in perfectly with other cats, kiddos and even those pesky dogs.


Anyone looking for a reason to smile should meet Wheaties and consider bringing him into their family, there is no doubt that this boy will show you the true meaning of friendship. Wheaties is in the early stages of renal failure. His foster is available to set up a meet and greet, but we must warn you, Wheaties is going to do his very best to charm you into taking him home.  If you are interested in more information about Wheaties, please call 503.939.2480 or email:

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