Roxie - Ft. Worth, TX   (4/24/20 still available)

This is Roxie!  Roxie is a 9 lb, 7 lb female Chihuahua.  Roxie is good with small dogs, would be better in a home with no kids, and will both use a doggy door and a piddle pad!

She has been in rescue for a little over 5 yrs. Tragically, both of her humans passed within a week of each other and she and her siblings were left in the house to fend for themselves. Our rescue took in 4 of these babies.


Roxie is quite a cutie, gets along with everyone but does stay to herself a lot. For the past 4 yrs she has had seizures. We put her on phenobarbital but it was so hard on her system we switched her over to potassium bromide. She gets a very low dose every day. With the testing the vet could not pinpoint a medical reason. It seems when she gets stressed she has one. She goes months without having one. She could use a calm home without any extra stressors.

For more information on this adorable girl, you can visit .  Inquiries to Roberta Womack 817-714-0990 or email: or call Tanya Nuttall (current foster) 817-880-4403 or email

Champ - Pflugerville, TX  (4/24/20 still on website)

This smiling boy is 8 yr old, 80 lb Champ!  He is a neutered male and he's a handsome big boy!

Champ had a significant injury to his elbow in 2014 which seems stable right now but he has arthritis and will need some medical maintenance in the future to keep him comfortable.  Hey,  he's an older gentleman and who doesn't have some aches and pains?

Champ is fully housebroken and the best couch-warmer you'll find. In between naps, Champ is fond of sitting and chewing on a bone.  Champ is dog selective (definitely no small-breed female dogs) and he is not cat friendly.  His rescue has had him for over a year can tell you all about who he would live well with if you inquire!   For more information you can contact Pflugerville Pets Alive by visiting the website at or email

Toby - Mexia, TX

This little guy is Toby.  He is approximately an 8 yr old, 17 lb, neutered male terrier mix.

Toby is a small terrier mix who came into our shelter when his owner had to go into a nursing home and could no longer care for him.


Family members unfamiliar with Toby brought him to us with little information about him or the other animals from the household being surrendered.


He was not doing well when he came in, but we didn’t know why (we aren’t even sure of his age). One of our shelter employees noticed he was having difficulty eating and switched him to his own kennel with special food. After doctor visits and much investigation, it was determined that Toby is diabetic and will require daily insulin, regular vet visits and a special diet for the rest of his life.  

For more information please call Melissa Jarvis at 281-904-1939.

Noel - Quinlan, TX (4/24/20 still on website)
Sancho - Plano, TX (4/24/20 still on website)

Meet Sancho!  He is a 9 yr old, 18 lb, neutered male Boston Terrier.

Hi! I'm Sancho. I'm a sweet little guy, about 9 years old, and I am looking for a family to love me forever. I'm a little guy, just about 18 lbs. I like to ride in the car and I sleep in my crate...but would love to sleep with you if you'd let me!


I'm really not a high energy guy but I will get really excited when you come home and my little nub tail will wag my whole body because I'm so happy to see you!! I do like going for walks with my person or but I am also content just sitting on the couch watching tv and snuggling. I don’t really like to play ball but I will chase you around the yard for a minute.


Storms scare me a lot and I will need someone to make me feel safe when the wind and thunder comes. My perfect home would be a place without young children because they make me nervous and a home where I can be the only dog because I like to be the boss. I take phenobarbital 2x per day because I have seizures. I am up to date on all my immunizations and ready to go home.

We adopt in Texas and surrounding areas (New Mexico, Lousiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma). 

 Email: Website: Phone: 844-428-7776

Tippy - Boerne, TX (4/24/20 still available on websites)

Meet Tippy!  She is an approximately 12 yr old, 20 lb, female spayed terrier type mix. 

Tippy was found stray and is a sweet and very loving senior girl. She gets along with other animals, kids, and she is housebroken! 


She has allergies that are easily managed but I can’t manage them here at the rescue because I can’t give her a special diet, everyone eats out of the same bowls. Other than her allergies and age, she’s a healthy girl! It’s so hard to get anyone to see past the number 12, maybe you can?

For all contact info, please call 210-843-8326 or email to:  This rescue can assist with transporting Tippy to a new home!!

Buffy - Boerne, TX  ADOPTED!!!

Meet Buffy!  She is a 10 yr old, 30 lb, female spayed Beagle.

Buffys elderly gentleman owner was put into a home and he couldn’t take her. Buffy LOVES MEN!!! She is also greawt with other animals, kids, and she is housebroken.


She drinks tons of water and wants to go outside to potty frequently. We suspect Cushings but haven’t tested for it because the treatment is as hard or harder on the body then the disease is and we are just letting Buffy get used to not having her dad. Buffy is a very sweet and happy girl that loves walks and being with her family!

For all contact info, please call 210-843-8326 or email to:  This rescue can assist with transporting Buffy to a new home!!

Honey - Spring, TX  (4/24/20 still on rescue website)

Meet Honey!  She is an almost 9 yr old, 66 lb, female spayed Mastiff.

This is a courtesy post as Honey is a healthy senior as far as we know!  This beauty we named Honey because she's just that sweet. She was on the euthanasia list at the local county shelter. How can that be? Not only is she sweet, she's gorgeous! She is laid back, very calm and loves attention. She gives kisses even when she barely knows you, that's how sweet she is.


Honey is perfect with dogs of all sizes and and types. She loves to play and does fine in any kind of household. Her only fault, but we can hardly blame her, is she's not a fan of cats. Totally understandable...not everyone is a cat lover! Honey walks well on a leash, is house-trained, up to date on all her vaccs, heartworm negative, spayed and microchipped. Won't you bring this sweetie home and give her the second chance she deserves?

For all information on Honey, please visit the rescue's website at or email

Riffi - Houston, TX  ADOPTED!!

Meet Riffi!  He is a 4 yr old, 50 lb, male Staffie.

Oh sweet Riffi!  Riffi was on the euthanasia list at an overcrowded shelter in Houston TX for severe mange, being underweight, and not being able to walk. In the nick of time, he was pulled from the list by a group of volunteers and placed in medical boarding at a clinic.


He has gained weight and recovered from his mange, but his inability to walk correctly appears to be neurological damage. He walks a little oddly and has no bowel control.


Those are the tough parts of Riffi.  The more important part is that he's an angel on legs. He is loving life now that he's been given a chance and is such a friendly guy! He gets along with other dogs and loves absolutely everyone he meets, kids included.  

Riffi has no adoption limitations but the south would be easiest.  For the perfect home, he could go anywhere!

For all information, please email: or call 979-324-1503.

Angelina - Spring, TX (4/24/20 still on rescue website)

Meet Sweet Angelina.  She is estimated to be > 7 yr old, 50 lb, spayed female Black Lab mix.

This beautiful girl just melts my heart.  She's a senior angel who's just looking for someone to love her in her golden years. We don't know how her life was before, but we sure hope it wasn't a hard life. And what we do know is, that thanks to her foster mom, from here on out she's going to have the best life ever! Just what she deserves!


We believe Angelina is some kind of lab mix. She's a good medium size and we estimate that she's at least 7 years old. Angelina does really well with kids, she does play with foster mom's dogs, but she is a little shy initially. We want to help this older gal live out her life in dignity and comfort. She's as sweet as they come, do you need a little sugar in your life?

We don't have transportation limits as long as we can find a transporter

For further information please email:

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