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South Carolina

Jenni - Abbeville, SC

Meet Jenni!  Jenni is an 8 yr old female spayed Shepherd/Lab mix who weighs 82 lbs.

Jenni is ready for her break!  She is such a good girl! She is fully vetted, housebroken, quiet, gentle and "smiles" when she is excited. She is also good with dogs and kids!! We are unsure how she is with cats.


Jenni was rescued after living her entire life outside with no love and attention. She doesn't hold it against anybody and is full of love to give. She deserves her forever home.  She would be a lovely addition to any family!!

For more information about Jenni, please email:  BpdebiG@aol.com for an application! 

Carson - Abbeville, SC

This handsome teddy bear is Carson!  Carson is a 14 yr old neutered male Chow/Golden Retriever mix.  He weighs 62 lbs.

Carson has a sad story.  He was rescued after being found with his deceased owner who they believe had been gone for quite some time when he was found.  Heartbreaking!


Carson is a special needs kind of guy.... He is good with other dogs, fully vetted and housebroken. He is a bit senile and likes to "pace" when he can't be with you. He is very happy just resting at your feet with a yummy treat. He can be nippy if pushed or touched in a way he thinks isn't right so should not go to a home with young children.


He would be so happy in a quiet home with someone to love and a yard to spend his days walking around and watching all that is going on. He does have a few allergies and needs to eat a healthy diet and be kept flea free. He also must be muzzled at the vet. He sounds like a handful, but really he just wants someone to love him!  He will be a wonderful addition to a family!

For more information, please email BpdebiG@aol.com for an application.

Sym - Abbeville, SC

This handsome guy is Sym!  Sym is a 10 yr old, neutered male Chow mix who weighs 56 lbs.

Sym is a special guy! He is fully vetted and gets along with all animals. He is very timid and needs to understand you aren't going to hurt him. He is totally blind, but gets around great once he learns his way around. He uses the doggie door and goes outside to potty. He is quiet, calm, gentle and loves his chew treats. He needs a quiet and loving home that understands him so that he can feel loved and learn to trust.  He would do best in a home with no children due to his special needs but he would be a very rewarding guy to bring home and gain his trust by giving him the besth ome ever!

For more information please email:  BpdebiG@aol.com for an application

Stella - Abbeville, SC

Meet Stella!  She is a 7 yr old female spayed pittie mix who weighs 55 lbs.

Don't be fooled by how serious she looks in her photos, Stella is one of the most loving dogs you will ever meet! She is fully vetted and housebroken. She is smart, loving, playful and is very happy just playing with her squeaky toys, chewing on her treats or giving you all her love.


She loves kids!  She is best with male dogs about her size or larger. She is really a great girl who just needs a best friend to spend the rest of her life with.

For more information please email: BpdebiG@aol.com for an application.

Miles and Hannah - Abbevile, SC

This is father/daughter duo Miles and Hannah.  Miles is a neutered male who is 10 yrs old and Hannah is a spayed female who is 9 yrs old and they are Pomeranian/Chihuahua mixes.

Hannah and Miles are extremely bonded and we are looking for someone with enough room in their heart and home to adopt both.


They are a little timid and very loving! They get along great with other pets and although they are fine with all children, we feel it best to find a home with either no or older children just because they are fearful.


Miles is more timid than Hannah, but does love to be petted and loved! He is a smart little guy and listens well. He loves his doggie bed and his low fat treats. He is overweight and on a diet and needs a dental. These two are just too cute!

Hannah is a snuggle bug who loves her belly rubs and cuddles. She is overweight and on a diet, has a fatty tumor on her belly and needs a dental. She is active and needs to find a home where she and Miles can be loved, get plenty of attention and have soft doggie beds to cuddle in!

For more information, please email: BpdebiG@aol.com

Fred and Wilma - Florence, SC

Meet sweet Fred and Wilma.  They are 8 yr old, 75 lb bonded Lab/Shepherd siblings.

This 8 year old bonded pair since pups, had their owner die and then the family surrendered them to a very rural South Carolina volunteer-only run shelter. They are heartworm positive but are on Heart Guard. They have been house dogs that have gotten along with other dogs and children. Cats are unknown.


The red female, after being in the shelter now for over seven weeks caged with very little time out is said to be getting very frustrated and depressed. They need a home quickly or they will be put down. These guys can be transported anywhere!!  Thank you in advance, and bless you!!  For more information: Allareangelsrescueservice@gmail.com, or call 615-987-9526.

Melbourne - Hilton Head Island, SC

This handsome senior is Melbourne!  He is an 11 yr old, 29 lb, neutered male Cattle Dog.

Sweet and gentle Melbourne was adopted from our organization as a pup.  Now, in his golden years, his owner took him to another local county shelter, claimed he was a stray, and left him there.  Thank goodness his microchip brought him back to us. 


Melbourne is so kind and loving, he is housebroken and is best only with cats.  He has a heart murmur and is heartworm positive which makes him risky to treat although an adopter could get this investigated further.  His right eye is completely sunken so he has some vision impairment which is the only reason we felt he might be nervous with young children.  He also has some changes in his kidney values on bloodwork so he is on a special diet. He loves to go for walks and walks very nicely on a leash.  He has become the office mascot but so deserves his own home!!  This is truly a lovely dog who will be adored in his forever home.

Contact information for people interested in Melbourne: Hilton Head Humane Association - 10 Humane Way Hilton Head, SC 29926 call: 843-681-8686,  email: adoptions@hhhumane.org.

RayRay - Simpsonville, SC

Meet RayRay!  He is an 8 yr old, 55 lb, neutered male mix - maybe Boxer?  Hound?  

RayRay is a happy-go-lucky guy that has been diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Don't let that fool you, though, as he is alert, happy, playful, social, and all silly pup! At 8ish years young, he is full of life and adventure!


He loves all dogs, cats, and every human he comes across, never meeting a stranger. He spreads the kisses like wildfire and likes to do a little happy dance when he's with you. He's bright, cheerful, and absorbs love like a sponge.


RayRay has been treated for heartworms, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. RayRay does very well in getting around. He does some spinning when he gets excited (To the left! To the left! To the left!), and sometimes needs slight direction on which way to go. He is a little slower going down steps just b/c he has some depth perception trouble with them, but he is quite able to go down them himself. He just makes sure his foot hits the step before he continues walking.


He walks well on a leash but will do some spinning when he's finding a place to go potty. He holds his head slightly down a lot, possibly from the TBI or perhaps from an initial pain he had in his neck. Prednisone did relieve this pain, and he's had no issues since.


RayRay loves to lay outside and sunbathe, and he also loves to zippy do dah around the yard and play. He enjoys a canine buddy that will play with him easily but not too rough. He won't interact if they play too hard with him. His current play buddy is a 135lb Great Pyrenees.


RayRay loves a soft bed in whatever spot he claims to be his favorite. RayRay does need a little extra food, more than the normal amount, just b/c he's so wiggly and burns it off a little faster. He's crate trained and house trained, but while he knows that he's supposed to go outside to potty, sometimes he can't figure out how to tell you. We're working on a method that is easy for him so that he can let you know when he needs an outdoor break.


RayRay is VERY food motivated, but he gets so excited that he spins, so we're trying to help him understand to stay/sit. We're also working on his manners for taking food and treats, helping him understand that he needs to be gentle (but treats are SOOOOO good!!).


RayRay will need a fenced yard or to be walked on a leash for his own safety. He'd love it if you'd join him in playing and on walks! RayRay has SO much love to give, and so much sunshine to spread over the land. Don't you want to be his blue sky and best friend?

For more information, please email: adoptions@k95rescue.org