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California Dogs

Maui - Ramona, CA
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This amazing guy is Maui!  His video is on Youtube at 

 Maui is an adorable 22 pound mix maybe some border collie and maybe shepherd maybe some lab it's hard to say but he's an adorable black little love bug he's a special-needs.


He is a paraplegic and has a cart and other items that go with him as you can see in the video he is still very mobile and loves to play he's very active and needs an active family.  He's full of love to give!  He had a really bad start and a neglectful previous owner who let this happen to him and let it go. Will you be at fresh start for him?


His adoption fee through our rescue covers him being fully vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. To learn more about adopting this sweet little boy, please go to our site at There is an online application on the home page. Or call us at 760-470-7643.

Bobby - Gardena, CA (2/2/20 still avail)
Bobby 1.jpg

Meet Bobby!  He is a 7 yr old, 17 lb, neutered male Pug/beagle mix.

Bobby was in the Inland Valley Shelter when we rescued him. When he first arrived at our facility, he was quite shy and nervous about receiving attention. However, like all that have come before him, he has adjusted well and is now one of the first to greet you when you enter the pen.  Bobby is great on walks and rides nicely in the car. This sweet gentleman is very polite about asking for love; using those beautiful, soulful brown eyes to coax a scratch or two from you.


Bobby was recently diagnosed with a condition called "Megaesophagus". This is a condition where the esophagus loses muscle tone and doesn't properly push food to the stomach. We feed Bobby in a chair, as it's important that he eat with his head elevated. He loves his chair and has already become a pro at sitting in it!


Despite his condition, Bobby is a great boy. Although social with other dogs, often times finding a friend to spoon with for an afternoon nap, there are times when he can be a bit cranky and a tiff will break out. Bobby is working on housebreaking.


Bobby is SO deserving of stability and love, we know he will be the joy of any home lucky enough to snag!!

For all information, please email: or visit the website:

Lizzie - Los Angeles, CA (2/2/20 still avail)
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Meet Lizzie!  She is a 4 yr old, 50 lb, female spayed Pittie.

WHAT A CHARACTER! Lizzie is one special girl. You would never guess that Lizzie had a rough start to life, having her back broken by a human. She is the happiest dog around, always with an enormous, joyous smile on her face. This little lady cannot contain her excitement whenever you come home. She flies around, bouncing and snorting - she has to be reminded that that's bad for her back! With the cute noises she makes she could be mistaken for a piglet.

A great day for Lizzie is going for a car ride with her foster Mum to Venice Beach and seeing all the people there. She also loves going to her physical therapy sessions where everyone knows her and she can pin them down and shower them with kisses.

Lizzie can walk now (she couldn't always!) but her hind legs swing out to the side instead of coming under her.  She can walk short distances - half a block, twice a day - but she gets quite sore if she overdoes. She can run and jump but it's not a good idea for her and she needs to be reminded that she will get painful!  

Lizzie needs to be an only dog where a single person or couple can give her all the attention and affection she craves. She is extremely devoted, incredibly passionate and wants to be with her humans all the time. A special person is required to continue this do short exercises with her each day and take her to therapy sessions once a week.  Her physical therapy currently includes involves exercises, stretching, laser, and acupuncture, all in one session.


This person would also need to understand that Lizzie is very protective of those she loves and requires slow, careful introduction to new people. In return for caring for her she will let you know constantly how very grateful she is. This cute piglet loves toys, squeaky ones in particular, and really enjoys bones.


She is very well behaved, obedient and listens well. She does need to be the only dog in her family but can live with rabbits, cats or other smal creatures. As part of Lizzie's adoption you get 5 free group training classes with us in San Fernando, CA to teach you to be the best parent and leader for her. If you have experience with bully breeds or dominant breeds and would like to meet this princess please let us know!

For all information, please email: or Phone: 347-546-1166.

Rho - Riverside, CA
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Meet Rho! She is a 4 yr old, 67 lb, female spayed Husky/Bull terrier mix.

Rho is a housebroken, active, loyal girl who would make an incredible companion! She gets easily attached to her favorite people, and wants to be their shadow. Cuddling, hiking, and hanging out are her favorite activities!  Rho lived with other dogs in her previous home but hasn't been tested again with them since she hasn't been feeling great.  She will chase cats and other small creatures so we don't recommend them in her new home!


Sadly, when Rho was relinquished, she was found to have health concerns, and upon further diagnosis, it was discovered that she has lymphoma - cancer. Her amazing rescue just had her at an oncologist and they have started chemotherapy treatment.  Her rescue will happily discuss her status with any interested adopter!!  Right now, we don't know how long she may have...some live with lymphoma for a long time and some cannot.  She is looking for a loving home so that she can live life to its fullest for however long that is.  Rho is so deserving of being loved until it is her time...please, won't somebody find room for her?  She has SO much love to give! 

Rho's adopter would have to agree to a home visit.  For all information please visit: or email:

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