California Dogs

Maui - Ramona, CA

This amazing guy is Maui!  His video is on Youtube at 

 Maui is an adorable 22 pound mix maybe some border collie and maybe shepherd maybe some lab it's hard to say but he's an adorable black little love bug he's a special-needs.


He is a paraplegic and has a cart and other items that go with him as you can see in the video he is still very mobile and loves to play he's very active and needs an active family.  He's full of love to give!  He had a really bad start and a neglectful previous owner who let this happen to him and let it go. Will you be at fresh start for him?


His adoption fee through our rescue covers him being fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. To learn more about adopting this sweet little boy, please go to our site at There is an online application on the home page. Or call us at 760-470-7643.

Will - Apple Valley, CA (2/2/20 still avail)

This sweetheart is Will!  Will is an 8 yr old neutered male Chiweenie who weighs 28 lbs.  Will is great with other animals, kids, and he is housebroken!!

Will is an amazing ole guy. He is a ray of sunshine!! He is sweet and gentle and loves to cuddle. He is looking for a human who likes to hang out and enjoy life.


Wil is blind and having surgery to remove his eyes as they are painful to him. He will be having dental done so when he goes to his new home, he will be in great shape! Will will be available in 3 weeks.


Will has adapted to loss of sight well. He has been blind for a while and it’s amazing how you think he can see ! He easily learns to navigate new places well , loves other dogs and to play . He may be blind but it’s not a disability to him. If you may be interested in Will you can fill out our online application.  To apply for Will please go to and fill out the online application. For further information please email us though the website!

Kara - Los Angeles, CA (10/10 /19 still avail)

Nobody tell smiley Kara that she is special needs because she has no idea!  Kara is a  4 yr old female spayed Rottie who weighs 80 lbs.  She is great with kids and she is housebroken!!

Kara is a big goofy girl who is ready for a good time. Kara does not let being a tripod slow her down. In fact, being that her leg was amputated at 4 months, she doesn’t even know she is special. She can run like the wind, jump like a roo and will join in any reindeer game that you have planned.


This is a social, delightful Rottweiler who will be great in any home. Adopt Kara and have a good time, all the time. We will introduce her properly to your household. Kara needs a home with no small dogs and she can be a little bit of a resource guarder.

For more information email:  Kara can be adopted in the southern California area.

Sully - Los Angeles, CA (2/2/20 still avail)

Hi my name is Sully!  I'm a young (< 5 yrs old), 34 lb, neutered male American Staffordshire Terrier.


As a puppy I was dumped at a vet clinic with an undiagnosed problem. Unfortunately, I spent over a year in a tiny crate spinning in circles with no treatment. Then somebody finally rescued me. They got me the vet care I needed which included the MRI and a long doctors visit and it was determined that I only have 1/3 of my brain function. Even though I don’t have the big head they say I have hydrocephalus.


I often spin in circles... my neck is always extended to the left. It’s not very comfortable for me. But Dream Team Angels is helping me they’ve got me on some good medicines and I am going to acupuncture and Accuscope. It is helping my poor body work better. I’ve never had a real home since I was abandoned as a baby. I’m just looking for someone that’s home a lot and can open up their heart to me.


My prognosis is not so good but I still deserve a loving home. If you’re at home a lot and you have the patience to deal with a dog that spins in circles at times. I just need somebody to hand me my toy that makes my brain calm down. I enjoy quiet homes with not to much activity. I do OK with other dogs but they don’t always like me. I sleep well through the night and I am potty trained. Please I just need someone to love me.  

Do you have room in your heart and home for little Sully?  For more information, please call: 360-688-8884.  Sully's rescue would like him to stay on the west coast.

Belle - Sunnyvale, CA (2/2/20 still avail)

Meet Belle!  She is an approximately 2 yr old female spayed, 40 lb mix breed dog - maybe Cattle Dog? 

Belle is special needs because she is deaf and she is looking for a home who will enjoy the process of developing her training!  She is a super smart girl who already knows about 15 hand signs and has no limit in sight to her ability to learn!! If she were a person, she'd be a type A student gunning for an Ivy League.  


 Along with being deaf, Belle is a high drive dog who would thrive with a job or fun sport to keep her busy. She is crate trained and housebroken!  Belle currently lives with other dogs and a cat but would also thrive as an only pet.  She definitely needs an active home and would SERIOUSLY excel in agility, rally or nose work.  Belle is looking for an experienced dog owner with no small kids. For the right, serious adopter a trial period could be given​. There are no distance limitations for adoption but you must come meet her in person. For more information you can email or check out the website

Sparky - Los Angeles, CA (2/2/20 still avail)

This adorable guy is Sparky!!  He is a younger (<5 yrs), 18 lb, neutered male mixed breed.

Sparky has a terribly sad story.  We rescued Sparky from a horrible backyard situation. Two months prior, he escaped from his family's yard and was hit by a car. He dragged himself back home, and his family chained him to a post so he wouldn't get away again rather than take him for medical treatment. Poor Sparky was injured and suffering but they didn't seem to notice or care. He was able to drag himself as far as the chain would allow in their filthy yard, but developed open wounds on his legs. Once he heard his story, we knew we had to help Sparky, and were able to convince the family to give him to us.


In spite of that history, Sparky is a happy, playful and loving dog!!!  He lives in the moment and doesn't hold anything against anybody. He is extremely devoted and wants to be wherever you are. Once he gets to know you, he loves to cuddle and is very affectionate. Sparky's wonderful attitude and resilience are truly inspiring.


We took Sparky to several vet specialists for an assessment and we were told that it was too late. Sadly, Sparky would be paralyzed for the rest of his life, but that doesn't get Sparky down. The vet was impressed with what a great attitude he has and how well adjusted he is. Sparky's wounds have healed and he is doing much better! We got Sparky a wheelchair and a stroller and he took to them right away! He loves to go for walks and see new things and explore. In the house or on grass, Sparky is able to get around just fine by himself by using his upper body.


Sparky is otherwise healthy. He's a wonderful dog that really deserves a chance to be loved! We need a foster or forever home in the Los Angeles area. Sparky is shy around new people, so he needs time to get to know you. Ideally, Sparky's foster or forever home should be someone who works from home part-time or is retired. He weighs about 17 lbs. We think he is a Shiba Inu, Basenji, Puggle and maybe even a little Chihuahua mix. Sparky is so precious and just wants to give and receive love. He is good with small dogs. Sparky has an amazing, loving personality despite having had a horrible start in life. He deserves a nice person of his own to love. We will cover Sparky's vet expenses and his stroller and wheelchair will come with him. Caring for a special needs dog is very rewarding. Sparky doesn't need much, and will be so grateful to have you in his life!

For more information please email:

Angel - Riverside, CA (2/2/20 still avail)

This sweet girl is Angel.  Angel is very wonderful and happy 6 month old female Lab puppy who really needs an understanding home.

Sweet little Angel has hydrocephalus. When we first got Angel, she had demodex mange, and - although her pupils responded to light - she was blind. She was skeletal, disoriented, and marched endlessly in circles. An MRI, spinal tap, and blood tests revealed major infection in her brain, as well as hydrocephalus, or “water on the brain.”  


The vet speculated that it may have been caused by blunt force trauma to the mom while pregnant. With steroids, antibiotics, and cannabis, her condition has greatly improved and her vision is much better! She probably sees light and shadows.


Here's the important thing though...Angel is HAPPY!!!  Angel spends her days wagging her tail, wanting to be cuddled, and playing with the other dogs in her foster home. She craves and thrives on love! She currently takes cannabis daily, but has been weaned off the other meds. She has not had any seizures. She is a very “simple” dog, and will probably always act like a dopey puppy. She is not potty trained and may never be; she does well with potty pads and her foster sometimes has her wear a diaper, in case her future owner wants to train her to wear them.  Angel definitely needs her own angel to find her and take her home.  For more information, please visit:

Toby - Sacramento, CA

Meet Toby!  He is a 3.5 yr old, 110 lb , neutered male German Shepherd.

Laid back – Easygoing – Good Natured – Handsome. These are just some of the adjectives that my Foster person uses to describe my personality! Hi, my name is Toby. I’m a 3.5 year old, 110lb gentle giant with soulful brown eyes and a disposition to match. I have a beautiful, thick tricolor coat and I would be an amazing family dog!


Just some of my great qualities include walking on a loose leash, I'm house trained, crate-trained and well-mannered with all people I meet. I would do best in a home with older children. My ideal home would be quiet and slightly active. You see, I was rescued from Yolo County Shelter by the wonderful volunteers at EDCGSR. They heard I needed double elbow surgery, so they invested in me and provided the care I needed. I needed this surgery because of extreme arthritis  and elbow dysplasia but am currently not on any NSAIDs or pain killers and love going for long walks. 


I am on the mend and showing my personality! I’m somewhat interested in other dogs, but have a high interest in little animals, so cats are probably a no. My Foster mom says I have an excellent nose and love to sniff every inch of my surroundings. My ideal furever home would be with someone who is home most of the day and enjoys hanging around a quiet home. If you’re looking for a sweet and gentle spirit who will devote his life to giving you love and affection, then reach out and meet me. I’m current on all vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped and neutered.

Toby's rescue would like him to stay within a reasonable distance of Sacramento.  If you are interested, please call Myra Muhammed 916-600-4988.

Daisy - Fullerton, CA ADOPTED! 

This beautiful senior is Daisy.  She is a 17 yr old female spayed Chihuahua who weighs 10 lbs.  She is tolerant of other dogs, gentle kids and is piddle pad trained!

Daisy came to us from a local shelter. She has advanced heart disease but has shown improvement since starting medication. Her heart has actually gotten stronger! Daisy is missing most of her teeth so she is on a soft food diet, but she loves to eat and will let you know when she is hungry! She is a sassy girl who likes to be around people and loves attention. She does well in the car, and walks nicely on a leash. She has a bit of a stiff gait and seems to have trouble seeing and hearing (all age related). Barks of Love will cover Daisy’s medical for life if treated by our vet in Anaheim. We would prefer Daisy to be adopted within Orange County. Please email for more information on this sweet girl!  You can also visit:

Salty - Newport Beach, CA (2/2/20 still avail)

Meet sweet Salty.  He is a 10 yr old, 20 lb, neutered male Schnauzer.

We received Salty from a rescue nearby whose owner and president who pulled him out of a serious situation of neglect. At Salty's initial exam he was in very poor condition and in pain.  He was nearly blind with agonizing ulcers in both eyes, matted fur and a bare back/buttock area due to allergies and flea infestation. Our veterinarian believed it was possible to save the eyes and thanks to an amazing foster family who treated him, his eyes were saved and he has retained limited vision.


He also had a lipoma on his side and a tumor directly inside his anus which was causing him much pain. We had both of the tumors removed, he was treated for the fleas and skin allergies. His hair is all back and he is feeling and looking much better!  He is handsome and ready for his retirement home.

Salty likes short walks and to play with his toys.  After he's done playing, he piles his toys in his doggie bed to snuggle with. He likes to meander around the house, go in and out of the sliding glass door onto the patio to sunbathe or get a drink. He's not a needy guy but he seems to really like getting attention from his humans and enjoys his walks.  He's an easy keeper even preferring to sleep downstairs in his own bed overnight instead of with the other pups although he likes to play during the day.  Salty is good with other dogs but needs to be protected from overly aggressive dogs due to his limited vision.  We don't know how he is with cats. 


He goes outside on his own to potty during the day and on walks, however needs to go once overnight so his former foster mom would leave a potty pad next to his dog bed and also next to the door he normally goes outside from as he will take himself there when he has to go potty.


Salty is visually impaired due to chronic dry eye, however gets along just fine and in fact loves to walk and smell around the neighborhood. The dry eye condition requires eye drops twice daily for the rest of his life and we know he likes eye drop time because they are soothing to him. Thank you for your consideration!  We want to get Salty out of the environment he's currently in and into a home where he can live out his remaining years without pain and with all of the human love that he deserves.

For more information please email Jenell Popov at: or call: 614-483-1595. 

Bobby - Gardena, CA (2/2/20 still avail)

Meet Bobby!  He is a 7 yr old, 17 lb, neutered male Pug/beagle mix.

Bobby was in the Inland Valley Shelter when we rescued him. When he first arrived at our facility, he was quite shy and nervous about receiving attention. However, like all that have come before him, he has adjusted well and is now one of the first to greet you when you enter the pen.  Bobby is great on walks and rides nicely in the car. This sweet gentleman is very polite about asking for love; using those beautiful, soulful brown eyes to coax a scratch or two from you.


Bobby was recently diagnosed with a condition called "Megaesophagus". This is a condition where the esophagus loses muscle tone and doesn't properly push food to the stomach. We feed Bobby in a chair, as it's important that he eat with his head elevated. He loves his chair and has already become a pro at sitting in it!


Despite his condition, Bobby is a great boy. Although social with other dogs, often times finding a friend to spoon with for an afternoon nap, there are times when he can be a bit cranky and a tiff will break out. Bobby is working on housebreaking.


Bobby is SO deserving of stability and love, we know he will be the joy of any home lucky enough to snag!!

For all information, please email: or visit the website:

Lizzie - Los Angeles, CA (2/2/20 still avail)

Meet Lizzie!  She is a 4 yr old, 50 lb, female spayed Pittie.

WHAT A CHARACTER! Lizzie is one special girl. You would never guess that Lizzie had a rough start to life, having her back broken by a human. She is the happiest dog around, always with an enormous, joyous smile on her face. This little lady cannot contain her excitement whenever you come home. She flies around, bouncing and snorting - she has to be reminded that that's bad for her back! With the cute noises she makes she could be mistaken for a piglet.

A great day for Lizzie is going for a car ride with her foster Mum to Venice Beach and seeing all the people there. She also loves going to her physical therapy sessions where everyone knows her and she can pin them down and shower them with kisses.

Lizzie can walk now (she couldn't always!) but her hind legs swing out to the side instead of coming under her.  She can walk short distances - half a block, twice a day - but she gets quite sore if she overdoes. She can run and jump but it's not a good idea for her and she needs to be reminded that she will get painful!  

Lizzie needs to be an only dog where a single person or couple can give her all the attention and affection she craves. She is extremely devoted, incredibly passionate and wants to be with her humans all the time. A special person is required to continue this do short exercises with her each day and take her to therapy sessions once a week.  Her physical therapy currently includes involves exercises, stretching, laser, and acupuncture, all in one session.


This person would also need to understand that Lizzie is very protective of those she loves and requires slow, careful introduction to new people. In return for caring for her she will let you know constantly how very grateful she is. This cute piglet loves toys, squeaky ones in particular, and really enjoys bones.


She is very well behaved, obedient and listens well. She does need to be the only dog in her family but can live with rabbits, cats or other smal creatures. As part of Lizzie's adoption you get 5 free group training classes with us in San Fernando, CA to teach you to be the best parent and leader for her. If you have experience with bully breeds or dominant breeds and would like to meet this princess please let us know!

For all information, please email: or Phone: 347-546-1166.

Todd Curtis - Los Angeles, CA   ( 2/2/20 still avail)

Meet Todd Curtis!  He is a 6 yr old, 60 lb, neutered male German Shepherd.

He's all smiles! You would never know that Todd Curtis just had one of his hind legs removed. He's such a happy, goofy and handsome guy! Todd Curtis is super affectionate, silly and has a big personality. He approaches life with a great attitude.


Todd Curtis is well behaved in the house, he's a pro in the car and loves to go for walks! Todd Curtis has absolutely no concept of him being a tripod. He loves to run around and to sunbathe. Todd Curtis is looking for a calm, adult household with yard access.


He is healthy, house trained, neutered, microchipped, and current on all vaccines. Adoption only open to Southern California residents. We do not adopt out any of our dogs to households with children under 10 years old. An application needs to be filled out prior to meeting any of our dogs. An application can be obtained on our website 

For more information, you may call:  818-232-0775  or email:

Sally - San Francisco Bay Area, CA (2/9/20)

Meet Sally!  She is a 13 yr old, 16 lb, spayed female Rat Terrier.

Sally is a pure bred Rat Terrier.she is a lovely dog and loves to go on walks and stop and say hello to everyone that she meets. She love to, WALK WALK WALK. She appears to be housebroken and crate trained. She loves car rides!


She gets along with other dogs and didn’t pay attention to cats in the Vet’s office. She is a little timid and get spooked by loud noises.She would do best with children over 12. She is considered a hospice pet because she a heart murmur. She has no symptoms. She takes a daily medicine and will come with a three month supply with three refills. After that it will run about $30. a month. She also takes an arthritis pill that is about $4. a month. The Vet feel that she has one or two years of quality left. A lot depends on the kind of environment that she lives in, her diet and the amount of love that she gets.

Sally can be transported to major US cities by volunteers from Delta Airlines. Sally will be escorted in the cabin on a STANDBY flight. Adoptees must be flexible with airport and time of pick up.

For all further information, please send an email to : to request more details!

Daisy - Lake Forest, CA (2/23/20)

Meet Daisy!  She is an 11 year old, 56 lb, female spayed Labrador.

Beautiful girl!  Daisy is housebroken and great with other dogs!  Daisy is looking for a foster or an adoptive forever home. We are a small breed rescue in Southern California and while we usually are not able to take in larger pups like Daisy, we just couldn't turn her away.  We suspect Daisy would be fine with cats too as she is very slow and mellow but she has not been cat tested.

Daisy's sad story: she had been living on the streets with a homeless person that was unable to care for her properly. As a result, she was emaciated and so weak she was unable to walk on her own. We were honestly prepared for the worst but wanted to give her a comfortable home in her final days. Well, Daisy had other plans for us.

Once she got some proper veterinary care, extra special nutrition and some love and attention, she began to put weight back on and her health drastically improved. She is currently on Proin for urine dripping and Meloxicam for joint pain. She has been improving steadily and both conditions are well managed with her medication! She is finally back at a healthier weight and her spirit has improved significantly as well! 


She is super friendly, loving, great with dogs of any size and adores people! Daisy would be happiest in a quiet home. She enjoys going on short strolls and loves to just hang out and relax with her foster mom and foster sibling. Unfortunately, her current foster lives in an upstairs condo with no outdoor space, and because of Daisy's joints, the stairs aren't the easiest thing for her to negotiate. We have been trying unsuccessfully to find a more suitable place for our precious girl. I hope we can find that person here. ***We love Daisy and our rescue is willing to provide her medications for the rest of her life for the proper foster home.  An adopter would assume her costs but her medications are very inexpensive!  We just need her to be in a loving home that is best suited for her physical needs.

Daisy's rescue would like her to stay in Southern California but if you are outside of there, please reach out anyway to discuss it!  They are potentially open to neighboring states for Daisy's perfect home.

To chat about Daisy, please reach out to Natalie Kornmueller 949/228-4844 or Angela Burton 949/212-8378 or you may email:

Della - Gardena, CA (3/8/20)

Meet Della!  She is a 10 yr old, 25 lb, female spayed Pug mix.

Sweeet  Della was dropped at the shelter by her owner before making her way to us. This big, beautiful gal seems to think she’s smaller than she actually is, as she loves to be held and cuddled like a baby.


Next to treat time, human attention is her favorite thing. She already has a “happy” tail ready for you when she sees you approaching her suite. Once in there with her, it takes all of about 2 seconds for a smile to grace her sweet face!


Della adores trips to the park. She prefers to observe and joyfully take in all the surroundings, rather than run all over the place. She likes other dogs, but we’ve found that – because she’s an “alpha”- tiffs have broken out on several occasions. We decided it best that she be separated from the others and should go to a home where she is the only dog. If dogs are around, not necessarily interacting directly with her, she seems to do ok. She isn't strictly housebroken at this point. 


Della has the sweetest face and most soulful eyes, she can be pretty hard to resist! Despite her middle-age, this precious gem has lots of energy, spunk and life left in her. Not to mention, lots of love to still give. She’d do great in a home with someone retired, or a family with young kids. If the yard was large enough to run and play in, she’d be in heaven! We know Della would make a loyal companion, given the chance. 

For more information about Della, please email:  There are no restrictions on distance for her to be adopted!

Galena - San Francisco Bay Area, CA  (9/27/20)

Meet Galena!  She is a 12 yr old, 22 lb, female spayed cocker spaniel mix.

This gorgeous girl is practically perfect in every way that matters!!  Kind, gentle, fine with cats and dogs, housebroken...she really ticks all the boxes that a perfect senior should.

Sadly, she had some mammary tumors removed and biopsied and while the path report showed that several of them were cancerous, the cancer has not yet spread and her lungs are clear.   Our vet feels that she has at least a year left of quality life and possibly more with love and care.   


There are no fees for adoptable-hospice dogs but regular adoption criteria apply and application is required.   She can be adopted locally and after that she can be adopted within reasonable driving distance.  


Galena's foster mom says this about her   'She’s a sweet, quiet, gentle lady who likes to spend most of her day sleeping but insists you be right next to her.   She LOVES car rides.   She's a lover who only needs you and a comfy bed'  

Good with dogs - YES

Good with cats - YES (indifferent)

Good with children - would likely be fine with gentle children  

Crate use in car - YES

Crate use in house - unknown

Sleeps on bed - YES  

Housebroken - YES

Good on leash - YES  

Good for walks - NO. Probably would like a stroller or wagon, exercise is for youngsters! 

Playful - NO.  She prefers to love and sleep.

Toys - NO

Sleep - YES (22+ hours/day)

Bark - NO

Picky eater - YES

Can be left alone - unknown but probably YES.    When left alone on the bed, if she awakes alone, she'll get up to find you. Really, the only time she's on the move. She wags her tail a few times when she finds you.   She doesn't want to (or understand) the stairs or ramps, so we lift her on and off the bed. Otherwise, she jumps off the bed and belly-flops.  Her hair is very soft and delicate. She allows us to brush her.   She'll pant until you figure out what she wants - thirsty, hungry, or potty. Then it's back to sleep.  If you are interested in adopting, please send a detailed email to that makes it clear that you have read and understood her bio.    

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