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Connecticut and Massachusetts

Fubi - Windsor, CT

Meet Fubi!  This gorgeous girl is 18 yrs old and is looking for her forever home.

Fubi is a very sweet senior girl who needs to be the only pet. She is very loving and does enjoy being loved on, but doesn't need constant attention. She loves her comfy bed, and would be delighted to have a home where she can relax and enjoy her golden years.

For more information on Fubi, please email: Adoptions@ctcatconnection.org .

Kittens - Windsor, CT

Check out this adorable little family!!  There are 5 four month old kittens (2 tabbies, 2 white, 2 black), 2 six month old cats (1 black 1 tabby), and one 1.5 year old cat (white).  

We took in this family from a local Animal Control. They had all tested positive for Leukemia and we were their only chance - they would have been put to sleep. We took them in knowing it would take time to find them the right home but we couldn't let them be euthanized!


 Each of these cats has an incredible personality. They are sweet, playful and love to be held and love to play with toys. The tricky thing is, because of their Leukemia diagnosis - we don't know how long we'll have their beautiful souls with us. They could live 6 month or 6 years - or even longer. On average cats with this diagnosis live a few years.


BUT there is also a chance some of these cats will test negative after a few months! FeLV is a tricky disease, and false positives aren't uncommon. What we DO know is - these cats deserve to live their lives (no matter how long) in a loving home rather than a shelter. They should be adored, cherished, and nurtured. They deserve a chance, an adopter, and the best life we can give them.


These cats can be placed together, but should not go to a home with non FeLV positive cats. There is no risk of transmission to dogs or people. Anyone interested In providing a home to these cats should email adoptions@ctcatconnection.org and inquire about our FeLV family. We are happy to discuss their situation further.