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New Jersey

Genie - Bayview, NJ  ADOPTED! (2/23/20)
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Meet Genie!  She is a 9 yr old, 13 lb, female spayed Chihuahua.

Oh my heart! Her rescue says, "this is a precious, precious, precious girl...and did we say precious?" Sweet Genie is finally ready for her new home. The positives:  Genie is adorable, has an amazing personality, fantastic disposition, and does a happy feet dance when she sees you.  Genie is great with kids, housebroken, and fine with other animals!  In the Chihuahua world, that makes her a true unicorn.


Genie has Cushing's Disease. She will be on lifelong medication (called Vetoryl - about $40 a month at Walmart Pet Rx).  Her adoptive family will have to keep up with her vet care but she is so worth it, we know she will be the perfect addition to any family.


Her adoption fee is $125 and includes health exam with all diagnostic testing already performed (bloodwork, consults, ultrasound), up to date vaccines, microchip, spay, deworming, and 30 days of free pet health insurance. Also she just recently had a dental :). So she has clean teefies! 🦷 Applications can be found on our website! We do require our adopters to come to our foster's home to meet and pick up their pup!

You can visit the website or email for more information:  Genie is adoptable to any state as long as her adopter comes in person to meet her.

Ling Ling - Lafayette, NJ ADOPTED!! (7/26/20)
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Meet Ling Ling!  He is a 12 yr old, 46 lb, male Spitz mix (Husky/Chow/Shepherd??)

In June of 2020, two senior dogs were found in deplorable condition weeks after their owner had passed away in his home. This is the only home, and only person they had ever known. This owner also owned these dog's mother. They were born in his home and had only ever known life on his property. When this situation was discovered the senior dogs were terrified of their rescuers and severely malnourished. They were going blind, and their coats were matted and dirty. The dogs were taken to safety and made it into our care.


We assessed them behaviorally and medically. Unfortunately after some time with us Aristotle passed away. He left behind his brother Ling Ling, confused and alone. We believe that there is a final home out there for him that will care for him and show him kindness in the last chapter of his life. Ling Ling is looking for a foster-hospice or Hospice adopter. We do not know how much time he has left with us, but other than having a Lyme infection (likely has had this for a long time) his bloodwork was surprisingly good! 


He is on an NSAID and Gabapentin for arthritis pain. He is on an appetite stimulant because he is a picky eater and the NSAID seemed to have made him more so. We have found that he seems to prefer to eat at night, and he has been eating much better lately. The malnourishment likely is contributing to the appetite loss.


He is in-tact and cryptorchid (both testicles retained). Our vets have decided a neuter for him at this time would be too invasive of a procedure, and recommend against it. He does seem to do okay with some other dogs, but some other dogs stress him out severely. We ideally would like to find someone who is dedicated to hospice care for dogs like him and have a separate room dedicated to being his space. He would be okay in the same home as other dogs as long as they are kept separate. Sometimes he has a hard time on the leash, and panics and tries to pull away. He has never shown any aggression. Most of the time, especially for a leisurely walk, he does fine on leash. He just needs patience. He does have some vision loss and senility, so this type of panic is not unusual. He is partially housebroken and very quiet. He spends most of his time sleeping here. Keeping him clean and happy is easy. For any questions or interest please feel free to contact us anytime!

Because he is so fragile, we recommend a home with no small children.  There are no distance restrictions as long as the adopter is willing to come and meet him/pick him up.  For more information, please email: visit: or call:  (973)300-5909.

Rose - Lafayette, NJ HOSPICE FOUND!!(8/16/20)
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Meet Rose!  She is a 12 yr old, 55 lb, female German Shorthaired Pointer.

Rose is a sweet senior looking for a human who has lots of loving to give her. She is great with kids and is housebroken.  She enjoys easy walks and is eager for any treats you might have. Rose is looking for a foster-hospice or hospice adopter because she has inoperable cancer that has spread throughout her body. She would love a warm, caring person to take care of her and give her a soft, warm bed in her final time, however long that may be. She has lots of love and kisses left in her to give you. Please consider giving her a peaceful and kind hospice home.

There are no distance restrictions on adoptions but you are responsible to come and meet to adopt. For more information, you can visit:, or email:, or call: (973)300-5909

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