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Holly and Molly - Cincinnati, OH (still listed on website 6/15/20)
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Meet Holly and Molly!  They are 15 yr old, 12 lb, female spayed Ragdoll sisters.

Poor Holly and Molly lost their mom due to her gong into a nursing home. They are bonded and cannot be separated. They are up to date on vaccinations and are healthy. '


Molly and Holly hate other cats.  They hiss and become very agitated, even if you try a slow introduction. So they are looking for a home where they are the only felines.  If a dog ignored them, they might be ok. They have never interacted with a dog.


Holly is more of a talker and Molly is a lap-cat. Both have some close up vision problems, but they have no problem using their litter or eating and drinking. They are very sweet and good girls. They love to eat a teaspoon of Chicken or Turkey Gerber baby food as a treat in the morning and evening before they go to bed. They eat a regular dry food as their diet. They do snack on Temptation Treats for an afternoon snack.


In order to apply to adopt, you need to have owned a cat and have an established relationship with a veterinarian. We would love if you stayed with the rescues current vet for their care but it is not a requirement. Contact us at

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