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Socks and Rocket - Laguna Beach, CA (3/8/20)
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Meet Socks and Rocket!  This is a bonded brother and sister pair of tabbies who are 2 yrs old and about 11 lbs.

What's cuter than one tripod cat?  TWO tripod cats!  


Hi there we are a cat cafe rescue in Laguna Beach, California. We are currently fostering a sister and brother duo named Socks and Rocket. They are both beautiful tabby short hairs. Both are tripods and quite vision impaired. While they are essentially blind, seeing shadows only, that doesn’t stop them from getting around! Rocket relies on his sister to see as we think her vision is a little bit better.


They are a 2-year old bonded pair who were both born with a painful, genetic malformation of the back leg. After surgery to correct this, they are pain free and both love to snuggle and play! They are very sweet and gentle, lap cats and love to sleep snuggled up next to a hooman. We have been fostering them for a year in our cat lounge and would really like for them to find a foster with a comfy home or a permanent FURREVER HOME 😻 They are a bit stressed around all the other cats and would love to be the only kitties.

We will consider adoptions throughout California, but if you are within reasonable distance, please reach out! Transportation is the responsibility of the adopter. There is no adoption fee as this brother and sister have all fees sponsored by the Ark of San Juan and Catmosphere Laguna

To learn more about this dinamic duo, you may email: or: (owner)  or call : 949.619.6369

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