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Arizona and Nevada

Beans - Tuscon, AZ

Meet Beans!  Beans is youngish, female spayed, calico mix who weighs about 10 lbs.

BEANS was an "owner surrender" the lady who signed her over claimed she was a trailer park cat, no one owned her specifically, but this lady had been feeding her and Beans hung out the most there.


She had gotten caught or bit and had a puncture wound to her back right leg. No one was willing to step up for her and the wound was seeping.


Beans is a special needs kitty. She defecates and urinates in cars. She has very specific desires for litter box. I use a large tupperware box with no lid for her box. Clay litter and it must be away from any doors. She historically peed and defecated with no consistency at a foster-to-adopt setting The foster had a dog and Beans lashed out at the dog and seemed to be upset by its presence.


Beans also has a short temper and plenty of opinions. She dislikes other cats, she acts scared of them and attacks first. She does not tolerate much stimulation. She will pee on soft surfaces when a vacuum is run, if you haven't cleaned her litter box out first.


Beans mouth-strikes but has never broken skin when she feels she is being crowded or is touched near her chest or tail. Beans also is not a fan of bare feet.


She needs an extremely patient, cat saavy person who will love her quirks to hear the roar of her ginormous purr. She loves to cuddle and has massive fuzzy feet she will use to get your attention with a little tap, more insistent the longer you wait. This beautiful, spirited Calico will need a person willing to have a mobile vet service come in for shots. She would LOVE a catio she can sun in all by herself. Beans is an ONLY ANIMAL home recommendation. No children due to her unpredictable behavior with striking.  Beans should stay local to her rescue as she is not a great traveler. 

For more information please email: email: info@wesavekittiesatrisk.org  

Melon - Peoria, AZ

Meet Melon!  She is a 4 yr old, 9 lb, females spayed orange tabby cat.

This beautiful girl is Melon!  Her birth date is October, 2015, and She is an orange/creme short haired tabby. She had to have her eyes removed at a young age due to a serious infection, but had been in a loving home until May, 2019, when her owner realized she needed a better loving home.

Melon has also been declawed, date unknown. She was living with a small dog, but it made Melon nervous with its barking. She has lived with small children, and other cats. She gets around a home very well as her other senses are very keen.


She loves to be on your lap, sleep with you as long as she is provided with a way to get up onto the bed and talked to. She likes canned food at least one time a day which will also help socialize her. If you would like to learn more or come and meet this kitty contact Valerie at 602 740 8805 or email: vlintz@davisp.com