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Sweet Pea - Kirkland, WA

Meet the hilarious Sweet Pea!  Sweet Pea is a 6 yr old, 11 lb, female spayed cat.  If cats were people, Sweet Pea would be Lucille Ball!  


Sweet Pea is a very special cat who is available for foster or adoption. Sweet Pea was near death when she arrived at MEOW, weighing barely 5 pounds, covered in urine, and in pain. We rushed her to one of our favorite vets, who determined that Sweet Pea had pyometra (an infected uterus) that had probably been present since she birthed a litter months before. Also, because of a spinal injury (she had been hit by a car in her past), she was incontinent. Dr. T treated her infection, then spayed her, and while she was out, extracted a bad tooth. After her recovery, she became our beloved office cat.


While we all adore her and she entertains us daily, we would love for her to have her very own home. Now, the only outward indication of her dire injuries is the fact that her tail hangs low and off to the left, and she has a crooked smile. She is also positive for Feline Leukemia (see the information sheet posted at her Suite), so she should not live with other cats who are not FeLV+ or vaccinated.


She has doubled her weight, and is full of energy. She runs and leaps to great heights to catch her favorite toy, DaBird. She is also a big fan of Bonito flake treats- actually, any treats!


She LOVES people and other cats and is great with children!  She did well with dogs in her previous home. She is social and talkative, and very, very smart. We're pretty sure if she was human she'd be a comedian. She cracks us up every day!


Sweet Pea remains incontinent and we expect will always need to have her bladder expressed 2 - 3 times each day, but she is cooperative and easy to handle. We can teach you how to do this for her!  After each bladder expression she runs off to do something silly, letting you know how happy you've made her. She is also fecal incontinent. She does not require a litterbox because she “drops” small fecal balls in her bedding or on the floor a couple times a day (which pick-up easily with a tissue.)


Sweet Pea is currently on a canned prescription diet and supplement in her food to support her bladder health, and it is recommended she receive semi-regular urinalysis checks. Although she has these above requirements, she doesn't make a mess and would be quite easy to accommodate in a home with people who have a heart for special needs. Do you have room in your heart and home for Miss Sweet Pea?

For more information you can call MEOW Cat Rescue - 425-822-6369 or email: marnie@meowcatrescue.org.

Eve - Kirkland, WA

This beautiful girl is Eve.  She is a 14 yr old, 14 lb female spayed cat.

Eve is a beautiful, sassy, but friendly gal who loves attention and will rub the length of her body against you to get it. She likes playing with wand toys, which is good because that keeps her active!


Eve was adopted from MEOW Cat Rescue as a kitten in 2005. She tested positive for the Feline Leukemia Virus at that time. She has lived with the virus for 14 years, which means that her body is handling it well and her immune system has probably not been severely compromised.


She was returned to MEOW when her owner had to move into a nursing home and was unable to take Eve with her. She has spent several years in MEOW foster homes, but is now the proud resident of one of our suites. Eve is very clear about her dislike of other cats. She requires a home with no other feline companionship. Besides her FeLV+ status, Eve has several other medical conditions that require medications, a special diet, and supplements. She has diabetes, hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney failure, and arthritis. She’s a lovely girl, though, and cooperates fully with her medications and blood glucose checks. 

Are you able to offer Eve a forever home? Eve's rescue would like her to stay in the Seattle area. For more information please call: 425-822-6369 or email marnie@meowcatrescue.org