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Lexis - Houston, TX
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Meet little Lexis!  She is an ~ 13 yr old buff and white female Cocker Spaniel. 


The animal shelter people and my foster mom say that I am a very sweet and affectionate girl. I love giving my foster smooches all over her face!!!!

I was an owner surrender after being in my home for years, but I started getting a bit territorial over my owner and she didn’t like that.I tend to be a little protective of my food around other dogs, so I should be fed separately and kept out of the kitchen when food is being cooked. I really don’t mind the other dogs, but I want to be the boss and can bully them if you let me. You see, I need someone who is not too easy-going, as I will take advantage of them if they let me. I like structure and routine. I like being a bit of a princess, and I think I deserve that at my age. I just want a quiet, calm atmosphere to hang out in; and, I know there is a special human out there that feels the same way. We can be best buddies and enjoy a chaos-free life together. You know, like hanging out in the yard or porch, car rides, walks, calm play, sunning ourselves.

I like to go on walks and chase squirrels, chipmunks, and other vermin around the yard.My foster mom walks me on the gentle leader and she says that I do a terrific job. I don’t bark much in the house, but I’ll answer other dogs in the neighborhood when they start ‘talking’.

I'm heartworm negative, spayed, up to date on vaccinations and ready for my forever home. I have had two mammary tumors removed and both were benign, so I'm ready to begin my happily ever after. I am on a prescription diet and some inexpensive meds that I'll need to continue for the rest of my life, but I've got a lot of love to give, and quite a bit of energy for a girl my age!  Please submit an application to adopt me today!


If you have questions about me, please email To submit an application to adopt me, click here:

Noelle - Houston, TX
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How beautiful is little Noelle?  She is a 9 yr old, 23 lb, female spayed Cocker Spaniel.

Hi, I'm Noelle, and I came to Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue in December 2018.  My estimated date of birth is December 2009, and they call me their Christmas miracle because I landed at the city animal shelter after being picked up as a stray. Normally senior dogs like me in need of extensive medical care don't make it out of the shelter alive, but I was lucky enough to find an available foster home here in the program. I came to GCCSR very sick, weak, malnourished, heavy heartworm positive, in need of a spay, dental and inguinal hernia repair, with extremely infected and calcified ears, but day by day I’m getting stronger and working my way toward that goal.


My ears are also responding well to treatment, and while they originally thought I might need a bilateral TECA, we may be able to avoid that procedure!! Everyone is VERY excited about that!! Before you turn away, please don’t let my physical condition overshadow how special I am! My foster mom is smitten with me, boasting that I learned the lay of the land quickly at my new digs. She said I found all the doggie beds quickly, trying each one of them on for size, kinda like Goldilocks and the story of the three bears!!


I especially like the big couch and love spending time with my foster mom watching TV. I am very sweet and affectionate and I get along great with the other dogs here at my foster home. I'm eating well (I just LOVE breakfast in bed) and am gaining strength so I can get ready for my heartworm treatment and surgery. In the meantime, I'm eating up all the TLC at my foster home and let my mom know just how much I love and appreciate all she’s doing for me.


I am so gentle and easy going that I'll likely be a good addition to a family with older kids and/or dogs or even just an adult only family. I've heard Coffee Nation is awesome, so let me thank you guys for taking a chance on me. You won't regret it! Stay tuned for updates on my progress! If you have questions about me, please email To submit an application to adopt me, click here:

Hailey - Houston, TX
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Hailey 1.jpg

This adorable girl is Hailey!  She is a 10 yr old, 23 lb, female spayed Cocker Spaniel.

Hi, my name is Hailey, and I'm relatively new to GCCSR. I was adopted a couple of years ago from the city shelter by a nice family, but then they had to move and couldn't take me with them, so they dropped me back off at the shelter. Everyone loved me there, took me to an adoption event, and reached out to a lot of rescues to swoop in and save me.


Even though I'm a blind, senior girl (age estimate of 10-12 will be verified by my new vet), so far it seems I'm in relatively good health and just need to get my teeth cleaned. My foster mom describes me as a snuggle bug who likes to sit with my family members and be very close. I do well in a crate when they're not home, and once I know my way around the house a little better, they'll probably give me more freedom. For now, though, it's in my best interests to limit my 'free space' to when I'm being supervised just to keep me from hurting myself or from getting too close to my brother's toys, as he doesn't appreciate that very much. I don't want them; I don't even know they're there, but he doesn't like me to come close to them. Silly boy.


My family also has a pool, so I have to be walked on leash in the backyard as I seem to head straight for the pool every time I'm out there. When it gets a little warmer, they'll take me in the pool with them to see if I like to swim, but they can never let me out there unsupervised since I'm blind.


I've got a good appetite and am very curious about my surroundings. I do well if my foster mom and dad snap or pat their legs so I can hear them and follow the noise. They're surprised how quickly I'm learning the lay of the land, but that's because I'm a rock star.


One little tip ~ at night, I really don't like to be crated as I want to be near you. My foster mom has been letting me sleep in the bed with her, else I bark and cry all night long. It's a good idea to keep a leash on me, or to put me in the middle so I don't fall off... but once I'm as snug as a bug in a rug, I sleep peacefully all night long until you're ready to get up.


I'm friendly to all people, although I got a little anxious and snippy at my first vet visit when there was a big, scary dog in the room next to me. He was being really loud and it made me nervous, so I was a little reactive. I am the same way if my brother gets in my face about his toys, but as long as I'm not feeding off of negative energy from another dog, everyone talks about what a sweet, good girl I am.


Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to settle in and my foster family gets to know me. I'm so grateful to have found a place with GCCSR and can't wait to meet my FOREVER family. Everyone around here is telling me to BELIEVE, and that's what I'm going to do! Please submit an application if I've caught your eye and you'd like to meet me! If you have questions about me, please email I'm available for adoption anywhere in the country. To submit an application to adopt me, click here:

Charlotte - Houston, TX
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This sweetheart is Charlotte.  She is a 7 yr old, 29 lb, female spayed Cocker Spaniel/Boykin.

Hi, I'm Charlotte, a sweet female boykin/cocker spaniel with an estimated date of birth of October 2012.  I came to Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue from Galveston County, surrendered by my owner because they no longer had time for me.  The shelter staff said I have a wonderful personality and am a total doll, who really loves attention and has a little nubbie tail that doesn't stop wagging.  Not sure why anybody could possibly have no time for me.  I don't demand much, and I'm sure to add lots of joy to your life.


I've been in my foster home since late October, and they describe me as a well-behaved, laid back, very sweet dog. They brag that I rarely bark, even when other dogs are barking, and describe me as "cool as a cucumber", even when other dogs or people approach me on our walks.  You could say I'm just a polite, little darling who rides well in the car and enjoys a good scratch or belly rub every now and then.  


Even when it comes to food, I'll patiently inspect it until you give it to me - never one to just grab.  I'm house and crate-trained, and very willing to take my naps and go to be in it without any fuss whatsoever. When I wake up in the morning, though, I'm definitely ready for some playtime. 


My foster dad wanted me to tell you I drink a lot of water, so it's a good idea to walk me or let me out in the backyard every few hours to potty.   I weigh in at around 29 pounds, am spayed and up to date on vaccinations, and was able to get rid of crusty eyes, hair loss and inflammation, likely all attributable to allergies, with a good diet, some meds, and long overdue TLC from my foster family.


I am heartworm positive, so am undergoing treatment for that, In the meantime, if my bio sounds like I'd be a good fit for you or your family, please submit an application for adoption now!  I am available on a foster-to-adopt basis to the right family in the Houston area while I complete heartworm treatment under the care of my primary vet. If you have questions about me, please email To submit an application to adopt me, click here:

Kirby - Houston, TX
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Meet lovely Kirby!  He is an 8 yr old, 37 lb, neutered male Cocker Spaniel.

Hey everybody! The name is Kirby. I hail from Louisiana. Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue took me in November 2014, and due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to be returned to the rescue. Luck was on my side, and my former foster mommy opened her home to me once again! Yippee!


Okay, let’s recap on me and my personality. I live in a foster home with other dogs (Cocker Spaniels and Beagles), and I get along with them just fine. I much prefer the older dogs in the home as the youngin’ loves to play and I much prefer if she stayed out of my space. I have kitty cat friends here, too. I get along with them. I leave them alone for the most part. We don’t really mind each other.


I am a very happy boy. I have a lot of love to give, and I will shell out kisses to special people, too. I enjoy the company of humans. I follow my favorite people around the house. When I am really happy, I will roll over to kindly ask for some rubs of love on my belly. I love going for walks with my humans. It’s a lot of fun to smell and get outside for a little bit. In between the walks, I really do love my naps. As long as my humans are in the same room, I will gladly sleep away. 


I am up to date on all my vaccinations, and I am neutered. I have a partially collapsed trachea and have recently been diagnosed with a chronic bronchial condition which requires a twice daily bronchial dilator to keep me from coughing. I hear another senior dog in the program was diagnosed with the same issue, but lived for another 5 years after his diagnosis given the help of the medication!  I also have hip dysplasia and some pain in my back, so I'm on a joint care supplement and a NSAID called Galiprant for that. These are all meds I'll need to take the rest of my life to help maintain my quality of life. No matter my health issues, I'm a happy guy who loves my family, and would make a wonderful companion to you.


Don't be afraid to drop an e-mail if you are interested in meeting me or would like to learn more about me!  Email to: I am available for adoption anywhere in the country. To submit an application to adopt me, click here:

Lucky - Houston, TX
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This easy going lad is Lucky!  He is a 10 yr old, 47 lb neutered male Cocker Spaniel.

Hi, I'm Lucky, and my name says it all.  I was in a shelter in Louisiana before Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue pulled me into a foster home, where I am just loving life.  With an estimated date of birth of April 2009, I'm a fluffy, chubby monkey who loooooves to eat.  So, naturally, that has me tipping the scales a bit (47 pounds), and I'm currently on a diet and exercise program.  Bleh.  I'd rather play with my soft, squeaky toys, and roam the kitchen (my favorite room in the house) in hopes for a tidbit or two or three of food and lounge on the couch!


It's a good idea to keep your trash out of reach from me, or you might find me digging in it from time to time! I get along well with other dogs and currently live with both an old dog and a spunky puppy at my foster home.  That pesky puppy tries to steal MY toys (which I always carry around with me), and I will not let that happen.  Good thing I arrived here because I am sort of training that puppy to stay in line.  The little munchkin gets me to chase her, and I will for just a short distance.  Wait until I get some weight off and I'll be running marathons around that peanut!  


Regarding human children, I pretty much ignore them unless they are eating something yummy, then I'm sure to hang out next to them in hopes something will fall my way. As you can see from my photos, I am a cutie pie with a beautiful mop of fur, and oh, all my curls and waves!  I'm super good for grooming because I do need to look and feel my best.  I was first brought into the shelter with fleas and a horrible ear infection.  The fleas are gone, and my ears are clearing up nicely, but I'm still a little sensitive when my foster mom cleans them. 


My foster mom also says I have some weakness in my back end that may be attributable to my weight (because the xrays showed nothing of concern). She's hoping this will improve as my weight comes off, but in the meantime, I'll do best in a calm home that doesn't expect me to get off the couch and exercise much. That said, I can't climb or jump up there by myself, so I'd appreciate a lift!! So, if you're in the market for a little couch potato, who is adorable and laid back, I'm the guy for you!! You'll be my favorite person in the whole wide world if we can work on getting me lots of snacks, naps, soft squeaky toys, and love! 


Please submit an application today so we can meet! If you have questions about me, please email Lucky is available for adoption anywhere in the country. To submit an application to adopt me, click here:

Cody - Houston, TX
Cody 3.jpg
Cody 1.jpg
Cody 2.jpg

This sweetie pie is Cody!  He is a 12 yr old, 31 lb neutered male Cocker Spaniel.

Hi, my name is Cody and my estimated date of birth is February 2007.  Like the story of so many others in Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue’s program, one of my elderly owners passed away and when the other one had to move into a retirement community, she needed to find a new place for me to go.  Thankfully, a foster stepped up to the plate for me, and now I’m a proud member of Coffee Nation.


My original mom sings the praises of me, and said “I’m the greatest dog that ever lived.” Given the company I’m in, I know that’s a big compliment. I’m not a big barker unless someone is coming into the house, and when you take me on a walk, other dogs and people don’t bother me at all. I’m well mannered, and quite handsome if I do say so myself.  My original mom also said I’ve been generally healthy ‘for a cocker,’ having had only a handful of ear infections the entire time I lived with her. She cooked chicken and chicken livers for me, feeding me canned dog food only when she didn’t have time to cook for me. Getting me to eat has been the biggest challenge for my new foster mom, but we’re figuring it out. Other than my finicky eating, my foster mom says my other mom wasn't exaggerating at all about what a good and easy boy I am.


I’ll be neutered and have my teeth cleaned soon, and then I’ll be ready for adoption. Looking for a handsome, laid back, well-mannered gentleman who just wants to hang out with my people?? I’m your guy, and am looking forward to meeting you! If you have questions about me, please email I am available for adoption anywhere in the country. To submit an application to adopt me, click here:

Beau - Houston, TX
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Beau 2.jpg

This beautiful and gentle boy is Beau.  He is an 8 yr old, 34 lb, neutered male Cocker Spaniel.

Hi, y'all! I'm Beau and I came to Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue's program from Baton Rouge in late November. I was surrendered by the family of an 83 year old woman who fell and broke her hip. She can no longer care for me, and unfortunately, neither can her children due to their work and travel schedules, so I'm finding myself without a home in my golden years.


Thankfully, a prior adopter at GCCSR was willing to take me in, so I'm looking forward to the next chapter of my life. My foster mom said I'm good with her other dogs, that I have a sweet and calm temperament, and also that I have plenty of life left in me.


Her grandkids were around the house for Christmas, and I did fine with all of them; that said, they are respectful of my space and wait for me to approach them, so let's just say I'll do okay with 'mature' kids who know how to be respectful of dogs and their space.


Don't let my age fool you ~ I show my spunky side from time to time, like when I pull toilet paper off the roll and shred it. That's so much fun!! I'm a playful boy but I can't get my brothers to join me, so sometimes I just grab a toy or bully stick and entertain myself. My foster mom thinks my prior owner let me sleep in bed with her, because when she goes to bed, I try to jump up there. She doesn't want me to fall off in the middle of the night, so she puts my doggie bed in the adjoining bathroom with a gate up, and I sleep peacefully all night long without making a sound.


In the spirit of full disclosure, my foster mom is also working with me on my housetraining skills. Honestly, I do pretty good when taken out frequently, but when my prior mom broke her hip, my routine was upset for a while, and I'm having to relearn the ropes. Like many cockers, I also don't like getting my feet wet on the grass outside... who does?!


Regarding my health, I received an echocardiogram to tell us more about a heart murmur the vet here in Houston heard, and while I don't require any daily meds, this is a situation that will need to be monitored annually via an echocardiogram.


I also take a thyroid supplement on a daily basis, require eye drops in both eyes twice daily, cosequin for my joints, and like alot of cockers, am battling a persistent ear infection that may eventually require surgery. I take my medicine like a champ and never give my foster mom one bit of trouble when she gives me my meds. We will continue to update you as my foster mom learns more about me, but in the meantime, if you're interested in meeting me, please submit an app.  I am available for adoption anywhere in the country.  If you have questions about me, please email To submit an application to adopt me, click here:

Bailey - Houston, TX
Bailey 2.jpg
Bailey 3.jpg
Bailey 1.jpg

Meet Bailey!  He is a 13 yr old, 34 lb, neutered male Cocker Spaniel.

Hi, my name is Bailey, a Gulf Coast Cocker Spaniel Rescue alum who has come back into the program because my mom didn't feel like I could handle a long distance move halfway across the United States. My estimated date of birth is February 2006, and aside from being deaf, I am a sweetheart of a dog who has been described as a low-maintenance, cuddly, curious, absolute doll, cutie-pie, who loves lots of belly rubs! I mean, who wouldn't enjoy that? Ask my foster mom who is experiencing herself some Bailey lovie, snuggly time! Someone has even called me scrumptious-what is that all about? Do they want to gobble me up? Likely because of my adorable face and lovely disposition.


I get along with other dogs and love kids, but any kids in my future home should be over six years old only because younger children sometimes like to grab at my wavy, luxurious fur and could possible hurt me. I'm on a diet to lose some weight and eating some doggie food with whitefish as the protein because I am highly allergic to chicken.


As with many cockers, I'm also prone to ear infections, so you'll need to stay on top of that to keep my ears healthy. I do have seizures from time to time which are controlled well with twice daily phenobarbital, an inexpensive medication.


My former mom points out that I do need a secure fence because, given the chance, I will escape. I am also known to dart out the front door if you're not careful, as soon as a door is opened, out I run! I'll soon be getting a dental and we'll post an update once that is done. In the meantime, if I sound like the guy for you, please submit an application. I sure hope I can find a nice, loving forever home that will stay put and give me all the comfort and security that I need. 


If you have questions about me, please email I am available for adoption anywhere in the country. To submit an application to adopt me, click here:

Rusty - Oak Grove, MO
Rusty 3.jpg
Rusty 1.jpg
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Rusty 2.jpg

This adorable ball of scruff is Rusty!  He is a 14 yr old, 44 lb Aussie/Terrier mix.

Rusty is wonderful with other animals, perfect with kids, and he is housebroken!!  Rusty is a country dog all the way through. With manners & a smile, this older gent will be going through an arduous FHO surgery to help with a dislocated hip. Looking for hospice for this guy. He's just a super happy guy who loves to smile!

For more information please call: (816) 835-0320 or email:

Comet - Auburn, CA
Comet 3.jpg
comet 2.jpg
comet 1.jpg

This gorgeous tabby cat is Comet!  Comet is a neutered male 15 yr old boy.

From his heartbroken owner:  Comet came to our family as a kitten and we have loved him for almost 15 years. His 15th bday is coming up on April 1, 2019. He is a GREAT GUY! Due to changes in my living situation, I am not allowed to have a cat.


I have tried to find him a loving home with family and friends. I am afraid to leave him in a shelter. He is housebroken, has never had an "accident". He has never "sprayed". In good weather months, I do not keep a litter box in the house. He spends most of the day or all day outside and when inside he "asks" to go out to go potty. He is able to "hold it" all day while I am at work if he decides to stay inside. During cold/wet weather months, I do keep a litter box for him in the house just in case.


He has only had dry food his whole life. I have offered wet food or people food and he doesn't want it. He has never been one to jump up on counters or tables looking for goodies. Now that he is getting older, he sleeps almost all the time.


He loves to be petted and talked to and he is a love. He does not like to be held but will tolerate it when, for example, having his toenails clipped. He has never had any diseases or illnesses that I know of and he has never had fleas. In his youth, I used monthly flea and tick control (Advantage/Frontline etc) but in his later years I haven't used it and he hasn't needed it. He has never lived with a dog, but I don't think he would like that.


He has lived with other cats (namely his brother Ajax when we adopted them both at the same time as kittens, alas Ajax only made it a few years.... just didn't come home one day/not sure what happened to him). I am very sad to have to let him go, but I just have to due to my current living situation. I so hope he will be adopted by a loving person/family so I don't have to take him to a shelter where his fate would be uncertain. Here are 3 recent photos and one from when he was a kitten (Comet is the darker one on the right). Please help if you can. I need a home for him before the end of March. Thank you! 

If you think you can help Comet, please call Diana and leave message on cell (530) 566-4070 or call at work (530) 823-5468 or email at

Poppy - Suffolk, VA
Poppy 1.jpg

Meet Poppy!  Poppy is a 15 yr old spayed female Smooth Fox Terrier who weighs 20 lbs.  Poppy needs to be an only animal and can live with kids over 12 yrs old.  She will go to the bathroom when you take her out but won't always remember to ask.

Unfortunately, Poppy had been with her owner since she was a puppy but the owner married, got busy with children, and eventually moved out of the country and didn't think Poppy could make the trip. She recently had a vet exam and other than being a senior is in good health.  Poppy is a senior but not a hospice dog.   For more information on Poppy, please visit 

Guiness and Phillip, Lafayette, NJ
Guiness and Phillip 1.jpg
Guiness and Phillip 2.jpg
Guiness and Phillip 3.jpg
Guiness and Phillip 4.jpg

Meet Guinness and Phillip!  Guinness is a 1 yr 9 month medium haired spayed female.  Philip is a 3 yr old, 15 lb neutered male. 


Philip and Guinness make quite the pair of kitties!


Medical Information: They are both FIV positive. They have chronic upper respiratory symptoms that only flare up during times of stress, and can be managed with supplements under vet supervision. Guinness has a congenital deformity called luxating patella's which does not affect her mobility, but may or may not cause arthritis much later in her life. Which is a far off concern because she is only 1 year and 9 months old!


Behavioral Information: Philip is an extremely sweet boy who lived as an indoor/outdoor tomcat. When he arrived he was covered in wounds which is likely how he contracted FIV but none of his housemates did. He has never shown any signs of being aggressive towards any cat or person.


He is not a huge fan of being picked up, because he never was in his young life, but he only squirms a bit and is easy to handle. Now that he is neutered he has gained a bit of weight, so would recommend a diet to any adopters. He is very tolerant of anyone touching him including small children. He has recently learned how to play with toys and is very fun and silly when he feels like being active.


Guinness has had a tough go of it and her personality was affected a bit by her unfortunate circumstances. She will sometimes shy away and will hiss to warn you that she is uncomfortable. When she does feel safe she will romp around and act like an affectionate kitten, but her previous experience have made her fearful of loud noises and fast movements. All she needs is an understanding owner who accepts her moods whether she feels affectionate and happy or in need of her own space.


Guinness most likely would not warm up to small children, but if the children in the home are respectful of her space, she could co-exist with them. One thing is for sure, she LOVES her buddy Philip. These two came to us at separate times but ended up in our FIV+ room together and have bonded so much that we are now asking they go together if possible. We are willing to adopt them out separately, but we would love to see these two wonderful and unique kitties become forever friends!


FIV positive cats can live full and healthy lives with normal life spans. It is only transmissible to other cats through deep penetrative bite wounds. We do not think that either of these cats would act aggressively towards any other cats and if a potential adopter who owns other cats was interested and fully aware of the risks and how to properly introduce new cats into a home, we would be willing to adopt to a home with existing pets. We do fully understand why someone would hesitate to bring home FIV positive cats, we can't stress enough that they should have a completely normal indoor life just like any other adorable young cats.

For more information on these adorables, please call: (973)-300-5909, email to:, or visit:

Ralph - Lapeer, MI
Ralph 1.jpg

This sweet old guy is Ralph.  Ralph is a male Hound who is 13+ yrs old and weighs 65 lbs.  He is great with other animals and all kids.  Ralph will go to the bathroom when taken out but won't always remember to ask. 

Ralph is just a good old guy who has some arthritis, he also has a very bad mouth that will need attention, but it doesn't stop him from eating well. He also has a tumor around his anus but it is not impeding his bathroom use.

Ralph could really uses a home to call his own where he can live out his days!  If you would like to know more about Ralph, you can email or call 810-667-0236.  Lets find Ralph his forever family!

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