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Hope - Terryville, CT (1/4/20)

Meet Hope!  She is a 1 yr old, 7 lb, female spayed DLH or Maine Coon mix.

We rescued Hope off of the highway last winter, she was only 4.2 lbs and was suffering from frostbite.


As we rehabilitated her, we discovered that she is diabetic and needs 2 shots a day. We didn't initially plan on keeping her since we already have 2 cats and 2 dogs but she bonded with my daughter right away.

We have had her for almost a year now and it seems that this house is not a great fit for her. She needs a calmer and quieter environment with someone who is home more. She is a sweet girl who has had a hard life and deserves to be happy!!

For more information please email:

Shadow - Vernon Rockwell, CT  (2/2/20)

Meet Shadow!  He is a 13 yr old, 15 lb, neutered male cat.

Sweet Shadow is really hoping to find a family of his own! He loves to snuggle and receive attention. He loves to climb up on his perch and nap there!  Shadow was an only animal for his whole life and he has made it very clear in his foster home that he prefers to stay that way.

Shadow is hyperthyroid and takes meds with his food in the morning and at night - super easy!! 

Does anyone have an empty home who needs a sweet senior kitty with manageable special needs? Shadow's rescue would like him to stay relatively local, but if you are interested please reach out to discuss!!  For all information, please email:

Mocha - Windsor, CT (2/9/20)

Meet Mocha!  He is a 10 yr old, 12 lb, neutered male cat.

Oh sweet Mr. Mocha. Initially found as a stray, he was in a home for 8 years as the only pet until his owner died. Mocha did not receive any vet care during this time. He came to us diabetic, cataracts and had to have an eye removed. He can see out of his remaining eye. He likes to be held and sit your lap. He does require insulin twice a day but we will teach you how to do this! Mocha has been an only animal for most of his life and his rescue thinks he'd be happiest staying that way. 


Mocha deserves to find his forever home. If you are interested in learning more about him, please contact his rescue via email: or call: 860-219-9396.  Mocha's rescue would like him to remain relatively local but if you think you have the right home for Mocha, please reach out!

Funia - Newington, CT  (9/13/20)

Meet Funia!  She is an elderly (possibly 20 or 21!) short haired cat.

From Funia's devastated owner: I am moving out of state in mid-September to Michigan and I cannot take my little senior cat "Funia" with me. I am crushed, heartbroken. I took this little gal in back in 2001 from neighbors that did not care for her properly. I was told she was two at the time, so that makes her at least 21! She could be older! I've been hoping to find someone to take her in and just love her for her remaining time. She is no trouble; she is eating and drinking and eliminating normally. She has lost a lot of weight, she probably has some health issue (kidney? Drinking a lot of water), but otherwise she just needs a kind heart to keep her until the end. Please believe me, I would take her if I could. If someone could just feed and house her for her remaining time, it would mean the world to me.

If you can help, please contact her owner at: cell phone (860) 989-6924 or via email:

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