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Zane - Oklahoma City, OK

This very handsome gentleman is Zane!  Zane is a 10 yr old, 15 lb, neutered male Min Pin mix.

Zane is a wonderful elder statesman who loves to snuggle on the couch and give advise on how to cook supper. Zane loves to go with you and is actually a great co-pilot. He loves to watch TV with you, is a great companion but will on occasion indiscreetly pass gas and blame you.  Zane is great with other animals and is housebroken. 


He was well loved in his home of 9 years but unfortunately they failed to give him proper dental care. This resulted in a full mouth extraction and heart damage.


Zane takes an inexpensive heart medication daily but his heart murmur is now at a grade 4. He also has a persistent cough most days. He can be given a anti histamine which seems to help the coughing at night. I will add there are days he does not cough at all.

Zane is looking for his forever home where he can live out his days and he would be a wonderful addition to any family!  His rescue would like him to stay within 100 miles of Oklahoma City but please inquire if you are very interested and are out of these limits.  For more information please email:  tinytailssmalldogrescue@aol.com or call 405-651-6180.


Penelope - Oklahoma City, OK

Meet Penelope!  She is an 8 month old, 40 lb, female Shepherd mix. 

Penelope is the happiest little bean you'll ever meet!!  She loves everybody she's ever met and is great with all animals and all humans.

Penelope was born with hydrocephalus Her life span is estimated at approximately 3 to 5 yrs. Penelope is 99% blind but will follow your voice and has a tiny bit of peripheral vision.  She does love to play with other  dogs and does well with them. She walks just fine. She runs into things until she learns her area and all the obstacles and then she does really well.   She is such a sweet young gal!


Penelope will have seizures if she doesn’t have her medicine phenobarbital which is cheap and easy to give.   She is also on a diuretic and steroid to help with her inflammation.


With all of these issues, she is an incredibly sweet and playful puppy.  She has even mastered the "Sit" command for a treat!! She does great in the car and really just deserves a wonderful life, for however long that may be.  

For inquiries, please call: 832 286 2821.