Florida Dogs

Cash - North Miami Beach, FL (10/17/20 still avail)

Meet Cash!  Cash is a 10 yr old female spayed American Bulldog who weighs in at 76 lbs. Due to her age, Cash might do best in a home without young kids.  She is fully housebroken and looking for a quiet home where she can share all the love she has to give. 

From Cash:  Hello there!! My name is Cash! Yep, Cash- having me in the family is like picking up a winning lotto ticket; I'm THAT good! I am very loving, but also like getting love back. When I want some attention, or scratches, I like to use my paws to kindly ask you to please pet and scratch me! I have a motto,"You Only Live Once!" or YOLO! I figure, if I want scratches, I'm gonna ask.... I am a senior girl and am pretty laid-back ... but every once in a while I get a lil pep in my step (especially if there are some fun toys around; hint, hint)


Since I'm older, I can't be around those young hipster dogs with lots of energy, barking all over- I just don't get the younger generation! My foster family says I'm just a very calm, sweet girl. I want to be around people who can give me the attention I deserve; people who can love me endlessly YOLO I know I will bring endless love and laughter into the right home. I hope to meet you soon! Cash is spayed, up to date on her shots, micro chipped, and house trained.

For more information contact Cheryl Morris 863-272-4666 or email : bellspromiserescue@gmail.com

Pink - Homestead, FL

This smiling girl is Pink!  She is about 5 yrs old, weighs 50 lbs, and is a female spayed Boxer/American Bulldog mix.

Sadly, Pink has been in her rescue for a few years. She is good with some dogs but not all. Not good with cats and can be too energetic with small children so we prefer a home with older children.


She is very sweet and loving! She was found a few years back collapsed next to someone’s house from heat exhaustion. She gets overheated when outside too long, must be an indoor dog!


We’ve had a hard time placing her due to the fact that she MUST be on Hydrolyzed Protein Dog Food. We’ve run all sorts of tests on her and there looks to be nothing wrong but when she isn’t on this type of dog food, she loses a ton of weight. The dog food she is on costs about $90-95 per 25.3lb bag on Chewy.com. It lasts for about a month but finding someone that can financially handle that is difficult.


We are hoping that there is a home out there for her but we have yet to find on for Pink. If anyone isn interest they can fill out our adoption application or email us with any questions they may have. Our adoption application is in the link below: https://form.jotform.us/81468545084161

Anya - Loxahatchee, FL (10/17/20 still avail)

This sweet girl is Anya.  She is a 7 yr old, 62 lb, female spayed American Stafforshire Terrier.

Anya is a very sweet 7 year old who is just amazing with people and kids!  She should be the only animal in the home as she does not play well with others.


She has separation anxiety and takes trazadone for that. Last year she had a mast cell tumor removed with clear margins. This year she was diagnosed with soft cell sarcoma and had surgery to remove a growth next to her nose/cheek area. The vet went in through her mouth and was not able to get clear margins and we went to Pet Cancer Center where we opted to do oral chemo. She is 2 1/2 weeks into treatment as is doing well. The oncologist believes 4 months of treatment will give her a median life expectancy of no less than a year with treatment.


If someone would like to offer Anya fospice, all medical costs will be covered!! Should a person decide to adopt we will always offer any support that would be needed down the road as we know the commitment we are asking for is tough for some people knowing that Anya has a medical diagnosis that will lead to death.


All this girl wants is a loving home to spend the rest of her days. Anya was rescued of death row due to having severe kennel anxiety in the shelter. She was losing hope and knew her days were numbered in there. We couldn’t let her die and once again we find ourselves rescuing her from that same fate due to cancer.  Anya needs to stay within Palm Beach County while she's finishing her chemo (3-4 months) but after that she has no fospice distance limitations to the right home.  For more information please email:  info@kibblezoflove.org

Cookie - Orlando, FL

This beautiful boy is Cookie.  Cookie is an 8 yr old, 70 lb, neutered male Great Dane mix.  Cookie is looking for a unicorn of a human.

Cookie is an amazing boy with a heart of gold. We all just adore everything about him. Cookie has been fostered At Rocky's Retreat in Orlando where he rules the roost as the resident office dog. The staff has become his family and the visiting dogs, his friends.


In addition to Cookie's arthritis issues and allergies, our sweet boy has been diagnosed with aggressive cancer. Because of this turn of events, we have chosen to focus on finding a specific family in the Orlando area who is either able to be home with him during the days or is willing to bring him to visit his Rocky's Retreat family during the days.  We will provide our beloved Cookie with daycare!!  We feel he will benefit from living in a home setting but we also don't want to sacrifice his final months by leaving him alone all day while he waits for his family to return.


Cookie can remain under our rescue's umbrella in which we will continue to pay for his medical needs. We understand this is a unique situation and may not be feasible for most. If you happen to be the unicorn we are looking for, please fill out our foster screening form! Cookie LOVES all dogs but NO cats please.  

For more information, to learn more about the adoption process and fill out an application through our web page, visit https://mettarescuefamily.org/adoptable-dogs.  Please email info@MettaRescueFamily.org with any questions.

Hope and Faith - Lynn Haven, FL (10/16/20 still avail)

These beautiful girls are Hope and Faith.   Hope and Faith are nearly 2 year old, 65 lbs, spayed female Presa Canario/English Mastiff Mixes.


These beauties were found dumped in a neighborhood in the Panhandle of Florida.  They were taken to a shelter where they would have been euthanized as they were suspected to have megaesophagus, a congenital condition where their esophagus does not work normally to bring the food into their stomachs. The shelter wanted to help them and contacted our rescue to save them when they were 5 months old.  We immediately got them to a vet who confirmed the diagnosis. After a short learning curve, they began to thrive. They eat their meals in their Bailey Chairs and spend about 30 minutes upright after feeding.

They are on the small side as their condition delayed their growth. Faith is the more docile of the two girls but is a well balanced pup and enjoys cuddling other dogs and her people.  Hope is a sweet, fun, loving and protective girl. 


 Their condition is well managed as they are on a raw diet and seem to have little to no regurgitation as long as it it maintained. They do not drink water, but love ice cubes and Knox blox for hydration. These girls love to play and just be regular dogs.


They get along well with dogs of all sizes and are currently fostered with 9 dogs and a cat. Hope is protective of her sister but is a well balanced pup and enjoys cuddling other dogs and her people. They kennel together at night and cannot be away from each other. Having said that they must be adopted together. We understand this is a tall order, but want the very best placement for the girls and we feel they must be adopted together to remain happy and healthy. Honestly, you could not ask for more loving, sweet puppies. They are just wonderful!

For more information: Qhcc.dogs@gmail.com.

Abby - Minneola, FL

Meet beautiful Abby!  She is a 5 yr old, 60 lb, spayed female Yellow Lab.

Abby is a five year old yellow lab who was allowed to get up to 98 pounds. As a result, she developed diabetes and cataracts which caused her to lose most of her vision. Abby has worked hard at her weight loss program and is now down to a svelte 60 pounds! She feels and looks so much better!!! Abby just loves her humans and is very personable and affectionate. She is housebroken and great with kids.


She has gone through one cataract removal operation and now sees great out of that eye. She hopes to have her other eye done soon so that she can get back to 20/20 vision! She does need insulin shots twice a day and eyedrops, as well as thyroid medication, but she is a pro at taking all of it so it isn't really a bother. T


The only thing Abby doesn't like is other animals. She wants to have all the attention and bellyrubs to herself. She is a total love with people and likes to give chin kisses if you will let her. You can see her before and after pictures at www.houndhaven.org.

For all information please email: houndhaveninc@aol.com .  Abby is available to be adopted in Florida only.

Daisy Mae - Orlando, FL

Meet Daisy Mae!  She is an 11 yr old, 6 lb, female spayed dachshund.

Daisy Mae is a loving 11-year-old senior who is full of life. She has IVDD or intervertebral disk disease which means that the disks in her back are affecting her spinal cord.  She is as happy as can be though!!  She she uses a cart for exercise and playtime. She loves snuggles, car rides, and loves to be outside soaking up the sunshine. Due to her hind-end paralysis, Daisy Mae requires bladder expression 3x a day which is simple to learn, clean, and easy to do. This is not a big deal!  Wheelie dogs can be challenging but when they're this small, they're very manageable!!


Need a lil’ extra love in your life? Daisy Mae is your gal!  Daisy good with other dogs but we have never seen her with cats.

For more information please contact Cheri Wells at cheri@loveyloaves.org or visit  www.loveyloaves.org

Gabe - Miami, FL

Meet Gabe!  He is a 14 yr old, 60 lb, neutered male Lab/ American Bulldog type mix.

Gabe is the sweetest senior. He loves to be around people and to gets lots of attention. He does have his spurts of energy to play but then he is ready for a nap. If you are looking for a dog to hang out with you and keep you company. Gabe is the perfect dog!

Gabe had stage 2 mast cell sarcoma. His tumors were removed and after full body xrays were reviewed, there were no masses found, but as the vet said there is no guarantee new cancer will not appear.  At the moment what he has is an ear infection being treated for and osteoarthritis in his spine but is doing really well!


His foster reports that he is the sweetest old man who only wants love and cuddles. Being that he is 14 he is already over having young dogs bothering him. He is totally fine with kids older than 6 since they are not going to be all over him. He loves to play fetch but gets tired after 8 to 10 throws. He is fine with rabbits but have not tested him with cats. He will bark when someone is at the door or he has to pee

For more information, please contact Cheryl Morris 863-272-4666 or email bellspromiserescue@gmail.com.

Larry - Cape Coral, FL   (12/7/19)

Meet Larry!  He is a 2 yr old, 15 lb, neutered male Shih Tzu mix.

Larry is a very special boy- not because he is a special needs pup but because of his incredible good nature and disposition!!! This little boy was brought half dead to MDAS where multiple rescue pleas went out...since he was in shock and could not walk there were no takers.


However, we decided to take a chance on him and at least give him an opportunity to survive despite his injuries. After taking him immediately to the vet it was determined that Larry's spinal cord injuries were not reversible but because we saw in Larry's eyes the will to live we decided to get him a wheelchair and see if he could manage...and manage he has!!!


This little guy zips around as if nothing, he loves to play and is even protective of his smaller foster fur siblings..and he loves to go to the dog park and play play play....he is indeed a true survivor and champ!!!


We are looking for that special home that will give him the love he so deserves and an opportunity to live a happy life. He is a super mellow boy and with his wheelchair he is quite the independent little guy!!! If interested in adopting Larry please fill out an application at www.floridacockerrescue.org or email:  coastalcocker@gmail.com with inquiries.  ADOPTION FEE: $250.00  We can transport anywhere in State of Florida or adjacent states...we can coordinate transport to other states as well but will need ample time to do so.

Nina - Cape Coral, FL (12/7/19)

Meet Nina!  She is an 11 yr old, 20 lb, female spayed Cocker Spaniel.

Nina is a sweet 11 year old chocolate cocker girl looking her for a forever home where she will be the recipient of lots of cuddles and kisses. This little girl had a very rough beginning it appears since when we rescued her she was blind and not very sociable with neither humans or dogs- she was very scared and would not venture away from her "safe" space.


However, since being in a loving foster home where she knows she is safe and cared for ,she has learned it's ok to seek out attention and has become very independent and self confident!! Nina now loves to be the center of attention and we are looking for a home where she will be the only dog - she really deserves that since she had been so neglected in years past.


Nina loves to go outside and explore the green space but she is piddle pad trained so she'd be perfect as a companion for someone living in a condominium or apartment too. She s quite the low maintenance type of gal but like all cocker spaniels she does require occasional trips to the groomer which she actually LOVES! If interested in adopting Nina please fill out an application at www.floridacockerrescue.org  or email:  coastalcocker@gmail.com with inquiries.   ADOPTION FEE: $200.00.  With a little time and planning, Nina can be transported anywhere!

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