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Tara - Minot, ND ADOPTED!!

Oh my goodness, this sweet girl needs an angel.  Meet Tara, a 3 yr old, 120 lb, female spayed mastiff.

This girl just grabs your heart.  Tara is one of the happiest dogs ever. She loves belly rubs and her toys! She also loves any and all humans that she meets! Tara does NOT let her special needs get her down one bit. Tara needs an amazing lifelong home who will help her use her chair and adore her. She deserves to be a part of a family.  Tara is also housebroken.

Tara was born with malformed front legs. Unfortunately steps were not taken to rectify. Our vet thinks one leg could have been worked with and the other should have been removed but now that she is full grown, we cannot amputate due to how she moves. She scoots on her face. We have an order in for a custom front wheelchair to give her mobility. We are told she is good with other dogs and cats but we have not had her around many while in rescue.

This sweet girl needs a VERY special home who will be able to help her with her special needs.  She's a big girl and that makes her care more challenging but just look at her face - she deserves this!!!  She does great in the wheelchair and she can spend her life inspiring people to overcome their boundaries!!

For all information please email:

Cyrus - Minot, ND  ADOPTED! (1/1/20)

Meet Cyrus!  He is a 3 yr old, 125 lb, neutered male Great Dane.

Mr. Cyrus is such a special guy! He was an owner surrender to rescue because he was losing weight even though his appetite was ravenous. He was scratching himself hairless and bloody. His skin was sensitive, his coat was dull, his skin flaky. His eyes and paws were red and he was miserable. His stool was like water. Their vet recommended euthanizing him because they didnt know what was wrong and said allergy testing was not feasible.


So he came to us at For Belle's Sake. We accomplished his allergy testing and BAM! He came back with food and environmental allergies. Unfortunately, his tests came back with a TON of allergies ranging from mild to strong. So we searched and searched for a food that had zero potential to cause an allergic reaction and found it. "I And Love And You" dehydrated raw. His coat became bright and shiny. The redness disappeared, his energy perked up and his stool became normal. But he was still losing weight at alarming rates. We threw lard into his diet and now we are on the gaining path! He looks and feels amazing.


He still needs to gain more weight but we are on the right track now! Cyrus is an amazing 3 yr old great dane. He loves his foster sister who is a boxer. He loves people and human affection. He is silly and funny and loving. He is such a special guy. We have not cat tested but he is such a loving guy he would potentially be just fine. He crates but his foster does leave him loose so he has been good both ways. He is housebroken.


Cyrus is just so special. He deserves a loving lifelong home. The issue is the expense. His diet is not cheap and we factored the expense to be about $10K a year. We are just starting to mix a dry food into his diet that is limited ingredient but the struggle is that he is allergic to a food mite found in most dry dog foods :( We will see how it goes - there has to be a diet that works for him that is not going to break the bank. A raw feeding lifestyle would be the best thing for him if there is a wonderful human willing to provide him that. He certainly deserves it. Cyrus is AMAZING.

Cyrus is available to be adopted anywhere as long as the adopter comes to the rescue to meet him and pick him up.  For more information please email:

Cascade - Sawyer, ND  (9/13/20)

Meet Cascade!  She is a 4 yr old, 45 lb, female spayed Siberian Husky.

Gorgeous Cascade is famous!  She has a facebook page called, "Cascade, the husky in diapers" where you can see tons of pictures and videos of her.


Cascade came from a breeder and was born December 1st, 2016 - she is a purebred Siberian Husky. We are guessing that she is small for her breed due to her spinal injury stunting her growth. Cascade was surrendered by her breeder at 7 weeks old to the vet clinic that a rescue used. We originally thought she had a leg injury, however, it was discovered she had a spinal injury (more info on this below). Cascade has grown up and resides in a foster home while awaiting her forever home. She is fostered with other dogs of all sizes and cats and does well with all of them. She especially loves other doggy friends who will wrestle and play with her. She is fostered with chickens, however, she happily has herself a little snack on those if she manages to get a hold of one - so shouldn't go to a home where she can't be kept separate from little critters.  

Cascade has a spinal injury were she has several vertebrae in her spine that are fused together. We do not know if she was born this way or if this was due to an injury early on in her life. Due to the injury, she is a little weaker in her back end. She had to wear leg braces as a young puppy for several weeks. Now much stronger, she is still rather clumsy and cannot jump like a normal dog. The injury has also left her incontinent, meaning she has no control of her bladder or bowels. She leaks them 24/7 as things process through her. She has no idea she is going.  Cascade was born with a tail, but it had to be amputated when she was about 3 months old. Due to her injury, she had no feeling or function in it. She was unable to move it at all. Since her back end tends to be damp a lot of them time due to leaking, she was getting a continually worse sore on the underside of her tail where the bend was at. Similar to a bed sore to someone who is paraplegic and unable to move their limbs. In addition, it was a safety concern that she get it caught and crushed in something and she’d have no idea. After discussing with our vets, we felt this was best for her overall health and well being.  Cascade had regular x-rays to monitor her development as she grew and there was unfortunately no surgery that could help her spinal injury.

Now for the fun part!  Cascade is fostered with other dogs of all sizes from 6 to 100+ lbs. She loves to wrestle and run around with her but true to husky nature, she can be a little vocal during play. Cascade is also fostered with cats and is fine with them. Once in a blue moon, she tries to get one specific cat of ours that she grew up with to play with her, but mostly, she just pays them no attention. Due to her injury, she can’t really jump, which means the escape artist husky trait doesn't apply. She just kind of can raise her front end up and then pulls herself up on things. She rides amazingly in a car and loves everyone she meets. She had a lot of vet visits early on in her life so it really helped condition her. She also does amazing for baths/grooming/handling/etc. With being incontinent, it means a lot of extra baths (usually one a week), restraining to put on diapers and clean her up, and vet visits and things. She has no problems with taking a bath, she will even just lay down and relax in it. Free feeding isn’t really an option for her because she has no off switch. She will stand and stay for diaper changes/baths/cleaning/etc. She walks well on a leash with minimal pulling. For a husky, she is pretty quiet but can still get into a talking/howling mood once in a while. She is just a typical, fun loving husky. She enjoys going on camping trips with us and hikes around the county parks. She loves running and playing with doggy friends. She is food driven and LOVES treats. She gets the zoomies and takes off like a maniac. We kennel her when we are gone as she likes to get into mischief if left unattended (usually chewing up a dog bed). She loves to snow and rain. She is very sweet and enjoys cuddles and to be brushed out. Toys are a blessing on this earth to her. She loves to rip them apart or throw them around or find another person or dog to play tug with. She can do stairs with no problems. Cascade would fit into most households, just as long as they are willing/able to deal with her special medical needs.

What kind of extra care does Cascade need?

Well, she needs to wear diapers. So, she requires numerous diaper changes throughout the day so she isn’t sitting in her own waste for too long. Since she is always leaking, she needs baths frequently to clean up the area. Aside from those, she is a pretty typical dog.


Cascade's rescue is very dedicated to finding her the perfect home. She is a wonderful, beautiful dog but she does require diligent care. Things to consider are: Is someone home often enough for her diaper changes? Who will care for her if you leave on vacation, as most boarding facilities will not change diapers. Are you going to be willing to still change diapers and give her daily baths months from now or years from now? On top of all of that, she is a typical husky - which in itself needs a very dedicated home. She will need a family that can provide regular exercise. Huskies also require a lot of brushing as they shed a ton. She is very smart and always trying to figure things out. Typical traits of huskies are that they are very vocal, very high energy, big shedders, escape artists, and can be destructive if allowed to get bored. Cascade is not any different from that. Huskies are not a breed for everyone but the people who love them know how special they are. .

All of these warnings aside, we KNOW that the perfect home for Cascade is out there.  There are no adoption limitations but people must be able to visit Cascade to adopt her and a home visit must be done.  All interested parties may contact her rescue at: email - , phone - 701-300-8182, or visit the website at .

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