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Tara - Minot, ND ADOPTED!!

Oh my goodness, this sweet girl needs an angel.  Meet Tara, a 3 yr old, 120 lb, female spayed mastiff.

This girl just grabs your heart.  Tara is one of the happiest dogs ever. She loves belly rubs and her toys! She also loves any and all humans that she meets! Tara does NOT let her special needs get her down one bit. Tara needs an amazing lifelong home who will help her use her chair and adore her. She deserves to be a part of a family.  Tara is also housebroken.

Tara was born with malformed front legs. Unfortunately steps were not taken to rectify. Our vet thinks one leg could have been worked with and the other should have been removed but now that she is full grown, we cannot amputate due to how she moves. She scoots on her face. We have an order in for a custom front wheelchair to give her mobility. We are told she is good with other dogs and cats but we have not had her around many while in rescue.

This sweet girl needs a VERY special home who will be able to help her with her special needs.  She's a big girl and that makes her care more challenging but just look at her face - she deserves this!!!  She does great in the wheelchair and she can spend her life inspiring people to overcome their boundaries!!

For all information please email:

Cyrus - Minot, ND  ADOPTED! (1/1/20)

Meet Cyrus!  He is a 3 yr old, 125 lb, neutered male Great Dane.

Mr. Cyrus is such a special guy! He was an owner surrender to rescue because he was losing weight even though his appetite was ravenous. He was scratching himself hairless and bloody. His skin was sensitive, his coat was dull, his skin flaky. His eyes and paws were red and he was miserable. His stool was like water. Their vet recommended euthanizing him because they didnt know what was wrong and said allergy testing was not feasible.


So he came to us at For Belle's Sake. We accomplished his allergy testing and BAM! He came back with food and environmental allergies. Unfortunately, his tests came back with a TON of allergies ranging from mild to strong. So we searched and searched for a food that had zero potential to cause an allergic reaction and found it. "I And Love And You" dehydrated raw. His coat became bright and shiny. The redness disappeared, his energy perked up and his stool became normal. But he was still losing weight at alarming rates. We threw lard into his diet and now we are on the gaining path! He looks and feels amazing.


He still needs to gain more weight but we are on the right track now! Cyrus is an amazing 3 yr old great dane. He loves his foster sister who is a boxer. He loves people and human affection. He is silly and funny and loving. He is such a special guy. We have not cat tested but he is such a loving guy he would potentially be just fine. He crates but his foster does leave him loose so he has been good both ways. He is housebroken.


Cyrus is just so special. He deserves a loving lifelong home. The issue is the expense. His diet is not cheap and we factored the expense to be about $10K a year. We are just starting to mix a dry food into his diet that is limited ingredient but the struggle is that he is allergic to a food mite found in most dry dog foods :( We will see how it goes - there has to be a diet that works for him that is not going to break the bank. A raw feeding lifestyle would be the best thing for him if there is a wonderful human willing to provide him that. He certainly deserves it. Cyrus is AMAZING.

Cyrus is available to be adopted anywhere as long as the adopter comes to the rescue to meet him and pick him up.  For more information please email:

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