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Pumpkin - Oak Grove, MO

This beautiful tortoiseshell senior kitty is Pumpkin!  She is 15 yrs old and 13 lbs.

Pumpkin is a wonderful cat looking for a quiet, hospice home-setting. She loves to snuggle, and enjoys a quiet corner of her room or house. Pumpkin gets along fairly well with most pets & but prefers her own space, in a home with or without other pets. One charming thing about Pumpkin is that she's a talker!

Pumpkin is available for adoption within 75 miles of the rescue.  For more information, please call (816) 835-0320 or email: theallpetbrigade@gmail.com

Bruce - Oak Grove, MO

This is Bruce!  He is a 5-6  yr old domestic shorthaired cat who weighs 15 lbs.

Bruce is FIV positive. He needs to be an indoor cat  and his rescue would prefer him to be an only cat. He needs to be adopted by someone that is experienced with FIV+ cases.  Most cats with FIV don't experience any significant FIV-health-related issues once they are fixed and living inside. The virus can affect their immune systems and make them more susceptible to kitty colds, and they are also prone to having dental issues, but most live long, relatively healthy lives. They don't need any special care or medication, just an indoor lifestyle and regular check-ups with a veterinarian.  

Bruce can be adopted within 75 miles of his rescue.  For more information, please call: (816) 835-0320 or email: theallpetbrigade@gmail.com.

Miss Kitty - Oak Grove, MO

This is Miss Kitty.  She is an 11 yr old, 15 lb, female spayed calico cat.

Miss Kitty is a senior lady in need of a warm bed & lots of love! Super affectionate; displaced from her home due to untimely passing of her one and only owner. She is declawed in front and is an inside cat only.  She gets along great with both dogs & cats she was tested with. She has early signs of possible thyroid issues but is not currently medicated.


She is available for adoption within 75 miles of her rescue.  For more information please email: theallpetbrigade@gmail.com or call: (816) 835-0320.