North Carolina
Josie - Charlotte, NC (10/17/19 still avail)

This supermodel is Josie!  Josie is an approximately 7 yr old, 52 lb, female spayed Staffordshire Terrier.


Josie loves people!! She is very, very sweet, loves to give kisses and loves to snuggle. She is a LOVE BUG! Josie is a very happy and loving little girl who will make someone a very special friend. She is nicely housebroken and crate trained!  She is very strong so I would not recommend small children though she is great with older children. She does not like other dogs in her space so she will do best in a single dog home and she does not like cats. Josie will require a fenced yard for her to run and play. When walking her, she will need a person that is able to control her strength.


Josie is special needs because she was diagnosed with a lower grade Mast Cell Sarcoma on her right hip. She had it removed on 4/8/19 but Mast Cell Sarcomas are highly metastatic and she will need to be monitored for any recurring lumps or bumps. We would love to find a foster home or a forever home for this precious girl. She deserves a family of her own. 


Josie will come with a new harness, collar and leash, Rescue ID Tag, HW prevention, and complimentary 30-days of free Pet Insurance from PetFirst Insurance. JOSIE is microchipped and is registered at Found Animals Microchip Registry. 

Josie is up to date on all vaccinations including rabies. She is currently on HW prevention. Josie is great with adults and older children 12+.  For more information please reach out to Three Sisters and a Brother Animal Rescue, Inc , contact: Jill Lindsey

Wendell - Siler City, NC (10/26/29 still avail)

Meet Wendell!  He is a 15 yr old, 25 lb, neutered male Jack Russel mix.

Wendell is a senior Terrier Mix. He is a sweet elder statesman! Wendell doesn't bark much at all, is sweet tempered and would love to have a home to finish out his time on earth.  He is fine with older, respectful children and is housebroken!


He is on heart medication and his eyesight is limited. He gets around great, has good house manners and is quite friendly. If you would consider having a senior dog to keep you company, Wendell would be glad to oblige. Wendell is current on vaccines, neutered and microchipped. You can apply for Wendell at Select Adoption Application. More photos can be seen at Wendell Photos!

Chester - Charlotte, NC

Meet Chester!  He is an approximately 4 yr old, ~20  lb, male terrier type.

Chester is a sweet dog was locked up in outside cage for years. He was rescued near death and suffered from pure neglect.  At that time he was riddled with intestinal parasites and was found to have severe heartworm. He is in right sided congestive heart failure and is on several medications including sildenafil, plavix, pimobendin, theophylline, and lasix.  He receives meds three times/day. His heart disease is severe and causes him to have a condition called ascites, which is when his belly fills up with fluid.  This is currently getting drained off every 3 weeks.  Clinically he isn't coughing and is a good eater until his ascites gets pretty big and he gets drained, then he feels better.  

He is currently boarding with his veterinarian but is desperately looking for a hospice home.  His rescue will cover his medications for the rest of his life!


Chester isn't a snuggle into your lap kind of guy.  He hasn't had an easy life and it is reflected in his independence and slight distrust of people. And that's understandable! That said, if Chester can get into a quiet hospice home, he might be that kind of dude who wants to sit on the couch and watch TV with you once he gets to know you.  He really just needs a warm bed and a loving person where he can live out his life and enjoy all the perks of being a beloved family friend.

For more information, please call: Sybil Keach at 704-622-4348 or email:

Tucker - Warne, NC (10/17/19 still avail)

Meet Tucker!  He is a 10 yr old, 12 lb, neutered male Min Pin.  He is housebroken, good with all animals and good with kids!!

Tucker is a very handsome middle aged Min Pin with lots of life in him. He LOVES being with his human and will cuddle all day. Tucker lived his entire life with a mom and dad until a few months ago when he was diagnosed with Diabetes. His owners didn't feel they could do the insulin shots and chose to euthanize him. We scooped him up.


He is now living at our Senior dog Sanctuary but he is not happy. He is very good with the other dogs but desperate to have his own humans. He also loves to ride! We have his entire life medical records and at this point the only issue he has is the diabetes. He has been easy to maintain and recently had a Glucose Curve.


Would you possibly be his Forever home??? Thank you for checking him out! He's a great boy!!!! For all information, please email:

Max - Warne, NC (10/17/19 still avail) 

Meet Max!  He is a 10 yr old, 25 lb, neutered male Puggle.  Max is great with dogs, kids, and is housebroken!

Max is a handsome Puggle! Max has spent his entire life with a Dad. He has been very loved and cared for. Unfortunately he was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago and his dad didn't think he could properly care for him. He was brought to the vet to be euthanized :-(


The vet called us and we immediately welcomed him into our pack! I run a senior dog sanctuary and we have many very old and grumpy vintage souls. Max is full of life and really doesn't belong here. He is NOT happy unless he is getting attention.


Max loves to ride and go for walks. He is very good with all the animals he has met here. We do not have any kitties so I can't really say he is good with cats. Max gets 2 insulin shots per day and is such a good boy about it!!! He will stand very still and wait for the injection, then of course he gets a cookie!!!! This boy sooo needs a home of his own and a human to love on! He is very healthy other than the diabetes which has been easy to control. He was a bit plump when he arrived so he been on a diet and doing great! Could you be his new Best Friend???

For more information, please email:

Sarah Jane - Siler City, NC

Meet beautiful Sarah Jane!  She is an 8 yr old, 47 lb, female spayed Lab mix.

Sarah Jane is a very special girl. By all rights she should no longer be in this world because she was brought to our clinic to be euthanized. She was in very poor condition when she arrived but we felt that she deserved a chance to live out her life in a nice comfortable home so we convinced her owner to surrender her to our adoption program.


When she first came in she was underweight, her skin was in bad condition, and she had a very large mammary tumor. She has now been spayed and her tumor removed and the pathology report came back benign! We are so very thankful for that news!! And to top it off she tested negative for heartworms – another small miracle.


She went home with someone the other night just to see how she would do in a home setting and she was great. Slept on a comfy dog bed, ignored the cat, got along with the other dogs in the house, even in terms of sharing food and water bowls, plus she didn’t have any accidents in the house. We are estimating that Sara Jane was born in approximately 2011 and she currently weighs 47 pounds. If you could help a girl out and give Sarah Jane a comfortable place to lay her head she sure would appreciate it. . More photos available here:

Sarah Jane is available within about 250 miles of her rescue.  She is currently located at: Tysor Veterinary Clinic Address: 1401 N 2nd Ave, Siler City, NC 27344 Phone: (919) 742-3646

Matty - Cary, NC (6//28/20)

Meet beautiful Matty!  He is a 6 year old neutered male Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. 

This is a super cuddly, very handsome boy!   He absolutely loves to play with dog buddies, but most of all loves people. He is great with older, dog savvy kids. He is super easy going, affectionate, well mannered, as well as house and crate trained!  He has never been cat tested.


Sweet Matty needs a nurturing home familiar with special needs as he has deformed front paws, sadly from a previous trauma that was not addressed. He gets along okay in the house and has an expensive set of wheels for longer walks!! Matty is not currently on any meds.   He is heartworm negative, up to date on shots, fully vettted, and otherwise totally healthy!

A veterinary reference and virtual home visit will be required. His rescue can transport! Anybody who would like more information may email:


Here is a video of the sweet boy! 

Carly - Cary, NC (6/28/20)

Meet Carly!  She is an adorable 2 yr old, 25 lb, spayed female spaniel mix.

In her prior life, poor Carly was severely neglected.  She was hit by a car and her pelvis was broken. We have consulted specialists and there is no surgical fix for her pelvis. She is on pain meds and doing as well as can be expected! 

Carly really needs an angel to adopt her and working with her which will be so rewarding!  She has severe anxiety and finds a way to escape from even a 2 inch wide opening in a fence so she must have a very securely fenced in yard.  She once ran down the  street after breaking out of a regular crate - we will provide a super strong special "Ruff Land" crate to her adopter! We know these facts don't make Carly easy to adopt but we have faith that her perfect owner is out there.  She is already responding so well to love!

Carly was unfortunately trained in her prior life on pee pads, so she will need further housetraining. She needs someone patient and gentle, who is home and who will work with her anxiety. Her current foster is an emergency pediatrician and not home enough to work with her.

She is good with other dogs but we think she will chase cats so she should not go to a home with cats. Her pictures show some skin abrasions, this happened when she escaped from her crate. As noted above, we will provide a special "Ruff Land" crate.  Yes she is a project but this little gal will return your efforts with love and devotion. See her post bath video: 

For more information you may contact: or you may email her foster, Dr. Rachael Lester:

Mr Fritz - Cedar Mountain, NC (7/19/20)

Meet Mr. Fritz!  This guy is an approximately 13 yr old, 12 lb, neutered male Italian Greyhound mix. 

Mr. Fritz came to his rescue via a county animal shelter in North Carolina. He had been a "community dog" for years, living on the streets with neighbors feeding him.  Sadly, it's obvious he was someone's pet at some point as he's socialized and neutered. The person feeding him had called animal control to come pick him up as he had severe diarrhea and had lost significant weight. They thought the animal shelter would euthanize him but once the staff saw Fritz's will to live they just could not do it.


Fritz was on a de-wormer for 5 days while at the shelter to kill his internal parasites. We picked him up on 7/15 and fell in love immediately. This little guy definitely has the will to live! We've taken him to the vet for bloodwork and it turns out that Mr. Fritz is nearly blind and diabetic so will need insulin shots twice daily. He may also have some other underlying conditions as his lymph nodes are enlarged but we don't want to put him through too much testing right now as he's only 12 lbs. -  which is 1/2 of what his body weight should be.


Through it all, this guy is unbelievably happy! He smiles all the time while he follows us everywhere we go. He loves the outdoors and to snuggle. He eats like a champ and enriches our days exponentially. This little guy needs a quiet home where he can get the love, attention, warmth and full belly he needs for the rest of his days - whether it be weeks, months or years. This guy is one special pup.


Contact us today for more information! Note: Fritz will bark at other dogs near him until he realizes he's safe. He would do best around calm dogs or be the only dog in the home. We do have him in male diapers at least for the moment until his insulin levels out but he is not having accidents in his crate when given the opportunity to go potty every 2-3 hours. He's the best and worth every bit of effort!  Caring for this dog will bring so much joy into your life because he deserves everything good that can possibly come to him!  Even if it's only a short time.

For more information, please contact Joleen Brannigan P: (828) 884-9883 C: 407-697-6965 E:  There are no distance limitations but his adopter is responsible for transport. 

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