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Mandy - Santa Rosa, CA

Meet the beautiful Mandy!  Mandy is a 17 yr old, 6 lb, female DSH cat. 

Mandy is the ultimate lap cat. She's in my lap as I write this. Mandy sleeps on top of me all night. Yes, on top. And when I roll over she stays atop me like a log roller. Mandy's fine with other cats as long as they leave her alone. Not sure how she'd do with a dog. She is litterbox trained.

Mandy was surrendered to San Francisco ACC because her owner had passed away, so we don't have much history on her. 

If you would like more information on Mandy, please visit  http://www.snapcats.org/  or email info@snapcats.org! 

Owner death is a tragic reason for an elderly animal to end up in a shelter, lets find Mandy a home!!

Frannie - Redwood, CA

This gorgeous girl is Frannie!  Frannie is an 11 yr old, 11 lb, female tortoiseshell Norwegian Forest/DLH cat.  Frannie is perfectly litterbox trained, can live with other animals, and kids over 12 yrs old.  

She was rescued from a kill shelter in Janauary 2018. They said she was 7 but it was clear that she was older. She had been attacked and bitten on the back end where she now has a scar but it is still tender. She was adopted out once and returned because the adopter found out that she actually could not have pets! She had been back at the rescue for awhile and then this really nice lady wanted to adopt her. She took her home the first night and totally fell in love with her.

In just 24hrs Frannie ended up having a violent seizure and then several more. She is on seizure meds now and is fine and has not had any other issues since. Unfortunately of course the lady just did not want to keep her after the seizures happened so she is back at the rescue. Frannie is on Seizure medication 2x/day, Prednisolone every other day and we give her miralax to keep her regular. All of her meds and liquid and she takes them very well. She is no trouble. We would love to find a forever home for her. With our senior cats when we adopt them out and they are over 10 years old, we do an adoption partnership where the adopter can get help from the rescue for medical or any other expenses they need help with, as part of the contract.

Frannie is not an active, rambunctious kitty but she is a greeter. She must be strictly indoors. She loves people, loves to be pet and adored. she will sit by you and climb up on your lap if she is sitting by you. She really cannot jump because of her injury but she gets around very well. She loves little toys and enjoy watching other playing and such. She is quite precious and one of the volunteers favorite kitties in the rescue. Currently she lives with 3 kittens in a nice cat room. She cleans the kittens and will hang out with them but when they annoy her she hits them with her paw. ((she does not use her claws). She is a beautiful long haired kitty that does need to combed out regularly to alleviate matting.

Let's find this beautiful girl a forever home!  Interested parties can visit http://whis-purr.org/ or email info@whis-purr.org. 

Charlie - Grass Valley, CA

This handsome boy is Charlie.  Charlie is an 18 yr old, 7 lb, neutered male Siamese cat.  He would prefer to live alone, is fine in a household with kids over 12 yrs old, and is litter box trained. 

Charlie is such a good boy. He has lived as a shelter cat for over 9 years. He was adopted 3 times, and returned for biting people. That is because Charlie only likes to be picked up when he meows and puts his paws up. His new adopters did not follow those instructions. Content to sleep most of the day, Charlie loves people, and would enjoy a house with many people, but he doesn't care for other cats too much. When he asks to be held, he will drape himself over your left shoulder and happily ride you around as you go about your business. Although he's a senior, he still gets the "zoomies" occasionally, and runs up and down the hallway. Charlie's ear is crumpled from a bad case of ear mites he had long ago, and his eyes are getting cloudy, but he still has so much love to give. Will you take him into your home for his sunset years?  For more information on Charlie you can visit https://www.animalsave.org/ or  contact AnimalSave for more information at: (530) 271-7071 x 204, or email to fosteradoption@animalsave.org

Monty and Puff - Laguna Woods, CA

This gorgeous mother and son duo are Monty and Puff!  Puff is a special needs girl as she has limited vision.

Monty is a handsome, blue-eyed, 6 year old with soft, fluffy fur and flame point markings.  He is friendly, sweet and loves to be petted and brushed.  He is a gentle cat and takes good care of Puff, who is actually his 8 year old momma cat.  Puff's fur is a bit shorter and she was born with limited vision so she relies on Monty to be near by. He's her guide and protector.  She is also very sweet and loving.  She loves to sit beside you and get petted. 


Both kitties have had recent vet care, been given a clean bill of health and their shots are update. They previously lived with a dog and would probably do fine with a cat friendly dog. These cats are well mannered, sweet tempered and friendly.  They deserve a loving home together.  If you would like to know more or meet this amazing duo please call Olivia at 949-472-4744 or email olivia.lwca@yahoo.com.

Black Bean - Lake Balboa, CA

This adorable little guy is Black Bean!   Black Bean is a cute, funny, outgoing 1 year old kitty.


He loves running around and playing with his kitty foster brother Gizmo. His favorite toys are balls and mice and he loves taking naps at the top of the cat trees. He is very acrobatic and likes to get onto high places. He is not very food driven and would prefer to have his food left out all day so he can graze. He is cuddly and loves to hang out on couch once he gets to know you. Bean is not a "scaredy cat" by any means, but due to his anxiety and stress disorder does take some time to become acquainted with a new space. He is one of the sweetest cats his foster has ever met and we are hoping to find him the perfect forever family!


Bean has a condition called Idiopathic Cystitis or FIC, which is an inflammation of the bladder that causes symptoms of lower urinary tract disease. The vets believe this is caused by anxiety and stress so he will need a low stress environment and supplements to help calm him. He has been thriving in his foster home with other adult cats and his condition has stabilized since we rescued him. He currently eats vet prescribed urinary track wet and dry food and is on Zylkene (a calming supplement). This condition should not shorten his life but should be managed by a vet so he doesn't have any complications.  Black Bean is looking for an adopter in Southern California. 

For more information, please email:  kelly@carerescuela.org.

Zeus - Temecula, CA

Meet Zeus!  Zeus is a 1 yr old, neutered male orange tabby cat.

Zeus was born on April 2, 2018.  He is very sweet and playful and loves attention, but isn’t a snuggler.  When Zeus was 5 weeks old he had an intestinal blockage from eating litter, which had to be removed. Because of this, Zeus needs to be on a wet food only diet for the rest of his life as the blockage stretched his colon and he now has very large stool.   Zeus also has a mild case of CH (Cerebellar Hypoplasia http://chcat.org/about-ch-cats/) so he seems shaky and wobbly at times and will often fall over when cleaning himself.  He can run up stairs and is able to run and jump onto things (sofas & beds) using his claws.  Zeus does not like using the litter box.  We believe this is because the litter makes it difficult for him to balance due to his CH and he feels unstable.  He will use the litter box if you put him in, but a home with tile floors would be best for Zeus.  Zeus loves to play with other cats and dogs and laying in front of the fireplace is his favorite thing to do.  He also likes to chase laser light toys and loves catnip.  Zeus also needs to have the fur on his bottom shaved because sometimes when he goes to the bathroom it gets stuck in his fur. 

Zeus is available for adoption in the California/Navada region. For more information please email: info@secondchancepetadoptions.org.

Georgia - Los Angeles, CA

This beautiful girl is Georgia!  Georgia is a year old domestic long hair/Maine Coon mix who is spayed. 

From Georgia: Hello! I'm Georgia!  I have long black hair with a red tint to it. I’m just over a year old and I’m looking for a special person.


Right now I’m staying in a small room by myself. I am an outgoing girl who may hide when I first meet you, but give me a minute. Once I know you’re not hunting me then I’ll never leave you alone. If you forget about me then I’ll remind you by gently swiping your feet (don’t worry I won’t hurt you) or I’ll talk to you. I like to remind you when it’s time to eat. I love comfy places to sleep, cuddles and rubbing up against my humans. I love sleeping with my human.


While I can coexist with a dog I’d rather not have them in my face. I will hiss. I need to be an only cat as I tested positive for FeLV (feline leukemia virus which is contracted by saliva). I’d hate to give it to another kitty pal (don’t worry other animals and humans can’t get it). It’s a viral infection that affects my immune system and bone marrow. Try not to feel bad for me. I exhibit no signs. I’ve been told I have a weaker immune systems, so I’m more prone to infections (like upper respiratory infections) and/or can become anemic. So at the first sign of the sniffles I should be put on antibiotics. Most cats with FeLV live normal lives, but their life span tends to be significantly shorter. I’m choosing to live the best life I can. Plus, FeLV cats can live many healthy years with the illness. If you want a loyal companion and have that special heart to offer me a life that I deserve then please fill out an application. I promise to be the purr-fect girl. My foster Mom will even travel outside the state to a good home. For more information you can email: Thecatcove@gmail.com or kelly@barkatthepark.net.

Bennington - Riverside, CA

I can't deal with how cute this chunk is!  Meet Bennington!  He is an ~5 yrs old, neutered male cat.

Oh loverboy! Bennington is a cuddlebug and Casanova, with a heart-stealing personality. He enjoys going for walks on his leash and head-booping. He likes the company of humans and nice dogs! He has no tail but makes up for it with his huge heart.


Due to a past injury that left him with a broken spine, he does not have 100% control over his bladder and bowels, and leaks a bit. His foster expresses him daily (not hard!), and he would be a good candidate for diapers! He is looking for a VERY SPECIAL family that will see that his life matters!

For more information, please visit: Www.fosterarmy.org.

Lord Greyson - Mountain View, CA

This elegant gent is Lord Greyson.  He is an 11 yr old, 10 lb, neutered male Prussian Blue cat.

Lord Greyson, lap lover extraordinaire at your service! He is a truly distinguished gentleman with the life experience to know that what matters most is cuddles and naps. If your kingdom needs a regal cat then you would be wise to consider meeting Lord Greyson in his foster home. Prepare to be impressed and perhaps a little besotted!


Lord Greyson has a life-limiting illness (tumors on his liver) although he's currently stable and doing well. He is in search of a fospice home. Are you willing to open your heart to a cat that might only have a few months to live, but that we're not ready to give up on? Ask us about becoming a fospice parent for this deserving cat.

Lord Greyson is fine with other cats but not dogs.  He is available for fospice within ~100 miles of his rescue. For more information please email Ann Chasson at: ann@thedancingcat.org.

Basie - Los Angeles, CA

Meet Basie!  He is a 6 yr old, 14 lb neutered male medium haired cat, maybe a Maine Coon mix?

Basie is a giant teddy bear and the sweetest lug you'll ever meet.  He is great with all people and other animals and truly is just the coolest cat!  

Unfortunately, Basie has a mild heart murmur, a head tilt, and is FIV positive but is really very robust and healthy in spite of those things.  Most cats with FIV don't experience any significant FIV-health-related issues once they are fixed and living inside. The virus can affect their immune systems and make them more susceptible to kitty colds, and they are also prone to having dental issues, but most live long, relatively healthy lives. They don't need any special care or medication, just an indoor lifestyle and regular check-ups with a veterinarian. The thinking has also changed on how easily the virus can be transmitted to other cats -- it's primarily transmitted by deep bite wounds, so it's now believed that non-aggressive FIV+ cats can safely live with non-FIV cats. (Regular indoor-kitty wrestling and rough-housing that doesn't result in bites that break the skin will not transmit the virus.)  Read more about FIV here: https://www.hospicepet.com/fiv-and-felv

For more information, please text: 310-569-8404.

Quinn - Los Angeles, CA

Meet Quinn!  She is a month old , female spayed kitten who weighs  5 lbs.

Quinn is a super fun little kitten who is blind.  She doesn't have any idea that she is special needs though, and compensates really well!! If you didn't know she was blind, you'd barely be able to distinguish her from other kittens!

She came to her rescue in a litter of 5. All 5 were terribly sick. Her eye infection took her vision but she has compensated fabulously.

For more information about Quinn, please text: 310-569-8404. 

Rocky (line 1), Bentley (2), and Webster (3) - Vacaville, CA

Meet Rocky, Bentley, and Webster!  They are 4 month old adorable kittens.  Rocky is a spayed female and the other two are neutered males.

All three kittens have been spayed/neutered, FVRCP vaccinated, microchipped, FeLV tested (positive), dewormed and flea treated with Revolution. These precious babies were  rescued from a backyard and now are ready to find their new homes.

Rocky is a sweet, little love bug who will cuddle in your arms, she is adorable and has such a sweet personality. Bentley and Webster are both as cute as bugs and are still a little shy right now but we expect that to change with love and patience. They all love to play and cuddle with their siblings!

Because they are FeLV positive, they need to be indoor cats and should only live with other FeLV cats.  More information on this disease can be found here: https://www.hospicepet.com/fiv-and-felv

Their rescue would like them to stay relatively local but please inquire if you are interested!  For all information, please email: kittyfostermom@comcast.net  or catinfo@catalesrescue.org.