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New York and Rhode Island

Winston - Armonk, NY

Winston has stolen our hearts.  What a sad story.  He is a 10 yr old male castrated Pit Bull who weighs in at 50 lbs. 

We found Winston at a local municipal shelter where he had been living for months. He rarely got out of his kennel and was not socialized with many new people. We decided to bring him to our shelter to try to give him a better quality of life while he waits for his perfect home to come along. It takes some time for Winston to build trust with a new person but when he does he is incredibly loyal and loving.


There is nothing this boy loves more than to sit at the feet of his person and just relax in their presence. He is definitely worth the effort because once he loves someone it is for life! He has been through a lot in his life and is so deserving of a forever home. He has been through strict obedience training and has excelled in the routine of training. He also thoroughly enjoys agility training and taking long walks.


Whoever adopts Winston will need to have the dedication to commit to bonding with him and continuing his training so he can be the best dog he can be for the rest of his long and happy life. In a perfect world, he would be the only pet in an adult only home, but he does have the potential to live with another easy-going female dog. Lets find Winston his forever home!

For more information about Winston you can call (914) 273-1674 or email: adoptions@adoptadog.org.  Visit the website at https://adopt-a-dog.org/.

Nya - Queens, NY

This beautiful girl is Nya.  She is a 9 yr old, 52 lb, female spayed Pittie.



From her rescue:  Rescue friends and family, we desperately need your help. Nine year old Nya was diagnosed just days ago with transitional cell carcinoma, a cancer which affects her bladder and urinary tract. Yesterday we went to our trusted oncologist here in Queens who wants to start her on chemotherapy ASAP. However, we need to find a kind, loving soul who will open their heart and home to precious Nya immediately as her current foster is too far away.


Nya is gentle, sweet and her favorite thing to do is cuddle. She loves nothing more than curling up with her human on the couch. While she is same size doggie friendly, her foster hero will need to have the ability to separate due to the chemotherapy. We will cover absolutely anything and everything you will need for Nya. Time is of the essence and we must find her hero immediately in order to start treatment.


We rescued Nya along with her mother Zion from a filthy yard in Far Rockaway. Sadly, her mother is also going through chemotherapy, and is currently living with us, which is why we can't take Nya in ourselves at this moment. The girls (Nya & Zion) suffered immensely in their lives prior to rescue, as they were forced to live outside through scorching summers and blistering winters. We have known the girls for 8 years now and cared for their every need the best we could while they lived outside until we were granted custody of them in court. To say we love them is an understatement. We are looking for a foster in the NYC/ LI area. To be her hero today please apply and or contact us through redemptionrescues.org

Gumball - Smithtown, NY

This cutie pie is Gumball!  He is an 8 yr old, 6 lb neutered male Yorkie.

Gumball is very sweet!! He has a lot of love to give. He is blind and needs to be only dog as he gets a little feisty when he accidentally bumps into another dog. Even with his sight impairment, he does navigate his way very well up the stairs and in the yard. When taken outside, he will go to the bathroom. He loves to be picked up and held and walks great on a leash. He needs to be in a quiet home where he can feel safe and loved, so older children only, please. In return he will give lots of love and kisses!! 

For more information please visit www.Yorkie911rescue.com or email yorkie911rescue@gmail.com.  Gumball's rescue would like him to stay within the tri-state area.

Chance - Athens, NY

Meet sweet Chance.  He is an approximately 9 month old puppy who weighs 55 lbs and is neutered.  Is he a Boxer cross?  A German Shepherd cross?  Not sure but he's 100% cute with those ears and wrinkles!

Chance is incredibly friendly and loves all creatures especially people of all ages. He lights up when someone walks in the door, he thinks that everyone in the world is his best friend! He has been with cats and does great with adults. He likes to try and chase kittens so I would recommend he doesn’t live with kittens. Not sure about tiny dogs.

Chance has a severe form of Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which means that the part of his brain responsible for his balance is underdeveloped.  He looks like he is always on a boat on rough seas and he falls down a lot. He needs a home with carpeting to help him walk, and cushion his falls - he does pretty well on level, carpeted flooring. He also needs an adopter who is strong enough to lift and carry him as he sometimes needs assistance.  There are ways to help animals like Chance, like harnesses/slings that go around his body while you walk to keep him up and steady.  Chance will never be able to do stairs and would need to be protected from falling down them.  Chance will go to the bathroom outside but you have to be paying attention to timing as right now he doesn't ask to go.  He's still in puppy training! 

Chance needs to be isolated at feeding time as he is very protective of his food. The food aggression has only been with the cats, as the dog he lives with doesn’t bother him while he’s eating. 

Here is a video of Chance outside though he does better inside on carpet: Chance outside

For more information, text or call: 518-947-1074 or email:  Jessdisbrow813@gmail.com.