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Twinkie - Marana, AZ

Hi, I'm Twinkie!  I'm a 9 yr old, female spayed Chihuahua and I weigh 11 lbs.  I am great with kids, housebroken, and can live with other animals.  

Twinkie came to us with mammary masses which were removed. Her biopsy showed that she has grade 2 (moderate) carcinoma. We have been managing it with alternative treatment and she is doing well but know that we are only buying time for her. She is a sweet little cuddler and an easy keeper...

She is one of many fospice animals we have in the rescue. She lives at the rescue headquarters and I am sure would love a home of her own where she can get more attention and an opportunity to fulfill her bucket list :)

Please go to to learn more about Twinkie!  She would be a wonderful addition to any home!

Buster - Maranja, AZ (1/25/20 still avail)

Buster needs our help!  Buster is a poodle/cocker spaniel mix.  He is a 9 yrs old, 18 lb neutered male.   He is good with other older dogs, is fine with cats, can live with kids over 12 yrs old and is housebroken.  He is a well-trained dog!

Buster was surrendered because he did not do well with a new baby in the household.

 Buster is an active guy for his age, and is well trained, but due to what is believed to be Canine Cognitive Disorder he can sometimes be unpredictable. He is on meds and supplements that have been helping his anxiety though we know that he may eventually decline to the point that he has no quality of life. 

Buster is currently living at rescue central which is stressful for him due to the number of animals and the hectic lifestyle here.

To learn more about Buster, please visit or email

Cookie - Phoenix, AZ ADOPTED!!

This adorable sweet pea is Cookie!  She is a 3 yr old, 8 lb, female spayed Dachshund.

Cookie is a spunky little girl and super sweet. She is a tiny 8lb typical dachshund who loves to always be with people. Cookie loves to snuggle and get belly rubs and be near you at all times.


She gets along well with other dogs, big or small, with proper introductions and we do not know how she would do with cats. Her hind end is paralyzed from a past trauma and she is incontinent. She also had to have her tail amputated. She gets around extremely well in her wheelchair cart and drag bag.


She also has some separation anxiety that we are working on. She would do best in a home with no young children. We are looking for an adopter who is a current resident of Arizona, has experience with incontinent paralyzed dogs, has plenty of time to attend to her diaper changing and bladder expressing needs, and tons of never ending love to give her. This special girl deserves the very best! If you think that could be you, please email

Tipsy - Phoenix, AZ  (1/25/20 still avail)

Meet Tipsy!  She is a 4 year old, 45 lb, spayed female Pittie. 

Are you an explorer at heart? If so, I'm your girl! I'm at my happiest when I’m loving and exploring life!

I explore life with a lot of wiggle and bounce in my step because I was born without the piece of my brain that helps me balance (Cerebellar Hypoplasia). Don't worry though, I'm not in any pain and it won't get any worse. You may even fall over in laughter at my goofy antics.


I'm just looking for my forever family that will love and accept me the way that I am. Trust me; you'll love the package I come in! A few of my favorite shelter aunties have described me as "the cutest living creature on Earth," and they just might be right! I always see the bright side of life and promise to help my forever family do the same.


Bonus: I'm a lover of toys, kisses and cuddles! I'm also potty trained and kennel trained. I do "play nip" in a non assertive way when I'm over excited, due to my Cerebellar Hypoplasia, but I can quickly be redirected. What can I say; I’m a puppy at heart! I absolutely love everyone, well, except for other dogs, and I’m much better with older children who are respectful of my space, so I'm looking for a home where I can be the only animal.


I'm truly a special dog. More than anything, I want a human or a family to call my own and love me for all that I am. When you love me, I promise to love you back and bring every ounce of happiness I can to your life. With me, smiles and laughter are guaranteed! I’m giddy with excitement waiting for you to contact Mayday to meet me so we can start our life of joy together!


Tipsy has Cerebellar Hypoplasia and needs an adopter/foster willing to work with a special needs dog. Cerebellar hypoplasia is a neurological condition occurring in animals born with an underdeveloped brain cerebellum causing balance and coordination issues. There are no medications, treatments, or therapies to correct this. She will always be a Tipsy girl but is in no pain and does not know that she is special needs.

Tipsy's rescue would like her to stay relatively local, please contact to discuss! All inquiries to email:

Gaia - Flagstaff, AZ (1/25/20 still available)

Meet Gaia!  She is a senior, 50 lb, female spayed border collie.

Gaia is a timid dog who was picked up as a stray over a year ago with a litter of puppies. She has taken her time warming up to humans but has made progress and seems content living on some acreage outside of Flagstaff.


She is a wonderful mama dog and takes care of incoming foster puppies. She is still difficult to handle, but with some patient works she would probably make a wonderful pet. She appears to be older, and has some issues with her eyesight and a muscle twitch that makes us wonder if she may be a distemper survivor. She's clearly had a hard life and needs a forever home to help her blossom. If you have the patience and the space, consider giving this cute old girl the home she deserves.  She would be a very rewarding project for someone with patience!

For more information, please email: or call 720-235-6863. She is available for adoption anywhere and her rescue can help with transport!

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