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Molly - Ocala, FL

Meet Molly!  Molly is a 12 yr old, 8 lb female Siamese cross cat. She hasn't had it easy!   She is a beautiful girl, with a big head! She has soft black fur and is quite a loner, to be honest. She doesn't really seek human affection, but is tolerant of pets and lovins.

Molly is a senior kitty... rescued from a cat colony that was being killed by the tenants of the lot. She is not a particularly affectionate cat, but she is not feral. She has lost most of her teeth and can only really eat soft gruel right now. She has a hearty appetite though... and no other known health problems. She is soft and all black. Her two children live with us as well... they are 8 yrs old. They are in no way bonded to their mom, however.

Molly falls under the category of a senior cat but not is not truly a hospice cat.  She deserves a soft place to spend the rest of her life!  For more information visit https://qualityofliferehab.com/ or email  qualityofliferehab@yahoo.com.

Gir - Del Ray, FL

Hi I'm Gir!  Girl is a female spayed DSH tabby cat.  She is 13 yrs old and weights 12 lbs. 


From her lister: Gir belonged to my niece, and she was in a situation where she was forced to give up her cats.  One was adopted by a wonderful family, one came to me (I have 8) and two others went to a lady who does independent “rescue”. We can give more details about Gir's situation to anybody who inquires.


 Gir is in DelRay, FL, I am in central NC, and my niece Sam is Myrtle Beach, SC. Gir is very sweet and affectionate, gets along great with kids and dogs (Sam has both, still has kids). She was found in a box of kittens and her and one other were the only two left alive. She is 12-13 years old, and the last we saw her she was about 12 lbs. We are desperate to get her out of the situation she is in. I am willing to help as much as possible to facilitate this.  For more information on Gir, please you may contact me by text or phone call at 804-304-5744. I work 11-5:30 so that is the only time I would be unreachable, although I do have voicemail. I am cautious about answering unknown numbers so if you have only one you use or an area code or state calling from I will be sure to answer. I will return voice mails ASAP.  Please consider taking Gir, she is adoptable and very sweet & affectionate. We want her in a safe place.

Pretty Boy - Lake Mary, FL

This is the aptly named Pretty Boy!  He is a male snowshoe Siamese mix cat who is less than 5 yrs old and weighs 13 lbs. 

Pretty Boy has a sad story. He had begun visiting an elderly woman named Elizabeth every day for breakfast. He was happy to sit and chat while she petted him. Then he showed up one morning limping with a wound on his leg and neck. She arranged to have him fixed and cared for. When they ran his combo test it showed FIV positive. That changed his life as the decision was made to bring him inside. Elizabeth has a very senior cat. She felt she could not care for him and he was surrendered.

If you would like to have more information on Pretty Boy, please visit https://www.newbeginningscatrescue.com/  and contact Debby Brown at 321-377-8166

Andre, Jacques, and Gigi - Apopka, FL

Meet Andre', Jacques, and Gigi!  Parlez vous francais?  These adorable kitties don't care! 

From their foster: I have fostered these 3 adorable kittens since they were 2 weeks old. Bottle fed, burped and loved. Of course they are very cute, very playful and very busy.... but they also tested positive for FeLV. My heart is broken since these little guys have been a joy with all their kitten antics from their purrs and cuddles to their hops and play. Who would have guessed. But the diagnosis has been confirmed and I am determined that they will have a joyful life whether 1 year or 10 years.

Andre': He is the most assertive of the litter and never seems to run out of energy or entertainment. With all his independence and playfulness, he still wants to get his cuddles in and has an intense purr and once recharged with lap-time he is off to conquer another toy.


Jacques: He is the “couch potato cuddler” of the litter. He loves to look into your eyes and melt your heart. He does enjoy rampaging with his litter mates and toys, but settles back to observe the action and I picture him as an avid book reader or warm your lap as you read a book. He’s a “Happy Camper”.


Gigi: She is the most vocal and always seeking to be picked up and get attention. She loves to cuddle and after an exhaustive play time will curl up on my chest and purr as she falls asleep.


They seem healthy and happy now, but someday they may not. Since I do not have a crystal ball I am advocating for their happiness in life and am hoping I can find the perfect home for any, or hopefully, all three together. They are bonded as they have a room in my home all to themselves. They play and romp like crazy and then just want to be cuddled and loved. They melt into my arms purring. I am hoping to find somebody who would love to be a special part of these little lives. I have my own kitties and other fosters, so sharing the house with them is not an option. If you are that special person, please contact me or the rescue for further information. They are scheduled for their spay/neuter, microchip and Rabies.


Their rescue would like them to stay within ~100 miles of their rescue.  For more information: 

Groucho - Ocala, FL (1/4/20 still avail)

Meet Groucho!  He is a 6 yr old, 8 lb, neutered male medium haired cat.

Groucho is one special kitty! When he first got here he was devastated by his mother's death and wanted to be left alone that's how he got his adorable name Groucho. He is now a clingy snuggle bug who would like as much attention as you can give him! He loves to cuddle and he loves canned food. He is fine with other animals! 


 He's FIV positive but is asymptomatic. We know from experience this is not the death sentence they misunderstood it to be 20 years ago. There is no reason this handsome man can't live a long healthy happy life with a wonderful new family. Is one ear is permanently misshapen from a hematoma somewhere in his past but we feel this just adds to his quirky and adorable character. This is a super special guy and needs a super special person to love him. Please call us at 352-817-9745 or email: HappyTailsAdoptions@hotmail.com if you are interested in hearing more about this baby!