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New Jersey

Emma - Chester, NJ

This adorable creature is Emma!  She is a 2 yr old, 40 lb, female spayed Pit/Cattle Dog (or something like that) mix!

Emma was originally surrendered to the Associated Humane Societies Newark Branch because of landlord issues. She has abnormally large muscles in the front portion of her body which is believed to be either muscular dystrophy or myotonia congenita. There is no cure for either and we have been managing it with medication.


This causes Emma to fall over at times but it doesn’t stop her!  She has no idea that she is special. She is well adjusted and a happy girl who literally smiles all the time. No matter where we go with Emma she is greeting people and making them smile too!


Emma is good with all dogs and although we do not think she would hurt a cat she is overly interested in them , so no cats. Emma will have a shorter life then she should but has several years left. We would love to find her a home where she can happily spend the rest of her days.

For more information please email: njshpetrescue@gmail.com or call: 201-891-7652.

Jesse - Shrewsbury, NJ

Meet Jesse!  She is a 7 yr old, 50 lb, female spayed Pittie girl.

Jesse sat depressed, sick, and waiting in Philadelphia's high kill shelter after being surrendered by her owners. She was posted repeatedly, but no one wanted her because she was missing hair, had a wonky eye and some lumps.


She was picked for a foster and blossomed in her foster home, where she lived with other dogs, an older child, and cats. However, Jesse's interest in the cats changed, so she could no longer live there.


She is now in a temporary foster and is miserable and confused as to why she was ripped away from the calm and happy home environment she was used to. The first time in her life things were going well for her and she was being properly cared for, and suddenly she was uprooted, again.


She is now failing in her temporary foster--not through any fault of the foster, but because it is not a primary foster situation for her where she is able to relax and live in a home like environment. She is stressed, and her health is declining.


Jesse was found to have mast cell tumors, which were removed, but she has developed new ones as a result of her current stress. She also has a splenic mass that may turn out to be benign, but may also turn out to only give her a few months left to live. We are hoping against hope that Jesse's last days can be the warm and loving home environment she so desperately craves. Jesse's splenic surgery cannot be scheduled until she has a foster home secured that can handle the recovery and after care... and possibly hospice care. Time is of the essence for Jesse, as this is not the happily ever after she was promised on her freedom ride away from the city shelter.


Jesse does well with women, and has done well with other dogs. At this time, she needs a home without cats, and just because of her conditions, a home without other dogs or with other mellow dogs and a savvy multi-dog managing foster would be preferred. Because of her current stress level, we are also looking for a home without children. Jesse does require slower introductions with men.


Jesse was a happy and sweet girl when we met, and for months in her foster home, but stress is getting the better of her and she is not thriving...she is barely surviving. If someone can open their heart and home to this beautiful girl and treat her like the princess she is, her extremely difficult life of neglect to this point will all be a distant memory, brushed away by new and happy memories. Jesse is spayed and UTD on shots.

For more information please email: pickyourpaw@gmail.com, call 732-252-9686.  We are also on facebook @PickYourPaw.

Princess - Dumont, NJ

Meet Princess!  She is a 4 yr old, 10 lb, female spayed Yorkipoo.

Princess is a good little girl who unfortunately went after a big dog and ended up losing her eye.  This makes her very minimally special needs but she does qualify!  

Princess is  a spunky girl who bonds wholeheartedly to her person.  She needs a home with no other pets with and people who have time to spend with her to help her acclimate and settle in.  They will never regret it as she is a wonderful companion!

She is available within a couple hours drive to her rescue.  For more information, please email: petresqinc123@gmail.com.