Livi - Athens, GA

Meet Livi!  She is a 10-12 yr old, 6.3 lb, female spayed Min Pin.

Pure-bred and adorable Livi is a tiny little girl who adores her food in spite of the fact she only has five teeth left. She had 19 removed during a dental and was already missing 18 prior to coming into rescue. She has been fully vetted!

She is a very sweet girl who wants nothing more than to be someone's lap dog. She is so loving!! She will jump up at legs so people will pick her up, and if that fails to work, she will begin to whine while spinning in circles. She is people oriented, particularly towards women, and does well with calm dogs. Playful pups tend to overwhelm her since she has limited vision in her remaining eye. Her right eye was removed due to uncontrollable glaucoma, so we are doing whatever necessary to make sure her left eye remains safe and free of glaucoma.


Like many older dogs, Livi also has arthritis and may need lifelong medication for that. We are currently exploring options as she seems to be allergic to the more common meds used. Livi is both crate and house trained. She does not know what a leash is at all and will only walk very tentatively on one. however, in a fenced yard, she loves to explore and hangs out in the sun on warm days. When not outdoors, she can be found under a blanket next to her foster mom or on her foster mom's lap. Due to her small size, we do not recommend for Livi to go to a home with children.  Livi's rescue would like her to stay relatively local to her rescue.  If interested in making this sweet girl a permanent part of your family, please complete an adoption application at You may also email:

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