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Holly and Molly - Cincinnati, OH

Meet Holly and Molly!  They are 15 yr old, 12 lb, female spayed Ragdoll sisters.

Poor Holly and Molly lost their mom due to her gong into a nursing home. They are bonded and cannot be separated. They are up to date on vaccinations and are healthy. '


Molly and Holly hate other cats.  They hiss and become very agitated, even if you try a slow introduction. So they are looking for a home where they are the only felines.  If a dog ignored them, they might be ok. They have never interacted with a dog.


Holly is more of a talker and Molly is a lap-cat. Both have some close up vision problems, but they have no problem using their litter or eating and drinking. They are very sweet and good girls. They love to eat a teaspoon of Chicken or Turkey Gerber baby food as a treat in the morning and evening before they go to bed. They eat a regular dry food as their diet. They do snack on Temptation Treats for an afternoon snack.


In order to apply to adopt, you need to have owned a cat and have an established relationship with a veterinarian. We would love if you stayed with the rescues current vet for their care but it is not a requirement. Contact us at Cincyfelines@outlook.com.

Sophie - Oberlin, OH

Meet Sophie!  She is an 8 yr old, 8 lb, female spayed cat.

Sophie is a special cat that had a very dramatic beginning with CATSS! Some students found Sophie on the local college campus, and brought her to our foster facility. Sophie was in really rough shape, and we took her in - thinking she was a hospice case. We advertised her as "found," hoping that her family would show up. Her initial round of bloodwork showed significant abnormalities but as she started to eat and gain weight, she bloomed!  Rechecks of her blood did not show anything bad at all. Our best guess is that she was so starved and malnourished, that her body simply showed all types of wacky results.


We do know she has an old injury in her hind leg, which led the vet to believe her inability to hunt or move quickly caused her malnourished state. Sophie joined the kittens and older cats at a foster facility, but was a bit unhappy. We soon found her a foster family, and she moved in with them on January 20, 2019. The situation was temporary, but she is still with them. They would like to find her a permanent home!


As an older cat, Sophie has been difficult to place. The last person who showed interest, asked if she might accompany Sophie to the vet for a check up. While there, the vet guessed/hypothesized that Sophie might have lymphoma or IBD. Because we are a rescue with a limited budget, we have not pursued in depth testing. Instead, we opted to start Sophie on prednisone, which foster mom says has improved her mobility and activity level. She also gets a small dose of Miralax daily.


Sophie is a very sweet cat, with undetermined medical need. We are interested in finding a family willing to care for Sophie through the remainder of her life, and to give her the home this sweet old lady deserves.


Here is a short bio that her foster mom wrote up about Sophie last winter:

I love to curl up in my warm, soft, fleece bed on these cold winter days and make biscuits. I love head scratches and I will head butt your hand if you reach out to me. I may be old, but I still like to play with my ball and spring toys, age is just a number after all! I get along with my adult foster brothers, not a big fan of kittens (they're too much energy for my old bones!). I'm unsure how I feel around dogs, though I think I would be fine if properly introduced. Please make me the luckiest kitty, just give me a chance and you will see that I still have so much love to give."

For further information, please contact CATSS via email at: catssoberlin@gmail.com or sue.angell@yahoo.com. Her rescue would like Sophie to stay within an hour if she is being fostered but if someone is willing to adopt, further distances can be discussed for the perfect home!


You can also visit us on FB at: https://www.facebook.com/CommunityActionToSaveStrays/ ... and message us via the Messenger app!