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Buffy - Joplin, MO 

This adorable mop is Buffy!  She is a 12 yr old, 11 lb, female spayed Shih Tzu.

 Buffy is a sweet, calm, and cuddly older dog who survived some major health issues. She had large mammary tumors removed and recovered very well. She has no ongoing health issues and would be a loving companion. Mammary cancer is a cancer that is prone to metastasis however Buffy is currently doing great. Because she is an older dog she is overlooked by most adopters. Buffy also isn't reliably housebroken but that's why piddle pads were invented!! We would love for someone to provide her with a loving home where she can snuggle and love and rescue some lonely person. Will you be her angel? She will give so much back in return!  For more information Golden Paw Animal Rescue, 2300 North Main Joplin, MO 64801 417-623-0842.

Danny - Joplin, MO

Meet Danny!  He is an 8 yr old, 17 lb neutered male Jack Russel Terrier.

Danny is a sweet and loving little guy. He is good with kids and other animals! He has been at our facility since January of 2019 when he was surrentdered because his owner lost his home. He is always overlooked because Danny has an enlarged heart, or Dilated Cardiomyopathy.  His heart is enlarged and can't pump as effectively but he's on a cheap medication that he happily takes daily.

He was housebroken when he was sent to the shelter but would just need some reminders since he's been living in a shelter environment.

Danny has a really cute personality and loves to be patted.  He is sometimes playful and likes to walk on a leash and go for long strolls.   Sometimes he just wants to be left alone to sleep (who doesn't?).

Danny had a dental in January and lost some teeth but eats dry food with no problem! For more information, please call:  417-623-0842 or email: goldenpawrescue@yahoo.com

Rio - Joplin, MO

Meet Rio!  He is a 5 yr old, 7 lb, male Chihuahua.

Rio is a darling 5 year old Applehead Chihuahua who was surrendered to us by a breeder when they were "done" using him as a stud. He is a sweet and  loving pup- loves to sit on you lap and cuddle. He also loves belly rubs! However his has been hit with some serious health issues - He was born with fontanel where the bones on the top of his head have not grown together so he has a soft spot on his head.


Our vet also diagnosed him with having a 4 out of 5 heart murmur and a 3 out of 5 luxating patella. We would love for someone to adopt him who could care for his needs and not put him in a risky situation with his soft spot. This dog has lots of love and life yet to give - can you give him some of yours?

Rio does well with small dogs and is hoping to find his forever family soon!  

Rio has no adoption limitations but the adopter would have to make all arrangements.  For all information, please call Golden Paw Animal Rescue 417-623-0842 or email : goldenpawrescue@yahoo.com.