Leia - Arab, AL

Meet Leia!  She is a 2 yr old, 65 lb, female spayed Lab mix.

Leia is fearless strong young dog who has been through a lot and still has the desire to live! Leia at such a young age along with her siblings had to make ends meet. Leia is a stunning young dog.


At one point, Leia and her sibling found themselves starved and then picked up and thrown into a kill shelter. We rescued Leia along with three others that was then discovered to have parvo. Soon after recovering Leia went onto her foster home where she learned to thrive living in a loving home.


Leia was adopted three months later but shortly thereafter reacted with seizures after she given oral prevention. We took Leia back into our group to help her. She once again battled to stay alive. Leia has fought, test after test, medicine after medicine to recently turning a corner going 27 days without a seizure.


We continue to support and work towards lowering her med intake so she can get adopted into a loving forever home. Leia is super sweet and affectionate, that is still pretty much puppy at heart. She needs a loving family that will love her unconditionally with patients and love.


Leia is house broken and was crate trained, but does best not to be crated. She will require a stay-at-home mom or dad that can be with her throughout the day except for short periods at a time. Leia loves to follow her human around and enjoys cuddle time on the couch. She does great around dogs and kids. She rides fine in a car and good on a leash. LOVES playing with other dogs. Loves to play fetch. She is a true lab mixed with some sugar! She requires exercise, routine and consistence but mostly a loving heart.


Such a sweet girl, still has LOTS of puppy energy and a BIG heart even after everything! She would definitely love a home where she can get all the attention see needs, a huge fenced in yard where she can run her heart out when needed and she wouldn’t mind a fur sibling she can pal around with! Leia has been fully vetted; spayed, up-to-date on all vaccines, heart worm tested negative and placed on prevention plus microchipped. She is currently taking anti-seizure meds and slowly being reduced off of them.


If you are interested in Leia please go to our website to complete the online pre-adoption application You can also call 256-486-3560 or email:

Reba - Tanner, AL

Meet Reba!  She is an 8 yr old, 70 lb, female Cattle Dog.


From her rescue:  Oh Reba, we love you so much. My heart just does not understand why you are still here. It has been 8 years since you were found as a tiny baby, hiding behind a dumpster at the local gas station. You and your sister, Pearl....such cute little polka dot puppies. One red and one silver. You were typical spunky, rowdy puppies.


As you grew, we soon realized we had trouble. Two sisters that both had dominant personalities. So we had to separate you. Pearl seemed a little more out going and soon learned to enjoy being with other dogs and found her forever home. But you remained behind.


You just really have issues or fear of other dogs. As you are getting older, a few problems will be with you for a life time. You have endured 2 ear surgeries due to allergies. All you need to stay well is a daily allergy pills and routine ear cleaning!  But when potential adopters hear this, you once again get passed up.


I wish people could see your inner puppy. The way you love to play with your Kong! I wish they could see the swing in your rear when you go for a walk. I wish they could see the love in your eyes that I have seen for eight years. You just want to be someone’s best friend and you are patiently waiting.  Maybe now somebody will step up and invite you into their forever home?

For all information, please email: or call:  256-233-4343.

Girlie - Florence, AL  ADOPTED!

Meet Girlie!  She is a 12 yr old, 30 lb, female, basset/shepherd type mix.

Girlie is a low key, sweet girl who has found herself in an overcrowded shelter. Her former owner’s living situation changed and Girlie, along with her 2 grown pups and mate, were surrendered.  Poor Girlie is just scared and decompensating.

We found that she is diabetic and requires insulin daily. That’s not a big deal UNLESS you’re in a shelter environment where dogs are stressed and sometimes get depressed as she has. According to her former owner, she has always been an outside dog so I’m sure she would enjoy the comforts of a plush bed and lots of attention!

Girlie is reported to be good with kids and other animals and details can be requested from her shelter.  This poor dog is currently in a crowded shelter where there are a lot of younger, cuter, non-diabetic options.  She is unlikely to be adopted where she is which is just sad.  She would probably just blossom in a home!

For all information, please email:

Nora - Tanner, AL

Meet Nora!  She is a 7 yr old, 65 lb female Pittie.

This precious girl was brought to us late one Sunday afternoon. A family had been enjoying a great day out on the river and were headed home. They looked ahead in the road and there stood the saddest sight of a dog they had ever seen. She was extremely skinny and it appeared she was nursing puppies. It had started to rain so they made a judgement call and picked her up. They didn’t know if there was babies out there or not, but she desperately need help.


Once we cleaned her up and got her a warm, soft bed and a belly full of food, our thoughts wondered to possible babies out there. Early the next morning, we went back to where she was found and after hours of puppies. Now we assume her puppies were weaned and probably sold and poor mom was of no use to them anymore. So they dumped her in the middle of the road in a deserted wooded area.


Nora was safe now and we promised her lots of love and always a full tummy! Nora appeared to have lived her life on a chain. She had several lumps around her neck from bearing the weight of a heavy chain. One lump appeared extra large and we asked the vet to check it out. It was removed and the biopsy came back cancer. We were told this kind could pop up any time and any where.


Sure enough, a few months later, more lumps were removed. Time after time, we continued to discover more and more were removed. Nora grew very tired of the constant stitches and e-collars until one day, she let us know that she had had enough. She destroyed every e-collar we put on her and she frantically chewed out every stitch. We knew then, enough was enough.


We are constantly faced with the choice of quality verses quantity of life. We made our call. Nora is a VERY happy girl. She loves to sniff around the yard, enjoys the company of other dogs although not all dogs like her due to her over excited play. Still to this day, food is her best friend and she is the first to let you know if meal time is late. Who knows about her skin lumps, she says they don’t bother her. But we chose to put that in the past, live for today and give her another cookie. 

For all further information about Nora, please email:

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