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South Carolina

RayRay - Simpsonville, SC (9/13/20 still avail) 
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Meet RayRay!  He is an 8 yr old, 75 lb, neutered male mix - maybe Boxer?  Hound?  Definitely adorable!

RayRay is a happy-go-lucky guy that has been diagnosed with a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Don't let that fool you, though, as he is alert, happy, playful, social, and all silly pup! At 8ish years young, he is full of life and adventure!


He loves all dogs, cats, and every human he comes across, never meeting a stranger. He spreads the kisses like wildfire and likes to do a little happy dance when he's with you. He's bright, cheerful, and absorbs love like a sponge.


RayRay has been treated for heartworms, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. RayRay does very well in getting around. He does some spinning when he gets excited (To the left! To the left! To the left!), and sometimes needs slight direction on which way to go. He is a little slower going down steps just b/c he has some depth perception trouble with them, but he is quite able to go down them himself. He just makes sure his foot hits the step before he continues walking.


He walks well on a leash but will do some spinning when he's finding a place to go potty. He holds his head slightly down a lot, possibly from the TBI or perhaps from an initial pain he had in his neck. Prednisone did relieve this pain, and he's had no issues since.


RayRay loves to lay outside and sunbathe, and he also loves to zippy do dah around the yard and play. He enjoys a canine buddy that will play with him easily but not too rough. He won't interact if they play too hard with him. His current play buddy is a 135lb Great Pyrenees.


RayRay loves a soft bed in whatever spot he claims to be his favorite. He's crate trained and mostly house trained, but while he knows that he's supposed to go outside to potty, sometimes he can't figure out how to tell you so as long as you're keeping track, he thinks you're doing great. We're working on a method that is easy for him so that he can let you know when he needs an outdoor break and we've learned that if he doesn't see you to let you know, sometimes he gets a little anxious and will have an accident. He also typically has to go outside during the night to potty, so he wakes you up to do so.  He would benefit greatly from a doggy door, but would need someone patient enough to train him to do it.  He currently also takes Melatonin and a calming supplement to help him sleep and it's done very well for him!


RayRay is VERY food motivated, but he gets so excited that he spins, so we're trying to help him understand to stay/sit. We're also working on his manners for taking food and treats, helping him understand that he needs to be gentle (but treats are SOOOOO good!!).  He is on a specific diet, Purina One Sensitive Systems for both his belly and his skin. He takes a supplement for allergies, as well...Dr Goodpet Scratch Free. This has done wonders for him and he is no longer on allergy medications as a result!!


RayRay will need a fenced yard or to be walked on a leash for his own safety. He'd love it if you'd join him in playing and on walks! RayRay has SO much love to give, and so much sunshine to spread over the land. Don't you want to be his blue sky and best friend?

For more information, please email:

Polly - Simsonville, SC (9/1320)
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Meet Polly!  She is an 8 yr old, 42 lb, female spayed mix.

Polly is a beautiful little vanilla cupcake that dedicates her life to staying by your side, just so you know that someone loves you. A 42lb terrier mix, Pretty Little Polly is a delight to have around. She always makes you feel so incredibly special! Polly is both laid back and vibrant, always willing to plop on the bed and relax or hit the road for a new adventure! This good girl is housebroken and so very loving.


Polly does have hip arthritis and may have been hit by a car at some point.  She has a small hitch in her giddy-up but it doesn't bother her one bit. She can jump 6ft high to grab a ball, or run and play with no restrictions.  She ignores it, but her owner will have to pay attention!  Polly lives on Keppra for her seizures which she takes 3x day.  It has been a miracle for her and she's doing great!


Polly enjoys the company of dogs, but she would do best with a male that's her size or larger. No small dogs or cats, please. Small dogs can sometimes get her too excited, and cats...well, they're just plain weird. Polly has always been polite around children, but because she can sometimes show fear with handling, we prefer that she have a family with children 15 yrs or older.


We're not sure why poor Polly has such fears...but while she'll let you put her in the bathtub for a bath, dress her up, and even check her teeth, things like applying topical flea/tick treatment and brushing her are terrifying. This fear reaction is probably the result of abuse because you can see the terror in her eyes. However, she always lets you know she still loves you...she was just frightened for a moment.


Polly is so incredibly grateful for kindness, affection and attention that her eyes to light up like Christmas trees and she loves to smile! To show you how thankful she is for your love, she is well behaved indoors, gentle when taking treats, and is very feminine and polite. Just look into those beautiful eyes and you'll be sure to see what we're talking about. Our little vanilla cupcake is super duper sweet, and we promise that you're going to find yourself on a fun filled, happy, and permanent sugar high!

We're open minded about distance, as long as there is transport available both to and fro, should the dog ever need to be returned. Please email us with any questions:

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